SlimSolve Reviews: Should You Buy Slim Solve? Ingredients, Side Effects, Complaints Risk

SlimSolve is a weight loss pill designed to melt away 34% of your unwanted fat starting within days.

Backed by a one year moneyback guarantee, SlimSolve features a proven blend of weight loss ingredients to help you burn fat without side effects.

Find out everything you need to know about SlimSolve and whether or not it lives up to the hype today in our review.

What is SlimSolve?

SlimSolve is a nutritional supplement created by an ordinary guy named Dan.

Dan struggled with weight gain for years before developing his own natural treatment for the condition. He tried dieting, exercising, and following trendy weight loss programs. Nothing worked long-term – until he tried SlimSolve.

Today, anyone can buy SlimSolve to target the root cause of weight gain. The supplement contains one specific ingredient called Devil’s Backbone, a plant growing in certain deserts. By taking Devil’s Backbone daily, you can purportedly switch off your “sympathetic fat response” and rapidly lose weight.

SlimSolve isn’t just designed to help you lose 5 to 10lbs. The official website is filled with people who lost 20, 50, 100lbs or more with the supplement. One man claims he lost 127lbs and kept it off with SlimSolve while still drinking beer, eating unhealthy food, and not going to the gym at all.

SlimSolve is exclusively available through, where it’s priced at a discount rate of $59 as part of a 2023 offer. Certain qualifying purchases also come with free shipping and additional bonus content.

SlimSolve Benefits

SlimSolve Benefits

SlimSolve is marketed online with all of the following benefits:

  • Rapidly lose weight without a strict diet or exercise routine
  • Continue to eat whatever you like while still losing weight
  • Enjoy natural ingredients without side effects
  • Manage stress response, anxiety, and sleep
  • Lose 34% of unwanted body fat within 2 months

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Qualifying purchases come with free shipping and 2 free digital bonuses, all purchases backed by 365-day moneyback guarantee

How Does SlimSolve Work?

SlimSolve works by targeting something called your sympathetic fat response.

If you feel like you’re eating right and moderately exercising but not losing significant weight, then you’re not alone. Many people struggle to lose weight because of their sympathetic fat response.

According to Dan and the team behind SlimSolve, researchers from Stanford have recently identified a weight gain phenomenon called the sympathetic fat response. These researchers believe the sympathetic fat response is the #1 cause of obesity – yet nobody is talking about it.

Your sympathetic fat response controls the rate at which your fat cells die every year. It’s supposed to cycle about 10% of your fat cells every year, replacing dying fat cells with new fat cells at a 1:1 ratio.

However, as you get older, your sympathetic fat response becomes imbalanced. Instead of replacing fat cells at a 1:1 ratio, your body replaces them at a 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, or even 10:1 ratio. For every fat cell you lose, you might have 10 new fat cells take its place, causing you to gain significant weight.

Dan and his team call it “fat cell overgrowth.” They designed SlimSolve to balance your sympathetic fat response, helping to prevent fat cell overgrowth and leading to rapid weight loss.

How the Sympathetic Fat Response Works

Dan and his team cite recent research proving weight gain is connected to your sympathetic fat response.

In fact, they claim it’s the #1 cause of obesity worldwide – ahead of poor dieting, lack of exercise, and genetic causes.

Sympathetic fat response is the leading cause of weight gain because it occurs subconsciously. Your sympathetic nervous system works in the background all day long, balancing your body and maintaining homeostasis. When the part of your body responsible for balancing fat cells becomes imbalanced, you develop fat cell overgrowth because of this imbalanced sympathetic fat response.

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How Devil’s Backbone Helps with Weight Loss

SlimSolve contains a blend of natural ingredients linked to significant weight loss results. However, one of the most important ingredients in SlimSolve is Devil’s Backbone.

Here’s why Dan and his team chose to include Devil’s Backbone in their weight loss formula:

Devil’s Backbone is a plant that comes from some of the hottest deserts around the world.

Dan was first introduced to the plant after meeting someone who lost significant weight using the plant. Dan’s friend told him he made a “deal with the devil” to lose weight – and he was referring to his consumption of Devil’s Backbone.

In fact, that friend claims to “dropped 127 pounds – and kept it off” by taking Devil’s Backbone as part of a 12-second morning remedy. He didn’t exercise or diet: he continued to eat unhealthy foods, drink beer, and avoid the gym, yet he rapidly lost an enormous amount of weight because of Devil’s Backbone, according to the official SlimSolve website.

