Blood Sugar Blaster Reviews – Should You Buy Premier Vitality Glucose Support Supplement?

Erratic blood sugar can cause debilitating effects on a person’s well-being. Reports show uncontrolled glucose levels affect the nervous, immune, and heart systems. Doctors recommend dietary changes and increased levels of activity to boost insulin sensitivity. Severe diabetes requires the user to depend on insulin shots and other medication.

Studies show that most Americans have high blood sugar, majorly from unhealthy nutrition and lifestyle habits. Insulin resistance prevents optimal glucose metabolism. An unhealthy glycemic index can result in hypertension, diabetic coma, and death.

Blood support nutritional supplements claim to deliver the right nutrients to boost insulin sensitivity and combat unhealthy blood sugar levels. Some of the supplements promise to provide significant medical benefits with long-term usage. However, consumers should be careful with what they ingest.

Blood Sugar Blaster is a daily formulation promising to enhance the glycemic index. The company lists its “active” ingredients that support healthy blood sugar levels. Is the formulation safe? Is there evidence that Blood Sugar Blaster can improve the glycemic index? Below is a consumer guide explaining how the supplement works, its ingredients, dosage, side effects, and pricing.

What is Blood Sugar Blaster?

Blood Sugar Blaster from Premier Vitality Company is an oral formula claiming to stabilize blood sugar levels. The maker discloses scientifically proven ingredients that may enhance the glycemic index.

The supplement claims to eliminate unstable glucose from the root.

Consuming two Blood Sugar Blaster daily may improve insulin sensitivity, increase glucose metabolism, and augment overall wellness. The formulation is easy to take, safe, and practical. The official website reports it is unlikely to give users any symptoms.

Blood Sugar Blaster is marketed for pre-diabetics and diabetics looking to stabilize unhealthy sugar levels. The formulation is supposedly founded on an ancient “Hindu Manuscript.” The creator claims that the five-second daily ritual can significantly enhance health without any hassles.

How Does Blood Sugar Blaster Work?

Blood Sugar Blaster creator argues that lack of certain nutrients is the root of unhealthy blood sugar levels. The supplement comprises various plant-based vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to restore a healthy sugar balance.

It can assist pre-diabetics and diabetics in increasing glucose metabolism and improving insulin function. Blood Sugar Blaster addresses the three enemies of diabetes: underproduction of beta cells, fatty liver disease, and overactive lipids, among other health problems.

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Overactive Lipids

The pancreas secretes insulin after a blood sugar spike. Premier vitality argues that overactive lipids hinder the pancreas from releasing insulin. Most diabetics have high amounts of bad cholesterol that weakens insulin sensitivity. Obese individuals overwork the insulin-producing organ making it hard to release the adequate hormone.

Overactive lipids inhibit the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas from producing enough insulin leading to high body sugar.

Fatty Liver

The liver filters and reduces toxins in the blood, thus amplifying cellular health. Excess glucose is stored in various organs from where it is metabolized when the sugar levels dip. The non-alcoholic fatty liver syndrome affects most overweight and diabetic patients. A weak liver inhibits proper glucose metabolism.

Overactive lipids accelerate fat storage in the liver, subsequently reducing its efficiency.

Blood Sugar Blaster comprises various nutrients that metabolize and eliminate the liver’s fat layers, thus augmenting its function.

The Underproduction of Beta Cells

Beta turnout or beta cell turnover results from irregular high blood sugar levels. The beta cells are present in the pancreas, whose major function is to signal the organ to release insulin. Low amounts of beta cells result in insulin resistance. Without proper management, chronically elevated blood sugar levels can worsen diabetes symptoms.

Blood Sugar Blaster creator recommends taking the supplement twice a day regularly to nourish the boy with the diabetes-regulating ingredients. The formulation can boost fat metabolism, blood circulation, immunity, and overall wellness.

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Blood Sugar Blaster Ingredients

Premier Vitality discloses all the ingredients in the Blood Sugar Blaster supplement. The manufacturer cites several research studies confirming that the components can enhance blood sugar levels. Similarly, the manufacturer claims each nutrient is in the precise dosage to augment overall well-being. The active ingredients include:

Chromium – Almost every blood sugar supplement comprises chromium. The mineral is crucial in sugar metabolism. Studies show that most diabetics have low chromium amounts.

Blood Sugar Blaster claims that chromium enhances blood sugar levels between meals. It enhances insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism. It helps the body to utilize the available glucose and reduces fat storage. Similarly, chromium can lower unhealthy cholesterol levels. The mineral may improve liver and heart functions. It can prevent the over-accumulation of fat deposits in the arteries and liver.

Cinnamon Bark – The natural spice is rich in antioxidants. Blood Sugar Blaster reports it has a unique form of antioxidant (Methyl Hydroxyl Chalcone Polymer or MHCP). The antioxidant is crucial in lowering unhealthy inflammation and fighting free radicals. Cinnamon can improve the health and function of beta cells. Similarly, it can accelerate glucose metabolism, particularly after a meal leading to better glycemic control.

