7 Figure Mini Groups Platinum Edition Reviews – Should You Buy or Fake Program Hype?

Caleb O’Dowd and his team at 7 Figure Mini Groups Platinum Edition have launched a free report and webinar online explaining a unique moneymaking system.

With the free report and webinar, you can discover Caleb’s groundbreaking 5-step “AI Mini Groups” system he used to turn $2,000 into $1.7 million in just 5 months.

Is 7 Figure Mini Groups Platinum Edition legit? What will you learn in the free report and webinar? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about 7 Figure Mini Groups Platinum Edition and the free report and webinar today in our review.

What is 7 Figure Mini Groups Platinum Edition?

7 Figure Mini Groups Platinum Edition is an online moneymaking system built on a combination of artificial intelligence and Facebook groups.

Developed by Caleb O’Dowd, the system aims to teach anyone how to make a lot of money online in a short period of time. Caleb used the proven system himself to turn a $2,000 investment into a $1.7 million windfall in just 5 months.

In fact, two of Caleb’s top students have earned even more from the system, generating $3 million to $6 million. Other students report earning thousands of dollars in a day, $20,000 in a week, and other impressive results even with zero digital marketing experience.

As part of a 2023 promotion, Caleb has published a free report and webinar online to help you learn more about the system and how it works.

How Does 7 Figure Mini Groups Platinum Edition Work?

7 Figure Mini Groups Platinum Edition is an online training system that combines the power of artificial intelligence with proven digital marketing systems.

AI has exploded in the last few months, and today’s smartest digital marketers are already using AI to make money online. Even if you have limited experience in the field, however, you can use AI to make life-changing income.

Here’s how Caleb explains today’s potential for AI and digital marketing:

“Personally, I’m bringing in over $200k per month (on average) from this ‘Lifestyle Business Model’ that centres around 12-day AI mini groups that I run about 5-6 times a year.

…And until now, these have been taking me about 2 hours a day for 12 days to set up and run…But now, thanks to my new cutting-edge AI tools, I’ve slashed that time down dramatically to about 8 hours in total to set each one of these high profit ‘pop up’ mini groups up!”

Instead of spending hours setting up groups, Caleb uses AI to do the heavy lifting, allowing him to focus on making more money.

When you sign up for 7 Figure Mini Groups Platinum Edition, you can discover how to potentially enjoy similar success to Caleb by making money online.

How to Make Money Through 12 Day AI Mini Groups

So what is Caleb’s business model? How can you make money through Facebook groups and artificial intelligence?

Caleb’s moneymaking system involves launching niche groups on Facebook and attracting followers to those groups. Here’s the basic process and how Caleb stumbled upon the moneymaking system:

Caleb started to explore the lifestyle marketing community online. He found many of these lifestyle marketers (i.e. influencers) operated mini groups that attracted niche groups of followers.

These individuals didn’t want to launch grandiose corporations or manage thousands of people; instead, they wanted to market themselves to small groups to make money without the overhead costs or hassle.

These mini groups include small gatherings of people to whom the lifestyle marketers were selling high-ticket items or services, giving them massive returns in a short period of time.

These mini groups worked because they were specifically tailored to specific people in specific circumstances. The groups included specific niches in real estate, personal development, software, nutrition, and more.

By leveraging followers and customizing your approach to the followers’ specific style, you can sell products effectively in these mini groups.

Caleb started to adopt a similar system, launching his own mini groups online and rapidly earning a return on investment. He was “astounded by the results,” earning huge returns over a short period.

Today, Caleb continues to make money through a similar system, but he does so with the help of AI. He used to spend 12 days a month (around 24 hours total) managing his mini groups. With AI, he has reduced that time drastically.

About the 12-Day AI Mini Groups Formula

Here’s Caleb O’Dowd’s 12-day AI mini groups formula and how it works to generate results online:

Step 1) You launch a Facebook group designed to only run for 12 days. The group has a predetermined lifespan that creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity. It piques the interest of potential customers, making them more likely to join and actively participate in the group.

Step 2) You draw traffic from free sources and targeted Facebook ads. You attract new members to the group via multiple free sources along with Facebook’s paid ads.

Step 3) The groundbreaking AI toolkit generates valuable content tailored to the niche. After the group has been filled with potential customers, you send AI-generated content to that group. That AI, according to Caleb “designs a journey of discovery” for members of the group, teaching them about their problem and potential solutions. The goal of this content is to convince group users that the product you’re selling is the perfect solution.

Step 4) You stimulate a buying frenzy with special, limited-time offers. You might limit the time or quantity of products and services available, for example, to convince group members they need to buy now. The AI helps with this process, creating content to drive up demand.

