Ashley Madison Reviews [2023] – Does Work? Is It Legit?

Are you among the couples who are experiencing dissatisfaction in their marriage and contemplating an extramarital affair? If that’s the case, you’re not alone and may be thinking about how to discreetly and safely find a hookup online. This is where Ashley Madison can be the solution to your problem.

However, with numerous options available, it can be challenging to determine if Ashley Madison is the best fit for you. But don’t worry, as we are here to help.

Our Ashley Madison review will delve into the website’s standout features and our personal experiences with the dating site. We will cover everything from safety measures to ease of use and provide an honest and detailed look at what the platform offers. So, whether you’re seeking a discreet relationship or a more serious connection, keep reading to learn all you need to know about

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What is Ashley Madison?

Ashley Madison Reviews

Ashley Madison is an online dating platform that caters to individuals who are either married or in a relationship. Unlike traditional dating sites, it does not shy away from the reality of infidelity and instead provides a safe space for millions of people seeking discreet fun. The website offers a means for many married individuals to enjoy companionship and affairs without fear of judgment. 

Long story short, this website offers a secure platform for individuals searching for a compatible partner to fill the void in their lives. It welcomes anyone prepared to turn the page on their unhappy past and embark on new relationships, whether monogamous, polygamous, or open.

In 2001, Darren Morgenstern founded a dating website for people seeking love and affairs. The platform, called Ashley Madison, derives its name from the two most common female names in North America. Over time, it has evolved into a top-rated platform for meeting new people and forming relationships.

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In 2015, the Ashley Madison database experienced a security breach that resulted in the unauthorized access and disclosure of the personal information of all its users. The incident made headlines, and sensitive information was compromised, including email addresses, names, residential addresses, profile details, and credit card information.

Despite the severity of the incident, the service did not shut down. Instead, it was revamped. The website emphasized privacy and security more, making it their top priority. Today, the company is focused on ensuring the security of its users’ data.

The platform generates approximately one million relationships every month, with over sixty million registered users, and its user base is continuously growing. You can discover and interact with people from different cities and countries and arrange to meet with them at your convenience. The majority of users hail from English-speaking nations.

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Here are a few pros and cons related to using the Ashley Madison website:


  • Member of Ashley Madison to keep anonymous profiles as well as their billing information and details private.
  • The app is excellently crafted and packed with useful functionalities.
  • After AdultFriendFinder, Ashley Madison is a great choice for those seeking no-judgment relationships.
  • In the United States, the ratio of women to men on Ashley Madison is 6 to 10.
  • Ashley Madison reached over 70 million members in 2020 and has continued to expand their user base ever since.
  • Female users who are interested in men can enjoy the features for free.
  • The security measures have been significantly enhanced, particularly after the cyber-attack that occurred in 2015.


  • Based on our experience and after going through several Ashley Madison reviews, it appears that the claim made by Ashley Madison about the elimination of fake or inactive profiles is not entirely accurate.
  • The credit system may seem confusing to those who are new to it.
  • The search function is not optimized or tailored to a particular category.

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Some Unique Features Offered by Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison App

Ashley Madison offers a wide range of unique features to its users. Below are some of the most noteworthy ones:

Travelling Man

You might want to check out the Traveling Man feature if you frequently travel for work and enjoy finding casual connections in new cities. 

It allows you to message up to 30 women in a city you plan to visit soon, giving you the opportunity to chat with them and build a connection before arriving in their area and potentially meeting up.

Priority Man

Online dating can be frustrating when you’re one of many people vying for attention. Whether you’re a man or a woman, having a great profile with attractive photos and an enticing bio doesn’t necessarily guarantee views. 

Luckily, Priority Man is a unique feature Ashley Madison offers that can help men stand out. While it does require purchasing credits, it boosts your profile’s visibility to increase your chances of finding a match.

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Virtual Gifts

Sending gifts on this platform requires credits, and some gifts can cost up to 50 credits. Although these gifts are virtual, they serve as thoughtful gestures to convey your interest in someone. The process of sending a gift is simple: head over to the recipient’s profile, click on the gift tab, and choose your desired virtual gift.

That said, gifts can be an excellent conversation starter when you add a message along with them. We have personally sent gifts both with and without messages and have noticed that we receive more responses when we include a message.


