Rich Dad 2023 Predictions Review (Robert Kiyosaki) Expert Strategies to Build Wealth?

“Rich Dad” Robert T. Kiyosaki has launched a new online presentation featuring his predictions for 2023.

By attending the free webinar today, you can discover some of the trends, smart investments, and events that could occur by the end of 2023. The event features Robert and a team of speakers.

What will you learn during Rich Dad’s 2023 predictions webinar? Should you attend the webinar? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about today’s webinar in our review.

What is the Rich Dad’s 2023 Predictions Webinar?

Rich Dad’s 2023 Predictions is a free webinar available exclusively online through

During the webinar, Robert Kiyosaki of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” fame reveals some of his predictions for 2023 – including events that could occur, investments you could make today, and strategies you can implement to protect your wealth and your family.

A panel of experts joins Robert. During the webinar, you’ll hear about each expert’s predictions for the upcoming year.

How do smart investors get rich during uncertain times? What should you do today to achieve financial freedom? How can you escape the rat race once and for all? Robert plans to answer all of these questions.

The Rich Dad’s 2023 Predictions webinar is hosted by Chris Steele of, who leads a panel of six experts – including Robert and Kim Kiyosaki.

Robert and Kim Kiyosaki have been launching livestreams online for over a decade. Millions around the world have seen their webinars.

Suppose you stay with Rich Dad’s 2023 Predictions until the end of the presentation. In that case, you receive bonus resources to help you take advantage of Robert’s 2023 predictions – including over $2,200 worth of bonus guides and eBooks.

Rich Dad's 2023 Registration

What Will You Learn During the Rich Dad’s 2023 Predictions Webinar?

Some of the topics covered during the Rich Dad’s 2023 Predictions webinar include:

  • How savvy investors get rich during times like these
  • How to be fearless about your financial future
  • Why today’s investment landscape could be the opportunity of your lifetime
  • 12 predictions you need to know about
  • What to expect from interest rates and how to profit from them
  • Specific wealth-building strategies for the year ahead

According to host Chris Steele, the webinar’s goal is to “help you look critically at the opportunities and challenges investors should be aware of in the upcoming year and beyond.” You’ll discover specific investment strategies, trends you need to be aware of, and general tips for building wealth.

Rich Dad’s 2023 Predictions Webinar Event Speakers

The Rich Dad’s 2023 Predictions webinar features Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and four additional guests from across the investment world.

The complete list of attendees includes:

  • Robert Kiyosaki (Investor, Educator, & Bestselling Author)
  • Kim Kiyosaki (Investor, Educator, & Bestselling Author)
  • Tom Wheelwright (Rich Dad Advisor)
  • Dr. Nomi Prins (Economist, Author of Permanent Distortion)
  • Gerald Celente (Founder & Director of the Trends Research Institute)
  • Chris Steel (Serial Entrepreneur and Host of American Underdog)

Topics Covered in the Rich Dad’s 2023 Predictions Webinar

During the Rich Dad’s 2023 Predictions webinar, Robert Kiyosaki and his panel of guests discuss their predictions for the coming months and years.

We live in uncertain times. Interest rates are higher than they’ve been in 15+ years. Everything is getting more expensive. Housing prices have skyrocketed.

However, according to Rich Dad’s 2023 Predictions webinar panel, things will worsen in the coming months and years. We’ll face the worst socioeconomic crisis of our lifetime.

Fortunately, by taking action today, you can secure your wealth during these uncertain times, avoid the catastrophic consequences of the upcoming depression, and make life-changing returns in the coming years – even as others are experiencing disastrous investment returns because of inflation and a tumultuous stock market.

Some of the topics covered during the Rich Dad’s 2023 Predictions webinar include:

Why Schools Don’t Teach Us Financial & Investment Information: Schools push you into being a good citizen who fits into the system. They push you to go to more schools, get a steady job, and stay in the rat race your whole life. The webinar’s panel advocates a different approach. They recommend surrounding yourself with experts, ignoring the mainstream media, and making your own educated assumptions about the future of the economy.

Why the Global Financial System is Tied Up in the Hands of a Few People: Robert Kiyosaki finds the system unfairly biased in favor of rich people: they pay some of the lowest taxes in the world. Why are billionaires paying less tax than teachers or police officers? Robert Kiyosaki talks about his experience with his “rich dad” (who worked as the head of education in the state of Hawaii) and his “poor dad,” who had different views on wealth.

