Chill Wave Pro Reviews – Cheap Air Cooler Scam or Legit Portable AC to Use?

Chill Wave Pro is a portable air conditioner designed to keep you cool at an affordable price.

Featuring proven evaporative cooling technology, Chill Wave Pro is ideal for use indoors and outdoors. The USB-powered, lightweight device purifies, humidifies, filters, and cools the air for optimal freshness.

Should you buy the Chill Wave Pro portable air conditioner? Is the Chill Wave Pro legit? In our review, find out everything you need to know about Chill Wave Pro today.

What is Chill Wave Pro?

Chill Wave Pro is a portable air conditioner available exclusively through

As part of a 2023 promotion, Chill Wave Pro is available at a 60% discount. By buying directly from the manufacturer, you can pay just $89.99 per Chill Wave Pro today – down from the usual retail price of $179.99.

The USB-powered portable AC unit is designed for easy use anywhere in the office or house. As air passes through Chill Wave Pro, the unit purifies, humidifies, and cools the air, helping you stay at a comfortable temperature all summer long. Just plug in Chill Wave Pro to charge it, then add water to lower the temperature.

Chill Wave Pro Benefits

Chill Wave Pro Benefits

Chill Wave Pro aims to be the ultimate portable AC unit to keep you cool this summer. Here are some of the benefits of buying Chill Wave Pro today:

  • Plug and play and ready to use – add water to cool
  • 3-in-1 design
  • Purifies, humidifies and cools the air
  • 100% noise-free operation
  • Ideal for use indoors or outdoors
  • 4-stage filtration system for pollutants, allergens, and dust

Whether looking for cleaner air, cooler air, or need more moisture, Chill Wave Pro is the ultimate portable AC unit to use around your home.

How Does Chill Wave Pro Work?

Chill Wave Pro works similarly to other portable AC units. You charge it using an ordinary USB cable. Then, the device runs for around 10 hours on a single charge. You can carry it around your home and use it anywhere without worrying about wires and finding an outlet.

The advantage of a portable AC unit is that you can get extra cooling in your immediate area. Instead of running your home HVAC system to cool a single room, for example, you can run Chill Wave Pro anytime, anywhere while enjoying noise-free operation.

Each Chill Wave Pro weighs just a few pounds and operates noise-free, giving you round-the-clock cooling without noise or bulkiness. You can easily carry Chill Wave Pro from room to room. Or, you can buy several Chill Wave Pros for multiple rooms in your home.

How to Use Chill Wave Pro

Chill Wave Pro is designed to be easy for anyone to use. If you can turn on an ordinary fan, you can use Chill Wave Pro to cool your home.

Here’s how to use Chill Wave Pro for the first time:

  • Step 1) Charge Chill Wave Pro using an ordinary USB cable.
  • Step 2) Add water to the large capacity, leak-proof tank.
  • Step 3) Choose your desired mode and fan speed, then power on the AC unit for instant cooling.

You can carry Chill Wave Pro around the house for easy cooling on the go. Or, you can leave it in one place – like on your nightstand or in your office while you work.

How Evaporative Cooling Works

Chill Wave Pro is based on the science of evaporative cooling.

Evaporation requires heat. When hot air passes over a body of water, it draws moisture from the body of water, and the air transfers heat into the water. The water gets warmer and dryer, while the air gets cooler and wetter.

As air passes through Chill Wave Pro, it goes through a similar reaction:

  • Hot air enters one side of Chill Wave Pro.
  • As the hot air passes over the water tank, it transfers heat into the water, causing the water to become warmer and the air to become cooler and wetter.
  • Air also passes through a four-stage filtration process as it passes through Chill Wave Pro. Although this doesn’t impact the temperature of the air, it makes the air cleaner and safer.
  • By the time the air exits the far side of Chill Wave Pro via the fan, it’s cooler, cleaner, and wetter than it was when entering, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable temperature anywhere in your home.

Where to Use Chill Wave Pro

Chill Wave Pro is ideal for use anywhere inside and outside the home. Some use it in rental properties where they can’t install whole home cooling systems. Others use it because they only need to cool one room.

