Psychic Readings for Free [2023] Top Free Psychics for Accurate Readings

More than a quarter of American adults identify as spiritual but not religious, according to a Pew Research Center study from 2017. A number of people have lost interest in formal religion for a variety of reasons, but they still want to connect to its substance.  In order to find purpose, meaning, and optimism, many people have chosen free psychic readings to find answers to their pressing questions. 

It is crucial to maintain a healthy balance in your life by engaging in more spiritual activities, such as psychic readings, because they give you a purpose beyond accumulating things. The psychic you engage with also gives you specific instructions that make it easier for you to navigate different situations in your life. 

Psychic readings have developed into a substantial online business, and since the service is easily accessible from anywhere, its popularity is only increasing. You can easily get in touch with the best psychics through a number of websites that offer psychic readings online. Receiving a psychic reading from one of these psychics who uses cultural spiritual techniques is a rewarding and enlightening experience. We have thoroughly reviewed 5 free psychic reading sites that will meet all of your spiritual requirements and the best part is that you also get to enjoy a psychic reading for free.

5 Free Psychic Reading Sites for Spiritual Guidance

  1. Psychic Source Find reliable and no-nonsense free psychic readings (FREE Minutes + Deals)
  2. Kasamba Get free psychic love advice from top-rated psychics  (3 FREE Minutes + 75% off)
  3. California Psychics Accurate psychic reading for free from thoroughly vetted psychics (5 FREE Minutes using Promo code “ADD5” )
  4. Purple Garden Modern mobile app to conveniently find free psychic readings ($10 FREE credit)
  5. Keen Tons of psychic options to obtain a psychic reading for free (10 minutes for $.199)

Why Believe Us?

A useful quality that veterans of the psychic reading scene develop is the ability to question everything. Since most of the psychic reading realm has to do with developing belief and trust, people develop an intuition to discriminate between lies and truth. Therefore, you should believe us when we tell you that we have compiled this list based entirely on our experiences with these free psychic reading sites.

There are plenty of online psychic reading sites, all of which claim to have the best psychics and the best prices. We have used numerous services like these and ended up with these 5 sites as the ones that lived up to the hype. These sites fulfill the major criteria, such as affordability, convenience, and security. Most importantly, they truly celebrate and believe in the importance of spiritual activities, such as psychic readings. Therefore, we truly believe that these sites will fulfill your spiritual needs and impart you with the guidance you are looking for in your life.

As enthusiasts of psychic readings, we believe in sharing our experiences with others and hope that you can make the correct decision with the help of our reviews on the best free psychic reading sites.

1. Psychic Source – Find Reliable and No-Nonsense Free Psychic Readings


Psychic Source has been providing online psychic readings to spiritual enthusiasts for over three decades. The website is completely straightforward and is certain to give you a fantastic psychic reading experience. The site’s commitment to client security, helpful customer service, affordable services, and the variety of types and methods of psychic readings available make it one of the best psychic reading sites you can explore to find free psychic readings.

A massive reason for Psychic Source’s longevity is its unwavering dedication to only hiring real and true psychics. The excellent psychic screening process used by Psychic Source ensures that the only those psychics are featured on the online platform who sincerely want to assist people. Psychic Source is ideal for beginners since they can browse the site and try out different readings without worrying about getting scammed.

Psychic Source has established itself as a much loved site to find the best psychics. However, it hasn’t let its reputation affect its very affordable price structure. Psychic Source built its clientele through budget-friendly readings, and it continues to stick to that ideology. Therefore, when you visit Psychic Source for the first time, you can get a psychic reading for free. 

Newcomers to Psychic Source can avail of a fantastic introductory offer of 3 free minutes. This offer can let you explore the psychic realm without any cost and help you decide whether you want to purchase a full reading and create a connection with your psychic. If you do end up continuing your reading, you will be charged the amazing price of $1 per minute. Therefore, you can get your first psychic reading at Psychic Source with the change you find at the back of your couch.

