Best Essay Writing Services Reddit Users Recommend in 2023

Top-Rated Websites With Best Essay Writers

Reddit’s user base is roughly 48 million users, most of which are high school and college students, according to data sourced from Statista. On this platform, users exchange information, but more importantly, they also share experiences, post opinions, and conduct reviews (whether impromptu or planned).

One of the popular topics among Reddit users is the best essay writing services, with numerous threads being pinned and updated each month. It takes a few clicks to discover what the general opinion on the top essay-writing companies among Reddit users is.

We analyzed more than 100 Reddit threads and 1000 comments to come up with the list of the most popular sites.

In this article, we summarized all the information about the five best essay writing services according to Reddit students, included their pros and cons and formed an objective-based individual overview of each service. Here are the best sites at a glance.

Best Essay Writing Service Reddit: Top 5 Upvoted Websites

These sites are ranked from first to last based on the number of mentions and upvotes on Reddit, as well as the level of quality they deliver. Yet, every website on this list deserves your attention. Pick the one that works best for you and order essay writing services with peace of mind.

#1. PaperHelp — The Most Popular & Upvoted Essay Service

Founded in 2008, PaperHelp has sustained a roster of vetted professionals for roughly 14 years. It would be safe to say that they are doing something right given their longevity, even if thousands of upvoted subreddits and overwhelmingly positive Reddit reviews were put aside.

PaperHelp is a legit essay writing service, so its popularity is vast. Not only on Reddit but on Sitejabber and Trustpilot as well, which are two of the most dependable and consistent reviewing platforms when it comes to professional businesses.

Students that use PaperHelp to write their essays are more than likely to be satisfied with the results. If you don’t mind paying a bit above the average, you will benefit from top-quality papers written by some of the most prolific ENL writers, regardless of how close your deadline may be.

Types of Services

One of the main reasons why PaperHelp is so popular among the Reddit community is the staggering number of different services it offers. As a company that specializes in writing essays, this service offers writing help, essay grading, and rewriting services, as well as professional help with custom papers, albeit at a slightly higher fee.

PaperHelp writers are also proficient in completing writing bibliography tasks, argumentative essays, blogs, business plans, case studies, presentations, reports, research papers, speeches, term papers, thesis proposals, as well as dissertations.

On top of that, you get to choose the academic level of your paper (from high school, over college and university, to Ph.D.). Appropriate writers will be assigned to the task, to ensure that the quality of the paper matches the requirements. Aside from writing papers from scratch, editing and proofreading services are also available.


  • Dozens of ENL paper writers with years of experience in multiple fields

  • Streamlined ordering process

  • Intuitive UI allows clients to easily scan the main features of the service

  • Proofreading and editing existing content is available

  • Deadlines can be set as 24 hours after the order has been received


  • Slightly more expensive than the other four companies in this review

  • Minimal information about writers is available (completed orders, ranking, ID)

Order Process

PaperHelp wanted to make sure that students could make an order with minimal effort possible. Aside from the fact that the form is at the very beginning of the main page, the built-in calculator helps clients select exactly what kind of paper they want and see the price immediately.

The streamlined ordering process is straightforward. After filling out the form with relevant details, you only need to provide valid mail and input your credit card details at checkout.


PaperHelp has clearly defined and divulged its method of selecting writers on its website. Starting with grammar and writing tests, online interviews take place. The candidates that have passed the initial stages are onboarded to the team. They are supervised by professional managers to ensure client satisfaction, but they’re mostly assigned to the most basic tasks until they accumulate sufficient experience.

This online essay service has a consistent roster of essay writers that tackle the majority of assignments. Having worked for the company for multiple years and completed hundreds (or even thousands) of orders, the top PaperHelp writers are both prolific and remarkably knowledgeable.

One of the outstanding benefits of using PaperHelp is that you will be able to chat with your assigned writer, inquire how the order is progressing, discuss any details, or ask anything related to the project. Should the essay writer be offline, the company’s managers are there to help.


The price calculator on PaperHelp’s homepage will give you the exact price of your order after you input the details. Several elements influence the price, including the quantity of pages/words, designed project deadline, type of paper, academic level, and type of service.

The lowest order you can place is a single-page (or 275-word) high school academic essay paper with a deadline of two weeks, which costs approximately $12.

The price difference is minimal between high school and college papers while university and PhD-level papers tend to cost significantly more.

What truly sets PaperHelp apart is the option to set the deadline for the next day of the order. The price usually doubles on such occasions, as they are assigned high priority.

#2. ExpertWriting – Known as the Most Affordable Site

Not only is ExpertWriting offering the most approachable rates, but discounts are commonplace as well. Unlike other essay writing services that don’t have much to showcase other than cheap fees, ExpertWriting, true to its name, is also offering top-tier writers and a host of unique services.

One of the top-rated and legitimate writing agencies, ExpertWriting has over 500 professional writers under its wings, which have completed over 20,000 orders.

Types of Services

It is safe to say that ExpertWriting is in the same league as PaperHelp in terms of service offerings. This company offers help with writing any type of essay, as well as bibliographies, article reviews, business plans, case studies, critical reviews, homework assignments, and more.

