Una Patches CBD Patches Review – Does Una CBD Patch for Pain Relief Work?

Una Patches CBD Patches are pain relief patches featuring the proven power of cannabidiol (CBD).

Available exclusively online through UnaPatches.com, Una Patches CBD Patches are designed to relieve pain at the source without side effects, prescription medication, or addictive ingredients.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Una Patches CBD Patches and how they work today in our review.

What Are Una Patches CBD Patches?

Una Patches is a pain relief patch company that recently launched a lineup of cannabidiol-powered patches called CBD Patches.

Many people apply cannabidiol cream, ointments, or patches daily to relieve pain the source. CBD interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system, including CB1 and CB2 receptors, to help with pain and anxiety. Some people use CBD to relieve irritation. Others use it for joint pain, inflammation, arthritis, or specific conditions.

Una Patches CBD Patches are exclusively available through the Una Patches online store at UnaPatches.com. As part of a 2023 launch promotion, the patches are priced at a discount rate of $69.95 per pack, with each pack containing a one month supply.

Una Patches CBD Patches Benefits

Una Patches CBD Patches Benefits

According to Una Patches, the company’s CBD Patches are “the most advanced pain treatment available on the market.”

Backed by centuries of use in traditional medicine, the active ingredients in Una Patches CBD Patches can provide meaningful pain relief for multiple types of pain.

Some of the benefits of Una Patches CBD Patches include:

  • Transdermal delivery system for maximum absorption
  • More effective CBD bioavailability compared to oils, gummies, and capsules
  • Start to work within 20 minutes
  • Absorb 750% more CBD and experience effects more rapidly by avoiding metabolic destruction
  • Made in FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility
  • Small, discreet, easy-to-use patches

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How Do Una Patches CBD Patches Work?

There are other topical CBD solutions on the market – including lotions, creams, ointments, and patches. What makes Una Patches CBD Patches unique? Why use these patches instead of competing options? How do the patches work?

Una Patches CBD Patches use a transdermal delivery system to maximize absorption. You place the patch against your skin, and the ingredients begin entering your skin, passing through the permeable layer of your skin before entering your bloodstream.

Using transdermal delivery, Una Patches CBD Patches can bypass your body’s natural metabolic breakdown processes. When you take CBD oil or CBD gummies, you body breaks down the active ingredients inside these products, reducing their effectiveness. Your stomach acid destroys some of the active ingredients, for example, while your body’s metabolic processes break down CBD to reduce the amount your body ultimately absorbs.

In fact, according to Una Patches, this unique delivery system helps you “absorb 750% more CBD directly into your bloodstream.” Normally, you would lose this CBD and experience weaker effects. With Una Patches CBD Patches, you get maximum CBD for maximum pain relief.

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Una Patches CBD Patches Features

Una Patches has designed its CBD Patches to be the ultimate pain relief patches on the market. They’re designed to be superior to other CBD patches and CBD pain relief solutions.

Here are some of the features, unique traits, and bonuses of using Una Patches CBD Patches:

Made Locally: Una Patches makes its CBD patches in the United States or United Kingdom, depending on where you place your order. If ordering Una Patches CBD Patches from the United States, for example, you’re buying CBD Patches made in the United States in FDA-registered, GMP-certified facilities.

Sustainable Manufacturing: Una Patches takes pride in its sustainable manufacturing practices. The company is proud to be the first climate positive CBD brand. At the Marie Claire Sustainability Awards, the company was chosen as the “Best CBD Brand.”

Premium Pathway for Rapid Delivery: Una Patches CBD Patches use a premium pathway to rapidly and efficiently deliver active ingredients from the patch directly into your skin.

Mess-Free, Odor-Free Design: Una Patches CBD Patches come with a mess-free, odor-free, taste-free design. They don’t smell like anything, nor do they leave sticky residue on your skin.

Continuous Delivery of Active Ingredients: Some pain relief solutions come with peaks and valleys, providing powerful pain relief at certain times only to lose their effectiveness over time. Una Patches CBD Patches, meanwhile, claim to give you “continuous control” with “no ups or downs,” simply providing you with a steady stream of the active ingredients.

Zero Waste: Una Patches claims to use zero waste manufacturing processes, which means it diverts over 95% of waste away from landfills by recycling or reusing it. To achieve this target, Una Patches uses biodegradable patches, recyclable packaging, vegan ingredients, and a waterproof design.

Easy to Use: Just peel the patches, stick the patches on, and go. There’s no mess or fuss.

Help with Mood: According to Una Patches, the CBD patches can provide “clarity and consistency,” helping to support a positive mood overall.

Support Sleep for Better Rest & Relaxation: Chronic pain can make it hard to fall asleep at night. Una Patches CBD Patches can support sleep for better rest and relaxation.

Vegan Ingredients: Una Patches CBD Patches are vegan and vegetarian friendly, and there are no animal products or by-products in the patches whatsoever.

Waterproof: Una Patches CBD Patches are waterproof, and you can easily use them in the shower, bath, or rain without worrying about them losing their effectiveness.

