Colon Broom Reviews – Should You Buy ColonBroom Colon Cleanser?

ColonBroom is one of the popular dietary supplements in the market that helps to promote digestive health by promoting regular bowel movements. Formulated with natural ingredients like herbs, fibers, and probiotics, the gut health-boosting supplement helps to eliminate waste, toxins, and bad bacteria from your colon.

It is a universal knowledge that the colon is part of the large intestine and is responsible for absorbing water and other nutrients from digested food. It is also the body tool for eliminating all the waste materials.

Though, this tool can get clogged or jammed with waste and toxins, leading to varieties of gastronomical issues like constipation, bloating, and others. This is where ColonBroom comes to your rescue.

Product Name:



A dietary supplement to boost gut health.

Product Description:

ColonBroom is an all-natural supplement that helps in promoting regular bowel movements.

Purity Standards:

  • The formula is entirely vegan.
  • It is gluten-free.
  • It is non-GMO.
  • It has no allergens.
  • The supplement is free from any artificial elements.
  • Manufactured in the USA.

Core Ingredients:

Psyllium husk powder, Lemon juice, Stevia leaf extract, and others.

Key Benefits:

  • It helps to promote regular bowel movements.
  • The formula helps to lower blood pressure.
  • ColonBroom helps to improve blood sugar control.
  • It boosts your immune system.
  • It is one of the unique weight loss supplements.


It starts at $69.99/bottle.

Side Effects:


Official Website:

What’s Unique About It:

ColonBroom has been made by Max Health Nutrition LLC, which is one of the popular manufacturers in the USA.

Who Are The Makers Of ColonBroom?

ColonBroom has been prepared by Max Health Nutrition LLC. The blend was created by a group of medical professionals who had intensive knowledge about how important it is to have a healthy diet in this busy lifestyle.

After years of research and clinical trials, they brought together ingredients boosting digestive health to the next level and helping you counter the issue of irritable bowel syndrome, which can lead to chronic constipation.

Prepared in an FDA-registered facility, this supplement is a must addition to your daily life as a medical and dietary therapy. Your safety has been ensured on every manufacturing step of this supplement so that you can actively lose weight, maintain regular bowel movements, and feel lighter without having to experience any negative impact on your overall gut health.

Moreover, this psyllium husk powder supplement has been formulated to fulfill several goals, including your skin health, which is also directly proportional to your gastrointestinal health.

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How Does ColonBroom Work?

Natural ingredients like psyllium husk powder, citric acid, crystallized lemon, stevia leaf extract, and many others help to restore regular bowel movements and restore good gut bacteria.

We all know that psyllium husk powder is high in fiber and helps to push out waste materials from your body by softening the stool and helping to maintain overall gut health. Moreover, probiotics are beneficial bacteria that promote good gut health and support your metabolic health.

Moreover, the presence of citric acid in the form of lemon juice present in the supplement helps to ensure your digestive and gut health. The goodness of stevia leaf extract helps in minimizing the absorption of glucose in your body and ultimately balances your blood sugar levels.

With the presence of stevia leaf extract and its anti-oxidant properties, the supplement also boosts your immune system and helps you lose weight.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using ColonBroom?

Like any other bowel movement-improving fiber supplement, ColonBroom too, has its own share of pros and cons.

Indeed, the dietary supplement has been formulated with high-quality ingredients that have been clinically approved to regulate healthy bowel movements and improve gut health. It has been manufactured under tough conditions ensuring that it triggers no negative flag inside your body. Though, every coin has two sides.

Therefore, let’s take a look inside and understand this dietary citric acid supplement in detail.

Pros Of Using ColonBroom

  • It helps in making for the essential fiber intake.
  • This fiber supplement is non-GMO in nature.
  • It is gluten-free and supports your overall health.
  • The formula rich in soluble fiber has no allergic components like soy, nut, or dairy products.
  • The dietary supplement has been prepared with rich dietary fiber, citric acid, and other natural ingredients to promote intestinal health.
  • The dietary fiber supplement has been manufactured in an FDA-registered facility.

Cons Of Using ColonBroom

What Are The Health Benefits Of Using ColonBroom?

ColonBroom comes with several health benefits, which range from promoting healthy bowel movements, managing blood pressure levels, and improving the immune system to many others. Taking ColonBroom daily will help you achieve all your health goals within a week.

That being said, now let’s take a look at the following major health benefits of ColonBroom.