  • Why You Shouldn’t Let Others Invest for You: According to Robert Kiyosaki in Rich Dad’s 2023 Predictions webinar, “the biggest mistake people can make is having someone else invest for them.” Instead, he recommends using your brain and investing for yourself. If you let someone else manage your money, you’re already on the way to being stuck in the rat race.
  • Why We’re Heading Into the Biggest Depression in World History: Robert Kiyosaki believes the next depression will be the worst ever to occur, claiming, “I think we’re going into the greatest depression in world history, coming up soon.” This depression could begin at the end of 2023 or soon after.
  • How The Coming Depression “Could Be the Biggest Opportunity of Your Life”: Robert warns the subsequent depression could be the worst depression in world history for many people. Many people have built life-changing fortunes during recessions. However, this depression will also pose one of the greatest opportunities in your life.
  • How to Use Government Tax Incentives to Leverage Real Estate & Debt: “The fastest way to increase your return on investment is tax benefits,” according to Tom Wheelwright during the Rich Dad’s 2023 Predictions webinar. The government provides tax incentives for home ownership, helping you use debt to become wealthier. By taking advantage of these tax incentives, you can
  • Why High-Interest Rates Shouldn’t Scare You: Today’s interest rates are around 7%, which seems high relative to the last decade. However, Robert Kiyosaki also claims inflation is “at 17%,” which means you’re still coming out 10 points ahead. By buying real estate today
  • Why 2023, 2024, and 2025 “Will Probably Be a Recession”: The coming years “will probably be a recession,” according to the panel. We’re early seeing early warning signs, and things will continue to get worse over the coming years.
  • Why More Bargains Will Appear in the Coming Years: Although a recession could occur, it could also lead to bargains. There will be bargains in real estate and precious metals, for example. Although none of the panel seems overly interested in stock market bargains, they recommend searching for bargains in real estate.
  • According to Robert Kiyosaki, why Now is Not the Time to Flip a House for Newbies: It may be the worst time to flip a house. It’s not the time to flip a house if you’re new to the world of real estate investing. Newbies should stay out of the market or get informed by hiring a coach.
  • The Importance of Thinking Outside the Box: Rich Dad’s 2023 Predictions webinar guest Gerald Celente recommends “breaking out of the system” the government and education system has created for you. By thinking outside of the box, you can escape the rat rate.
  • How We’re Approaching the “Worst Socioeconomic and Geopolitical Crisis in Modern History”: The next depression won’t just be a minor recession; instead, it will have disastrous socioeconomic and geopolitical consequences worldwide, creating the worst crisis in modern history. For example, a global refugee crisis will occur over the coming months and years.
  • Why The Best Time to Invest is Coming: What do you do to invest at the worst times? During the webinar, you can discover some of the specific investments you should make during the upcoming recession. These are the best times to invest, and they’re coming up. You could make life-changing wealth in the coming months and years.
  • Why You Can’t Rely on a 401(k) and the Stock Market for Retirement: The economy and housing markets “are going to be experiencing some real pain,” according to webinar guest Dr. Nomi Prins. People with significant wealth tied into their houses and the stock market may suffer over the coming years. Overall, the panel advises real estate and precious metals over stock market investing.
  • Why Consider Buying Gold, Silver, & Copper: Dr. Prins believes there will be continued opportunities to invest in commodities. She likes gold, silver, and copper, for example. As inflation rises, these commodities will also rise in price. Dr. Prins is a particularly big fan of copper.
  • Why Jerome Powell “Has No Clue What’s Going on With the Real Economy”: Dr. Prins believes there’s a “distortion” between the markets and the real economy because of people like Jerome Powell, head of the US Federal Reserve. Dr. Prins claims it’s “not hard” for investors to be smarter than Jerome Powell, and they need to outsmart him to grow wealth.
  • Why Now is the Time to Look for Real Estate Deals: Dr. Prins believes now is the time to look for real estate deals. Although Robert and other guests seem to advise waiting, Dr. Prins believes today is the best time because we’re at an “interim” peak in interest rates. Interest rates have risen, and they could rise higher as inflation continues to occur.
  • Why Robert Started to Invest in Real Estate at 9.5% Interest Rates: Today’s 7% interest rates may scare investors. However, when Robert started to invest in real estate, interest rates were at 9.5%. He still purchased real estate because he knew the overall trend was going down and that interest rates would likely drop in the near future.
  • How Tax Benefits Are Incentives for Doing what the Government Wants You To Do: The government uses tax incentives to push its people into doing certain things. Governments worldwide incentivize business, technology, agriculture, real estate, and energy, for example, because these are good for the economy and country overall.
  • How to Find Deals that Are Cash Flowing Even at a 10% Interest Rate: “If you’re smarter and understand what you’re doing, there are going to be huge opportunities out there,” according to webinar guest Kim Kiyosaki. People sell real estate because they can no longer afford it with high inflation and higher interest rates. By taking advantage of these deals and finding the right opportunities, you can secure wealth amidst times of uncertainty.
  • Why Interest Rates Will Drop Before the 2024 Election: Gerald Celente believes the Federal Reserve will lower interest rates just before the 2024 election because they’ve taken similar action. According to Gerald, although the Federal Reserve is not supposed to be tied to a political party, it may try to influence politics regardless by manipulating interest rates. Lowering the interest rates can pump up the economy before an election. Central banks worldwide may also pump more money into the economy over the coming years, particularly before the 2024 election in the United States.
  • Why Inflation Will Continue to Get Worse, Which is Why You Should Buy Gold and Real Estate: The webinar continues to come back to similar topics: buy gold and real estate to beat inflation. According to Gerald Celente, we haven’t begun to see the effects of inflation, and inflation will continue to get worse. Gerald claims gold is “held down because of the artificially boosted dollar,” so he recommends buying gold and real estate today. He believes gold and real estate are his number one and number two safe havens today.
  • Why America Could Experience a Civil War: “If people don’t think a civil war is a possibility, they’re naive,” according to webinar host Chris Steele. The panel, as a whole, believes we’re approaching significant social unrest in the coming months and years. We’re approaching a crisis, and smart investors are prepared. The average American has no clue what’s going on. They’re in “La La Land,” according to Chris.
  • Why the Biggest Investment Asset You Have is Your Brain:This is your greatest asset or liability,” according to Robert Kiyosaki, pointing to his head. You are in charge of your brain, and it can be your greatest asset for growing wealth – or your most significant liability for making bad deals. You need to take back control of your brain, take back control of your investments, and make smart deals based on educated estimates.
  • Why You Can’t Control the Stock Market, But You Can Control Other Assets: Overall, the Rich Dad’s 2023 Predictions panel believes in the power of investing in real estate and precious metals – not the stock market. The stock market can go up or down, and you can’t control it. You have better control over real estate and precious metals, which is why they may be smart stores of value moving forward.
  • The Importance of Hiring a Coach, Subscribing to a Newsletter, or Signing Up for an Education Platform: Robert Kiyosaki advocates lifelong learning. He and the entire panel recommend hiring a coach, subscribing to newsletters, and signing up for education platforms to be a smarter investors. Several members of the panel offer their own newsletters; for example, Robert Kiyosaki offers training through the Rich Dad World brand. By working with these mentors, you can spot opportunities in the coming months and avoid tackling the upcoming crisis alone.

