Best Bug Zappers on the Market: Top Mosquito Killing Traps for Indoor Insect Pest Control

From camping to grilling, bug zappers make summer safer and more enjoyable.

A good bug zapper attracts mosquitos, gnats, flies, and other unwanted pests, then zaps those bugs to kill them instantly.

With so many bug zappers available today, however, it’s tough to know which one works best.

Today, we’re highlighting the best bug zappers on the market, including the top bug zappers of 2023.

Our Rankings

We’ve tested today’s top bug zappers to assess their effects and check if they live up to the hype.

From bug zapping watches to lanterns, lights, and more, here are today’s best bug zappers and how they work:

  • Boundery Bug Bulb
  • BlitzyBug
  • Mosquitron LED
  • Buggwatch
  • LightBite
  • Fuze Bug
  • ZappMax
  • BuzzBlast
  • ElectriZap
  • Zap Ninja
  • Dorikabite

Boundery Bug Bulb

Boundery Bug Bulb

Boundery’s Bug Bulb is one of the internet’s best-known and most trending bug zappers. Featuring four light modes and powerful bug zapping technology, Bug Bulb aims to keep mosquitos away from dusk until dawn.

Also known as BuzzBGone, Boundery’s Bug Bulb keeps you bug-free across a surprisingly large aera. In fact, the 500V electrical grid and LED light claims to clear a 16” x 16” area around the light, allowing you to enjoy powerful protection indoors and outdoors. If a bug flies anywhere close to that area, they could be drawn to the light and zapped.

Each Boundery Bug Bulb uses 360nm to 400nm ultraviolet light – similar to the natural UV light emitted by humans. Mosquitos fly towards this light because they think it’s an easy food source, only to get zapped by Bug Bulb’s electrical grid.

Price: $49.99

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BlitzyBug is a 100% safe mosquito killing lamp designed to protect you from mosquitos, fruit flies, black flies, gnats, horse flies, and no-see-ums, among other bugs. Backed by 50,000+ verified customers, BlitzyBug is one of the bestselling bug zappers on our list.

Designed for use indoors or outdoors, BlitzyBug can protect any space using a combination of powerful light and bug zapping effectiveness. The powerful, radiating light attracts all insects indiscriminately, and the grid kills bugs upon contact.

Some of the perks of BlitzyBug compared to other bug zappers on our list include the durability, ease of cleaning, high voltage current, and proven blue light hue, among other perks. Plus, it’s currently available at a 50% discount.

Price: $49.95

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Mosquitron LED

Mosquitron LED

The appropriately-named Mosquitron is different from the first two bug zappers on our list. Instead of using LED light and an electric grid to attract and kill bugs, Mosquitron uses an advanced, trap-style design to achieve similar effects without the mess.

Mosquitron features an opening at the top. That opening is covered by an LED, and the LED mimics the appearance of food sources. Bugs fly towards the opening, then get trapped inside and cannot escape.

While other bug zappers leave a collection of bugs around the base of your bug zapper, Mosquitron works in a different way, collecting bugs inside the device for a mess-free cleanup. It’s a simple, hassle-free, mosquito and bug killing device backed by proven science and a reliable design – all while being safer and easier to use.

Price: $89



Buggwatch is the first ultrasonic watch on our list. Unlike a conventional bug zapping lantern, Buggwatch repels bugs away from you in the first place, preventing you from being bitten or hearing the buzzing in your ears.

Like other bug zappers on our list, Buggwatch works without chemicals or toxins, keeping your space bug-free without harmful substances.

To use Buggwatch, just press the button, then let the ultrasonic noise repel mosquitos at the ideal frequency. The makers of Buggwatch identified the best frequency for repelling mosquitos, and Buggwatch creates that frequency constantly to drive away mosquitos.

Because of its unique design, Buggwatch is ideal for use hiking, camping, gardening, and at outdoor parties, among other locations. If you’re moving around and want maximum protection, then Buggwatch could be the right choice.

Price: $39.99



LightBite is the first bug zapper on our list that’s 100% solar-powered, allowing you to run the bug zapper outdoors indefinitely without recharging.

