6 Figure Side Hustles Reviews: How to Make Six-Figure Income Money Docuseries Revealed

Dr. Patrick Gentempo and his team at Revealed Films have launched a new 9-part documentary called 6 Figure Side Hustles.

Designed to help anyone escape from the rat race, 6 Figure Side Hustles is a free documentary series exploring income-generating business opportunities you can do in your spare time.

What will you learn in 6 Figure Side Hustles? What’s the catch to the free documentary series? Find out everything you need to know about 6 Figure Side Hustles today in our review.

What is 6 Figure Side Hustles?

6 Figure Side Hustles is a free 9-part documentary series created by Dr. Patrick Gentempo.

The first episode of the docuseries is scheduled to air on May 23, 2023 at 7pm EST. It will only be available for 24 hours. Then, the next episodes will air online over the coming days, with each episode remaining online for 24 hours.

You can watch all 9 episodes of 6 Figure Side Hustles for free by entering your name and email address into the online form. You’ll receive an email with a free pass to the premiere of the docuseries and all subsequent episodes.

6 Figure Side Hustles Benefits

Some of the benefits of signing up to watch 6 Figure Side Hustles include:

  • Free, 9-part docuseries featuring successful entrepreneurs and investors
  • Discover proven side hustles that you can turn into 6-figure businesses
  • Learn how to turn your passions into profits
  • View each episode for 24 hours online at no cost
  • Featuring Dr. Patrick Gentempo and real-world side hustle experts
  • Learn side hustles for people with specific skills – and side hustles you can launch with zero skills, experience, or education required

Overall, 6 Figure Side Hustles explores some of today’s best and most lucrative side hustles you can start quickly.

What Will You Learn in 6 Figure Side Hustles?

The goal of 6 Figure Side Hustles is to explore income generating opportunities you can do in your spare time.

As the official 6 Figure Side Hustles website explains, “having a side-hustle is no longer optional.” To get ahead, many people use a side hustle. A successful side hustle can even help you quit your 9-5 job and achieve financial freedom.

In 6 Figure Side Hustles, you can discover some of the proven business ideas people have implemented in their spare time. With inflation running rampant and the prices of everything increasing, 6 Figure Side Hustles can help you earn a six-figure income on the side.

Over the 9-part documentary series, you’ll discover two dozen side hustles anyone can start today.

Sample Six Figure Side Hustles

During the docuseries, you’ll hear about making money on the side through dividend investing, freelance writing, day trading, artificial intelligence, YouTube, affiliate marketing, and more.

Overall, the docuseries covers 20+ side hustles in detail. you’ll discover what’s involved in the side hustles, the skills required to get started, how much money you can make, and how ordinary people are earning big money via these side hustles today.

Some of the sample side hustle opportunities highlighted in 6 Figure Side Hustles include:

  • YouTuber and social media influencer income
  • Artificial intelligence side hustles
  • Amazon, Shopify, and dropshipping
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Info products, coaching, and consulting
  • Day trading, dividend investing, and other trading activities
  • Airbnb, rentals, house flips, and commercial deals
  • Freelance writing
  • Social media management and other digital services
  • Starting a business

6 Figure Side Hustles 9-Part Docuseries: Episode by Episode Breakdown

The first episode of 6 Figure Side Hustles is scheduled to air on May 23, with the next eight episodes airing over the subsequent days. Each episode remains online for 24 hours before being taken down.

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Here’s what Dr. Patrick Gentempo and his team cover in each episode:

Episode 1: Money-Making Websites, YouTube Influencer Income, & Six-Figure Writer

The first episode of 6 Figure Side Hustles is scheduled to air on May 23. Din this episode, you can discover some of the side hustles people are using today to make money online.

The episode features a YouTube influencer, a 6-figure writer, and an entrepreneur who makes money through specific types of websites.

Topics covered in 6 Figure Side Hustles’ first episode include:

Mike Filsaime and Moneymaking Websites

Mike Filsaime is a digital entrepreneur who operates moneymaking websites. During the first part of the episode, you’ll discover all of the following about Mike’s digital side hustle:

The “3 circles” method of finding your ideal side hustle, including how to find something you love to do that can also make money.

