Freedom Water 5 Reviews – Should You Buy This Pitcher for Purified Drinking Water?

Freedom Water 5 is a water filter designed specifically to filter American tap water.

By running water through Freedom Water 5, you can virtually eradicate fluoride, PFAS, and hundreds of other health-destroying chemicals, according to the official website, using 5 separate types of filtration.

Does Freedom Water 5 live up to the hype? How does Freedom Water 5 make your water safer? Can you really save $150,000 in medical bills using Freedom Water 5? Find out everything you need to know about Freedom Water 5 today in our review.

What is Freedom Water 5?

Freedom Water 5 is a water filtration system featuring five levels of purification.

You pour tap water into the top of the Freedom Water 5 filter. Then, water trickles through the five-stage filtration system before entering the container beneath – similar to how a Brita water filter and other filtration systems work.

Freedom Water 5 is marketed specifically to people concerned about tap water in the United States. Much of America’s tap water is unsafe for human consumption. It’s loaded with PFAS, “Compound F” (fluoride), carcinogens, heavy metals, and other compounds that destroy your health.

Freedom Water 5 is exclusively available through, where it’s priced at $149 for a pitcher and cartridge. You can also save money by ordering multiple pitchers per order. All purchases come with a 90 day moneyback guarantee.

Freedom Water 5 Benefits

Freedom Water 5 is designed to be the ultimate water filter for protecting you and your family. It doesn’t just claim to cleanse toxins from your water. It claims to support health benefits, boost your energy, and even make you lose weight, among other effects.

Here are some of the benefits of Freedom Water 5, according to the official website:

  • 5 layers of filtration for cleaner, safer water
  • Save more than $150,000 in medical bills while avoiding the heartache and burden illness can put on your family
  • Wake up every day feeling fully rested
  • Ease joint pain and boost mobility
  • Lose weight and feel decades younger than your actual age
  • Improve mental sharpness and acuity

Plus, according to the manufacturer, you’ll start to experience these benefits “from your first sip.” And, the longer you drink Freedom Water 5, the more benefits you experience. Just a few glasses of the ultra clean water per day could transform your life.

Freedom Water 5: Get the benefits you’ve been looking for!

How Does Freedom Water 5 Work?

Freedom Water 5 works by filtering your tap water through five layers. Those layers, according to the official website, remove fluoride, PFAS, and other toxic compounds from your water.

Typically, you need a reverse osmosis water filtration system to remove PFAS and certain other substances from water. They’re notoriously hard to remove even with advanced filters. However, Paul Grabowski and his team claim to have solved that problem, packaging military-grade technology into an ordinary water pitcher filtration system.

The 5 levels of filtration include:

  • An activated carbon filter used by the United States military and NASA.
  • Ion exchange technology that changes water at the molecular level.
  • Two proprietary metal alloy filters not found in any other handheld water filters.

The end result of these five filters, according to the manufacturer, is “the cleanest, most life-giving water you’ll ever taste…and a happier, healthier family.” The website is filled with testimonials from people who have lost weight, solved joint pain, boosted energy, and experienced other significant effects from drinking Freedom Water 5.

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What Does Freedom Water 5 Filtered Water Do?

According to the official website, Freedom Water 5 filtered water can lead to many specific benefits, including:

Reduces hunger and increases metabolism by 30%, helping you lose weight without dieting or exercising. You’ll naturally eat less food, making it easy to stick to your weight loss goals “without crazy diets or backbreaking exercise,” according to the manufacturer.

Reduces inflammation. Inflammation is the root cause of many illnesses and diseases. If you have high levels of inflammation, then you have a higher risk of developing health problems. Freedom Water 5 claims to reduce inflammation.

Lubricates joints. The official website is filled with testimonials from people who have stopped experiencing joint pain after drinking Freedom Water 5 filtered water.

Improves cognition and reduces confusion. Struggling with mental fog? It could be linked to tap water. Freedom Water 5 claims to improve cognition and reduce confusion, making your mind as sharp as a tack.

Supports other benefits. According to the official Freedom Water 5 website, drinking water from the Freedom Water 5 filter “decreases risk of anxiety and depression, lowers blood sugar levels, improves sleep, boosts attention,” and supports a range of other benefits.

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Your Health Issues Could Be Linked to Tap Water

The makers of Freedom Water 5 developed the product to protect your health.

According to the manufacturer, many common health issues aren’t linked to diet, exercise, or genetics; instead, they’re linked to your tap water.

Some of the health problems and ailments linked to bad tap water, according to the manufacturer, include:

  • Low energy and brain fog
  • Specific conditions like arthritis, diabetes, and ADHD
  • Joint pain
  • Weight gain
  • Stress
  • Other signs you’re not feeling like yourself

Some of these health risks are linked to specific chemicals within tap water – like fluoride and specific heavy metals. Others are caused by the accumulation of all of these toxins in each sip of water you drink.

Who Created Freedom Water 5?

Freedom Water 5 was created by Paul Grabowski, a prepping and survivalist expert known for writing a book called Dark Age Defense. He also recently released a documentary about the dangers of America’s crumbling power grid.

Paul was motivated to create Freedom Water 5 after learning of the dangers of fluoride, which he calls “Compound F.”

Paul worked with a man named Don to develop Freedom Water 5. Don is in his 80s and had worked in the water treatment industry for 37 years. He created a larger version of Freedom Water 5 in his garage to filter tap water. Paul condensed the system into a pitcher, and now you can buy Freedom Water 5 online today.

Why Fluoride / “Compound F” is Dangerous

The man who created Freedom Water 5, Paul Grabowski, specifically developed the filter to fight back against fluoride the government is putting into our water supply.