Simply place LightBite anywhere you’re dealing with bugs, then let the solar panels charge the device and go to work. Like other bug zapping lanterns, LightBite uses a combination of light and an electric grid to attract and kill mosquitos – all while being 100% safe to use around kids and pets.

Plus, the LightBite wireless bug zapper uses the ideal wavelength (365 to 390nm) to attract mosquitos and other pests. That light also shines at an intensity of 600 lumens, making it one of the brightest options on our list. You also get advanced features not seen on other bug zappers, including motion sensing and waterproof protection.

As part of a 2023 promotion, LightBite is priced significantly cheaper than competing products: you pay $0 + $9.95 shipping today to receive your solar-powered bug zapping lantern.

Price: $0 + $9.95 Shipping

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Fuze Bug

Fuze Bug

Fuze Bug is a bug repellant lamp designed to permanently solve a mosquito problem in your house. You can get rid of insects using a 100% natural, safe product that’s completely harmless around kids and pets.

Each Fuze Bug has an effective range of 375 square feet, making it one of the widest-ranging products on our list. You can place it on a table, hang it from a tent, or use it wherever you like for powerful on-the-go protection.

Simply remove the tray to get rid of dead bugs, then continue to enjoy a rechargeable, weatherproof product with hassle-free cleaning. Fuze Bug can relieve stress, improve sleep, save money, and help you enjoy the outdoors without the hassle of bugs and other flying pests – all for under $40.

Price: $39.99



Priced at under $50, ZappMax gets rid of mosquitos and insects effectively and without chemicals. The popular and trending bug zapper is one of the top-rated options on our list, offering similar features and functionality to other leading options.

Each ZappMax can fight back against mosquitos, fruit flies, black flies, gnats, horse flies, no-see-ums, and other mosquitos and bugs. Backed by 50,000+ verified purchasers to date, ZappMax appears to be one of the internet’s bestselling bug zapper devices.

We also like the portability of ZappMax. After you charge it using an ordinary USB cable, you can easily bring it anywhere you need to go – from camping miles away from electricity to the far corners of your backyard. It’s compact, portable, lightweight, and rechargeable.

Although ZappMax has few features to distinguish it from other top-ranked options on our list, it may be the right choice if other options are sold out.

Price: $49.95



BuzzBlast, also known as Buzz Blast Pro, has one of the most distinctive designs on our list. The orange casing protects a high-voltage electric grid that kills bugs on contact.

We’re also satisfied with the battery size and overall battery life of Buzz Blast Pro, offering a 2,000 mAh rechargeable, built-in battery. You can place it wherever you like, hook it up, and take it with you on trips, using it indoors or outdoors to stay protected.

Buzz Blast Pro is completely waterproof and weather resistant, and it’s one of the most durable bug zappers on our list at this price range. It’s also easy to clean thanks to the removable bottom shell: just empty it into a bin to make it good as new.

Price: $39.99



The appropriately-named ElectriZap fights back against mosquitos, fruit flies, moths, gnats, flying beetles, no-see-ums, and other annoying insects.

Overall, ElectriZap looks remarkably similar to BuzzBlast / Buzz Blast Pro, featuring a similar, distinctive orange casing to protect the electric coils within. The portable, chargeable, and safe bug zapper aims to wipe out mosquitos and pesky bugs using proven light and electric coil technology.

ElectriZap’s light emits UV light at the 365nm wavelength, which is the optimal wavelength for attracting mosquitos and other bugs. This light is bright enough to work on bugs up to 16 feet away, making it one of the widest-ranging bug zappers on our list. Like other top-rated bug zappers, it’s also silent and can be used as a built-in flashlight.

Another perk of ElectriZap is the solar-powered design. You can charge ElectriZap using USB or solar power, making it easy to run the bug zapper indefinitely outdoors.

Price: $39.99

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Zap Ninja

Zap Ninja

Zap Ninja is designed to zap away harmful pests using a combination of light and electrical coils. Like other bug zappers, Zap Ninja works by luring bugs to the lantern, then killing them instantly using electric coils.

