How I Used Viboom And Why I Can Recommend It Among Other Services In 2023

Let us be honest, we’ve all been there. You create great video content, put all your heart into it, and, alas, it doesn’t get any views. And it’s not that something is wrong with the content itself. I don’t know how it works, seriously. We’ve discussed this a lot with other bloggers who produce YouTube videos related to society and religion, and they all agree on one thing. 

It’s not enough to create quality stuff. If you want to reach your target audience (or any audience at all), your efforts should not end with video production. You must do something to ensure promotion, too. If you don’t, you’ll most likely end up owning a channel full of authentic, engaging content that is … only watched by your friends and family.

It took me time to realize that, but well, late is better than never, anyway. So, after a few “failure” videos in a row and long hours of introspection, I decided it was high time to act. I was determined to take over the promotion of my channel and started looking for services that could be of help. This review is my story of where the search would lead me.

Why I Decided to Use Viboom❓

Reason #1 Other services used bots to deliver views

Just to give you some background, Viboom is the fifth service I turned to. Before that, there were four different video promotion agencies, including free ones, and none of those collaborations was fruitful.

I wouldn’t say any of them was a complete scam. Like, you know, they promised views, and they delivered those or, at least, some of those. They didn’t explicitly say the viewers would be real people (though this was implied, and I, of course, hoped for the best). But, no, there were no miracles here, and even such an unsophisticated user as myself would soon discover all those services used bots.

Reason #2 I never ever want to have anything to do with bot viewers

Putting aside the fact that YouTube can simply ban you for unfair promotion, the mere idea of using bots for views is something I deeply dislike. I don’t want viewers to necessarily like it (ok, I want them to like it, but that’s not paramount). I just want people to see it and, hopefully, engage with it.

That’s why when I came across Viboom, the first question I asked them was whether their viewers were real people. I explained everything to them openly. They gave me the answers I wanted. And that’s how it all started.

What’s Viboom Exactly and How Does It Work?💡

Viboom’s main page 

Viboom is one of the many video promotion services and the only one that worked for me. The service specializes in the organic promotion of video content on YouTube or websites using Google Ads. They naturally engage the audience with your content and bring interested viewers to your channel. Here is how it works in a nutshell:

  • After the promotion campaign is launched, people who watch your type of content start seeing your video in the recommended section.
  • If you order promotion on the website, the audience will start seeing your video as a part of the site’s content.
  • People interact with your content, and YouTube algorithms recognize it as something worthy and start recommending it more actively.

2 Things to Keep in Mind About Viboom 📋

Viboom mainly works to make your videos more visible

It primarily focuses on improving the visibility

So Viboom’s services are about raising visibility in the first place. As I will further show, my promotion brought me likes and subscribers, too, but that’s not guaranteed. More than that, it may even turn out that increased visibility will get you a massive portion of dislikes. Yes, it does happen, too. After all, it all depends on the quality of your content.

Viboom can bring relevant viewers to your video, but it cannot make them like it. This is why I would recommend being very, very thoughtful when picking the video for promotion. Chances are that those who see it will want to explore your channel further, so choose smartly to make that happen.

It works with practically any type of content

As I said, my channel has to do with society and religion, but they say you can promote almost any type of content through Viboom. Besides YouTube videos, you can also do a live stream and Vimeo promotions. As far as I know, you can even promote rap and political content that is considered problematic. That’s because there might be issues with its passing the review process.

By the way, be prepared that all videos you promote through Viboom will first pass review on YouTube. That is, some time will be required before the campaign gains its full speed, so don’t expect immediate results. 

How I Placed My Order 💟

Ordering promotion with Viboom

My biggest concern was that I had very little knowledge of promotion mechanics and would be unable to figure out how to set up a fertile campaign. I needn’t have worried, though. Viboom’s managers are incredibly supportive. They guided me throughout the process and explained everything in a few bullet points. So, in case you, too, are planning to promote your content with Viboom, I summarize my journey below.

Step 1 — I signed up

Signing up with the service is super simple. All you need to do is provide a valid email and password. By the way, don’t forget to confirm your email. This is necessary for you to be able to use all service features. You can also sign up via Facebook.