How to replace 18 popular apps with a single digital solution. Some of these apps don’t work, and other cost thousands. By replacing them with a single solution, you can optimize your online business and give your digital side hustle the best possible chance of success.

The two types of online marketing, including one that will never work for your side hustle and a second that can turn your side hustle into a 7-figure (or more) business.

Stephen Gardner: YouTube Influencer

The next part of the episode features the story of Stephen Gardner, who makes a full-time income as a YouTube influencer. Stephen explains the technical details about being a YouTube influencer – and how anyone can grow an audience to millions of subscribers even with limited unique skills.

Topics covered in this part of the episode include:

  • How to make a full-time income as a YouTube influencer.
  • Stephen Gardner’s formula for becoming a successful YouTube influencer.
  • How to use “pattern recognition” to establish your side hustle on YouTube.
  • Technical details about launching your YouTube influencer journey, including whether or not you need a studio or expensive camera and other tips for getting off the ground.
  • How to make millions a year from YouTube even if you’re not an expert and don’t have a large following.

Michael Hearne: 6 Figures Writer

The final part of the first episode covers the story of Michael Hearne, a 6-figure writer who wants to teach others how to turn their writing into a side hustle – even with limited experience.

Michael discusses topics like:

  • How to find your first clients as a freelance writer.
  • Who you need to talk to about your services to ensure you make the most money from every word you write online.
  • 2 unique formulas for crafting a message that makes people want to buy from you, including how you can use these formulas to grow your income as large as you like.
  • 2 artificial intelligence tools and 4 services to sell online with no skills required.
  • 2 platforms where you can find clients ready to pay for your writing as soon as today.

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Episode 2: Social Media Money, Airbnb Cash Flow, and Side Hustle Success Wisdom

The second episode covers a range of side hustle topics, including earning money through social media, Airbnb rentals, and other business opportunities.

During this episode, viewers hear from Kate Buck Jr about making money on social media, Brian Page about Airbnb rentals, and Rich Schefren about general side hustle wisdom. These three cover topics like:

  • The specialist secret to earning top dollar for social media services, including 5 areas of specialized services, a 3 step process to landing your first paying client within 24 hours, and how to launch a thriving social media side hustle in as little as 30 days.
  • A simple hack you can use to expand your service offerings beyond your personal skills, adding high-paying services to your business that you don’t need to perform yourself.
  • How to add 2 or more new local clients each month willing to pay more than $500 for your social media services for just 1 to 2 hours of work, helping you build a full-time income quickly.
  • The brain-dead simple way to find properties with Airbnb rental potential and start making money within 48 hours without a down payment, taking on debt, or even buying property. As explained by Airbnb rental specialist Brian Page, this method works on teens, people with no education, full-time employees, and others in unique situations.
  • How Brian Page made $1,600 his first month as an Airbnb investor, and how he continues to make $1,300 to $2,000 per month through that property, along with the exact steps Brian took to earn 6-figures in his first 6 months and $300,000 in his first year through Airbnb.
  • How to make a 6-figure income through Airbnb rentals in small towns, and why you don’t need to live in a big city or major tourist destination to be a successful Airbnb specialist.
  • The secret about running a successful business, as told by Rich Schefren, who worked for the Colombo crime family. You can use this secret legally and ethically to change your life starting today.
  • The two-word secret that changed a newspaper ad from getting 40 calls to 500 calls, and how to apply the same principle to any ad to enhance your results.
  • The secret to selling a product before you make that product, and how Rich Schefren once made $250,000+ in a day from a product he hadn’t even created. “Anyone with a little knowledge” can duplicate this strategy, according to the official 6 Figure Side Hustles website.