Sending winks is a free and interesting feature that’s available to all users. A wink serves as a way of showing interest in someone’s profile, and it can be viewed on their page.

However, we recommend refraining from winking at profiles unless you are sincerely interested. This is because you may receive messages from bot profiles if you’re not cautious. Additionally, if you’re a man seeking a woman, you can only view the person who winked at you if you become a subscriber.

Blurred Pics

As a member of Ashley Madison, you have the power to control your online presence completely. One key feature that sets Ashley Madison apart from other dating websites is the option to add a blur effect or a face mask to the photos you upload. This ensures that your identity remains confidential and that your privacy is protected. 

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So, whether you want to conceal your identity from your partner or anyone else on the site from whom you want to remain hidden, Ashley Madison has you covered. With this innovative feature, you can feel secure knowing that your personal life is protected and your anonymity is preserved.

Private Photos

As a fully paid-up member of Ashley Madison, the world’s leading online dating service for married and attached individuals seeking affairs, you have the unique opportunity to access exclusive and private photos unavailable to the general public. 

These photos are sent only to you by other verified members, which allows you to establish a more intimate and personal connection with them on the site. Ashley Madison understands that the pursuit of extramarital relationships can be complicated and sensitive, which is why they offer this exclusive service to create a safe and discreet environment for like-minded individuals. 

These exclusive photos are a great way to enhance the heat in your interactions with other members, adding a level of excitement and intrigue to your online relationships. So, whether you are looking for a casual fling or a long-term connection, Ashley Madison’s private photo sharing is a valuable tool for enhancing your experience on the site.

Favorites List

As we dive into online dating, one of our biggest dilemmas is deciding whom to message. After all, it can be daunting to figure out who is worth your time and effort. Fortunately, Ashley Madison has come up with an ingenious solution to help you through this dilemma. 

Ashley Madison offers a Favorites List feature that allows you to save up to 100 profiles for free, even if you are a male user. This feature is incredibly handy as it helps you keep track of women you may want to message in the future. 

The best part is that you don’t have to worry about forgetting their profile name or sifting through hundreds of profiles to find them again. In addition to the Favorites List feature, Ashley Madison also has a blocked list feature that helps you differentiate between real and fake profiles. With these features in place, finding potential matches has never been easier.

Send And Receive Messages

Men who use Ashley Madison are required to purchase credits to send messages to other members. The website operates on a credit-based system, meaning users must buy certain credits to use the site’s services. 

The largest credit package offered by Ashley Madison is 1000 credits, allowing users to send up to 120 messages to other members they wish to connect with. The credit system ensures that users only pay for the services they use rather than committing to a recurring subscription fee.

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Signing up on Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison Members 

Before you visit the Ashley Madison login page, you have to create an account. That said, joining Ashley Madison is easy and free of charge. The registration process can be completed in just five minutes, and no credit card information is required. Moreover, you can use any address or name you want without revealing your true identity.

During registration, your personal details are not requested to protect your identity. Instead, you will be asked to provide information about your marital status, physical appearance, height and weight, and boundaries regarding the activities you are willing to engage in.

After that, you will need to enter your email address. However, it would be wise to consider creating a different email address for your account that does not contain personal information or your real name. This is strictly for privacy reasons. 

Some individuals opt out of uploading a profile picture, which may hinder their chances of meeting new people. However, you can always blur it if you want to remain anonymous. Additionally, you have the option to edit your profile whenever you want.

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Making an Ashley Madison Profile

The profiles on Ashley Madison are not as comprehensive as those found on other dating sites. Initially, this might seem frustrating, but it is important to remember that secrecy and discretion are crucial aspects of “married dating.”

Of course, all the standard profile components are present, such as details about appearance and behavior, pictures, and collections of interests. These elements significantly impact the matches you receive, so consider them carefully while completing your profile.


Your greeting is essentially your personal tagline that introduces you to others. You can go with a simple hello, a bold statement, or something that reflects your identity and intentions.

Generally, women can afford to be more mysterious with their greetings, while men should be more straightforward about what they want. This is particularly true for those involved in affairs dating.

A simple greeting that invites others to approach them is sufficient for women. On the other hand, men should be more practical and upfront about their desires, such as using a greeting like “Married lawyer seeking no-strings fun.” Feel free to add some flair to your greeting as long as it fits within the word limit.