Step 5) You scale up and repeat the process with new products and groups. Once the 12 days are over, you simply repeat the process with a new group and a new product. You might target a similar niche or a totally different niche. The end result is a self-sustaining cycle of highly engaged groups that drive sales and profit for you.

Benefits of 7 Figure Mini Groups Platinum Edition

Some of the benefits of Caleb O’Dowd’s 7 Figure Mini Groups Platinum Edition include:

Blend multiple business models without the downsides, allowing you to enjoy the perks of affiliate marketing, product launches, and social media promotions without the challenges of each.

Get quick results, generating significant income with just a few hours of work in as little as 12 days. You could earn thousands of dollars in the next 12 days from your first Facebook group. Caleb deliberately uses time scarcity to create a sense of urgency.

Takes little time to run, allowing you to run a business without disrupting your routine. Even if you just have a few hours a week to run your business as a side hustle, you can make money through this system.

Can scale quickly. Once you’ve had success with one Facebook group, you can create multiple groups. You can use the power of AI to scale even more quickly, generating powerful results and growing your business even more over time.

Systematic and predictable. Caleb’s system comes with a step-by-step guide that works when implemented correctly into the right niches. With some experience, it becomes a systematic and predictable way to make money online.

Multiple reliable sources of traffic, including free and paid sources. You can pay for Facebook ads to drive traffic to your group. Or, you can use free traffic and organic traffic instead.

Sustainable and long-lasting. This system isn’t a “flash in the pan” technique that only works for 2023; instead, it’s a proven system based on psychology and proven digital marketing techniques, and you could make money from this system for a long time.

Something to be proud about. You’re not selling scams online, nor are you tricking people into giving you their money. Instead, you’re selling niche products and services to specific groups, helping them solve their problems.

7 Reasons Facebook Groups Are the Perfect Source of Buyer Traffic

The 7 Figure Mini Groups Platinum Edition system involves making money through Facebook groups. You create small, targeted, niche groups on Facebook, then attract users to those groups who can buy your products and services, allowing you to earn significant income online.

Why Facebook specifically? What makes Facebook groups a good source of potential buyers?

In Caleb’s free report, he mentions 7 specific reasons why Facebook groups are an ideal source of buyer traffic you should not ignore. Those benefits include:

Reason #1: Unprecedented Userbase: Facebook groups have 1.8 billion users each month, or roughly 60% of all users on Facebook. Facebook is the world’s largest social network, and most Facebook users are members of groups.

Reason #2: Genuine Engagement & Spaces for Meaningful Interaction: Facebook groups are ideal for genuine engagement and meaningful interaction. Some find them helpful. Others feel a sense of community. It can feel like you’re involved.

Reason #3: Effortless Setup for Fast Results: It takes just minutes to start your own Facebook group online. You can use AI to reduce the hassle even further.

Reason #4: Rapidly Growing Participation: Half of all Facebook users are members of 5 or more groups. Whatever your niche is, you have access to a rapidly growing population with more visibility and more sales.

Reason #5: Fostered Sense of Belonging for Increased Brand Loyalty: You can develop a loyal brand following via Facebook groups. 98% of Facebook group users report a sense of belonging in their groups. They feel like they’re a part of something.

Reason #6: Add Value & Engage Customers in a Way Other Affiliate Marketers Cannot: Many affiliate marketers have websites and review sites to drive engagement and sales. However, Facebook groups provide engagement in a way a website cannot. You’re engaging with potential buyers every day, increasing brand loyalty and increasing your potential number of sales.

Reason #7: Low Cost Marketing with High Returns & Low Investment: It costs nothing to start a Facebook group. You can direct free traffic to your Facebook group or allow it to grow organically. Whether you’re spending money on ads or not, you’re enjoying cost-effective marketing with high returns and low investment. You don’t need any money to get started – which can’t be said for websites, social media ad campaigns, and other online marketing strategies.

What is the Free 7 Figure Mini Groups Platinum Edition Report?

In exchange for entering your name and email address into the online form at the official website, you instantly receive a free copy of Caleb’s recently published bonus report.

he ‘Ground Breaking’ 5-Step ‘AI Mini Groups System

That report is titled, “The ‘Ground Breaking’ 5-Step ‘AI Mini Groups System’ That I Use to Generate Over $2.4 Million Per Year Using a Brilliant Source of ‘Highly Engaged’ Traffic.”

The report introduces Caleb’s approach to making money online using AI and Facebook groups. He walks you through how the system works and how you can implement that system today.

Some of the topics covered in the 24-page report include:

The powerful “5 steps to 10k per month” method Caleb used to grow his business to generate $200,000 per month ($2.4 million per year), and how you can implement a similar system today.