Standout Features of Psychic Source

  • Find-a-psychic tool
  • Psychic voice messages
  •  Satisfaction guarantee
  • Countdown clock during a reading

Find-a-Psychic Tool

While variety on psychic reading websites is greatly appreciated, there are instances when there are just too many choices. This specifically occurs when you are unable to isolate your needs into a single psychic reading category. This problem can be easily handled by a tool from Psychic Source. The tool allows you to enter your feelings, worries, and other preferences, and it will then pair you with the psychics who are the best fit for you. This tool is very beneficial and immensely helps people who are searching for solutions but aren’t exactly sure what they want from their psychic.

Psychic Voice Messages

Similar to other websites, Psychic Source offers comprehensive psychic profiles that let you learn more about the psychic medium, their reading methods, their areas of expertise, and their history. However, by requiring its psychics to post a voice message on their profile, Psychic Source makes the selection process even more straightforward. You can never really know whether you would hit it off with a psychic unless you actually get to hear them. These voice messages also help clients save time and money because they would have a clear idea of the psychic they are choosing rather than applying trial and error.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Continuing its excellent customer service, Psychic Source also provides a satisfaction guarantee to all of its customers. If a client is not pleased with their psychic reading, they can submit a request to obtain a 100% refund. This particular feature instills massive confidence in the customers and also removes any uncertainty or doubt from their minds. It also shows that Psychic Source has full belief in its network of experienced and vetted psychics.

Countdown Clock During a Reading

Like all sites, you have to decide on the duration of your psychic reading before your appointment. During a reading, the site provides you with a countdown clock that shows you how much time you have left in a reading. This helpful feature allows you to manage your time and keep it snappy and short to obtain all the answers you need.

Find safe and secure free psychic readings with Psychic Source


  • Psychic screening system to ensure customer security
  • 3 mins of a psychic reading for free
  • Find-a-psychic tool to help you in psychic selection
  • Comprehensive psychic profiles
  • PayPal payments available


  • Premium psychics are expensive
  • Some niche categories in psychic readings are not available
  • Video readings not available

Psychic Readings 

Here are some types of psychic readings you can explore for free at Psychic Source:

Numerology Readings

Numerology readings at Psychic Source can provide valuable insights into a person’s life by analyzing the significance of numbers in their birthdate and name. The experienced numerologists at Psychic Source use this information to create a personalized numerology report, which can shed light on a person’s personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, and even future opportunities. 

With accurate numerology readings, clients can gain a deeper understanding of themselves and make more informed decisions in their personal and professional lives. Psychic Source offers numerology readings by phone or chat for clients’ convenience.

Spiritual Readings

Clients wanting a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in their lives may find support and help with spiritual readings at Psychic Source. The knowledgeable spiritual guides at Psychic Source connect with clients and offer insights into their spiritual journeys using their intuitive skills. Spiritual consultations at Psychic Source, including tarot readings and mediumship meetings, can offer consolation, healing, and guidance during trying or uncertain times.

Psychic Source remains one of the best places to explore the psychic realm safely. Therefore, the free psychic readings from its reliable psychics can enlighten you and help you find the guidance that you feel is lacking in your life.

Visit Psychic Source now to avail of its amazing introductory offer

2. Kasamba – Get Free Psychic Love Advice from Top-Rated Psychics


Any ranking of the top websites for free psychic readings has to include Kasamba. Its widespread popularity among psychic reading enthusiasts can be credited to its intense commitment to giving its customers the best experience possible and concentrating on the psychic readings that are in demand.

Kasamba specializes in love readings—the most popular kind of psychic reading. The numerous and highly regarded psychics on Kasamba’s roster also specialize in giving career, financial, and dream interpretation readings. However, in  the psychic reading world,  Kasamba’s love psychics remain the reason for the site’s popularity. Many people seek out psychic readings to better understand the complexities of their love lives, and the psychics at Kasamba are completely qualified to offer all the relationship and love advice required.