Some of the places to use Chill Wave Pro include:

  • Bedrooms
  • Living rooms
  • Offices
  • Garages
  • Dorm rooms
  • Camping and outdoors

Chill Wave Pro Features

Chill Wave Pro aims to be the ultimate pint-sized portable air conditioner available online today. Here are some of the features that make Chill Wave Pro unique compared to other portable AC units:

Plug & Play Design: With Chill Wave Pro, there’s no need to install a home HVAC system, place a unit in your window, or make permanent changes to your home. Instead, Chill Wave Pro has a plug-and-play design that makes it easy to use anywhere in your home.

3-in-1 Modes: Chill Wave Pro has three modes in a single device, including modes for fan, cooling, and extra chill.

Purifies & Humidifies the Air: As air passes through Chill Wave Pro, the unit adds water and purifies the air. The air passes through the other side wetter, cleaner, and purer than it entered. The water can remove certain large contaminants from the air, helping you breathe cleaner air year-round.

Ideal for Indoor & Outdoor Use: Some use Chill Wave Pro in offices and bedrooms, while others take it camping. It’s perfect for use indoors or outdoors.

100% Noise-Free: Some portable air coolers claim to be quiet. However, Chill Wave Pro is specifically marketed as being 100% noise-free.

Cools Instantly: The primary goal of Chill Wave Pro is to cool any living space to keep it comfortable. Some like it for sleeping, while others like it for camping. You can quickly cool a small or medium-sized room in minutes with Chill Wave Pro.

Science-Backed Evaporative Cooling Technology: Chill Wave Pro isn’t a futuristic, advanced device: it uses proven evaporative cooling technology to instantly and quickly cool the surrounding area. Evaporative cooling is based on a simple concept seen every day in nature. As the hot air passes over a body of water, the hot air absorbs some of that moisture via evaporation. Evaporation absorbs heat from the air, making the air cooler.

5 Speed Options: Want maximum cooling for the hottest part of the afternoon? Change Chill Wave Pro to the highest speed setting. Want low-speed cooling for sleeping? Chill Wave Pro can do that too. There are 5-speed options, allowing you to choose the best setting for your needs.

Just Add Water: Chill Wave Pro is easy to use. Just add water, then let the power of evaporative cooling do the rest. Chill Wave Pro works quickly to cool hot air as it passes through the cooler.

Add Ice Water for Extra Cooling: To enhance the cooling power of Chill Wave Pro even further, you can add ice cubes to the water container. Ice cubes keep the water tank at a cool temperature, allowing the hot air to drop even further in temperature as it passes through.

Purifies by Trapping Dust, Allergens, and Microbes: As air passes through the water inside Chill Wave Pro, the water traps dust, allergens, and microbes, helping you enjoy cleaner air. Indoor and outdoor air is filled with contaminants that affect your breathing and health. Chill Wave Pro can help make your air safer.

Humidifies Instead of Dries: Traditional air conditioners dry the air, removing moisture and leaving skin cracked. If you dislike how traditional AC units dry out your skin, then Chill Wave Pro could help. Chill Wave Pro works differently, adding humidity to the air. As air passes through the water in Chill Wave Pro, it gains moisture instead of losing it.

Lightweight & Portable with Included Handle: Chill Wave Pro may be the most lightweight and portable cooler on the market. There’s even an included handle, making it easier to carry around.

4 Stage Air Filtration Technology: Chill Wave Pro doesn’t just filter air using the power of evaporative cooling and water. It also filters air using a 4-layer filtration system. That filtration system can remove allergens, pollutants, microbes, and dust from the air, helping you breathe in safer, cleaner air.

Charge with Virtually Anything: Chill Wave Pro is rechargeable via micro-USB. You can recharge Chill Wave Pro via a USB cable, which means you can recharge it from your laptop, power bank, or even a car charger. Whether you’re at home or away from home, there are multiple ways to charge Chill Wave Pro for optimal performance.

No Need for Electrical Outlets, Extension Cords, or Batteries: Each Chill Wave Pro comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. There’s no need to plug it into an electrical outlet to use it, and you don’t need to replace AA or AAA batteries. Instead, just charge Chill Wave Pro, then use it anywhere around the home.