Zap Ninja’s light mimics the appearance of human or animal skin, convincing bugs it’s an easy food source. Bugs fly towards it because they want an easy meal, only to encounter the electric coils and get zapped.

Some of the perks of Zap Ninja include the easy cleanability, 100% safe design for children and pets, and 2-in-1 functionality as a bug zapper and lantern, among other perks. Overall, this makes Zap Ninja a bug’s worst enemy.

Price: $49.99



Dorikabite is the only product on our list that isn’t a bug zapper. However, it performed so well in our testing that it deserved a mention.

Each Dorikabite stops bites instantly and naturally to relieve itchiness. It’s suitable for everyone, and it’s safe to use without side effects.

Dorikabite works in a different way than serums, sprays, lotions, and ointments. The pen-shaped device provides instant itch relief using thermal pulsing technology. Each pulse metabolizes substances from the mosquito’s saliva in seconds, reducing the impact each mosquito bite has on your skin – all without the use of chemical or medicinal substances.

With three different temperature settings and an unlimited number of uses, Dorikabite can provide meaningful relief against the pain, itchiness, and discomfort of mosquito bites.

Price: $54.95

How We Ranked

Every bug zapper claims to kill bugs and keep your space pest-free. Some work, while others are disappointing.

We personally tested all of the top-ranked bug zappers listed above. Then, we assigned a score to each bug zapper and compared results across our editorial team.

After hundreds of hours of research and deliberation among our editorial team, here are some of the factors that distinguished the top bug zappers from the worst bug zappers:

Area of Coverage: The larger the coverage area, the higher we ranked the bug zapper. Ideally, you’ll only need to install one bug zapper to cover an indoor or outdoor space. The best bug zappers cover around 400 square feet of space, or about the square footage of a medium-sized room.

Light Modes & Customization Options: Some bug zappers have a single light mode and intensity. Others allow multiple customization options. You can choose from different intensities, for example, based on whether you’re outside in the middle of the day or protecting an outdoor campsite. You might use 20% intensity for longer-lasting battery overnight, for example, and 100% intensity for maximum protection at an outdoor afternoon picnic.

Performance in Real World Settings: We personally tested each of the bug zappers above in real-world conditions. After setting each bug zapper next to a stagnant pond near our office, we analyzed the number of dead bugs lying around the bug zapper over a 24 hour period. The best bug zappers had dozens of dead bugs lying around them the next morning. Some had only a few dead bugs. Although this testing method wasn’t perfect, some bug zappers consistently rose to the top in our tests.

Wavelength of Light: The best bug zappers emit ultraviolet light at a specific wavelength to mimic the appearance of humans and animals. Your skin emits light at a specific wavelength. Mosquitos and other pests know this wavelength, and they associate it with easy food sources. The best bug zappers use this exact same wavelength to attract mosquitos. Most of the top-ranked bug zappers used ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 360nm to 400nm for maximum effectiveness.

Safety Features & Toxin-Free Design: Bug zappers tend to be safer to use than mosquito killing sprays and pesticides. Many bug zappers also have additional safety features, including a protective grid over the electric coils to protect your pets and kids.

Competitive Pricing & Overall Value: Some bug zappers are made in China with $2 of cheap plastic. Other bug zappers are made with high-quality materials and handmade craftsmanship. Unfortunately, as with many products online, it’s tough to determine quality from websites and screenshots online. We considered price and overall value in our rankings, and we preferred bug zappers that offered great value at their specific budget – whether that budget was $10 or $150.

Customer Reviews from Diverse Locations Worldwide: People live in different places and have different bug problems. One bug zapper might be effective against mosquitos in Idaho, for example, while another bug zapper is effective against gnats in Florida. Although we personally tested each bug zapper, we also considered customer reviews. The best bug zappers have hundreds of five-star reviews from satisfied customers, and we tended to rank these bug zappers higher than competing products that only had a few reviews online.

Waterproof Protection or Water Resistance: Most bug zappers are designed for use outdoors, which is why we liked waterproof protection and water resistance. The best bug zappers are resistant to moisture ingress, giving you peace of mind it will continue to work through all conditions indoors and outdoors.