Kasamba is an excellent stop in your search for free psychic readings. Kasamba can definitely be categorized as an affordable choice for psychic readings since there is always a deal or offer provided by the site for customers to enjoy. The site offers some of the most expensive psychic readings, with the most expensive ones costing up to $30 per minute, but this price increases as you progress toward the more seasoned and premium psychics. Despite this, there is one way you can be enlightened by a free psychic reading from Kasamba.

For first-time visitors of Kasamba, the site provides an amazing introductory offer that makes it possible to obtain a psychic reading for free. Customers can get the first 3 minutes of their first psychic reading for no cost and if the reading is up to the mark, they can also enjoy a whopping 70% discount on the rest of the reading. Since Kasamba is known for its excellent network roster of psychics, this might be the best value for money you will find at any psychic reading site.

Standout Features of Kasamba

  • Rating system
  • Expert forum
  • Guarantee to provide excellent service to customers
  • Psychic vetting system

Rating System

This particular psychic website has created a great method for determining the psychics featured on their platform. This is how the website’s psychic rating system works: a specific number is given to each psychic, which is based on the site’s assessment and customer feedback. Using the number, customers can easily assess each psychic’s expertise and decide whether they want to connect with them. All in all, the rating system makes finding reliable and skilled psychics a breeze.

Expert Forum

Kasamba keeps the spirit of its psychic reading community alive by providing an expert forum to ask any pressing questions about the site and its procedures. Clients can post their queries on the expert forum and get responses from a range of psychics on Kasamba. This feature truly shows how Kasamba is helping clients in every way possible to have a convenient psychic reading experience.

Guarantee to Provide Excellent Service to Customers

Kasamba takes great pleasure in offering outstanding customer service and provides a satisfaction guarantee to new customers. Within 72 hours of their first session, customers can contact Kasamba’s customer support staff to request a refund or credit towards a new reading if they feel dissatisfied with their reading. The company’s dedication to offering excellent readings and customer service is highlighted by Kasamba’s guarantee. Customers can be confident that the knowledgeable psychics and advisors at Kasamba will provide them with accurate and insightful readings thanks to this assurance.

Psychic Vetting System

Kasamba has built its reputation by ensuring that it only provides a platform to psychics who are credible and dedicated to providing assistance to people. Therefore, the site’s highly curated database of psychics comes through a strict vetting system, which ensures that only authentic psychics get to be associated with the site. Apart from its screening system, psychics who want to be featured on the site have to pay up to $40 to be considered. This fee is a huge positive since it weeds out the scammers who are looking to make a quick buck. This vetting system has helped Kasamba provide its customers with safe and secure psychic options. 

Find excellent love advice through Kasamba’s free psychic readings


  • Extensive database of the best psychics online
  • Introductory offer helps new customers get a psychic reading for free
  • Customers can negotiate prices with psychics
  • Satisfaction guarantee for new customers
  • Specialization in love readings


  • Refunds only available for new customers
  • Customer service is not available 24/7
  • Experienced psychics are out of budget for many customers

Psychic Readings 

If you want a psychic reading for free and also want a variety of options to choose from, Kasamba is the online psychic reading site for you. Here are some of the psychic reading categories you can get for free at Kasamba:

Astrology Reading

Astrology readings at Kasamba can provide clients with a deeper understanding of their personality, relationships, and life path by examining the positioning of celestial bodies at the time of their birth. Kasamba’s experienced astrologers use this information to create personalized birth charts and interpret their significance. With accurate astrology readings, clients can gain insight into their strengths, weaknesses, and potential obstacles, as well as identify opportunities for growth and success.


Mediumship readings at Kasamba can help clients connect with loved ones who have passed on, offering comfort and closure. The gifted mediums at Kasamba use their intuitive abilities to communicate with spirits and convey messages to their clients. Through mediumship readings, clients can receive guidance, support, and validation from their loved ones in the afterlife.

In a nutshell, Kasamba is a holistic psychic reading site with some of the best psychics in the business. The site continues to grow from strength to strength and if you are searching for a psychic reading for free, Kasamba proudly features as part of the best options available in the market.