Low Power Consumption: Chill Wave Pro is designed to be energy efficient, which means you can easily cool your home for less this summer. Instead of paying hundreds per month to cool your entire home, you can pay a fraction to cool a single room with Chill Wave Pro.

30-Day Moneyback Guarantee: All Chill Wave Pro purchases come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Not happy with Chill Wave Pro and how it works or disappointed with its cooling power? Contact the manufacturer within 30 days to request a complete refund.

8 Hours of Use on Single Water Tank Fill: You can fill up the Chill Wave Pro water tank at night, then run it all night without issue. The water tank lasts for 8 hours on a single fill.

Chill Wave Pro Reviews: What Do Users Say?

Chill Wave Pro is backed by strong reviews online. Most customers are satisfied with the unit’s cooling power, the price and overall value, and the customer service experience they received from the company.

Here are some of the reviews shared by verified purchasers on the official website:

One customer described Chill Wave Pro as a “quiet AC unit that is easy to use.” Other customers are similarly impressed by the quiet operation of the device, with one customer describing the operation as “100% noise-free,” making it easy for her to sleep.

Many customers are impressed by the power of Chill Wave Pro, claiming it cools the air surprisingly well. You can even add ice cubes to the unit for extra cooling, dropping temperatures further.

Some customers were skeptical about the size of Chill Wave Pro, claiming it might not cool the air as efficiently as other portable AC units. However, once they run the device, they’re impressed with its cooling power.

Chill Wave Pro has a sleek, modern appearance. While some portable AC units are ugly and boxy, Chill Wave Pro is designed to fit any interior design.

Some customers buy Chill Wave Pro after trying other portable ACs. One customer said he had already tried multiple portable AC units before, but Chill Wave Pro “beats them hands down.” He particularly praised the device for its portability and effective cooling.

Chill Wave Pro has strong marks for battery life. Most customers find it comfortably runs for 6 to 10 hours on a full charge, making it easy to run all night or all day without being connected to an electrical outlet.

Some even take Chill Wave Pro camping and charge the device with a portable power bank. Because you can charge Chill Wave Pro as easily as you would charge a phone or tablet, you can easily recharge it multiple times with a standard power bank, allowing you to use it for days off the grid.

Overall, many customers are surprised and impressed by the cooling power of Chill Wave Pro, finding it works as advertised to significantly lower the temperature in your space.

Chill Wave Pro Pricing

Chill Wave Pro is temporarily priced at a 50% discount, helping you save significantly on each purchase. The typical retail price is $179.99. However, you could pay as little as $69.99 per unit by ordering directly from the manufacturer online today.

Here’s how pricing works when ordering Chill Wave Pro online:

  • One Chill Wave Pro: $89.99 + Shipping
  • Two Chill Wave Pros: $169.98 ($84.99 Per Cooler)
  • Three Chill Wave Pros: $239.97 ($79.99 Per Cooler)
  • Four Chill Wave Pros: $299.96 ($74.99 Per Cooler)
  • Five Chill Wave Pros: $349.95 ($69.99 Per Cooler)

You can add an extended warranty to your purchase for $4.99 per unit. The extended warranty covers your product for 3 years in total.

There are no hidden fees or other charges with your purchase. You buy the cooler today, then enjoy fast shipping anywhere in the United States.

Chill Wave Pro Refund Policy

Chill Wave Pro has a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason within 60 days, contact the Chill Wave Pro customer care team for a full refund of your initial order.

  • Returns Address: Attn: Chill Wave Pro Return, 6413 Bandini Blvd, Commerce, CA 90040, USA

About Chill Wave Pro

Chill Wave Pro is based in the United States. All orders ship via UPS within 48 hours of confirmation. The company is headquartered in Commerce, California.

You can contact Chill Wave Pro and the company’s customer service team via the following:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 1 (888) 803-4124
  • Company Address: 6413 Bandini Blvd, Commerce, CA 90040

Final Word

Chill Wave Pro is a portable AC unit designed to keep you comfortable using the power of evaporative cooling technology.

Just add water, then turn on Chill Wave Pro and carry it anywhere you need to stay cool. The cooler runs for hours on a single tank and charge, helping you stay at a comfortable temperature.

To learn more about Chill Wave Pro or to buy the cooler today at a steep discount, buy direct from the manufacturer at

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