ColonBroom Supplement Helps In Restoring Regular Bowel Movements

ColonBroom is a unique dietary supplement with a blend of natural fibers, herbs, and enzymes working together to provide you with regular bowel movements and a good digestive system. There are several factors through which this gut health-boosting supplement helps in promoting the growth of good gut bacteria and helps you in getting excellent overall health.

ColonBroom is a fiber-based colon cleanser that contains a blend of dietary fibers like soluble fiber that helps to bulk the stool and promote healthy bowel movements. The nutritious fiber also helps in the growth of good bacteria in your gut, boosting your overall digestive health. Moreover, the digestive enzymes present in its formula help to break down food into smaller molecules and improve the working of your digestive system, hence, helping to relieve constipation.

ColonBroom Supports Good Gut Health

ColonBroom is one of the unique gut health-boosting supplements that support good gut health in a variety of ways.

It helps to promote regular bowel movements, which is one of the primary benefits of ColonBroom. With the presence of soluble fibers, lemon juice, and stevia leaf extract, it bulks up your stool and helps to stimulate the muscles in the colon. Hence, helping in moving the waste materials out of your body in a more efficient way relieving constipation and other issues that might affect your digestive health.

ColonBroom supplement contains prebiotic fibers, which promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut. This growth of beneficial microbes helps greatly in improving digestion, boosting immunity, and supporting overall gut health.

Moreover, the supplement also helps to eliminate toxins from your body. It promotes detoxification through its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties reducing the risk of inflammation and other issues that might cause problems with your overall digestive system.

ColonBroom Stimulates The Process Of Weight Loss

ColonBroom is also marketed as a weight loss supplement. You can lose weight through regular intake of ColonBroom by pairing them up with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

The supplement helps in reducing the chances of bloating and water retention, which are one of the major factors that hinder weight loss. Promoting regular bowel movements helps to throw out all the harmful waste material from your body and keep all the extra fat layers away.

The psyllium husk powder helps in increasing the feeling of fullness and satisfaction. Hence, the supplement will help to suppress unnecessary cravings and prevent overeating which ultimately contributes to major weight loss.

It also supports weight loss by supporting healthy digestion; as for healthy weight management, a good metabolic rate is necessary. The stevia leaf extract and lemon juice help in promoting nutrient absorption and optimize the process of weight loss.

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ColonBroom Helps In Maintaining Blood Sugar Levels

ColonBroom supplements may potentially help in maintaining blood sugar levels, but the evidence to support this claim is limited. While some of the ingredients in ColonBroom supplements have been studied for their potential effects on blood sugar, more research is needed to confirm these benefits.

The blood sugar level is one of the major factors that help to determine your gut health. ColonBroom helps you in balancing your blood sugar levels. The ingredients like psyllium husk powder, lemon juice, stevia leaf extract, and others help to manage the blood sugar levels in your body effectively.

Rich in fiber, ColonBroom helps in slowing down the absorption of sugar in your bloodstream. This ultimately helps in preventing spikes in glucose levels and supports a stable blood sugar level over time. The digestive enzymes present in the formula help to break down the carbohydrates in the gut and reduce the amount of sugar getting absorbed in your bloodstream.

ColonBroom Helps To Restore Digestive Health

ColonBroom is a specially formulated supplement that contains psyllium husk powder as its primary element, which plays a vital role in providing efficient results. This powerful ingredient has been proven to relieve constipation and promote regular bowel movements.

It works by absorbing water in the gastrointestinal tract and creating a gel-like substance that softens stool and facilitates bowel motions. It is important to note that while lemon juice may have general health benefits, the stevia leaf extract present in ColonBroom may aggravate bowel problems in certain individuals.

ColonBroom has been uniquely formulated with psyllium husk powder as its core ingredient. Psyllium husk powder is one of the vital ingredients when it comes to getting relief from your digestive health issues. It helps in countering the problem of irregular bowel movements and relieving constipation.

Apart from boosting your digestive health, this psyllium husk powder helps in the growth of good gut bacteria in your colon. We all know that an imbalance in good bacteria can disrupt metabolism and lead to various health issues, like a weak immune system and imbalanced blood pressure levels. Therefore, the growth of these good gut bacteria plays a vital role in digestion and several other body functions.

ColonBroom Supports Energy Levels

ColonBroom potentially helps in supporting healthy energy levels by promoting nutrient absorption and reducing inflammation. With its unique blend, it greatly supports nutrient absorption in the gut. It ensures that your body is able to soak in the goodness of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients your body needs to reduce fatigue and boost energy levels.