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Ashley Madison allows users to create bios with up to 1200 words, which is like an essay in the online dating world. However, many prefer to keep it shorter as it can be a commitment for potential suitors to read. 

When it comes to married dating, being transparent about your personal situation and what you seek on the platform is advised. It is also recommended to add some charm or humor to your profile if possible.

You also have the option to provide additional information about your appearance, hobbies, and what you can offer as a partner. This could include anything from seeking a committed relationship to simply looking for a fun night out.

It’s common sense, but it’s best not to overshare in your bio. Some people may be tempted to spill their deepest secrets, but picturing a potential date breaking down in tears isn’t attractive to most people. So, keep your bio light!


On Ashley Madison, you can also create both public and private galleries. It’s worth noting that having a profile photo can significantly increase your chances of engagement and receiving a reply to your first message. In fact, profiles with profile pictures receive 200 percent more engagement, and a sender with a profile photo is 500 percent more likely to receive a response.

Of course, privacy is a significant concern for Ashley Madison users. However, the website has introduced Masks to address this issue. These photo additions allow users to conceal their identity by covering as much of their faces as they wish.

But, to maintain complete anonymity, ditch the masks and consider using an image that doesn’t reveal your face. You can highlight a body part you appreciate or flaunt your favorite clothing item that compliments your appearance.

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Ashley Madison Design and Interface

Ashley Madison Review

The design and interface of dating websites are crucial in deciding your overall experience. We have personal experience with hookup sites that were difficult to use, causing me to abandon them quickly.

When it comes to Ashley Madison, the website has a simple layout that is easy to navigate. The homepage conveniently displays your recent messages, allowing you to jump right into the action. The website is conveniently designed for easy navigation. The important pages are located on the top tab, and you can switch between browsing profiles and purchasing credits without any inconvenience.

Finding members on Ashley Madison is an effortless and straightforward task as well. All you need to do is click on the homepage’s search bar and browse the available profiles. You can also refine your search by adjusting the location, age range, and last online status.

Ashley Madison ultimately does what it advertises: no-judgment relationships for its users. Its users are solely seeking such relationships, and the site’s design caters to that aspect. The vibrant pink accents against the white background also create a visually appealing ambiance that sets the mood for intimacy.

The dating platform’s only drawback is that it can sometimes be glitchy, causing menus to overlap and creating an awkward visual experience. However, it’s worth noting that the site’s mobile version is already user-friendly, which is excellent for those who prefer a more convenient, on-the-go dating experience.

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Ashley Madison Cost and Pricing

Ashley Madison is a unique dating site when it comes to pricing due to its credit system. Unlike other dating sites, its three basic credit packages are not tied to a specific number of months. However, these packages are available at the following prices.

  • Elite Package- $289 for 1000 credits
  • Classic Package- $169 for 500 credits
  • Basic Package- $59 for 100 credits

On the Ashley Madison platform, male users are required to purchase credits to communicate with others. The cost per credit decreases as you purchase more credits. That said, the number of credits required varies depending on the action you want to perform. 

Although it may seem complicated, the benefits of the experience may make it worthwhile, despite the cost. However, the services are pricey, and users only pay for the services they use. Women can access everything on Ashley Madison for free, which explains the platform’s active female user base.

Things You Can Do with Credits

Understanding the credit system and pricing structure can be challenging as it is not very straightforward. Each message received or sent will deduct five credits from your account. The cost of live chat with another user is fifty credits per hour, while an additional thirty credits are charged once the hour is up. Furthermore, an additional twenty credits are charged when the second hour of live chat is up.

You can also send “virtual gifts” using Ashley Madison credit. These gifts can be purchased using credits which are priced differently based on the gift. Usually, the cost ranges between twenty to fifty credits. Lastly, you can track your balance and add more credits whenever you please.

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Payment Methods

The website offers multiple payment options, including credit cards, debit cards (including prepaid ones), PayPal, checks, and discreet options, depending on your location. They also accept gift cards from big retailers, enabling you to pay for the credit without revealing your identity. 

Thanks to encryption and secure transmission to the payment processor, your credit and debit card payments are safe and secure. The platform places great emphasis on privacy; therefore, the statement on your account will have a non-specific description for membership credit payments.