Vanadium – Blood Sugar Blaster argues that the mineral can regulate blood sugar. It is common in most nutritional formulas. Vanadium supports healthy glucose by lowering unhealthy lipids, boosting pancreatic health, and increasing insulin sensitivity. The ingredient may also fortify the immune response.

Biotin – Clinical evidence indicates that biotin may improve glucose levels. It enhances the health of the beta cells, combats free radicals, and lowers unhealthy inflammations. Biotin can also reduce unhealthy lipid levels, boosting liver and heart function. Blood Sugar Blaster claims that biotin encourages the pancreas to release insulin. In addition, it surges insulin sensitivity for optimal sugar control. Each Blood Sugar Blaster servings comprise ten times more biotin than the recommended daily dosage to augment the brain, nail, skin, and energy levels.

Cayenne Pepper –The spicy ingredient is a metabolic booster that can accelerate the fat metabolism. It may reverse obesity-related diabetes by encouraging glucose metabolism, fighting cravings, and minimizing food intake. Blood Sugar Blaster cites that cayenne pepper supports healthy lipids and cholesterol. Additionally, it can stimulate healthy blood movement and lower insulin resistance. Cayenne pepper is also an antioxidant that strengthens the beta cells.

Bitter Melon – The nutrient is a powerful antioxidant that enhances healthy inflammations. Combined with other Blood Sugar Blaster ingredients, it can fight the three diabetes enemies, thus boosting natural glucose levels. Bitter melon is common in alternative medicine, Ayurveda, and traditional Chinese medicine. It has numerous compounds designed to improve energy levels, brain health, and immunity.

Zinc – Studies show that most people cannot get adequate zinc from food. The body requires small amounts of the mineral to raise metabolic rates and energy levels and support other biochemical processes. Blood Sugar Blaster claims that zinc encourages healthy glucose oxidation. It can also expand pancreatic health.

Amino Acids – Blood Sugar Blaster consist of small doses of l-Taurine and alpha lipoic acid. The amino acids support healthy cholesterol levels and prevent fat accumulation in the liver. The pair can also aid in fighting inflammations.

Blood Sugar Blaster contains other nutrients and minerals clinically proven to augment blood sugar levels. These include yarrow flower powder, licorice root, white mulberry leaf, magnesium, manganese, Guggul, and Banaba leaf extract. Some plant extracts are rich in various vitamins for strengthening immunity and fighting free radicals. The minerals support different biochemical processes that improve the heart, liver, kidneys, and brain function. In summary, all the ingredients in Blood Sugar Blaster can collectively improve the glycemic index.

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Health Benefits of Blood Sugar Blaster

Like other dietary supplements, there is zero evidence showing that Blood Sugar Blaster can stabilize blood sugar levels in humans or animals. Premier Vitality Company has not published any proof of the supplement effectiveness. Therefore, consumers should refrain from using Blood Sugar Blaster to replace prescriptions.

Still, Blood Sugar Blaster encompasses various ingredients clinically proven to enhance health. The supplement comprises numerous ingredients. Therefore, the dosage of each component is significantly reduced. Below are some of the advertised health benefits of using Blood Sugar Blaster for extended periods:

  • It can improve insulin sensitivity and regulate the glycemic index
  • It may boost the immune response
  • It can encourage healthy glucose and fat metabolism leading to significant weight loss.
  • It may support liver and heart health
  • It can balance cholesterol and lipid levels
  • It may support longevity and healthy aging

Dosage, Side Effects, and Results

Premier Vitality recommends taking two Blood Sugar Blaster capsules daily. Consuming one pill in the morning and the other in the evening is best.

All Blood Sugar Blaster ingredients are purportedly natural and free from allergens, GMOS, and harmful chemicals. Consuming the correct dosage is unlikely to give users any side effects.

The results of using Blood Sugar Blaster vary, with some people experiencing significant health improvement within days of usage. Premier Vitality recommends using the formulation for 4-6 months.

Blood Sugar Blaster Reviews

Pricing and Availability

Customers can buy Blood Sugar Blaster exclusively through at a discounted process. The company does not charge shipping fees on all US orders. Premier Vitality gives a 60-day refund policy on each bottle. In addition, customers receive two digital bonuses designed to support healthy blood glucose levels. These include:

Rapid Weight Loss: The Keys to Body Transformations

The eBook educates the readers on simple movements that can encourage weight loss.

The Complete Blood Sugar Protocol

The digital book provides medical advice that can supposedly “cure” diabetes. It comprises foods, tips, and tricks designed to regulate healthy blood sugar levels.


Blood Sugar Blaster from Premier Vitality is a nutritional formula promising to stabilize blood sugar ranges using natural ingredients. It targets the three “diabetic enemies” that prevent glucose metabolism. Consuming two pills lowers unhealthy lipids, strengthens the beta cells, and supports insulin sensitivity. Customers can buy Blood Sugar Blaster only through the official website at discounted rates.

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