Durability: You can tell the quality of a bug zapper almost immediately after taking it from the box. Some are sturdy. Others are made from cheap plastic and seem to rattle as soon as you start using them. Because most people use bug zappers indoors and outdoors, we considered durability an important feature.

Portability: Most people carry bug zappers between locations. You might leave a bug zapper in your backyard, for example, and then take it camping. Some bug zappers are lightweight and portable, while others are heavy and not designed to be carried around.

Ease of Use: Some bug zappers came with hooks, cords, carrying cases, and other accessories that made them easier to use. Other bug zappers were frustratingly hard to use.

Battery Life: Some bug zappers feature a rechargeable lithium ion battery that lasts for just 90 minutes. Others feature a battery capable of lasting 12 hours or more. Generally, we found higher-quality bug zappers had longer-lasting batteries. We considered battery size (ideally around 2,000 mAh) and overall battery life in our rankings.

Diversity of Pests & Bugs Targeted: Many bug zappers are advertised as “mosquito killing lamps,” but they actually target mosquitos and dozens of other pests. Others only work on one or two pests. We preferred anti-bug lanterns that targeted a diverse range of pests and bugs.

Moneyback or Satisfaction Guarantee: One of the best ways to determine the quality of a bug zapper is to check the moneyback guarantee. The best devices offer a lengthy and comprehensive moneyback guarantee because they know their products work.

Angle of Effectiveness: Most bug zappers work in a 270 to 360 degree radius, attracting bugs from all around the zapper. Some, however, have a surprisingly narrow focus and only attract bugs in a small area.

Lantern Brightness in Lumens: The best bug zappers have lantern brightness of 200 lumens or above. The higher the number of lumens, the brighter the bulb and the more effective the device tends to be.

Zapping Power: The best bug zappers have a 1,000-volt grid, sufficient for instantly killing any bugs that come near the grid. Although zapping power wasn’t the most important metric, it helped prove the overall quality of the device.

Easy Cleaning: Nobody wants to spend an hour scraping bugs off a bug zapper’s grills each morning. That’s why we liked bug zappers that were easy to clean. Some bug zappers had trays to catch bugs and easily clean mess, for example, while others came with grill cleaning brushes and other accessories.

How Bug Zappers Work

Bug zappers work in a straightforward way to attract and kill mosquitoes and other flying pests.

Although each bug zapper uses slightly different technology, most use the following steps to keep your space free of pests:

Step 1) Attract Bugs Using UV Light: First, the bug zapper uses ultraviolet light to attract bugs. Studies show bugs are naturally attracted to light between 350nm and 400nm, which covers most of the ultraviolet (UV) spectrum. This is similar to the light emitted by humans and animals naturally. Because you emit this light, mosquitos associate it with easy food sources. They begin to fly towards the lantern – even from as far as 20 feet away – to feast on the “food source.”

Step 2) Kill Bugs Using Electric Coils: Once bugs get close to the “food source,” they encounter the second phase of the bug zapper: the electric coils. Hidden around the UV light are electric coils that zap the bugs and kill them instantly. Electricity surges into the bugs, disrupting their critical processes and creating a pain-free death. The bugs fall to the ground or into the collection tray.

Step 3) Collect Dead Bugs in Easy-to-Clean Tray: For the third and final step, the bug zapper collects dead bugs in an easy-to-clean tray. Many bug zappers have a removable tray, for example, that you can easily shake to clear away dead bugs. Other bug zappers capture dead bugs in a container, and you simply empty that container into the trash. Ideally, your bug zapper allows you to clear away dead bugs without physically contacting them.

The Science Behind Bug Zappers: Clinical Trials & Scientific Evidence

Studies show mosquitos and bugs are drawn to certain types of light. Today, scientists use advanced bug zapping technology to attract mosquitoes, capture and kill those mosquitos, and keep homes free of pests.