Premium Membership Features

With a Premium Membership, you can set yourself apart from other users and increase your chances of finding love. The Priority Man feature will give your profile a prominent place among others, making it easier to be noticed. However, be prepared to receive numerous messages from women and respond to them.

Another exciting feature is Priority Mail, which allows you to send a message that will appear at the top of the receiver’s mailbox. This is particularly useful when you’re talking to multiple people simultaneously and want to ensure that your message is seen and replied to promptly. Once your message has been read, you’ll receive a notification, making it a great way to build strong relationships.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to answer messages from new and old contacts, the Message Plus option might interest you. This option is available as a gift after purchasing a package of credits and is valid for a month. 

On the other hand, if you’re a frequent traveler looking for some fun, the Traveling Man function could be perfect for you. With this feature, you can send Priority Mails to women in your destination city and plan unforgettable meetings with like-minded individuals.

Free Membership Features

Earlier, we mentioned that women can use the service’s main features without having to pay. If you signed up out of curiosity and want to try it, rest assured that you’ll be satisfied with the experience. 

For men, it’s a bit more challenging. Nonetheless, spending some time browsing profiles and selecting potential matches can be a wise move. Then, once you like what you see, you can decide whether to purchase the service’s credits.

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Ashley Madison Mobile App


The Ashley Madison app is user-friendly and has a good design. The app is available on both Android and iOS devices. It’s a simpler desktop site version that allows you to scroll without any complication, but it still has all the same features. You won’t experience any noticeable lag or bugs while using it.

The app’s noteworthy feature is its ability to display nearby members while on the go, enabling you to connect with locals regardless of location. 

Although it’s natural to be concerned about the app’s discreetness, its logo has been created to blend seamlessly with other apps on your phone. However, please note that some phones have a default setting that sends notifications through the app, including message notifications that may contain previews, so please be careful. 

Moreover, when using paid features on the app, remember that payment will be processed via the Google Play Store or App Store. Therefore, exercise caution if the account is shared or accessible via other devices.

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Ashley Madison Safety and Security

Ashley Madison welcomes around 20,000 fresh users each day, and they need not fret about facing any unforeseen issues. The platform continuously updates and strives to foster a welcoming atmosphere for its users. 

Nevertheless, it is vital to exercise caution and safeguard one’s privacy by not committing silly mistakes like leaving their computer or phone unlocked, which may alert their partners. So, creating a strong password and recording it in a secure place is recommended. 

It is also advisable to avoid using the same password for multiple websites, as it may result in all your social media accounts being hacked if it falls into the wrong hands.

Ashley Madison Customer Support

The customer service provided by Ashley Madison is satisfactory, and they have a comprehensive FAQ section that covers many common questions. They also provide contact information for their support team. 

In fact, during our interaction with their customer support team, we received prompt and knowledgeable responses. Ashley Madison has employed agents who strive to offer excellent support and deliver a pleasant experience.

Ashley Madison Fake Profiles, Bots, and Scammers

There is a rumor floating around that Ashley Madison contains fake profiles created by scammers from foreign countries who aim to extort money from users. While this is partly true, it is more common to find such scammers on sugar daddy websites, where wealthy men advertise their financial status. After all, it makes more sense to scam men who have a lot of money to throw around on women.

Another explanation for the existence of “fake profiles” is that some individuals may be extremely angry at their partners. Thus, these individuals create a profile with the intention of cheating but abandon it after their emotions have subsided. This has happened many times on other dating sites; the same is true for Ashley Madison.

Of course, most fake profiles will come from women as they can use the service for free and scam men willing to spend credits on them. 

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Best Alternatives to Ashley Madison

If the features offered by Ashley Madison don’t fulfill your dating need and requirements, you can try other alternatives. Some of these are listed below:

1. Adult Friend Finder


AdultFriendFinder is an online dating platform that caters to adults looking for various relationship types. You can find friends, no-strings-attached relationships, or singles seeking dating partners on this website. The website has features like live videos and blogs, which give it a social networking feel. It’s a great place to have fun and meet new people. So, if you’re interested in no-frills, no-judgment relationships, AdultFriendFinder is a solid dating platform to try today.

When you register, you’ll find the process quick and easy. You only need to complete two pages that ask for your username, headline, age, gender, and location. Additionally, you’ll be asked about your gender preference and the type of person you’re interested in meeting. There’s no need to limit yourself to just one or two gender preferences – you can choose as many as you want.