On top of that, its top writers have completed thousands of Ph.D. and Master’s paper orders. High-school, university, and college essays are also available at very affordable prices.

Whether you need a paper done from scratch, proofread, or edited by a professional, ExpertWriting does it all.


  • Hundreds of highly experienced professional writers

  • Over 20,000 completed orders

  • Free revisions if the revision instructions are not contradicting the initial ones

  • Full confidentiality

  • Live chat support

  • Deadlines range from 3 hours to 14 days

  • Among the most affordable websites on the current market


Order Process

You can order your essay straight from ExperWriting’s main page. The integrated price calculator is much similar, although slightly smaller than the one on PaperHelp, and it serves the same purpose.

By filling out relevant boxes and pressing ‘continue’, you will be taken to the checkout screen, where you will be prompted to provide a valid email and your credit card details. It’s simple, efficient, and more importantly, you don’t have to search far and wide to order an essay, especially if you need it as soon as possible.


This online essay service works with over five hundred professional writers, many of which have at least several years of experience. Thousands of positive comments and reviews on Reddit, as well as on ExpertWriting’s official website are a restatement that these writers get the job done and ensure that clients get their money’s worth.

Free revisions are a big part of the ExpertWriting’s catalog. Sometimes, the writer does quality work and research, but you (or your school/college) may have something else in mind for that particular project. The only two requirements for revisions are that the revision form is submitted timely and that the revision instructions aren’t contradicting initial instructions.


Given that ExpertWriting is the most affordable service among reputable Reddit essay writing companies, it’s only obvious that its fees are highly flexible as well.

The default order is a high-school 275-word essay with a two-week deadline, which costs approximately $10. Custom essays for higher academic levels, or with a closer deadline are slightly more expensive, but the difference is fairly small.

Speaking of which, the shortest deadline is measured in hours – the highest priority tasks are assigned to expert writers that are proficient in delivering quality papers in the shortest time possible, and the website claims that they can produce a well-written essay within three hours. The price for this option nearly quadruples, though, but it’s an excellent solution to an otherwise unsolvable problem.

#3. SpeedyPaper – Service With Pristine Online Reputation

Based on not only hundreds of Reddit reports but also Sitejabber and Scam Fighter reviews, SpeedyPaper is one of the most reputable essay writing services on the market.

In addition to offering a plethora of exceptional services and tools, this company also offers free essays, encompassing a host of different categories, such as development, health, and social care, psychology, analysis, English literature, philosophy, and more.

Types of Services

Unlike PaperHelp and ExpertWriting, SpeedyPaper also offers dissertation writing services for undergraduate students. High school, Master’s, and Ph.D. academic papers can also be requested.

In terms of paper categories aside from essay writing, this company offers a variety of other services, such as writing biographies, book reviews, case studies, course works, cover letters, creative writing, critical thinking, CVs, and numerous types of dissertation writing services.


  • Over a thousand professional essay writers

  • Nearly 100,000 positive reviews across various platforms

  • Low fees, and highly affordable high-priority essay writing orders

  • You can request a quote from the main page


Order Process

Not only can you see the price of your order with the on-page price calculator, but you can also request a quote directly from the main page. The ordering process of SpeedyPaper is simple and takes mere moments to complete.


In terms of competent writers and numbers, SpeedyPaper boasts 1,672 qualified writers, most of which are full-fledged professionals who have completed nearly 175,000 orders in total. Based on more than 98,322 reviews (from reputable reviewing platforms and on-site reviews), the company scored 4.58 of 5, which is a further guarantee that its writers are diligent, professional, and up to any task.


Students that want a basic 275-word essay paper delivered within two weeks can expect it to cost around $11,00. The price-based differences between SpeedyPaper and other academic writing companies in this guide are minimal – the lowest order fee is just a single dollar more expensive in comparison to ExpertWriting, for example, but still cheaper than PaperHelp.

The main difference in this field is that you can place an order with a 6-hour deadline and not have to pay a small fortune – the price is just a bit above double in comparison to the average two-week deadline for high-priority assignments.

#4. GradeMiners — Known for Quick Delivery

It’s fairly common for an order to not adhere to the original instructions, in which case many companies charge extra for revisions. With GradeMiners, not only will you get free revisions, but you will also be able to request rewrites and proofreading at affordable fees.

Types of Services

GradeMiners offer numerous unique writing services aside from writing essays, including writing annotated bibliographies, articles, assignments, book reports, reviews, business plans, capstone projects, coursework, cover letters, dissertation chapter abstracts or discussions, and more.

In terms of academic level, you can select between the high school, college, undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. levels, all of which are priced differently.


  • Over 3,500 writing experts work for GradeMiners

  • Impeccable reviews across Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and Reddit

  • Ability to request essays and receive them within an hour

  • Discounts on first orders


Order Process

Building a custom essay writing order is remarkably easy with the built-in price calculator. You can select the type of essay, academic level, deadline, and word/page count with this convenient tool and get the estimated fee in seconds. Once the order form is completed, you will simply have to provide your email and credit card details at checkout.