According to Dan and his team, research shows Devil’s Backbone has three amazing weight loss superpowers that cause you to melt 34% of unwanted body fat starting in “just days.”

Devil’s Backbone works by targeting your sympathetic fat response. It balances your body’s natural fat burning mechanism, helping you restore the 1:1 ratio of burned fat cells to replaced fat cells. Instead of gaining weight as you burn fat cells, you’ll lose weight – and lose weight rapidly.

SlimSolve Uses 3 “Weight Loss Superpowers” for Rapid Fat Burning

SlimSolve claims to help anyone rapidly lose weight without dieting or exercising. How? One of the most important ingredients in SlimSolve, Devil’s Backbone, has three “weight loss superpowers,” according to research conducted by Dan and his team.

Those three weight loss superpowers include:

Weight Loss Superpower #1: Halts the Sympathetic Fat Response and Stops Storing Fat: Devil’s Backbone purportedly stops your body’s sympathetic fat response, preventing your body from storing additional fat. It also helps you prevent overeating by improving serotonin levels. Serotonin is a feel-good neurotransmitter that could signal you to stop overeating, making it easier to lose even more weight.

Weight Loss Superpower #2: Shrink Fat Cells & Reduce Fat Absorption from Food: Devil’s Backbone can prevent your body from absorbing fat from the foods you eat, according to Dan and his team. When you eat a fatty meal, your body typically absorbs fat, carbs, and calories from that meal, storing leftover energy on your body. To block fat absorption, the Devil’s Backbone in SlimSolve “inhibits the amount of lipase your body produces…so the fat isn’t digested or absorbed,” according to Dan. Lipase is an enzyme created by your pancreas to break down fats.

Weight Loss Superpower #3: Boost Mood, Decrease Appetite, and Build Lean Muscles: Devil’s Backbone can boost mood by raising serotonin levels, as mentioned above. This effect is a weight loss superpower on its own. Raising serotonin can prevent you from feeling anxious, stressed, or tired. Many people naturally overeat when they’re anxious, stressed, or tired. SlimSolve prevents you from overeating by raising serotonin levels. In fact, SlimSolve claims to “double your serotonin levels” with Devil’s Backbone, according to the official website.

Because of these three weight loss superpowers, SlimSolve can purportedly help you lose over one third (34%) of unwanted weight on your body – without dieting or exercising. In fact, Dan claims his supplement will do that within just “two months,” eliminating stubborn fat from the belly, waist, thighs, hips, and butt.

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SlimSolve Ingredients

Plenty of weight loss supplements claim to help you rapidly lose weight without dieting or exercising. Some contain proven ingredients, while others do not.

Here are some of the active ingredients in SlimSolve and how they work, according to the manufacturer:

Devil’s Backbone: The superstar ingredient in SlimSolve is Devil’s Backbone, a special plant sourced from some of the world’s hottest deserts. That plant can purportedly can you to lose 34% of unwanted body fat within two months, according to the official SlimSolve website. One man featured on the official website claims he lost over 100+ lbs with Devil’s Backbone without dieting or exercising. The plant works by blocking fat absorption, reducing the activity of the lipase enzyme (which breaks down fat), and raising serotonin levels.

Lemon Balm: Lemon balm is the first of several “weight loss accelerators” within SlimSolve. Lemon balm is known for its effects on calmness, anxiety, and stress relief. Used by the ancient Greeks and Romans and backed by thousands of years of use, lemon balm continues to be a popular remedy for anxiety and stress today. According to Dan and the SlimSolve team, the lemon balm in SlimSolve will “switch off” your sympathetic fat response, eliminating cravings and helping you rapidly lose weight.

Passionflower: Passionflower, another popular calming herb, is the second weight loss accelerator in SlimSolve. Like lemon balm, passionflower has a long history of use as a natural remedy for stress, sleep, anxiety, and similar conditions.

Ashwagandha: SlimSolve contains ashwagandha, one of the best-known herbs available today for stress response. Ashwagandha has thousands of years of use in Ayurvedic medicine, where it’s used as a general remedy for a range of ailments. Dan and his team added ashwagandha to SlimSolve to help your body respond to all types of stressors. When your body responds to stressors more effectively, you can easily lose weight. Stress quickly kills your body’s fat burning, and poor stress response can make it virtually impossible to lose weight. Your body clings onto fat because of its natural fight of flight response, and controlling stress can make it much easier to lose weight.