Episode 3: Rental Real Estate Income, 1-Hour-A-Day Trading Dollars, & Sales Consultant Cash Flow

The third episode features stories of entrepreneurs earning money through real estate rentals, day trading, and sales consulting fees. The three specialists include Jason Hartman (for rental real estate income), James Wall (for day trading) and Chris Goegan (for sales consulting). Topics covered include:

  • How much money you really need to get started with real estate investing, and why the gurus who claim you can pay “no money down” aren’t always right.
  • 3 commandments you must obey to succeed as a solo real estate investor.
  • The RV ratio you must understand when deciding where to invest, including the formula to use to know if a deal is good or not, the 4 things to look for in an investment property, and the 2 places you should never invest.
  • How to pay a negative interest rate on real estate debt and use this phenomenon as a hidden way to create wealth. In fact, today’s wealthy individuals use this every day to earn money.
  • How to turn ordinary trading into a 1-hour-a-day side hustle that pays a full time income.
  • How to reduce risk every time you day trade and how to increase your income with every trade.
  • How you can turn a $10,000 to $15,000 trading account balance into a 6-figure income.
  • The #1 reason people fail with day trading even when equipped with the same training and information and others, and how to eliminate this risk to succeed.
  • 4 secret skills Chris Goegan recommends developing to make people want to buy from you.
  • The 3 real reasons people buy, the 2 tools that turn you into a great salesperson, and the 1 strategy that can help you close a deal in any niche with any product or service.
  • The 2-step process that took a roofing company from $4 million to $10 million per year in revenue in 2 hours per week, and how you could sell a similar service to roofers (and apply this lesson to anyone online today).
  • The #1 key to selling in 2023 that has changed radically over the last few years, and how making this shift can multiply sales and make you the #1 solution in your market.

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Episode 4: Side-Hustle Wealth, 6-Figures Selling Simple Products, & YouTube Star Cash Flow Formula

Episode 4 features Roger Hamilton talking about side hustle wealth, Alison Prince talking about selling simple products to make 6 figures, and Liz Germain sharing her YouTube cash flow formula. The trio cover topics like:

  • The 3 phases of entrepreneurship, and how you can quickly get to phase 3 and start letting the real money flow.
  • The 1 Japanese concept allowing you to achieve peak wealth and peak health by pursuing your passion.
  • Why today is the best time in history to become massively wealthy in any country in the world, no matter your starting circumstances.
  • The 3 types of capital, including the 2 types of capital that can ensure you don’t lose everything in an economic downturn.
  • How Alison Prince made $300 her first evening selling products online, and how she was able to turn “junk” lying around her hose into extra profits online.
  • How Alison Prince paid off her minivan using a piece of wood lying in the ground behind her house.
  • How Alison Prince’s business strategy is so simple, her 10 and 13-year old daughters followed the blueprint to make 6-figures in income before starting high school – and how thousands of other women have used the same formula to succeed.
  • Liz Germain’s #1 secret for creating a successful YouTube channel, along with tips on maximizing followers, finding the sweet spot for video topics, and growing your YouTube revenue to a point where you can earn 6 figures.

Episode 5: Side Money Secrets, From Zero to 6-Figures, & 6-Figure Writer Secrets

Episode 5 features side hustle secrets from Jonathan Foltz, Iman Aghay, and Laura Catella Georgi. The three entrepreneurs share some of the tips they’ve used to create a six figure income via their side hustle. Topics covered include:

  • Why you don’t need a high IQ to be successful, and how an AI-powered world is changing the job market.
  • The first step to take if you’ve never started a side hustle, including the step to take to ensure you succeed.
  • 1 specific side hustle anyone can start today for around $200 – even though it cost $40,000 to launch a similar side hustle just five years ago.
  • 3 types of online businesses you can launch today without any products, including 3 platforms where you can sell your services and get paid.
  • How Iman Aghay went from being 17 days from homeless to a 6-figure income with his first side hustle, including the technique he used to get his first sale and scale that business.
  • A simple but unusual technique Iman learned after failing to sell his course online, and how anyone can use a similar strategy to successfully sell products and services.
  • The 1 question to ask yourself the day you start your side hustle to propel yourself past wannabe entrepreneurs who never get off the ground.
  • How Laura Catella Georgia became a high-paid writer by mastering a type of writing – and how you could become similarly successful and never be short of money by becoming a similar writer.
  • How a single online forum post made Laura $600 overnight and kicked off a 6-figure side hustle lasting 10 years, and how Laura leveraged her side hustle to get bigger deals and create a secondary income stream.