Moreover, reducing inflammation helps in promoting effective weight loss. The more weight you shed, the easier it is for you to be punctual and active. It helps reduce the chances of catching a chronic disease and supports your energy levels.

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What Are The Natural Ingredients Found In ColonBroom That Make It Work?

ColonBroom is a unique herbal formula that has been specifically developed for people with gut issues. The makers claim that it promotes good gut health, supports weight loss, and also aids digestion.

But how? The answer lies in the ingredients and their working.

These nutritious ingredients have many beneficial effects on your body’s digestive system and help restore balance within your digestive tract.

In this section, we will be exploring what these natural ingredients are and how they work together in ColonBroom in order to help support digestive wellness and weight loss goals:

ColonBroom Supplement Facts

Psyllium Husk Powder

Psyllium husk powder is a supplement derived from Plantago ovata, a plant native to India and Pakistan. The seeds of the plant are hulled, then ground into a fine white powder called ‘psyllium husk’ or ‘ispaghula.’

Psyllium husks are high in soluble fibers, known as mucilage. When taken with water, psyllium mucilage swells up to form a gel-like material which can aid in digestion by promoting regularity.

It also helps to soften stools and increase their bulkiness, facilitating easier passage through the digestive tract. This makes it especially beneficial for those who suffer from constipation or irregularity due to poor diet or lack of exercise.

Rice Hulls

Rice hulls, also known as husks, refer to the outer protective shell that covers each individual grain of the plant. While not generally eaten by humans in large quantities, these hulls can provide several essential nutrients, including thiamin (vitamin B1) and dietary fiber, when consumed on a regular basis.

Consuming high-fiber foods such as rice hulls contributes to healthy bacteria populations in the gut due to their prebiotic content – meaning that they act as a fuel source for “good” bacteria present within our gut flora. These good bacteria play an important role in helping boost overall immunity and prevent disease development.

The resistant starch found within rice hulls acts similarly to soluble fibers, which can help reduce calorie absorption from foods during digestion without affecting satiety levels significantly.

This means it can aid in weight loss without making people feel more hungry throughout the day due to lower calorie consumption compared with other carbohydrate sources typically consumed in diets.

Stevia Leaf Extract

Stevia leaf extract or stevioside comes from the leaves of the Stevia Rebaudiana plant—a small shrub native to South America. It contains glycosides (sweet-tasting compounds) such as stevioside and rebaudioside A, which are several hundred times sweeter than sugar. Due to its naturally sweet taste, stevia is a great alternative to unhealthy processed sugars and artificial sweeteners.

The active component in stevia leaf extract has been found to possess prebiotic properties, which means that it feeds beneficial bacteria in the intestines aiding in healthy digestion. Furthermore, studies show that a prebiotic fiber present in stevia increases good bacteria like bifidobacterium longum, which not only helps the absorption of nutrients but also improves intestinal function.

Additionally, its non-digestible properties mean that it doesn’t cause spikes in blood sugar or insulin levels, making it easier for people with diabetes or those watching their sugar intake to manage their levels better.

Stevia has also been known for centuries for its medicinal properties being used for everything from treating fever to helping ease digestive complaints like cramping, feeling bloated, etc.

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Sea Salt

Sea salt, also known as solar-evaporated sea salt, is produced by harvesting water from the ocean or a salty lake where the sun evaporates the water over several weeks. The result is a course to a thick crystalline form of sea salt with grayish or pinkish hues and flecks that range in color from white to dark gray. Sea salt does not contain any additives like Anti-Caking Agents (found in some commercial salts) or iodine (which can be found in iodized table salt).

Sea salt helps support digestion because it contains beneficial trace minerals like potassium and magnesium, which can help stimulate proper digestion and encourage regularity.

Additionally, these trace elements may aid in the absorption of nutrients needed for healthy digestion, such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, oils, and other essential vitamins. Furthermore, sea salt also has natural anti-inflammatory properties, which may help reduce inflammation in the gut caused by eating certain foods that are difficult to digest.

Because it contains necessary trace elements like potassium and magnesium that support muscle contractions, which increases metabolic rate helping burn calories faster, thus aiding weight loss efforts naturally without having to resort to dramatic diets or intense exercise regimes.

Furthermore, its ability to increase bile production encourages better fat breakdown helping prevent excess fat storage that usually occurs when following a typical western diet high in saturated fats or simple carbohydrates, thereby aiding those wanting to lose weight quickly.