No Side Effects: Una Patches CBD Patches work without side effects. The vast majority of CBD users experience no side effects, and CBD is known to be well-tolerated. Unlike other natural chemicals within the hemp plant (like THC), CBD has no psychoactive effects, which means it works without getting you high.

Work in 20 Minutes: Una Patches CBD Patches get to work in 20 minutes, according to the official website, providing you with rapid relief from pain. Instead of waiting for hours for your body to absorb the active ingredients in CBD oil or CBD gummies, you can enjoy rapid relief from pain.

Legal Everywhere: Una Patches CBD Patches are legal throughout the United States and the United Kingdom (the two countries available for shipping through Una Patches). There are no laws restricting the sale of CBD products in either country, and you can buy Una Patches CBD Patches as easily as you would buy a protein powder or weight loss supplement.

No Addictive Substances: It’s easy to become addicted to pain relief medication, and many people avoid opiates, prescription pain medication, or over-the-counter pain pills because of concerns with addiction. With Una Patches CBD Patches, there are no habit-forming ingredients, and the ingredients are not known for their addictive properties.

Promote Calmness & Anxiety Relief: Una Patches CBD Patches can promote calmness and overall relief from anxiety. Many people take CBD or use CBD patches daily for anxiety and overall relief. CBD has anxiolytic effects, which means it can help with anxiety. Chronic pain can lead to anxiety, and some people have anxiety for reasons that have nothing to do with pain.

Promote Mental & Physical Recovery: Some people apply Una Patches CBD Patches after exercise. Exercising can cause temporary pain, muscle tension, and soreness throughout your body. Una Patches CBD Patches can help by infusing CBD into targeted areas of your body, providing meaningful pain relief.

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Who Created Una Patches CBD Patches? About Dr. Anna Clay and Katherine Hale

Una Patches CBD Patches were created by Dr. Anna Clay. They’re also promoted online by Katherine Hale, a 55-year old woman who struggled with chronic pain until meeting Dr. Clay and using her pain relief solution.

Dr. Anna Clay has two masters degrees in Chemistry and Biology. She also has a Doctorate in Medicinal Chemistry. Prior to launching Una Patches, Dr. Clay worked for a big pharmaceutical company. However, she quit the company after becoming disillusioned with their treatments ignoring the root of the problem.

Katherine Hale, meanwhile, had suffered for pain “for so many years” before meeting Dr. Clay. In fact, she claims she would “struggle to remember a time when it [the pain] didn’t exist.” She tried prescription pain relief medication, over-the-counter solutions, and other pain relief treatments. Painkillers left her with deadly ulcers in her stomach, and she hated the addictiveness and side effects.

To make a long story short, Katherine met up with Dr. Anna Clay, who recommended she take Una Patches CBD Patches to treat her chronic pain. Katherine felt her chronic pain reduce “in the first few weeks” of using the patches, transforming her life.

Katherine convinced Dr. Anna Clay she had created a pain relief miracle. The two decided to partner together to launch Una Patches CBD Patches to the world. Katherine combined her marketing experience with Dr. Clay’s science experience to launch Una Patches.

Today, thanks to the work of Katherine Hale and Dr. Anna Clay, anyone can order Una Patches CBD Patches through the Una Patches online store.

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Scientific Evidence for Una Patches CBD Patches

Una Patches labels its CBD Patches as “lab tested,” which means the company has tested the patches in a lab to verify their purity, potency, and overall effectiveness. CBD has also been extensively studied for its effects on pain overall. We’ll review some of the evidence on CBD and pain relief below.

First, Una Patches CBD Patches were created by Dr. Anna Clay, who has a doctorate in medicinal chemistry. This gives the patches additional medical and scientific legitimacy over certain other pain relief solutions promoted online – especially those created by marketing teams and not reviewed by medical experts or scientists.

As proof Una Patches CBD Patches work, Dr. Clay and her team cite 5 studies on the official website, including:

A 2008 study showed cannabinoids, including CBD, could help treat pain. That study showed THC and CBD both helped with pain relief while being well-tolerated. Cannabinoids worked as CB1 receptor agonists, which appeared to provide analgesic (pain relieving) and anti-inflammatory effects. Many people with chronic pain have high levels of inflammation, and the natural anti-inflammatory effects of CBD could help.

Dr. Clay also cites a 2016 study specifically on transdermal cannabidiol (CBD) patches – similar to the technology used in Una Patches CBD Patches. In that 2016 study, researchers found topical application of CBD had therapeutic potential for relieving arthritis pain and inflammation without side effects.

Some people find CBD helps with difficult pain, including pain they have struggled to treat with conventional methods. A 2008 study, for example, found cannabinoids had anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects unique from conventional pain relief solutions – including prescription pain relief solutions and over-the-counter medication.

Some people improve sleep with CBD. A 2019 study in The Permanente Journal found cannabidiol could help with sleep by interacting with the central nervous system. This effect could be particularly useful in those with anxiety.

The final cited study on the Una Patches CBD Patches website explores the use of the cannabis plant overall for pain relief. The cannabis plant is backed by centuries of use in pain relief, and this attention has increased over the last few decades. Growing research has connected CBD and other cannabinoids in the plant to noticeable effects on pain relief.