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Episode 6: Paving Your Own Path to 6-Figures or More, Scaling Beyond the Side Hustle, & Freelance Marketing Consultant Income

The sixth episode features James Altucher, Verne Harnish, and Anna MacFarlane, who share their unique journeys to becoming successful online – say, by following your passion or identifying an under-served part of the marketplace.

Topics covered in episode 6 of 6 Figure Side Hustles include:

  • Why James Altucher believes following your passion is more rewarding than following the money – and how you could get paid for your passion regardless.
  • A unique networking technique James used to get responses from the world’s most successful investors – even though he was a completely unknown name in the industry.
  • How a 10 cent waiter’s order pad helped James Altucher raise millions from Wall Street insiders, and how you can use a similar approach to launch your own successful side hustle.
  • The #1 element for determining success or failure in any side hustle or business, including how you can stop fighting this overwhelming force and align yourself with it for better success.
  • The key to setting the right price for your product or service, including how you can slightly tweak the way you present your pricing to boost income by 26% and how adding a single element to your offer can increase revenue 250% or more.
  • How to manage a business of any size in 1 half-day a week, and how to scale a business as large as you like in 7 minutes a day with 3 easy questions and 1 simple rule, then use the remaining time to identify new opportunities and grow other businesses.
  • Why Anna MacFarlane believes most people get their brand “wrong” – and how you can make your brand right to make more money.
  • 3 specific things to tell customers to instantly create a sale.

Episode 7: 6-Figure E-Farming, Real Estate Riches, & Amazon Income

The seventh episode of 6 Figure Side Hustles features Igor Kheifets, Robert G. Allen, and Corinne Parkinson discussing their side hustle businesses. They cover topics like:

  • How businesses pay money to “e-farmers,” and how you could earn money by creating as many e-farmers as you month without crypto, bitcoin, or other get-rich-quick-style schemes.
  • 3 steps anyone can use to create their first e-farm income stream with just a few hours of work.
  • How to earn big money as a real estate investor, according to experienced expert Robert G. Allen.
  • How Robert G. Allen went to a new city with only $100 and closed a real estate deal with no money down in less than 72 hours after being challenged by the LA Times.
  • The 3 skills you need to become a successful real estate investor, including the #1 lie about making money, the 4Cs of fundamental deals, and other crucial business skills.
  • How you can start an Amazon business with just a few hundreds dollars and grow that business into a massive cash flow enterprise, according to Corinne Parkinson. Corinne also explains a brain-dead simple trick to getting people to choose your product over a competitor’s along with specific recommendations for product listings, product photos, and product descriptions on Amazon.

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Episode 8: More Real Estate Riches, Amazon Millions, and Overall Life & Money Success Hacks

In the penultimate episode of 6 Figure Side Hustles, we discover more insight from real estate investor Robert G. Allen, who is joined by Jason Katzenback, Michael McClary, and Rick Sapio. The four entrepreneurs discuss topics like:

  • How to win in today’s hyper-competitive real estate markets using strategies that have never previously existed in history.
  • The 2 biggest mistakes new investors make that mess up deals and cost money.
  • The big difference between residential and commercial real estate, and why understanding this principle is the secret to becoming a successful real estate investor.
  • How to make 6-figures a year (or 6-figures per month) with just 1 to 2 hours of work per day selling on Amazon – without a single item required, according to Jason Katzenback and Michael McClary. The duo share a dirty secret of the manufacturing world you can use to launch your side hustle along with a hidden Amazon listing that can increase sales 20% overnight.
  • How to break out of unconscious habits that make up 95% of our daily activities, establishing better thought patterns for better outcomes.
  • The difference between the wealthiest 1% and everyone else, including the simple changes you can make to replicate their success.
  • Understanding leverage, and learning how you can accelerate results beyond what you thought possible, according to Rick Sapio.