Sign up for Kasamba to enjoy some of the best psychic readings online

3. California Psychics – Get a Psychic Read for Free from Thoroughly Vetted Psychics


California Psychics is considered a leader in the psychic reading industry and continues to grow from strength to strength. The site’s ever-growing popularity and its success in providing psychic guidance to its clientele can be chalked up to its focus on customer security. The site employs a very thorough and strict psychic recruitment policy that ensures that only reliable and authentic psychics offer their services on the platform. 

Customers still have a great selection of types, tools, and methods to choose from, despite California Psychics’ focus on fundamental psychic reading categories. For example, specialized career reading psychics are featured on California Psychics even though this is a category that is typically absent from most other websites.

Arguably, the biggest factor that helps maintain California Psychic’s popularity in the psychic reading community is its affordability. The site provides affordable psychic readings that range from $4 to $15. Apart from that, you can also enjoy psychic readings for free at California Psychics, thanks to its Karma Rewards Program. After signing up for the program, you automatically get $20 credited to your site account. You can use that money to enjoy psychic readings for free.

Standout Features of California Psychics

  • Strict psychic vetting system
  • Karma Rewards Program
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Excellent customer service

Strict Psychic Vetting System

California Psychics has made its name in the psychic reading industry due to its emphasis on customer security. The online psychic reading landscape is filled with scammers and the site wanted to create a space that was completely secure for customers. Due to its strict vetting system and no-tolerance policy for scammers, California Psychics has achieved its objective of creating a highly secure psychic reading site. 

The site uses a highly thorough 4-step vetting system to allow psychics access to its platform. The 4 steps include multiple checks and assessments. The site goes out of its way to run a criminal background check on potential psychics for its site. Therefore, if a psychic has passed through the vetting system, chances are that they are highly reliable and authentic.

Karma Rewards Program

To make the psychic reading experience even more convenient, California Psychics has introduced its rewards program called Karma Rewards program. Customers can get $20 in their account when they sign up and they can enjoy multiple rewards and free psychic reading throughout the year thanks to this program.

Refund Guarantee

Keeping true to its ideology of customer-first, California Psychics also provides a refund guarantee to its customers. If a client finds a psychic reading unsatisfactory, they can lodge a complaint with customer service. The site will investigate your situation and if they find your claims to be valid, they will credit the amount you spent on the reading to your account. With the added credit to your account, you can also enjoy a psychic reading for free.

Excellent Customer Service

California Psychics has earned a reputation for providing exceptional customer service. Their team of psychics is carefully selected, ensuring that each customer receives personalized and insightful readings. They also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a commitment to ensuring that every interaction with their customer support team is positive and professional. Customers have praised the company for their prompt responses and ability to provide accurate and helpful guidance.

Join California Psychics to enjoy a highly secure psychic reading for free


  • Highly secure psychic reading experience
  • Karma Rewards Program
  • 4-step vetting system
  • Reliable customer service


  • Video readings are not available
  • Customers cannot add to their account while they are in a reading

Psychic Readings 

California Psychics has an impressive variety of psychic readings and their different methods and tools to choose from. Here are some free psychic readings you can get enlightenment from at California Psychics:

Palm Readings

California Psychics offers palm readings as one of their many psychic services. Their palm readers are highly skilled and experienced, and they use a combination of intuition and traditional techniques to provide accurate and insightful readings. 

Palm readings can reveal insights into a person’s personality, potential future, and even health. Customers have praised California Psychics’ palm readers for their professionalism and accuracy, and for the caring and compassionate approach they take to each reading.

Dream Analysis

Our dreams are often thought to be a mirror into our subconscious. However, most of us lack the necessary tools to interpret them. The dream analysts at California Psychics help clients understand dreams and also provide the necessary guidance to implement from those dreams to make their lives better.

California Psychics has achieved remarkable growth in its stint as an online psychic reading site. Its success can be credited to its customer-first policies and a true appreciation of the art of psychic readings.