Mosquito defense isn’t just about convenience: it’s about health and safety. In some parts of the world, for example, mosquitos and other pests spread disease, and bug zappers can be the difference between life and death. Researchers spend considerable effort identifying the best bug zapping solutions based on rigorous testing. Today, we see that same science at work in the world’s best bug zappers.

According to a 2017 study published in the Journal of Medical Entomology, mosquitos are attracted to LED light traps at specific colors and wavelengths. Researchers setup six LED light traps at a farm in Brazil known for high levels of mosquitos. Two of those lights emitted 520nm (green) color, two emitted 470nm (blue) color, and the two remaining traps used incandescent light as a control. Researchers found the green light was most effective for attracting mosquitos, with 43% of all insects collected in the green light traps.

Other studies have suggested mosquitos are attracted to different colors. A recent study by researchers at the University of Washington, for example, found mosquitos flew towards red, orange, black, or cyan colors while ignoring green, purple, or blue colors. Researchers also found mosquitos were attracted to light after inhaling CO2. Living beings – including humans – exhale CO2, indicating they’re a viable food source for mosquitos.

Consumer Reports recently published a study on today’s top bug zappers and found they were effective against multiple types of bugs – including mosquitos and many more flying insects. Consumer Reports found bug zappers performed differently in different situations, and that no single bug zapper was effective across all situations. That’s why you may need to test multiple zappers to find one that works for your region.

Meanwhile, a writeup by HowStuffWorks found a single, effective bug zapper could “lure and kill more than 10,000 insects in a single evening,” potentially transforming the comfort and usability of your backyard, patio, or campsite.

One of the bug zappers above, Buggwatch, uses ultrasonic sound to repel mosquitos from your wrist at all times. You wear the device on your wrist, and it emits noise at a specific wavelength to deter mosquitos and other pests. In a 2021 study, researchers found ultrasonic pest repellant devices were effective against ticks. Researchers placed ticks in a chamber with ultrasonic noise, then found fewer than 20% of ticks escaped the chamber. Although studies have shown mixed effectiveness against bed bugs, some continue to use ultrasonic devices to repel mosquitos and other pests.

Overall, today’s top bug zappers are backed by science and proven to work against all types of insects – from mosquitos and flies to no-see-ums, flying beetles, and more.

Where to Use Bug Zappers

Most of the top bug zappers listed above are designed for use indoors or outdoors. You can use them in the kitchen to fight back against fruit flies and black flies. Or, you can use outdoors to repel mosquitos from campsites, picnics, and other locations.

Here are some of the most popular places to use bug zappers:

  • At home on decks, backyards, and patios
  • In backyards, fields, and outdoor sports games
  • Around the house, including in kitchens, bathrooms, and other bug-prone areas
  • At campsites and picnics
  • Hanging from tents or eaves using the included hook
  • On poles, balcony awnings, trees, hanging posts, or anywhere else indoors r outdoors

Many of today’s top bug zappers contain hooks and other accessories to make them easy to use and hang. You can easily hang them from a tent at night while you sleep, for example, or place them around a picnic table.

Benefits of Bug Zappers

Some of the benefits of using a bug zapper compared to other pest repellant solutions include:

Safe Around People, Kids, & Pets: Bug zappers feature special technology that makes them safer to use around people, kids, and pets. Many bug zappers have protective cases over the electric coils, for example. Bugs can easily fly through the cases, but it’s impossible to fit a finger through the case.

Free of Toxins & Chemicals: Some people spray their yards periodically to remove mosquitos and other pests. Others coat themselves with bug repellant or sprays. These solutions may be effective, but they also expose you to toxins. Bug zappers use a toxin-free, chemical-free system to repel bugs.

Usable Indoors & Outdoors: Whether you’re dealing with bug problems indoors or outdoors, you can use a bug zapper anywhere you need. Some bring them camping, for example, while others use them in kitchens and bathrooms inside.

Portable, Lightweight, and Easy to Carry Around: Bug zappers are portable and easy to carry with you from place to place. You might carry a bug zapper with you around the house, for example, or when moving indoors to outdoors. Instead of spraying your entire hole, you create a force field around yourself wherever you need.

