Dr Al Sears MD Primal Force Primal Max Reviews – Should You Buy?


Testosterone levels and sexual desire naturally decline with time as men get older, or go through periods of physical or emotional stress. Sexual performance doesn’t stay the same for your whole life, and experts recommend that men increase their focus on better sexual health earlier in their lives to avoid problems like erectile dysfunction or decreased libido.

Dr Al Sears Primal Max claims to be a natural way to boost energy, testosterone, and sexual performance – with natural ingredients like horny goat weed, green tea, folic acid and ginseng.

Primal Max has been on the market for years as part of the Primal Force natural supplement range. Can this natural health supplement for men really do everything the product claims for your health?

Keep reading and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Primal Max, including why it’s one of the best men’s health supplements for 2023.

Why Primal Max is a Popular Men’s Health Supplement

Primal Max is recommended for men who feel that there’s something lacking in their sexual performance, sexual health, or sexual appetite. A lack of testosterone can be the reason for a hundred different health problems, including the main cause for erectile dysfunction or decreased performance.

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Here’s why Primal Max is a popular men’s health supplement.

Primal Max Promotes Testosterone Production

Natural ingredients like horny goat weed and ginseng are proven to boost testosterone levels by activating the body’s natural receptors for it. Primal Max contains a blend of different ingredients that could increase the levels of testosterone in your body – important for building muscle mass, regulating mood, and for good sexual health.

Primal Max Boosts Blood Flow

Supportive ingredients like green tea and milk thistle support the body, and increase blood flow without the need for stimulants. Circulation is important for the heart, but also an especially important part of sexual health. For stronger sexual performance, peak circulation is absolutely essential – and Primal Max has been formulated to help.

Primal Max Increases Energy Naturally

If you think back to the days where you used to be able to “go at it” more than once or twice as a fond memory of the past, it could be the lack of energy that your body goes through due to stress, circumstances, or a lacking diet.

Ingredients in Primal Max claim to naturally boost your energy levels, including essential vitamins D3 and C.

More energy could mean better, stronger sexual performance again.

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Summary & Key Facts

  • Brand Dr Al Sears
  • Product Guarantee Money-Back
  • Product Primal Max [Primal Force Range]
  • Claims Natural Testosterone Booster
  • All-Natural Yes
  • Stimulants None

Brand/Product Overview

Dr Al Sears is a reliable natural health brand, and it’s been on the market for a few years to provide a range of supplements for men, women, and general health improvement. The Primal Force range is marketed to men, and this range includes testosterone boosters like Primal Max.

Primal Max is a natural testosterone booster with 10+ carefully formulated ingredients. The Primal Max formula claims that it can increase testosterone levels, boost sexual performance, and better libido.

All of the Dr Al Sears natural health products promise safe natural health solutions. Many natural testosterone boosters are dangerous to take or contain stimulants: Primal Max is all-natural, and bottled in an FDA-backed facility.

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Key Ingredients for Primal Max

What are the ingredients in Primal Max, and why does it work as a natural testosterone booster? Let’s have a look at the key ingredients:

Horny Goat Weed

Studies show that the horny goat weed plant can increase sexual appetite, and might be a great natural answer for conditions like ED.

Green Tea

Green tea is a powerful antioxidant, and has been studied for its mood and blood flow benefits.


Ginseng is a natural boost for the energy levels, and studies show that it’s especially good for blood flow and testosterone production.


Kudzu extract could reduce alcohol cravings naturally, but has also shown promise as a natural compound that protects the heart.

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is a powerful antioxidant, and benefits the body’s ability to boost energy.


The brahmi (or bacopa) plant shows promise to reduce memory loss, but also reduces stress naturally.

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Studies show that resveratrol is a powerful ingredient for natural anti aging.


Citrulline is an important amino acid that studies show can boost energy levels and sexual health.

Ginkgo Extract

Ginkgo extract is a powerful natural ingredient, and it can increase libido and mood according to studies.