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SlimSolve Helps You Lose Weight Without Dieting

Most doctors recommend eating right and exercising to lose weight. However, the makers of SlimSolve claim you don’t need to do either to lose weight with the supplement.

Here’s how Dan, the creator of SlimSolve, describes his weight loss journey and lack of dieting weigh the supplement:

“I was still able to eat ANYTHING I wanted. Literally anything. Pizza? No problem…Beer? Sure, go ahead…Triple-chocolate birthday cake? I dare you to stop me.”

Another man claims he lost over 100lbs with the main ingredient in SlimSolve while still drinking beer, eating wings, and avoiding ever going to the gym.

The secret to the supplement’s success is the way it interacts with chemicals like serotonin in your brain. The supplement claims to raise serotonin levels, tricking your brain into thinking your body is full. You naturally eat fewer calories, allowing you to continue eating your favorite foods without overeating.

Overall, if you want to exert zero effort while still eliminating enormous amounts of fat from your body, then SlimSolve claims to be the ultimate weight loss supplements.

Scientific Evidence for SlimSolve

The makers of SlimSolve don’t cite any references. Dan and his friend who helped create the supplement don’t claim to be doctors, personal trainers, nutritionists, or medical experts.

Nevertheless, SlimSolve is advertised online with dramatic weight loss claims. Is there any evidence supporting these claims? Can you really lose 34% of extra fat within two months of taking SlimSolve? We’ll evaluate the science behind SlimSolve below.

Dan and his team do not disclose what Devil’s Backbone is, where it comes from, and whether or not it’s approved by the FDA. There’s a South African plant called Euphorbia Tithymaloides that is locally referred to as Devil’s Backbone because its thorns resemble a spine. There’s some evidence traditional healers used the plant – particularly the milky sap of the plant – in remedies, but it’s not found in any major supplements sold in the United States, and it’s most often used as a decorative plant – not as a plant for consumption.

The other three active ingredients in SlimSolve are best-known for their stress relieving, anxiolytic effects. Passionflower has been shown to elicit GABA response, for example, which could help with seizures and anxiety. A 2017 study showed ashwagandha root extract could help with body weight management when given to adults under constant stress. Ashwagandha appeared to reduce stress, helping adults lose weight. A similar 2020 study on lemon balm found it regulated obesity and improved insulin sensitivity in mice, both of which could help with weight loss.

Overall, SlimSolve contains a unique blend of natural ingredients – including ingredients typically found in anxiety relief formulas or sleep aid supplements. By taking SlimSolve daily, you may be able to support your body’s natural response to stress, helping you lose weight when paired with a healthy diet and exercise routine.

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SlimSolve Reviews: How Much Weight Can You Lose?

The official SlimSolve website features weight loss testimonials from clients who have achieved dramatic transformations by taking SlimSolve. Some claim to have lost over 100lbs without dieting or exercising, for example, while others claim to have lost decades’ worth of weight with zero effort.

Here are some of the reviews and weight loss testimonials featured on the official SlimSolve website:

See what customers are saying – click here!

One man featured on the official SlimSolve website lost “127 pounds – and kept it off” by taking Devil’s Backbone, one of the primary ingredients in SlimSolve. That man claims he didn’t follow a strict diet or exercise routine, saying, “I still drink beer… I still love buffalo wings. And I still don’t go to the gym.” Despite his lack of dieting or exercising, he lost 127lbs with the active ingredient in SlimSolve.

One verified purchaser featured on the SlimSolve website lost “22 pounds” soon after taking SlimSolve. She claims she was “amazed” by the results after just two weeks. After four weeks, she needed to shop fore new clothes because “nothing fit” her anymore.

Another verified purchaser lost 43lbs with SlimSolve. He was skeptical he would lose any weight after being disappointed with other weight loss diet pill scams online. However, he read the reviews, checked the research, and was impressed.

One customer lost “31 pounds” with SlimSolve, shaving off inches from her waistline. She liked SlimSolve because it helped her understand why she was overweight in the first place.

According to the official website, Devil’s Backbone, the main active ingredient in SlimSolve, can help you lose 34% of your unwanted extra body fat within just two months. If you’re 100lbs overweight, for example, then you could lose 34lbs in two months with SlimSolve, or around 0.5lbs per day.

