Astrology Answers Reviews – Free Zodiac Sign Chart Reading for Personal Daily Horoscopes?

Astrology Answers is a psychic platform that connects consumers with a team of astrologers to learn more information about the way that their life might change. This platform uses four different types of reading methods to give the most accurate and intricate result possible.

What is Astrology Answers?

Astrology is a rather complicated but unique method of getting in touch with what makes people tick. This study focuses on the positions of the stars at different times during the year, using this knowledge to learn more about what it might mean to their past, present, and future. In simple terms, astrology can be used to predict even the most mundane events, using the assumption that the position of planets and stars happen to decide or show the changes in the universe.

The use of astrology has lasted years, though its origins date back to Mesopotamia thousands of years ago. Eventually, it spread to India as well, but the Hellenistic period in Greek civilization is when it became more mainstream. It has even spread to European and Islamic culture, showing the widespread attention that the world has placed on astrology, despite being criticized as a New Age idea in recent years.

Plenty of different platforms have been launched through the years as a way to bring the culture of astrology to the forefront for consumers. Many people still don’t know all the ways that it can be incorporated into their own life, even though it has long been studied and publicized. For consumers who want to learn more about their past, present, and what’s to come in their future, Astrology Answers is prepared to help.

Many people who seek out the help that Astrology Answers is ready to share have found it to be quite helpful to anyone who wants to improve their success in personal and professional situations. Though the creators have historically used their gifts to help consumers around the world, this particular reading is well suited to any budget with low and affordable costs. These tips are enough that consumers have even found themselves excited about their financial future rather than dreading it like they previously had.

When consumers first enter the website, they will be met with the request to choose their zodiac sign. All 12 signs are displayed on a grid with the name of the zodiac sign, the animal or image that represents it, and the dates that it covers. Once the user chooses their zodiac sign, they are taken to a second page to verify their birthday, the year they were born, the time they were born, and the place they were born. This form will also ask for the user’s gender, name, and email address.

With this information, astrologer Dawn Anne can work with her team to generate the reading that will reveal answers to consumers. However, she uses a little of the details to give some preliminary information about the user’s star sign and what might happen in the year ahead.

How Do the Astrologers at Astrology Answers Stand Out?

This information is used for a custom astrology reading that will tell users how their life might progress. The creators of the website explain that people seem to be drawn to their website, helping them to understand what they can do about the discontent in their life. They believe that the connection that customers seek from their website is kismet, which is why they invite customers to enter their information to learn more.

This team is all about bringing people together, and astrology’s hidden messages can be powerful. That’s why the team focuses on learning many different modalities to bring the most accurate and helpful message possible. Some of these modalities include Neurolinguistic Programming, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Reiki, and Shamanic Intuitive studies.

The only thing that the user has to do to get the reading is to fill out the requested information and wait.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Astrology Answers

What knowledge is used to create these accurate readings?

With multiple modalities of study, consumers will get a reading that is rooted in Neurolinguistic Programming, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Reiki, and Shamanic Intuitive studies.

What is neurolinguistic programming?

Neurolinguistic programming refers to a method of changing the thoughts and even behaviors of someone else, urging them towards different outcomes. The use of this method, users can take advantage of the methods as a way to soothe anxiety and promote general wellness. Neurolinguistic programming, or NLP, has been popular since it launches in the 1970s.

What is clinical hypnotherapy?

The process of clinical hypnosis helps users to enter a trance-like state. Once they are in this trance, the hypnotherapist works to improve cognitive, emotional, and physical healing. Achieving this biological state is helpful to consumers who want to improve their concentration, attention span, and more.

What is reiki?

Reiki is a new age method of healing energies, which is typically done with someone who has gone through formal training for it. By engaging in gentle hand movements, reiki healing is used to help healthy energy to flow through the body. This concept is typically associated with reducing stress and improving energetic healing.

What is shamanic intuition?

Shamanism primarily centers around a way of studying religion that can connect them with spiritual beings during altered states of consciousness.

What personal information does the user have to disclose to get their Astrology Answers reading?

Users will need to provide their name, date of birth, location of birth, time of birth, and email address.

How long will consumers have to wait to get their free reading from Astrology Answers?

The free reading is sent digitally to the user’s email address, and it can take up to 24 hours to be delivered.

What if consumers want to learn more about the Astrology Answers team?

The leader of this team happens to be an author as well, which is why consumers can also get her book titled Spirit, Mind & Body. Consumers can also visit one of the team’s retreats, which are held twice annually.

Additional Services by Astrology Answers

The main priority of the Astrology Answers website is to let the public know about the profound influence of astrology, they have other services and knowledge listed online. The website starts by allowing consumers to choose their star sign to discover free insight into what the day might have in store. Consumers who aren’t sure about what to expect from astrology can check out the website’s online guide to the study of stars, learning more than they ever thought they could. The website starts with a few important basics, but it touches on the best way to make a birth chart, descriptions of the zodiac signs, and information about the role that the different planets play in astrology.

If astrology isn’t the topic that the user wants to investigate, they can check out the tarot section, teaching them about an ancient method of prediction through symbolism in cards. Anyone can learn to read these cards because it isn’t a metaphysical connection necessarily. Instead, users learn about the roles that each card represents, the beliefs surrounding them, and the universal consciousness that helps consumers to learn more. Users won’t need to buy their own tarot deck to learn what it has in store because the website allows users to digitally choose their preferred cards for a three-card reading.

Consumers also have the option of speaking with a psychic. Psychics have a cosmic connection with the universe, sourcing their answers from their spiritual connections with guides and other tools. Consumers can purchase access to these reading for a dollar per minute, though new users will get 3 free minutes before they have to commit. Users will need to purchase credits to participate, but they can also peruse the different psychic profiles before they connect.

For a personalized approach that doesn’t include an interaction with a psychic, consumers have access to different quizzes that they can take to learn more about what their personal answers indicate in their life.


Astrology Answers provides a resource for consumers who want to know what the universe has in store for them. Consumers can access plenty of free content, including quizzes and astrology readings, to give them more information about what they can make of their life. These readings are based on specific answers that the customer provides to their psychics, ensuring the most accuracy possible. Apart from the psychic calls, the services are free to access, and no subscription is required to continue access.

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