Visit California Psychics for an amazing psychic reading experience

4. Purple Garden – Modern Mobile App to Conveniently Find Free Psychic Readings


Purple Garden is a juggernaut in the online psychic reading landscape. Its years of experience have firmly established it as a much loved site for people who are looking to delve into the spiritual realm and build a connection with a psychic.

Purple Garden’s reputation is not unearned as it stems from its immaculate interface and a database of psychics who are all some of the best in their respective fields. These psychics provide several options when it comes to reading types and specializations. If you want a tarot reading or a palm reading, Purple Garden has you covered.

You can easily create a free account on Purple Garden and browse through all the psychic reading options it has to offer. Once you’ve settled on a psychic, you can either jump right into a reading if they’re online or with its incredible mobile app, you can get notified when the psychic is online.

Unlike other known psychic reading sites, Purple Garden does not provide any introductory offers with free minutes for its new customers. However, there is still a way you can find enlightenment through a free psychic reading from Purple Garden’s highly credible roster of psychics. To obtain a free psychic reading, you first have to purchase a psychic reading from Purple Garden. 

Purple Garden has some of the best psychics; therefore, any reading will be worth the money. After you have had your first reading, the site will provide $10 credit to your site account. You can use this money to take advantage of a free psychic reading from Purple Garden.

Standout Features of Purple Garden

  • Slick mobile app
  • Readings in multiple languages
  • Cashback program
  • Psychic notifications

Slick Mobile App

Purple Garden is leading the pack when it comes to developing apps for free psychic reading sites. Purple Garden’s app rivals any major app on the market and is designed specifically for customers to gain access to psychics, no matter where they are. Not only does the app allow you to see the online status of psychics as you browse through, you are able to enable notifications to know when a particular psychic is online. 

Instead of playing a cat-and-mouse game with the psychic and missing them when they are available, Purple Garden helps you utilize your time better and approach the psychic at a time they are available.

Readings in Multiple Languages

This is another aspect that helps set Purple Garden apart from its competitors. Online psychic reading sites have a global clientele and not all of them have English as a native language. Purple Garden provides psychic readings in multiple languages to help clients express themselves better and take full advantage of their psychic’s guidance.

Cashback Program

Purple Garden values its loyal customers and understands that getting frequent psychic readings can be a financial burden on some of its customers. After your first reading, you get enrolled into Purple Garden’s loyalty program that gives 5% cashback after every reading. This allows you to get frequent psychic readings without breaking the bank.

Psychic Notifications

This is an incredibly useful feature that helps you circumvent perhaps the most awkward thing about getting a psychic reading, which is trying to catch your favorite psychic online. Due to time zones, work schedules, and other responsibilities, it is hard to know when your favorite psychic will be available for a reading. Purple Garden’s mobile app can easily help you mark a psychic as your favorite, and you can then receive notifications for when they are online. This feature eliminates a major headache faced by people who get frequent psychic readings. It also highlights just how convenient Purple Garden has made it to obtain a psychic reading.

Join Purple Garden for psychic readings via mobile app


  • Convenient mobile app
  • Readings in multiple languages
  • Psychic notifications
  • Cashback program


  • Premium psychics are expensive
  • No free minutes

Psychic Readings 

Purple Garden has an excellent number of psychic readings and everyone can find something for themselves. Here are a few psychic readings customers can enjoy at Purple Garden:

Fortune Telling

Purple Garden boasts a variety of fortune telling services, including tarot card readings, astrology, and numerology. Their team of experienced and gifted psychics uses intuitive abilities to provide customers with a glimpse into their futures. Fortune telling can provide guidance and clarity on a range of topics, from love and relationships to career and finances. Therefore, if you are feeling lost about how to tackle your future, fortune telling methods can ease your doubts and provide you a roadmap.

Financial Reading

Financial responsibility be anxiety-inducing and many people feel lost when it comes to managing their finances. A financial reading at Purple Garden will help customers get much-needed guidance on how to manage their finances and also eliminates the uncertainty of the entire process, which is a major issue. A psychic specializing in financial readings helps clients by providing a financial outlook and giving helpful advice on how to maximize their potential.