How even complete newbies with no digital marketing experience or expertise have used Caleb’s system to earn life-changing money.

How Caleb’s top student used the system to make over $3 million, and how other top students have made $170,000 in less than 2 weeks and other impressive results.

Why Facebook groups are specifically beneficial for attracting customers willing to buy your products.

Why Caleb’s system is a great way to make money online even if you have limited experience and just a few hours of spare time per week.

What is the Free 7 Figure Mini Groups Platinum Edition Online Workshop?

In addition to giving away a free report, Caleb has launched a free webinar online. That free webinar explains the benefits of Caleb’s 7 Figure Mini Groups Platinum Edition system – and how you can use the system today to make money online.

The workshop is titled, “How to Turn $500 Into 6 Figures in 5 Months with AI Mini Groups.” Hosted by Caleb O’Dowd, the workshop is a combination between a webinar and a coaching session.

The webinar covers similar topics to the free report, including:

A Case Study on the “fastest $500k ever made,” including how Caleb turned a $2,000 investment into six figures in 12 days before scaling it to $1.7 million in 5 months.

Groundbreaking AI tools that do 80% of the work for you.

How a beginner student with no previous experience online used this proven strategy to make $170,000 her first month.

The exact, step-by-step plan for turning a $500 investment into 5 figures in 5 months.

The exact, step-by-step system Caleb and his clients now use to grow small businesses to five and six figures per month in fewer than six months.

And more.

Overall, the workshop teaches you about Caleb’s system and how it works, including the specific steps you can take to implement the system today and start making money online.

What’s the Catch to the Free Report and Workshop?

Caleb O’Dowd is genuinely giving away a free report and workshop presentation to anyone who enters their name and contact information into the online form.

There’s no “catch” to Caleb’s offer. He’s genuinely giving away both the report and webinar with no obligation on your part.

The goal of the free webinar and report, however, is to convince you to join the 7 Figure Mini Groups Platinum Edition training system. After learning about the system in the report and webinar, you might want to sign up and become a paying member.

Overall, you can download the report and view the workshop online at no cost whatsoever. However, you may want to pay to join the 7 Figure Mini Groups Platinum Edition program.

How to Get Started

To get started with Caleb O’Dowd’s 7 Figure Mini Groups Platinum Edition, follow these steps:

Step 1) Register now for the upcoming free coaching session. You can register for a coaching session online just by entering your name and email address. The coaching session explains Caleb’s moneymaking system and how it works, including the specific steps to take.

Step 2) Download your free eBook. Caleb has published an eBook called “The ‘Ground Breaking’ 5-Step ‘AI Mini Groups System’ That I Use to Generate Over $2.4 Million Per Year Using a Brilliant Source of ‘Highly Engaged’ Traffic.” Available for free online, the eBook walks you through specific details of Caleb’s system, including the benefits and how to get started today.

Step 3) Watch Caleb’s bonus videos. Caleb has published three bonus videos online with further details about the system and how it works, including:

  • Video #1: Case Study: How Stephen Earned Over $3,000,000 Using This Method
  • Video #2: Case Study: How Caleb O’Dowd Generates Over 7 Figures Per Year Doing This
  • Video #3: 5 Steps to Achieving your Dream Life with Caleb O’Dowd

Step 4) Decide whether or not to sign up for 7 Figure Mini Groups Platinum Edition. After completing the three steps above, you can decide whether you want to progress with the training. Or, if you’re not interested, you’re under no obligation to sign up.

Who is Caleb O’Dowd?

Caleb O’Dowd is a digital marketer and entrepreneur. Caleb has multiple income streams online, with his AI-powered Facebook groups income stream generating “over $200k per month (on average),” according to Caleb himself.

Over the years, Caleb has generated tens of millions of dollars from physical products, digital products, and affiliate sales online. Now, he wants to help others enjoy similar success.

Today, Caleb claims his Facebook groups system personally generates around $2.4 million per year for him. With 7 Figure Mini Groups Platinum Edition, he wants to help students achieve similar success. One of his students made $3 million with the method, while others have generated lifechanging returns.

You can contact Caleb and the 7 Figure Mini Groups Platinum Edition customer service team by email:

Email: [email protected]

Final Word

Caleb O’Dowd has launched a new promotion for 7 Figure Mini Groups Platinum Edition and Mini Income Streams.

Download the free report and attend the free workshop online today to discover Caleb’s system and how it works. Caleb’s new moneymaking system involves creating small Facebook groups with the help of artificial intelligence, then selling high-value products and services to those groups.

To learn more about 7 Figure Mini Groups Platinum Edition or to download the free content online today, visit the official website.

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