Allay Mind Reviews – Should You Buy AllayMind? Ingredients, Side Effects, Complaints

Allay Mind is a CBD oil supplement designed to relieve pain and lighten mood.

By taking drops of Allay Mind daily, you can purportedly relieve pain in your body and mind, helping you move through the day with greater ease and comfort.

Does Allay Mind really work? How does Allay Mind work? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Allay Mind today in our review.

What is Allay Mind?

Allay Mind is a pain relief formula developed by Logan, Utah-based Mind & Body Naturals.

Featuring cannabidiol (CBD) and other active ingredients, Allay Mind aims to relieve pain using natural ingredients without side effects.

Just place one half dropper of Allay Mind underneath your tongue, then swallow twice daily or as needed. With Allay Mind, you can increase or decrease the dosage based on your desired amount of pain relief.

Allay Mind is priced at $60 per bottle and comes with a 60 day moneyback guarantee.

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Allay Mind Benefits

Allay Mind Benefits

The goal of Allay Mind is to relieve pain. Mind & Body Naturals developed Allay Mind with a blend of CBD, CBC, and other natural ingredients to relieve aches, pains, and discomfort.

Here are some of the benefits of Allay Mind, according to Mind & Body Naturals:

  • All-natural pain relief
  • Ease headaches, migraines, body aches, joint pain, and more
  • Relieve physical symptoms of stress and anxiety
  • Ease mental worries and boost mood
  • Unique formula with natural cannabinoids, terpenes, and alkaloids
  • No side effects

Overall, Allay Mind aims to be the ultimate pain relief formula for anyone who wants help without over-the-counter medication, habit-forming ingredients, and unwanted side effects.

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How Does Allay Mind Work?

Allay Mind works by delivering a blend of cannabidiol (CBD) and other natural ingredients into your body in a bioavailable way.

You place drops of Allay Mind underneath your tongue, allowing the active ingredients to be absorbed into your body in the most optimal way. Instead of losing these ingredients to your stomach acid and digestive tract, you can maximize absorption for greater effects.

Mind & Body Naturals formulated Allay Mind specifically for pain relief. The goal of the supplement is to relieve pain throughout your body. With dealing with occasional aches or chronic joint pain, the blend of active ingredients in Allay Mind can provide powerful relief, according to the manufacturer.

The two biggest ingredients in Allay Mind are cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabichromene (CBC). These two ingredients are linked to significant effects on health and wellness. Multiple studies have linked CBD to pain relief and anti-anxiety effects, for example, and many people take CBD daily for pain relief.

CBC is another cannabinoid found naturally in the hemp plant. It’s not as well-known as CBD, but growing research has validated its value. Just like cannabinol (CBN) is becoming more popular in the space, so too is CBC. Early research has connected CBC to pain relief, anti-anxiety effects, and more – similar to how CBD and CBN work.

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How Cannabinoids Help with Pain Relief

Studies show certain cannabinoids – including the CBD and CBC in Allay Mind – can help with pain relief.

The hemp plant is filled with hundreds of cannabinoids. These cannabinoids are natural chemicals within the hemp plant. You’ve probably heard of some of these cannabinoids, including THC and CBD. However, there’s growing research on other cannabinoids within the plant as well, including CBN and CBC.

Each serving of Allay Mind contains a strong dose of CBD: there’s 1,800mg per bottle. If each dropper holds 1mL of liquid formula, then there’s 45mg of CBD in each half dropper serving of Allay Mind. In comparison, the average CBD oil or CBD gummy may contain just 5mg to 20mg of CBD per serving.

To enhance the effects of CBD, Allay Mind also contains 150mg of cannabichromene (CBC). CBC may work in smaller doses than CBD, allowing you to enjoy active effects even with a smaller amount of CBC per serving.

Whether you’re taking CBD or CBC for pain relief, they work in a similar way: they both interact with CB1 and CB2 receptors throughout your body, which appears to provide noticeable effects on anxiety, pain, and other physical and cognitive symptoms. Although research continues to explore the effects of these cannabinoids, early research suggests they have a meaningful effect on pain relief.

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Allay Mind Ingredients

Allay Mind uses full spectrum hemp extract with CBD, CBC, and natural terpenes. There are no other listed ingredients within the formula. It’s a single, high-powered dose of full spectrum CBD oil designed specifically for pain relief.

The full list of ingredients in Allay Mind includes:

Cannabidiol (1,800mg): There’s 1,800mg of cannabidiol (CBD) in each small bottle of Allay Mind, giving you around 45mg to 90mg of CBD per serving. Each 1mL dropper serving of Allay Mind’s liquid formula should contain 90mg of CBD, based on the label. CBD has been shown to help with pain relief across dozens of trials. Some people apply CBD topically for pain relief, while others take CBD orally. Although it may not work on all pain for everyone, some have experienced significant benefits using CBD for pain relief.

Cannabichromene (150mg): The second largest ingredient in Allay Mind is cannabichromene, or CBC. CBC isn’t as well-known as other cannabinoids in the hemp plant, like CBD. However, growing research has connected it to similar effects to CBD – including impacts on CB1 and CB2 receptors that could help with pain relief and anxiety.

Natural Terpenes, Alkaloids, & Other Natural Hemp Ingredients: Allay Mind contains full spectrum hemp extract, which means it contains terpenes, alkaloids, and other natural molecules from the hemp plant. These ingredients may not seem important. However, studies show they create an “entourage effect” with CBD and CBC, helping to enhance the effectiveness of both cannabinoids. CBD oil works better when you have complementary ingredients instead of isolates, and the natural terpenes and alkaloids within Allay Mind can enhance the effects of the CBD.