Overall, Una Patches CBD Patches have a noticeable and proven effect on pain relief, helping you deal with pain, anxiety, stress, inflammation, and more in various ways.

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Una Patches CBD Patches Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Una Patches CBD Patches have strong reviews from customers who have achieved powerful pain relief using the active ingredients.

Here are some of the thoughts shared by verified purchasers at the official website:

One customer claims Una Patches CBD Patches are “now an essential part” of her bedtime routine, claiming she can sleep better and without pain because of the patches.

Another customer claims Una Patches CBD Patches “have been a lifesaver for [her] anxiety and stress.” Many people take CBD daily for stress, anxiety, and pain relief. Some experience anxiety because of their chronic pain, while others experience anxiety for other reasons.

Many customers claim they notice the difference once they stop using Una Patches CBD Patches. You may feel the benefits gradually, then notice how much you miss the patches once you stop using them, for example.

One customer claims she feels “calm and relaxed” during the day when she wears the patches.

Another customer has suffered from chronic back pain “for years” without finding relief. She tried other CBD products, yet nothing provided the lasting pain relief she needed – until she started to use Una Patches CBD Patches. The patches gave her noticeable relief from her chronic back pain, and she’s now “pretty much pain free” because of the patches.

Many customers like how easy it is to use the patches. Just stick it on, then let the ingredients get infused into your body through your skin. It’s a painless, mess-free, easy-to-use delivery system.

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Una Patches CBD Patches Pricing

You can buy a 1 month, 3 month, or 6 month supply of Una Patches CBD Patches through the official online store. You can use the patches daily to relieve pain. Or, you can use the patches as needed.

Una Patches CBD Patches Pricing

Here’s how pricing works when ordering Una Patches CBD Patches online today:

  • 1 Pack (1 Month Supply): $69 + $9.95 Shipping
  • 3 Packs (3 Month Supply): $177 ($59 Per Pack) + $9.95 Shipping
  • 6 Packs (6 Month Supply): $264 ($44 Per Pack) + Free Shipping + 4 Free Bonuses

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Bonuses Included with Una Patches CBD Patches

If you buy the 6 pack (6 month supply) option of Una Patches CBD Patches, you get 6 packs of Una Patches CBD Patches along with 4 free digital bonuses. Those digital bonuses are delivered immediately to you after your purchase is confirmed. Each digital bonus can enhance the effects of Una Patches CBD Patches and help you enjoy meaningful pain relief.

The 4 digital bonuses include:

Free Bonus eBook #1: Peace in Pain: Peace in Pain explains how to silence your pain using proven physical and cognitive strategies. From applying CBD patches to adopting mindfulness and meditation techniques, this book covers a range of topics explaining how to manage pain in various ways.

Free Bonus eBook #2: How to Win Your War Against Pain: Chronic pain can feel like a war. You’re constantly doing battle against a difficult and complicated enemy. In this eBook, you can discover some of the proven strategies for winning your war against pain, including strategies you can implement today to fight back against chronic pain, acute pain, and other issues.

Free Bonus eBook #3: 7 Practical Tips to Achieve a Positive Mindset: You can help relieve pain by adopting a positive mindset. Pain isn’t just about the physical sensation; it’s also about how you manage and respond to pain in your mind. In this eBook, you can discover practical tips for achieving a positive mindset from morning to night. You might start your day with meditation, practice mindfulness all day long, and engage in other proven strategies, for example.

Free Bonus eBook #4: The Essential Guide to Reducing Stress with Meditation and Mindfulness: Meditation and mindfulness are two proven ways to help with stress and anxiety. When done right, they can help your body manage stress, relieve pain, and control your emotions. Some use CBD patches for pain, while others use them for anxiety – or both.

Overall, the total value of these bonuses is over $116 when sold separately. You receive immediate access to all bonuses at no extra cost after buying the 6 month supply of Una Patches CBD Patches online today.

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Una Patches CBD Patches Refund Policy

Una Patches offers a no-hassle 180-day moneyback guarantee on all CBD Patches purchases.

You have 180 days to try the patches for yourself to see if they work, then decide if they’re the right choice for you.

About Una Patches

Una Patches is a pain relief patch company offering a single flagship ingredient: CBD Patches. The company partnered with Dr. Anna Clay to create the patches. Dr. Clay recommends the patches to anyone who wants to live a pain-free life, get rid of anxieties and fears, and take back control of your body and mind.

You can contact Una Patches and the company’s customer service team via the following:

Una Patches makes its patches in the United States in FDA-registered, GMP-certified facilities. The company also offers its pain relief patches in the United Kingdom, and all patches for UK customers are made locally in the UK.

Final Word

Una Patches offers a lineup of CBD patches infused with cannabidiol to relieve pain. By applying the Una Patches CBD Patches daily, you can use a unique transdermal delivery system to pass active ingredients into your skin.

According to the official website, Una Patches CBD Patches can help with both chronic and acute pain. Some use them to enhance recovery, while others use them for general pain relief, arthritis pain, joint pain, and other issues.

To learn more about Una Patches CBD Patches and how they work or to buy the patches online today, visit the official website.

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