Dr Al Sears MD Primal Force Mito Essence Plus Reviews – Does It Work?


Mitochondria are one of the essential building blocks for healthy cells, though they can also be one of the most sensitive cells in the human body – and with age, time, and stress, they can break away and cause our health to degrade. Primal Force, MIto Essence Plus, is a natural health formulation created with a blend of seven carefully chosen ingredients (including essential compounds like niacinamide and Riboflavin).

When the mitochondrial cells are given the proper nutrients to repair themselves, the body has more energy and a more robust natural immune system to fight against the potential of getting sick.

Join us for this review post as we look at some of the most important claims and benefits of Primal Force MIto Essence Plus and why it’s still one of the top natural health supplements for the year.

What Makes Mito Essence Plus

Here are some excellent reasons why Mito Essence Plus has stayed one of the top natural health supplements for several years and why it keeps getting better reviews than other health supplements you could compare to it.

Mito Essence Plus Targets Mitochondria

Mito Essence Plus isn’t just a health supplement for general health but a specific supplement that naturally targets the rejuvenation and revitalization of the body’s mitochondrial cells. Essential ingredients like l-carnitine and cysteine are powerful amino acids that build stronger and healthier cells within the body.

Mito Essence Plus is All-Natural and Vegan Friendly

One of the important selling points of Mito Essence Plus is that the formula is all-natural, with no artificial ingredients or preservatives that you’ll sometimes find in products that claim to be natural. Mito Essence Plus could be a valuable supplement for better health if you’re on a journey to being healthier.

Mito Essence is From the Primal Force Range

The Primal Force range is from Dr. Al Sears, a company in the natural dietary supplement business for several years, with good reviews on most of its products. The Primal Force range is marketed to people who want to live a healthier and more active lifestyle – and other products in this range include Primal Max (for a testosterone boost) and Estro Cleanse Plus (to reduce estrogen naturally).

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Dr. Al Sears is a natural health supplement brand that many people are familiar with, and their Primal Force range is popular with active lifestyles (and improving ones). Mito Essence Plus is a product designed to rejuvenate and rebuild the body’s mitochondrial cells, which are vital for a healthy lifestyle and better quality of life as we age.

Claims of Mito Essence Plus include revitalized energy levels and a more robust immune system.

Seven natural key ingredients give the product its main benefits, which include cysteine, l-carnitine, niacinamide, and Riboflavin.

Ingredients in Mito Essence Plus

The formulation in Dr. Al Sears Primal Force Mito Essence Plus has been selected in conjunction with dietary and health professionals, who chose these ingredients for their studied natural benefits for the body’s mitochondrial cells.

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Here’s what you should know about the key ingredients in Mito Essence Plus.

Rhodiola rosea

Rhodiola rosea is an essential natural plant, found worldwide today through part of ancient cultures as a health aid for thousands of years before this. Studied for its effects on general health, it’s been found that Rhodiola rosea has benefits that significantly improve the function of mitochondrial cells and boost immunity. It’s also called the longevity flower.


Cysteine is an essential amino acid that the body needs to remove toxins and replace this with healthy, vibrant cells. While small amounts of cysteine are in our foods, supplements like Mito Essence Plus include the amounts you need for optimal health.


L-carnitine is a vital compound for getting rid of excess toxins, though the body cannot always produce enough l-carnitine on its own. Mito Essence Plus includes the amount your body needs for a healthier result.


Another name for one of the potent B vitamins, niacinamide, supports the body’s natural way of turning our nutrients into usable energy – without turning it into sugars or fats.


Riboflavin is one essential ingredient that appears in some multivitamins, but often in lesser amounts. Riboflavin is an essential, important component when the body is rejuvenating cells or healing damage.

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How Does Mito Essence Plus Work?

When the body is looked at closer, at a cellular level that’s just a little bit bigger than atoms, the body is made up of mitochondrial cells – and these cells are present in almost all of our organs, from the heart to the liver.