Protect Against Disease, Illness, and Mosquito-Borne Viruses: From chikungunya to zika to West Nile, mosquitoes are known to carry deadly diseases. Without a bug zapper or other insect repellant solution, you could put your family at risk. The best bug zappers protect against disease, illness, and mosquito-born viruses by pushing bugs away from your property.

24/7 Protection Without Refills or Replacements: Instead of constantly spraying your home or body every few hours, you can create round-the-clock protection with the best bug zappers. Bug zappers are passive devices that work constantly to protect your home. You don’t need to actively manage them. Just turn them on, then let them do their job.

Mess-Free Cleanup: Some toxic pesticides leave harmful residue around your home. Others leave your home covered in dead bugs. Dead bugs could lurk behind walls, for example, and add an unpleasant odor to your property. The best bug zappers are mess-free and easy to clean. Many have removable trays, for example, that you can easily wipe clean between uses.

Rechargeable & Wireless: Many of the top-rated bug zappers are wireless. Some are even solar-powered. You can use these devices off-the-grid away from electricity. If you’re camping, for example, you can easily bring a bug zapper with you even though there’s no nearby source of electricity. Just charge the bug zapper before you leave or let solar power do the work.

Unlimited Number of Uses: Each spray bottle of insect repellant only has a limited number of uses. With today’s top-rated bug zappers, that’s not an issue. Your bug zappers have an unlimited number of uses, and you can use them over and over again without compromising their quality or effectiveness. If you want a long-term solution against bugs in and around your home, then a single good bug zapper could be the right choice.

Backed by Scientific Evidence: Studies show mosquitos are drawn to specific types and wavelengths of light. Bug zappers use this phenomenon to their advantage, using LEDs at specific wavelengths to lure mosquitos and other flying pests.

Protect Against Mosquitos, Gnats, Flies, and Hundreds of Other Pests: The best bug zappers don’t just target mosquitos; they target all types of flying pests – from flies to gnats to no-see-ums. Whether you’re fighting a specific problem on your property or looking for comprehensive protection, you can get the solution you need with a good bug zapper.

Protect Against Bites, Itching, and Rashes: Without a bug zapper, you could be left with painful bites, itches, and rashes every time you go outdoors. Bug zappers defend you against these issues, helping you spend time outdoors without dealing with bites for days afterward.

Silent Operation: All of the bug zappers above are virtually silent to operate. They make no noise. In comparison, some bug zapping solutions create an unpleasant buzzing noise or a loud snap every time they kill a bug. With bug zappers like the ones on our list, that’s not an issue. They run silently in the background to defend your house from bugs at all times.

FAQs About Bug Zappers

We get plenty of questions about bug zappers and how they work. Here’s how our experts responded to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive:

Q: How do bug zappers work?

A: Bug zappers work by attracting bugs using ultraviolet (UV) or visible light; then, before bugs reach the light, they contact an electric coil and instantly die.

Q: Are bug zappers safe to use around kids and pets?

A: Bug zappers are among the safest bug control solutions to use around kids and pets. Most bug zappers have protective casings covering the electric coil, for example.

Q: Will bug zappers bother dogs?

A: Most bug zappers don’t emit noise at a wavelength to bother dogs. However, if you use an ultrasonic bug zapper (like Buggwatch) on our list above, then your dog could hear the ultrasonic noise when you turn it on.

Q: How powerful are bug zappers?

A: Most bug zappers have 1,000 to 5,000 volts moving through their electric coil.

Q: Are bug zappers waterproof?

A: Most bug zappers are weatherproof or water-resistant, which means they can withstand rain and hail. However, most bug zappers are not technically waterproof, which means you can’t submerge them underwater.

Q: Do I need to turn my bug zapper on and off every time I use it?

A: Most experts recommend running your bug zapper 24/7 for maximum protection. However, depending on your device’s battery life and source of power, you may or may not want to run it constantly.

Q: Where should I place my bug zapper?

A: Most experts recommend hanging a bug zapper from a deck or patio, off the ground for maximum protection outdoors. Choose a spot around 6 feet from where you are sitting and around 3 to 5 feet off the ground for optimal protection.