SlimSolve Pricing

SlimSolve Pricing

SlimSolve is normally priced at $68 per bottle. As part of a 2023 promotion, you can save up to hundreds of dollars on your SlimSolve purchase. The manufacturer has reduced the price to just $59 for a trial bottle. Or, you can pay as little as $29 per bottle by ordering a 6 month supply of the weight loss supplement.

Here’s how much you pay when ordering SlimSolve directly through the manufacturer today:

  • 1 Bottle: $59 + Shipping
  • 3 Bottles: $147 ($49 Per Bottle) + Shipping
  • 6 Bottles: $174 ($29 Per Bottle) + Free Shipping + 2 Free Bonuses

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You can pay for SlimSolve using any major credit card or PayPal. Each bottle contains a one month supply of SlimSolve, or 60 capsules (30 servings). The manufacturer recommends taking SlimSolve for 3 to 6 months to assess its effects on weight. However, Dan and his team claim you can lose 34% of unwanted fat within just two months of taking SlimSolve for the first time.

Bonuses Included with SlimSolve

In addition to reducing the price of SlimSolve, the manufacturer has bundled two free bonus digital gifts with all 6 bottle purchases. You receive immediate access to these bonuses after your purchase is confirmed.

SlimSolve Bonuses

Here are the two bonuses included with SlimSolve and how they help your weight loss journey:

Free Bonus Gift #1: The Ultimate Weight Loss Self-Care Blueprint: Elevate Your Energy, Shed the Pounds eBook: This eBook explains some of the powerful, natural techniques you can use to lift your energy. You’ll also learn how to stop overthinking, how to use your brain to make weight loss progress, and how to target your natural “vibration” to raise inner energy levels. The book features 10 quick and easy vibration raising recipes you can make at home today using healthy, natural ingredients. The book is normally priced at $29.99.

Free Bonus Gift #2: Slimming Soundscapes: A Journey to a Healthier You: This two-part audio bundle reprograms your mind and body for effortless weight loss. You can change the way your brain thinks about food, helping you reprogram your body for maximum weight loss at the root level. The two bonus audio guide programs include:

Slimming Soundscapes Audio Track #1: Emotional Eating No More: A Track for Inner Strength: This 12-minute guided meditation is designed to foster your inner strength to prevent emotional eating. Just listen to it as often as needed to boost confidence, reduce your dependency on food, and shift your mindset. Emotional eating is a challenging issue affecting millions around the world. By retraining your brain, you can banish emotional eating for good – all while listening to a simple, 12-minute audio session.

Slimming Soundscapes Audio Track #2: A Track for Rejuvenation: One of the best ways to lose weight is by getting a healthy, deep, and restful sleep at night. Your body repairs and rejuvenates itself as you sleep. However, not all sleep is made equal. You may be struggling with weight loss because of your poor sleep habits. In this second audio guide, you can let go of the day’s stress and prepare yourself for the most restful sleep possible.

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SlimSolve Refund Policy

SlimSolve comes with an unprecedented 365-day moneyback guarantee. You have 365 days to try the supplement, see if you like it, and request a complete cash refund if unhappy for any reason.

In fact, the two free bonus gifts are yours to keep even if you request a refund. Contact the manufacturer within 365 days of your purchase to initiate the refund process.

About SlimSolve

SlimSolve is shipped from an address in Tallmadge, Ohio. The supplement is made in the United States in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility. The makers of SlimSolve do business under the name SlimSolve.

SlimSolve was formulated by a man named Dan and his friend. Dan and his friend used to be overweight until they started taking Devil’s Backbone, a desert plant and one of the primary ingredients in SlimSolve. Dan’s friend lost 127lbs without dieting or exercising, and Dan transformed his body as well. Motivated by their success, they launched SlimSolve to help anyone lose similar amounts of weight.

You can contact the manufacturer and the SlimSolve customer service team via the following:

Final Word

SlimSolve is a weight loss supplement featuring Devil’s Backbone, a unique plant that can help your rapidly lose 34% of unwanted weight in two months, according to the manufacturer.

Available exclusively online through, SlimSolve is designed to help you rapidly lose weight and keep it off without a strict diet or exercise routine.

To learn more about SlimSolve or to buy the weight loss supplement online today, visit the official website.

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