Sign up for Purple Garden to obtain a glimpse into your future

5. Keen – Tons of Psychic Options to Obtain a Psychic Reading for Free


Keen was originally a site for giving out general life advice to people. It then transformed into a psychic reading site. Despite Keen’s unusual origin story, it can be argued that it understands and conveys the spirit of psychic readings much better than any other major psychic reading site. Keen takes a different and much more lax approach to recruiting psychics, which means the site is home to some of the most obscure categories of psychic readings. While other psychic reading sites also have a range of psychic reading options available, Keen is different; browsing through its psychic database, you can unearth some incredible niche psychic readings you probably won’t find elsewhere. 

New customers can take advantage of incredible introductory offers from Keen to learn more about the website without having to spend a lot of money. The introductory deals are there to make sure that once people are familiar with the site, they will certainly return because Keen has complete confidence in its services. In keeping with the theme of numerous options, Keen also gives two introductory deals to new customers. The first 3 minutes of your first psychic reading are completely free if it’s your first time using Keen. If you enjoy what Keen provides, you can also purchase 10 minutes for only $1.99. Therefore, if you want to obtain a free psychic reading, avail of the site’s incredible introductory offers.

Standout Features of Keen

  • Call-back feature
  • Protection of any private information
  • Variety of psychic reading methods

Call-back Feature

Keen has an excellent call-back feature that makes life much easier for its customers. If you peruse Keen’s extended psychic database, you will most likely find a psychic who will call out to you. However, not every psychic is available, and your chosen psychic might be offline at that given time. Keen has designed a feature for its customers that eliminates this problem. Customers can use the call-back feature, and once their psychic of choice is back online, they will call them back, and they can jump straight into a reading. This call-back feature helps customers immensely and is useful for accessing psychics on the go.

Protection of Any Private Information

A major issue with online services that has emerged is that businesses use the customer’s personal data for their own gain. Internet corporations selling personal data have become so commonplace that most people have just come to accept it. Keen, however, functions differently. Unlike most sites, the only personal information you need to provide to Keen to make an account is an email address. Even that information is claimed to be fully secured. Users are allowed to keep complete anonymity by using screen names and are not required to provide any personal information to the psychics as well. This makes Keen a rare website that upholds the security and privacy of personal information.

Variety of Psychic Reading Methods

Keen is much more easy-going in its psychic recruitment; therefore, you can find all types of psychic reading methods and tools on the site, even the obscure ones. If you are into feng-shui or tea leaves readings, chances are you will find a person on Keen to do it for you.

Join Keen now in one easy step to find free psychic readings


  • Easy sign up
  • Private information is protected
  • Two introductory offers
  • Thousands of psychic options


  • Psychic recruitment system is not strict
  • Too much variety in psychic reading methods can be confusing

Psychic Readings 

Here are some excellent psychic readings you can take advantage of at Keen:

Tarot Card Readings

Tarot cards readings are excellent ways to get generalized spiritual guidance about your life and determining a way forward. There are multiple tarot card readers on Keen looking to assist you with your spirituality.

Past Life Readings

Past life readings focus on your past life and how it connects with your present. Past life readings help customers gain deeper insight into their personalities and how they can be molded to be the best version of themselves.

To conclude, Keen is a haven for psychic reading enthusiasts and is an ideal candidate for continuing your search for your ideal psychic reading.

Sign up for Keen and connect with real psychics

Getting Free Psychic Reading Online: General Information

Can I get psychic readings from different sites?

Yes. There is no rule that requires you to stick to one site. In fact, it is best to explore different sites and compare their services to always get the best value for your money.

How do I know if my psychic is accurate?

The best way to ensure your psychic is accurate is to choose a site that is meticulous about psychic recruitment. Apart from that, you can also observe a few things during a reading to figure out whether you are dealing with a reliable psychic. For example, if your psychic sugarcoats things, chances are he or she is telling you what you want to hear rather than conducting an accurate psychic reading.


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