Q: Do bug zappers work inside?

A: Yes, bug zappers work inside the same way they work outside.

Q: Do bug zappers only attract light-sensitive insects?

A: Bug zappers may work particularly well against light-sensitive insects, although the best work against all types of insects.

Q: How can I increase the effectiveness of my bug zapper?

A: You can increase the effectiveness of your bug zapper by placing it in an optimal location, adding scents or pads to your bug zapper, and turning the brightness up to the maximum level.

Q: How long do bug zappers last?

A: The average bug zapper lasts 4 to 10 hours on a single charge. Some bug zappers last longer, while others have solar panels that let them run indefinitely.

Q: Why won’t my bug zapper light up?

A: Some bug zappers do not emit light in the visible spectrum. They emit ultraviolet light to attract mosquitos. Humans cannot see ultraviolet light with the naked eye, although bugs and insects can see this light.

Q: Why do bugs like ultraviolet light?

A: Some bugs like ultraviolet light because they associate it with an easy food source – like human or animal skin. Your skin emits this light naturally all the time, and bugs think they’re getting an easy meal.

Q: How do I maintain my bug zapper?

A: Most bug zappers require little to no maintenance. Just clean the removable tray periodically and wipe down any surfaces.

Q: Do bug zappers work during daylight?

A: Bug zappers work during the daylight, although they tend to be less efficient. At night, UV light looks like a bright, shining sun to insects. During the day, UV light reflects off everything, giving your bug zapper more competition. For best results, run your bug zapper at night or during the evening.

Q: Are bug zappers good for the environment?

A: Bug zappers could disrupt a local ecosystem by killing food sources for birds and other animals. However, using a single bug zapper around your home is unlikely to cause a significant effect on local ecosystems. Plus, most bug zappers tend to be more eco-friendly than chemical solutions and toxic pesticides.

Q: Do bug zappers kill male and female mosquitos?

A: Most bug zappers only kill female mosquitos, because only female mosquitoes require protein and feed on humans. Male mosquitoes may not be as attracted to bug zappers as female mosquitos.

Q: What types of diseases do mosquitos carry?

A: Mosquitos can carry a range of serious diseases, including viral encephalitis, yellow fever, malaria, dog heartworm, zika virus, West Nile Virus, and chikungunya, among many others.

Q: Do bug lights really work?

A: Yes, studies show bug lights really work to attract mosquitos and other bugs. Many bugs are naturally drawn towards certain types and wavelengths of light. Bug lights use this light to attract mosquitos, then trap or kill them.

Q: What’s the best bug zapper?

A: Bub Bulb, BlitzyBug, and Mosquitron are among the best bug zappers available today.

Q: What’s the best way to heal a mosquito bite?

A: The best way to heal a mosquito bite is to use a product like Dorikabite, which uses thermal energy to disrupt mosquito saliva and prevent itchiness, irritation, and inflammation at the site.

Final Word

According to the World Health Organization, the mosquito is the deadliest creature on the planet. Each year, mosquitos cause over 500,000 deaths worldwide – say, by spreading malaria, yellow fever, and other serious diseases.

Fortunately, top-rated bug zappers can help. Today’s best bug zappers use proven technology – including UV lights and LEDs – to attract insects, then kill or trap them.

We tested, rated, and ranked today’s top bug zappers to separate the facts from the hype. Check our list of the best bug zappers above to find the best bug zapper for your unique needs.

Affiliate Disclosure:

The links contained in this product review may result in a small commission if you opt to purchase the product recommended at no additional cost to you. This goes towards supporting our research and editorial team. Please know we only recommend high-quality products.


Please understand that any advice or guidelines revealed here are not even remotely substitutes for sound medical or financial advice from a licensed healthcare provider or certified financial advisor. Make sure to consult with a professional physician or financial consultant before making any purchasing decision if you use medications or have concerns following the review details shared above. Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed as the statements regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or Health Canada. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA, or Health Canada approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and do not provide any kind of get-rich money scheme. Reviewer is not responsible for pricing inaccuracies. Check product sales page for final prices.

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