Citric Acid

Citric acid is a naturally occurring organic compound found in lemons, limes, melons, and blackcurrants as well as some juices and wines. It is also added to many foods as an additive and flavoring agent to enhance the flavors of foods and beverages.

Citric acid has been linked to improved digestive system health due to its acidic nature. When consumed, citric acid helps break down proteins within the digestive tract which helps improve fermentation processes that are necessary for optimal digestion.

In addition, because of its acidic nature, it can help reduce inflammation in the stomach receptors, which can help alleviate some symptoms associated with gastrointestinal disorders like heartburn or indigestion. Furthermore, the anti-inflammatory properties of citrus acids may even lessen symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Research suggests that regular consumption of citrus acids can help promote weight loss efforts as well.

Crystallized Lemon

Crystallized lemon is made from sour lemons that have been dusted with sugar or honey before being fully dried. The resulting product has a long shelf life and keeps many of the original beneficial vitamins and nutrients found in fresh lemons.

The pectin fibers in lemon crystals can help increase regularity in your bowels and also provide a much-needed boost of energy when dealing with feelings of sluggishness due to digestion issues.

This can be great for alleviating constipation caused by low fiber intake or incorrect diet choices. Plus, the Vitamin C content encourages healthy bacteria growth, which assists in proper digestion functioning overall.

Crystallized lemon can also significantly aid weight loss efforts through increased metabolism aiding digestion processes, which then breaks down fats quicker into energy rather than them being stored away, turning them into body fat and adding unwanted bulk pounds.

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What Is The Recommended Dosage Of ColonBroom?

As per the official website of ColonBroom, you are advised to mix one scoop of this psyllium husk powder with 8oz to 14oz water. Mix them well and drink immediately. Do remember to follow up with an additional glass of water. Also, to get better results, you should consume it two times a day at least 30 to 60 minutes before your meal.

Though, if you are someone new to ColonBroom psyllium husk powder, then start by taking it only once for the first five days. After that, you can increase the consumption to twice a day. In addition to all of this, do make sure to follow a healthy diet and regular exercise to ensure that your poor gut health is getting restored to a healthy gut properly.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Using ColonBroom?

There have been no reported side effects of ColonBroom. The fiber supplement has been formulated with natural colon cleanser ingredients like psyllium husk, citric acid, lemon juice, and essential fiber. The effective weight loss and general gut health-boosting formula have been prepared under strict conditions.

Though, if you have some pre-existing medical condition or if you are already on some other dietary supplement, then do make sure to seek medical advice beforehand. Also, if you are pregnant or under 18, make sure you don’t begin with the intake of ColonBroom without proper medical guidance.

A Brief Glance At The Science Behind ColonBroom Ingredients

A study conducted with seventy women aged 18–55 found that consuming 6 gm/day of dietary fiber from isolated psyllium over 12 weeks significantly reduced body weight when compared with baseline measurements as well as a low fiber control group.

Similarly, an acute study on adolescents conducted at San Diego State University found significant differences between groups given 5-gram doses of either isolated Psyllium Good® brand, or Oatrim™ Brand supplemented cereal bars versus controls.

These results suggest psychological satiation effects due to the consumption of Psylilum Good® brand hydrolysate but not the other supplements tested.

Studies have also shown that people who consume rice hulls are less likely to overeat than people who do not consume this powerful food source.

The reason is that rice hulls contain fewer calories per serving compared to other grain or starchy foods, making them a great option if you’re looking to reduce calorie intake while still getting all the nutrients your body needs.

Additionally, rice hulls are high in dietary fiber content, which can make us feel fuller faster while aiding weight-loss efforts by slowing down digestion.

One study involving 95 adults found that those who had taken a dietary supplement containing citric acid, another core ingredient in ColonBroom, lost more weight over an 8-week period compared to those who did not take the supplement.

The group also showed higher levels of fat metabolism while they were on the supplement, suggesting that citrate may have some effect on metabolism as well.

What Is The Pricing Structure Of ColonBroom?

ColonBroom has been divided into three different price ranges. You can easily buy this psyllium husk powder from its official website through a one-time payment. The most interesting fact about all the pricing ranges of this digestive tract-boosting supplement is that it has free shipping.

Here, we are going to discuss different pricing ranges of the same and help you in getting a better understanding of the product.

Buy A 1-Month Supply Of ColonBroom.