When is the Rich Dad’s 2023 Predictions Webinar?

The Rich Dad’s 2023 Predictions webinar is available on demand through the official website. After visiting the website, you can view a list of available times. Sign up for one that meets your schedule, then attend the webinar online:

Rich Dad’s 2023 Predictions Webinar: Live and on-demand at

Once the webinar begins, you can’t pause it, nor can you save it to view later. Make sure you have 60 minutes of free time to attend the webinar.

Bonuses Included with the Rich Dad’s 2023 Predictions Webinar

The Rich Dad’s 2023 Predictions webinar is free for anyone to attend. It’s not just free; you also get bonuses for attending.

Bonuses included with the Rich Dad’s 2023 Predictions webinar include:

  • Free download of Robert Kiyosaki’s new book, Rich Dad’s Real Estate Cash Flow (available online today for webinar attendees before it goes to print)
  • Bonus segment called Insider’s View on 2023 Opportunities
  • Robert Kiyosaki’s Free Cash Flow Companion Guide

The official webinar website says these three bonuses are worth over $200. You receive free access to all three bonuses immediately after the conclusion of the presentation.

However, if you stay right to the end of the presentation, you also get a free unadvertised $2,000 bonus:

Unadvertised $2,000 bonus from Robert Kiyosaki

Stay until the end of the presentation, after the Q&A session with Robert Kiyosaki, to receive instant access to all your free bonuses.

What’s the Catch?

Why is the Rich Dad’s 2023 Predictions webinar free? How are you getting $2,200 in bonuses free of charge? What’s the catch?

There’s no “catch” to the program; instead, the goal is to advertise the various advisory services of the panel. Dr. Prins offers top-rated investment newsletters, while Robert Kiyosaki provides coaching and education through Rich Dad World.

You’re under no obligation to sign up for these services. You can watch the webinar for free and receive all free bonuses with no obligations whatsoever.

About Rich Dad World

Rich Dad World is an online platform and part of the Rich Dad family. The goal of Rich Dad World is to teach students how to “get out of the rat race faster” using proven strategies from Robert Kiyosaki and his team.

Rich Dad World periodically hosts free online webinars to advertise its training services to students. The Rich Dad’s 2023 Predictions webinar is the latest.

You can contact Rich Dad World via the following:

Final Word

Rich Dad World has launched a new webinar called Rich Dad’s 2023 Predictions.

Available for free online, the webinar covers a range of topics from across the investing world – from inflation to the potential upcoming depression to the best places to put your money today.

To attend Rich Dad’s 2023 Predictions webinar today, visit the official website.

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