Step 2 — I specified my order details

Placing an order for 350k views with Viboom

Next, I would click “new promotion,” leading me to the page where you choose the number of views. My target number was 350k views. By the way, it’s really beneficial to order 100k and more because, in that case, your price per view is about $0.01.

In contrast, if you order fewer than 100k views, you’ll pay about $0.02 per view. Plus, large-scale orders such as mine go with worldwide promotions. Your video will be promoted in the chosen region (Latin America, Asia, EU, etc.) for smaller orders. So I covered the cost, and the campaign began.

Step 3 — I tracked the results

Viboom’s manager told me that it normally takes a day or two until the campaign really begins. That’s because your video needs to pass the review process first. So I told myself I should only start checking on the progress starting from day 3. I tracked it in my Viboom account. You just click “all promotions” and see how it’s going. This is very convenient, especially if several promotional campaigns are running at a time.

What I Received 💯

My Viboom campaign results

And now … drumroll … the results of my campaign. After all, this Viboom review aims to share what I’ve achieved with this service. So here is a breakdown of the main variables, and I’ll add a few comments on them below.

  • Duration: 9 days
  • Views ordered: 350k
  • Views gained over this period: 390k+
  • New likes: 745
  • New comments: none
  • New subscribers: 7k

As you can see, I paid for 350k views and received 390k — that fact alone is inspiring, isn’t it? Plus, I noticed an influx of views and likes in other channel videos. That is, by promoting a single video, I would, in fact, contribute to the promotion of the entire channel. Yes, my content didn’t encourage any new comments, but the campaign brought me 7k new subscribers! That’s what I didn’t expect to see!

Is Viboom a Way to Go, After All? ⚖️

On the whole, I’m super happy with how it turned out. So if you ask me whether Viboom is worth your trust and money — yes, yes, and yes again! Ok, you won’t necessarily get the same number of likes and subscribers (maybe you’ll receive more, who knows), but you’ll certainly get the number of views ordered. As I understood, all campaigns bring more views to the video than initially ordered. So by paying for a certain number of views, you’ll most likely get a good portion of those for free. 

There aren’t any hidden costs or anything. More than that, when I told the manager I was planning to order 380k, she talked me out of it and recommended placing an order for 350k. She said that each campaign brings extra views, so, in the long run, I should reach the target figure with my 350k order. And so it happened. To cut a long story short, Viboom did exactly what they promised, and that’s what I liked best about them.

A Few Remarks About Refunds and Free Trials ☝️

Before wrapping up this review, I wanted to share my observations about refunds and free trials. As you could already understand, Viboom has none. Or, to be exact, you only get a refund here if you cancel the campaign before or soon after it begins. At first, this alarmed me. But, you know, intuitively, it seems that a legit video promotion service MUST have a refund policy and offer free trials.

Yet, after using Viboom’s services, after a series of setbacks with other promotion agencies, I changed my mind. I realized that the presence of refunds and free trials says nothing about the quality of the services you’ll receive. Here is what made me think so:

  • The importance of refunds is inflated. It’s better to receive a good service rather than to be provided with a poor one and spend hours in client chats trying to clarify the details of their money-back guarantee.
  • When it comes to video promotion, free trials won’t give you any idea of how the service works in practice. Based on my experience with Viboom, it takes time for a campaign to bring effect. So if an agency promises immediate results with a free trial, there must be something wrong with their views.

So if you, like me, are hesitant about ordering services from companies that don’t have refunds or free trials, you shouldn’t be. Quality promotion experts know their job and take responsibility for delivering the promised outcomes. And yes, they do not provide services for free; that’s life!

To Wrap Up 🤩

I understand that my experience cannot be generalized to all video makers, so I’m just telling you how it was in my case. When I was researching Viboom, it turned out that the service has very poor coverage in terms of feedback. I only managed to find a couple of detailed reviews, so mine is, among all else, an attempt to restore justice. I hope that this review provided you with some insights into Viboom’s performance and video promotion services in general. Good luck, and let your content find its viewer!

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