Ashwagandha promotes natural blood flow, supports organs like the liver, and boosts essential hormone levels in the body according to studies.

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Clinical trials show that fenugreek is a powerful natural ingredient to support and boost men’s sexual health and performance.

Folic Acid

Folic acid is an essential B-vitamin that supports organs like the heart and liver, and could stimulate natural hormone production.

Vitamins D3 & 6

Vitamins D3 and 6 are important to maintain peak sexual, mental, and physical performance.

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How Does Primal Max Work?

Primal Max contains natural ingredients that act as a natural means to boost sexual performance and libido. The formula is designed to support better circulation, and to stimulate the production of testosterone – without the use of hormones or stimulants.

Natural ingredients like green tea and gingko extract act as supportive ones, which benefit the body and boost circulation that’s important for peak sexual performance. Other ingredients like ginseng act as natural testosterone boosters, and to counteract the symptoms of common men’s health conditions.

The Benefits of Primal Force Primal Max

Primal Max could be one of the best natural ways to boost testosterone and better sexual performance. Some of the benefits of Primal Max include claims that the product can:

  • Increase Mental Alertness
  • Stimulate Testosterone Production
  • Boost Blood Flow
  • Better Libido
  • Increase Sexual Performance

Many men’s health products on the market contain stimulants like caffeine, or HGH (Human Growth Hormones) to increase testosterone levels or improve libido and performance. Primal Max is all-natural, and relies only on ingredients like ginseng, gingko, and horny goat weed for the boost.

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Potential Side-Effects Associated with Primal Max

No serious side-effects have been reported by Dr Al Sears for Primal Max.

If you are allergic or sensitive to ingredients contained in the formulation, you might experience side-effects after taking Primal Max. Discontinue treatment and seek medical attention if this is the case.

Individual ingredients like horny goat weed can cause mental irritability, heart palpitations, itching, or stomach upsets.

What Reviews Are Saying About Primal Max…

Primal Max has been on the market for several years, with good reviews from most men who have tried or tested the product. The majority of Primal Max reviews rate the product between 3.5 to 4 stars out of 5.

Reviews rank Primal Max as one of the best natural testosterone boosters and natural men’s health products for 2023.

Most reviews say that Primal Max achieved the desired results, and had no unpleasant side effects. A small percentage (<10% of users) said that they didn’t achieve the results they wanted after taking Primal Max.

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Primal Max Dosage & Instructions

The recommended dosage for Primal Max is two capsules taken in the morning, before or after meals.

The combination of stimulants with Primal Max is not advised.

If you are taking any chronic medication and would like to try Primal Max, seek medical attention.

How Does Primal Max Compare?

Many testosterone boosters contain stimulants like caffeine and libido-enhancers like Spanish fly. Primal Max stands out as a natural health supplement, because its ingredients are all-natural – and no stimulants are necessary for its effect.

FAQ for Dr Al Sears Primal Force Primal Max

Wondering more about Dr Al Sears Primal Force Primal Max? Here’s what you should know about Primal Max and what it could do for your health.

How long does it take for Primal Max to work?

Primal Max works in just a couple of days to one week, according to most positive reviews from men who have tried the product.

Who should not take Primal Max?

Anyone with heart, liver, or kidney conditions are not advised to take Primal Max without consulting their doctor first. If you take chronic medications, see your doctor before taking Primal Max.

Does Primal Max contain stimulants?

Primal Max contains no stimulants like caffeine, only natural ingredients like horny goat weed, ginseng, and gingko extract.


Primal Max is a natural health supplement that’s marketed to men, with no stimulants or artificial testosterone. It’s popular as a sexual health aid, and its unique blend of ingredients could be useful to increase libido and better sexual performance.

If you aren’t satisfied with the results achieved from Primal Max, all of the Primal Force products are sold with a money-back guarantee.

Dr Al Sears Primal Max is popular for anyone who wants to increase their peak sexual performance, or boost their energy levels and testosterone with a natural supplement.

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