There are no other listed ingredients in Allay Mind. Mind & Body Naturals does not list any added stabilizers, binders, base oils, or other ingredients. According to the official website, Allay Mind consists 100% of hemp seed oil with strong doses of CBD, CBC, and natural terpenes and alkaloids from the hemp plant.

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Scientific Evidence for Allay Mind

Can CBD and CBC really relieve pain? Are the effects comparable to over-the-counter pain relief medication and other solutions? We’ll evaluate some of the scientific evidence behind Allay Mind below.

One of the largest studies on CBD and pain relief was published in Frontiers in Pharmacology in 2020. Researchers evaluated the use of CBD for the treatment of chronic pain, finding it could be effective and demonstrate medical effects. However, researchers cautioned that CBD lacked long-term studies. They also found not everyone experienced the same pain relief effects from CBD, and that the pain relief effects seemed specific to different diseases. Some may experience powerful relief, while others do not.

In a 2014 survey of CBD users, researchers found significant pain relief effects associated with CBD. Out of the 253 people who responded to the survey, 62% reported trying a CBD product, and the majority of respondents (59%) relieved pain with those products. In fact, 67.6% of CBD users who responded to the survey claimed CBD helped to reduce their pain medication, with 53.7% reducing opioid usage because of CBD.

Although not as well-studied as CBD, CBC appears to have bioactive effects of its own. A 2012 study found CBC has inhibitory effects, for example, and helped with inflammation in mice. CBC appeared to interact with specific receptors linked to inflammation and other processes throughout the body, which helped reduce inflammation.

As Science Direct explains, CBC has been shown to significantly interact with TRP cation channels, including TRPA1, TRPV1-4, and TRPV8. These interactions could produce behavioral effects, including nociceptive (pain relieving) effects, according to animal studies.

Overall, Allay Mind contains strong doses of two of the best-studied pain relief ingredients within the hemp plant. By taking the strong doses of CBD and CBC in Allay Mind daily, you can purportedly relieve pain without the side effects or dependency issues of traditional pain relief medication.

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Allay Mind Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Many CBD oils claim to relieve pain – only to disappoint customers with limited effectiveness. However, Allay Mind has strong reviews online from people who claim to have relieved all types of pain with the formula. We’ll review some of that evidence below.

Multiple customers were skeptical of trying Allay Mind after being disappointed with other pain relief solution. However, most customers find the supplement worked as advertised to meaningfully reduce pain, aches, muscle soreness, and more.

One reviewer described Allay Mind as “a game-changer” for his recovery routine. He takes it after a long run or tough workout to help him recover more quickly and deal with muscle soreness.

Many people like Allay Mind for delivering meaningful pain relief without side effects. Some pain relief medication can leave you feeling groggy. Allay Mind claims to relieve pain without side effects or creating a dependency.

Some customers enjoy complementary effects after taking Allay Mind, including better sleep, improved mood, and a more positive outlook on life overall.

Many customers like the all-natural products and the science behind the supplement. There’s ample evidence connecting CBD to pain relief.

Many customers are also impressed by the dose of CBD within Allay Mind. With 1,800mg of CBD per serving (and an additional 150mg of CBC), Allay Mind is stronger than most other 20mL CBD oil bottles on the market, and the stronger dose of CBD can lead to stronger effects overall.

Allay Mind Pricing

Allay Mind Pricing

Allay Mind is priced at $60 per bottle, with prices dropping as low as $35 per bottle when ordering online today.

Here’s how pricing works when buying Allay Mind through the official website directly from the manufacturer:

  • 1 Bottle: $60
  • 3 Bottles: $150 ($50 Per Bottle)
  • 6 Bottles: $210 ($35 Per Bottle)

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Each bottle contains a 40 day supply of Allay Mind. There’s 20mL of Allay Mind per bottle, and the manufacturer recommends taking one half-dropper daily for pain relief.

Allay Mind Refund Policy

Allay Mind has a 60 day moneyback guarantee. You can request a complete refund on your purchase within 60 days with no questions asked.

If you’re unhappy with Allay Mind’s pain relief effects, or if the supplement did not work as advertised, then contact the manufacturer and return your bottle for a complete refund.

About Mind & Body Naturals

Mind & Body Naturals is a Utah-based supplement company best-known for its lineup of CBD oils and supplements. The company sells pure CBD oil along with CBD oil blends. In addition to Allay Mind, other popular Mind & Body Naturals products include Vana Mind, Drive Body, Drive Mind, and Rest Mind. Some target sleep, while others target energy, pain relief, or anxiety.

You can contact Mind & Body naturals by phone, email, or mail:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 801-836-8245
  • Mailing Address: 765 W 1800 N, Suite A103, Logan, UT 84321

Mind & Body Naturals is headquartered in Logan, Utah and led by Jon Black, CEO. Prior to launching its lineup of CBD oils, Mind & Body Naturals claims to have conducted over 2 years of pre-clinical trial research to verify the safety and efficacy of its formulas.

Final Word

Mind & Body Naturals’ Allay Mind is a pain relief formula featuring strong doses of CBD and CBC for targeted effects.

By taking Mind & Body Naturals Allay Mind daily, you can purportedly relieve occasional aches and pains without side effects.

To learn more about Allay Mind and how the supplement works, or to buy the supplement online today, visit the official website.

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