Episode 9: Amazon Cash Flow, Stock Trading Income, from Zero to Ultra Wealthy

The final episode of 6 Figure Side Hustles goes into greater detail about setting up an Amazon side hustle, stock trading side hustle, and other income generating opportunities. The episode features Jason Fladlien, Marcus De Maria, and Dean Graziosi, who cover topics like:

  • How to quickly earn 6-figures by selling products on Amazon.
  • How Jason Fladlien taught 15,000+ students the secret to launching a 6-figure business on Amazon.
  • How to quickly analyze a product idea to see if it’s worth your time.
  • The only 3 stock trading strategies you need to know to make money in any market condition – not just when prices are going up.
  • Why waiting until you have money to start trading is a massive mistake, and how you can start trading today even if you’re broke.
  • A major advantage individual investors have over pensions, mutual funds, and insurance companies that gives you triple the opportunities to make money from the market.
  • How Dean Graziosi uses no money down real estate deals to be a successful investor, and how he turned hustler mentality into a billion-dollar brand.

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Other Topics Covered in 6 Figure Side Hustles

Each episode features different entrepreneurs and different topics. However, there are common themes across all of these episodes.

Some of the topics covered across the 9-part 6 Figure Side Hustles docuseries include:

  • How you can speak to artificial intelligence to create products and services that used to require highly specialized skills
  • The secret to making thousands of dollars per month as an Airbnb host – even if you’re broke, have bad credit, and don’t own property
  • The steps required to start an online business with or without a website
  • How to earn money through day trading stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, and more
  • How to use the money you made to create passive income and continue to grow your wealth
  • The 4 best types of real estate to own, including how to find deals, maximize cash flow, and eliminate other headaches
  • How to build your personal brand, become an influencer, and create a thriving online business
  • Why your lack of experience or funds is not an excuse preventing you from launching a thriving 6-figure side hustle starting today

Each Episode Has a Six Figure Trigger from a Legendary Hypnotist

Dr. Gentempo hired legendary hypnotherapist Elliot Roe to conclude each episode with a “6-figure trigger.”

At the conclusion of each episode, Elliot Roe uses powerful, hypnotherapy-based prompts to “trigger” you to take action.

According to Dr. Gentempo, this hypnotherapy trigger “triples the value” of each episode and multiplies the chance of you earning life-changing income with 6 Figure Side Hustles.

Elliot normally charges $25,000 for 10 hypnotherapy sessions. With 6 Figure Side Hustles, you’re effectively getting 9 sessions with Elliot Roe for free.

As proof Elliot Roe’s hypnotherapy works, his poker clients have won over $100,000,000 while winning nearly every major poker tournament title – including the World Series of Poker Main Event. He also has Olympic medalists, UFC champions, Hollywood celebrities, business executives, and Wall Street traders on his client list.

Register to 6 Figure Side Hustles

6 Figure Side Hustles Pricing

6 Figure Side Hustles is 100% free to watch. You enter your name and email address into the online form, then get free access to each episode for 24 hours.

There’s no real “catch” to the free docuseries offer. However, you may receive advertisements for products and services related to the docuseries. You may also be able to purchase the entire docuseries as a downloadable video at the conclusion of the event (remember, each episode only remains online for 24 hours).

Who is Dr. Patrick Gentempo?

Dr. Patrick Gentempo is the co-founder and CEO of Revealed Films, a film production company that has launched a series of documentaries in recent years. Patrick refers to himself as a “philosopher entrepreneur” because of the way he applies philosophy to his businesses.

You can contact Dr. Gentempo and the 6 Figure Side Hustles team via the official website.

Final Word

6 Figure Side Hustles is a 9-part documentary series created by Dr. Patrick Gentempo.

During the series, you’ll hear from successful entrepreneurs who have turned side hustles into 6-figure income streams – and how you may be able to replicate their results with similar strategies.

6 Figure Side Hustles is free for anyone to watch. Just enter your name and email address into the online form. The first episode airs May 23.

To learn more about 6 Figure Side Hustles or to sign up to watch the free documentary online today, visit the official website.

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