The design of the AdultFriendFinder website is simple, with no unnecessary features on the homepage. Users can easily access other members interested in no-strings-attached dating with a few mouse clicks. The homepage has an in-your-face feel, displaying thumbnails of online paying members, making it easy for users to get straight to the point. To message someone, simply click on their profile. Both the website and app are user-friendly and easy to navigate, with self-explanatory tabs. Ultimately, AdultFriendFinder is an excellent alternative to Ashley Madison. 

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get it on

Get It On sets itself apart from other dating sites by providing a unique adult compatibility test that allows you to express your preferences and desires. By using this test, their matching algorithm can connect you with other members with similar chemistry. This innovative feature takes online dating to the next level and ensures a more satisfying user experience.

Once you’ve registered, you can take the compatibility test, which is a quick and easy process. All the questions are on a single page, and you’ll need to select your preference from the options ranging from “Never gonna happen” to “Gotta have it.” After that, you’ll be asked to provide some personal information and specify the type of relationship you’re looking for. 

It’s advisable to add Cupid Preferences to your profile once you complete this step. This section lets you specify your partner’s preferences, including age, race, orientation, body type, and marital status. You can also indicate whether you’re interested in meeting couples or singles.

The basic membership is free but only lets you see a sneak peek of the website. Unfortunately, it is not enough to start communicating with other users. As a free member, you can only see a reduced size of the main picture and will not have access to full profiles or additional photos. To unlock these features, you must upgrade to a full membership plan.

If you find someone interesting or simply appreciate their photos, you can show appreciation by tipping them a few dollars extra. The person will be notified that you’ve sent them a tip. However, upgrading to a full membership plan is needed if you want to communicate with other users.


no strings attached

“No Strings Attached” is a dating service that caters to people interested in having casual relationships without any strings attached. It’s a safe and private place where married or attached individuals can have fun without fearing getting caught. The website currently has over 3 million users and is growing by about 20,000 per week. 

The service’s premium membership offers a range of advantages for users. It lets you browse other users’ profiles, send messages to those who catch your attention, and enjoy models’ webcams. Furthermore, you can talk about your intimate desires through private phone calls. In addition, premium members can enhance their profiles with highlights and monitor their account’s visitors.

Different types of premium membership are available, including one-month and three-month options. If you opt for a one-month subscription, you must pay $29.95. Alternatively, you can choose a three-month subscription for $59.95, bringing down the monthly cost to $19.98.

Wrapping Up- Is Ashley Madison Worth it?

After our review, we can safely say that Ashley Madison is a legitimate dating site. It has been serving individuals in unhappy relationships and marriages since 2001 and has gained a reputation for being a discreet, reliable, and popular platform. So. hurry up and register an account with Ashley Madison and start meeting singles in your area today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Ashley Madison

How to message on Ashley Madison without paying?

Women can send messages for free on the platform, while men will have to purchase credits to do so. If you’re a man, a 30-day Ashley Madison free trial is available upon registering to explore the platform. The platform offers a chat feature and chat rooms where users can connect and interact with each other.

Does Ashley Madison work?

Ashley Madison is an adult dating site that delivers what it promises. It has a vast user base of real people interested in no-judgment relationships. If this is precisely what you want, then Ashley Madison is the perfect choice. The platform is built to maintain discretion, and nowhere else will you find a more active user base.

However, it’s worth noting that Ashley Madison is not free. The credit system allows users to only pay for what they use, but regular site usage can quickly add up. So, be prepared to spend money if you plan on interacting with multiple users and using the site to its fullest.

Is Ashley Madison safe?

In the wake of the 2015 data breach, Ashley Madison has implemented various safety measures to enhance the security of its platform. Users are not required to disclose their personal information and can browse the site anonymously. Additionally, billing information is kept confidential. To maintain privacy, users can choose to blur their photos or add face masks.

How can someone spot bots on Ashley Madison?

Women on On Ashley Madison often receive overwhelming messages from men as soon as they create their profiles. Due to the sheer volume of messages, they may not read or respond to all of them. 

Real women on the site typically don’t initiate conversations with men since they receive enough attention without doing so. Of course, not all women who message men are bots. However, the likelihood of encountering one increases if a woman initiates a conversation.

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