When mitochondrial cells are at their healthiest, the body functions at its peak. Younger people naturally have more nutritional, heightened levels of mitochondrial cells – and as we get older, this number starts to decline drastically.

Mito Essence Plus includes ingredients like Rhodiola rosea, l-carnitine, and cysteine to promote mitochondrial repair and production by natural methods. Supportive ingredients like niacinamide and Riboflavin increase the positive effects of the other active ingredients in the Mito Essence Plus formulation.

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The Benefits Of Mito Essence Plus

Dr. Al Sears is a unique name-brand in the natural supplement world because all of its products are backed by the experience of the company founder, who has decades spent at the forefront of anti-aging technology and health improvement.

With natural ingredients, Mito Essence Plus was designed to increase the body’s mitochondrial cell healing and regeneration rate.

Rhodiola rosea is a natural miracle plant, clinically studied for its anti-anxiety and anti-aging effects – but also proven helpful for the body’s natural cell rejuvenation capacity.

According to studies, Riboflavin and niacin are essential for building and absorbing suitable amino acids.

L-carnitine is studied for cell rejuvenation abilities, often used by high-performance athletes during training to keep their energy levels up and their bodies as healthy as possible.

The seven ingredients in Mito Essence Plus have been formulated to benefit your body to the max.

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Potential Side-Effects of Mito Essence Plus

Mito Essence Plus has no reported serious side effects. However, adverse effects can still happen due to a sensitivity or allergy to any of the seven natural ingredients in the product.

Consult your doctor if you experience any side effects after taking Mito Essence Plus.

Customer Reviews

Most reviews for Mito Essence Plus online are positive, and more than 80% of people achieved positive, rejuvenating, and energy-boosting results after trying Mito Essence Plus.

Reviews on the product website call Mito Essence Plus one of the best natural supplements they’ve ever tried, and many users have continued taking the product after their first try.

Less than 5% of buyers have requested their money-back guarantee from Dr. Al Sears products.

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Using Mito Essence Plus

Instructions for Mito Essence Plus recommend taking one pill daily, as directed, after meals.

If you are taking prescription medications simultaneously as MIto Essence Plus, see your doctor before continuing treatment. Taking Mito Essence Plus with a combination of stimulants is not advised.

Mito Essence Plus versus Other Supplements

Mito Essence Plus has remained one of the best supplements on the market for several years. Compared to what else is on the market, why does Mito Essence Plus stand out?

Some supplements on the market claim to be natural but include preservatives and artificial ingredients. Primal Force products are guaranteed natural and certified vegan-friendly and organic.

Many “rejuvenation” supplements can also include artificial growth hormones or stimulants, whereas Mito Essence Plus gets all its benefit from only seven natural ingredients.

Purchasing Mito Essence Plus

Mito Essence Plus is available online. You can order a trial jar for $139 & shipping. The other option is to enroll in the VIP subscription program and get three jars every ninety days for only $97 each, for a total of $291 every three months, with free shipping.

If you aren’t happy with your purchase, you can cancel your subscription by contacting customer service.


If you have any more questions, here are some of the most common questions about Mito Essence Plus.

Q: How long does it take for Mito Essence Plus to work?

A: Most users have reported results within a few days to a week of starting to take Mito Essence Plus.

Q: Who should not take MIto Essence Plus?

A: Do not take Mito Essence Plus without seeing your doctor if you take any medication for chronic health conditions.

Q: Who should take MIto Essence Plus?

A: Mito Essence Plus is recommended for active males and females aged 18+.


Dr. Al Sears Primal Force Mito Essence Plus is a top seller if you’re looking for a natural health supplement that has the benefits of working on a cellular level – and you will feel better and be healthier if claims and reviews are worth anything!

One capsule per day can make a difference to your health and kick-start your body’s best quality of life.

Mito Essence Plus targets mitochondrial rejuvenation with seven natural ingredients, each with proven benefits for your immune system and energy levels. No potential side effects have been reported to the manufacturer, and it could be one of the safest and best natural health supplements out there. Visit the official website to learn more today!

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