Nine out of ten GradeMiners’ customers have reported better grades after engaging this company. This is mainly the reason this service boasts over 3,500 expert writers in its roster that are well-versed in over fifty subjects.


The standard price for a 275-page high school essay with a deadline of two weeks is $10,70, although the company offers a special discount on first orders that cuts it down to $9,09. GradeMiners stands out from other essay writing websites, as they offer a 1-hour deadline for the most pressing assignments. The cost quadruples, but the quality remains top-notch.

#5. 99Papers – The Best Customer Service Available

According to hundreds of Reddit users, 99Papers is a reliable paper writing service that is committed to helping its customers get precisely what they are paying for. Its customer support is nearly unparalleled and focused on the specific needs of each student.

Dozens of samples and reviews are open for preview on 99Papers’ official website, which paints a good picture of how the company operates. A plethora of overwhelmingly positive essay reviews are also available on reputable reviewing platforms, such as Sitejabber,, and EssayScamBusters.

Types of Services

Essays, research papers, term papers, case studies, course works, and dissertations are some of the most popular types of services this company offers, although the full list of available services is far more extensive.


  • Dedicated customer support

  • Thousands of ENL writers and professionals

  • Orders can be completed from the price estimate calculator

  • Wide catalog of services


Ordering Process

As with all websites we’ve covered so far, there is an attached price estimate tool on the main page of 99Papers. Unlike other price calculators, this is an actual request form, as you can enter your email and finalize the request before heading to checkout.


Thousands of ENL writers are working for 99Papers, and they’ve reached an enviable feat of completing over 858,000 orders so far. With impeccable customer support, finding and reaching your designated essay writer is easier than ever.


The standard price for a 275-word high school essay starts at $9,95 if the selected deadline is over 15 days. Free inquiries and quotes can be requested from the main page.

Another striking difference between 99Papers and other companies is that it differentiates between two levels of undergraduate students (first & second, and third & fourth year), adjusting the price accordingly.

What Is an Essay Writing Service?

In short, essay writing services are online outsourcing companies that either hire or employ writers to write various kinds of papers, such as essays, exam notes, literature or movie reviews, PowerPoint presentations, Q&As, reports, research papers, and more.

Students are sometimes under too much pressure and stress to finish their essays in time; some were not able to attend studies and seminars, so to catch up, they delegate essays and homework to other, more experienced writers.

There are dozens of different essay writing companies, each offering different benefits, prices, and writers. The most popular services, according to upvotes and essay writing service reviews of Reddit users, are PaperHelp, ExpertWriting, SpeedyPaper, GradeMiners, and 99Papers.

Which Criteria did Reddit Users Follow When Reviewing Essay Writing Services?

Each Reddit user has their unique reason why they need to use a professional writer through paper writing services to do their paper. In many cases, students had to try several different services before finding the one that could cater to their needs without making a big dent in their wallets.

Reliability has been one of the most dominant factors. The ability of the service to deliver a well-written paper that checks all the requirements on time. However, the term ‘reliability’ is fairly broad, and it was interpreted differently by various groups of Reddit users.

For some, it was timely delivery while for others it was the quality of the paper. The quality of service, which encompasses all of the aforementioned attributes defines reliability from an objective standpoint. Among the aforementioned most popular services, all have passed this test with flying colors.

Many Reddit users have never used an essay writing service before, and most of them have imparted that a clean, intuitive, and ad-free UI has helped them make an order without wasting too much time.

The to-the-point design of the company’s website should showcase its main attributes and offerings in a plain, straightforward way.

For example, PaperHelp’s main page immediately shows the interactive order cost calculator, which includes a built-in calendar with a settable deadline, the pages/words toggle and quantity boxes, the type of paper, and the academic level. While exploring what this service has to offer, Reddit users were also told precisely how much that service would cost.

One of the most debated topics among Reddit users was how good the writers that worked on their papers were. This particular issue is difficult to approach, as some companies have dozens or even hundreds of writers.

An average essay writing company will simply showcase the stats regarding their writers, such as how many orders have been completed, their rating, and a short bio. The best paper writing services offer links to relevant business pages (LinkedIn, Freelancer, and such), and also divulge the method by which they pick writers.

Money is often a pressing issue for most students, as costs of rent and food combined with loans and often low-paid menial jobs prevent them from saving considerable amounts of cash.

Those are just some of the most dominant reasons why most Reddit users have voted for cheap essay writing services, even if they have done an ‘okay’ job.

In truth, the prices and fees between different companies vary considerably. Not just the average price of paper, but the pricing method varies. Each paper writing service uses different metrics in its price calculator, so it would be smart to check them all before making the final decision.

Reddit Essay Writing Service: Final Verdict

A good custom writing service is the one that can get you the paper you’ve requested on time while the best won’t charge you a small fortune for it. All five essay writing services that the Reddit community recommended are legitimate businesses that are worthy of such a title, offering incredible value for the money and consistent results.

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