In this one-month supply, you get one bottle of ColonBroom at a price of $69.99/bottle. Though, if you get subscribed to the product’s official website, you can purchase this regular bowel movements-inducing supplement at a price of $64.9/bottle. You can easily make the payment through different sources like PayPal, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and others.

Buy A 3-Month Supply Of ColonBroom.

Labeled as the most-popular combo, here, you get three bottles of ColonBroom. It is available at a price of $45.99/bottle if purchased normally. Though, if you take it after the subscription, you will be able to save more and get this psyllium husk powder supplement at a price of $35.99/bottle. The most interesting part about this combo is that you get a secret gift along with it.

Buy A 6-Month Supply Of ColonBroom.

The six months supply of ColonBroom has been labeled as the best value combo by its customers. It is available at a price of $34.99/bottle. Though, if you purchase it after a subscription, you get it at a price of $27.99/bottle. Similar to the previous combo, here also get a secret gift.

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What Is The Money-Back Guarantee On ColonBroom?

YES. ColonBroom comes with a money-back guarantee of 14 days. If you are not satisfied with the results of the supplement and still experiencing irregular bowel movements and poor digestive health, then you are free to claim a refund.

All you need to do is contact the company on the details provided on its official website, and you will get your money back within the given time frame. Therefore, feel free to purchase this psyllium husk powder to improve your gut health, lose weight, regulate blood pressure, restore skin health, and others without having to worry about anything else.

What Does ColonBroom Reviews 2023 Speak About The Product?

There are countless ColonBroom reviews that speak positively about this psyllium husk powder and how it has helped them in regulating their bowel movements regularly. Its formula of lemon juice has been praised hugely for supporting healthy blood sugar levels and promoting weight loss.

Jamie-Lee writes in the ColonBroom review, “This product is fantastic! I feel much less bloated and definitely more regular. It does not cause running tummy or cramps, so that gives me assurance that the product is exactly what it says it is and not a cheap laxative like others. The taste is also very delicious to boot! I would also say that the price is well worth the length of each container lasts. I have recommended this to almost everyone I have had a conversation with.”

Deborah writes in one of the ColonBroom reviews, “I use exactly how the label suggests. For a while now, my movements have been irregular. Since using the broom, I have seen a huge difference and they are much healthier. I have recommended it to my mom and aunt, and both are pleased with the results as well. Thank You!.”

How Is ColonBroom Better From Other Dietary Supplements?

Indeed, various probiotic supplements are available in the market that promises to improve your bowel movement with their formula rich in dietary fiber. Each one of them comes from different brands and has a different blend of ingredients to counter irregular bowel movements and provide other health benefits.

Then what makes ColonBroom stand out from all those probiotic supplements? To answer the same, let’s take a skim below.

ColonBroom VS Gainful Fiber Performance Boost

Gainful Fiber Performance Boost is a well-known brand in the market to relieve constipation and helps in making up for your dietary fiber intake. However, it is less pricy than ColonBroom but offers less quantity to its users.

While ColonBroom offers you 60 servings/bottle, Gainful Fiber provides you with only 14 servings/bottle.

ColonBroom VS Navitas Chia Seeds

Navita Chia Seeds and ColonBroom are two famous supplements in the market that makes up for your daily dietary fiber consumption.

Though, the fact that makes ColonBroom stand out here is that taking ColonBroom regularly won’t trigger any side effects like abdominal pain. But the chia seeds in the other supplement can interact with some medications and disrupt your health.

ColonBroom VS Citrucel

When we look at the range of supplements that helps in countering irritable bowel syndrome then, there is no scarcity of the same. Citrucel has been one of the supplements promoting healthy bowel movements for years now. Though, unlike ColonBroom, its blend contains artificial coloring that might affect your overall health on some levels.

ColonBroom VS Regular Girl Prebiotic Fiber And Probiotic Supplement

Regular Girl Prebiotic Fiber And Probiotic Supplement and ColonBroom are one of the popular brands out there that promote regular bowel movements.

Though the former has been specifically designed for women, ColonBroom works effectively to restore a healthy digestive system irrespective of gender.

Final Verdict On ColonBroom – Does It Really Help In Restoring Your Digestive Health?

ColonBroom is a natural and unique formula that comes with various health benefits ranging from countering irregular bowel movements and promoting weight loss to lower blood pressure levels.

The formula helps to promote the health of your digestive tract and colon with its goodness of citric acid and other ingredients that help to relieve constipation. However, don’t forget to consult with a healthcare physician before you start using ColonBroom or any other dietary supplement.

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