Paul dislikes fluoride, and he cites ample evidence to support his claim, including:

Governments across the country have added fluoride to the water supply of around 73% of Americans, or 207 million people. There’s a good chance you’re drinking fluoride daily.

Fluoride is “the true cause of many of the ailments that plague everyday Americans,” according to Paul. Paul believes it increases the risk of diabetes, arthritis, anxiety, obesity, ADHD, depression, weight gain, brain fog, joint pain, stress, and more.

Several modern countries have rejected putting fluoride in water. Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Norway, and the Netherlands have all banned fluoride in water, for example.

Fluoride is the same chemical found in insecticides and rat poison, which is why it’s important to flush it from your system immediately.

Despite the health risks, fluoride continues to be in water supplies across the United States. Big pharmaceutical companies, doctors, and dentists all pay government officials to continue allowing fluoride in the water supply.

Fluoride was initially added to the water supply in 1945 to prevent cavities. Some studies have shown fluoride prevents cavities – particularly in children. However, Paul Grabowski, creator of Freedom Water 5, claims this isn’t true. In fact, he claims fluoride “does pretty much nothing to prevent cavities.” It only works when applied directly to your teeth (say, as part of toothpaste). It doesn’t work when consumed as water.

According to Paul, the government deliberately puts fluoride into the water to keep people sick. They want to keep people sick because they receive money from big pharmaceutical companies, and big pharmaceutical companies make billions each year from people with diabetes, arthritis, and other diseases linked to fluoride.

Even if you use a water filter, water filters don’t remove fluoride from tap water. In fact, Paul claims he doesn’t know “a single one that’s effective” for removing fluoride. That’s why he developed Freedom Water 5.

By running tap water through Freedom Water 5, you can purportedly cleanse fluoride from the water, keeping your family safer.

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Every American Has PFAS in Their Blood

Freedom Water 5 doesn’t just claim to cleanse fluoride from your water; it also claims to cleanse PFAS.

Typically, you need a reverse osmosis water filter to remove per and polyfluorinated substances (PFAS) from tap water. However, Paul and his team claim their Freedom Water 5 filter removes PFAS and fluoride.

Many water supplies across the United States are contaminated with PFAS. Per EPA requirements, tap water can have a certain amount of PFAS while still being considered safe to drink. That’s why virtually all Americans have PFAS in their blood. In fact, it’s virtually impossible to test someone’s blood and not find PFAS.

PFAS are forever chemicals. They build up in your body over time, potentially increasing the risk of disease and illness. Even if you eat right and exercise, your body is accumulating PFAS that could harm your health permanently – just because you’re drinking tap water the government says is safe to drink.

How to Check If Your Drinking Water is Toxic

The makers of Freedom Water 5 insist most drinking water in the United States is toxic. In fact, they claim your water is toxic if it tastes “anything but completely pure.”
Here are some of the questions to ask to determine if your drinking water is toxic:

  • Does your water taste anything but completely pure?
  • Can you ever taste a slight sweetness, saltiness, or chlorine taste with your water?
  • Have you noticed you and your family experiencing more health concerns, diseases, or illnesses than usual?

Do you or your family have experience with common diseases linked to toxic water, including type 2 diabetes, obesity, ADHD, arthritis, anxiety, or depression

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then “you can be almost certain the water is damaging your body,” according to the makers of Freedom Water 5, which is why you should start using the filter to protect your health.

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Freedom Water 5 Versus Brita & Other Water Filters

At first glance, Freedom Water 5 looks like a Brita water filter and similar affordable models. What makes Freedom Water 5 unique? Why pick Freedom Water 5 over a Brita water filter or other product?

According to the manufacturer, there are several crucial differences between Freedom Water 5 and a Brita filter:

Comparing a Brita filter and other water filters to Freedom Water 5 “is like comparing a 1997 Honda Civic (with a faulty engine) to a brand new Rolls Royce – the difference is that profound,” according to the manufacturer.

Brita and other water filters “do not cleanse” dangerous toxic chemicals and heavy metals from your water, which is why they’re affordable.

Brita and other water filters do not claim to remove fluoride, PFAS, and similar chemicals from your water, although Freedom Water 5 does claim to remove these chemicals.

Because of these differences, Freedom Water 5 aims to be the ultimate water filtration system to keep you and your family safe.

How to Use Freedom Water 5

It’s easy to use Freedom Water 5. Just pop open the lid, fill it with ordinary tap water, then drink water as you normally would – but with peace of mind from knowing you’re protected.

Step 1) Insert the cartridge into the pitcher.

Step 2) Pop open the small lid at the top of the water pitcher, then fill it with ordinary tap water.

Step 3) Wait for the filter to get to work absorbing the harmful toxins. By the time water leaves the other end, it’s clean and ready to drink.

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What to Expect After Drinking Freedom Water 5 Filtered Water

According to Paul and his team, you can experience significant and noticeable effects immediately after drinking filtered water from Freedom Water 5. And, you can continue to experience those benefits over time.

The first people to test Freedom Water 5 were Paul’s family, including himself, his wife, and his daughter. Here’s what happened when they started to drink Freedom Water 5 for the first time:

Paul “felt a bolt of energy course through [his] veins” as soon as he took a sip of water from Freedom Water 5’s pitcher. He describes the water as “life-giving.”

Paul’s wife and daughter also started to drink the water daily.

The entire family’s food and soda cravings disappeared. They stopped craving unhealthy foods and beverages. They even stopped taking their morning coffee for energy.

Paul claims he felt energized all day long without a crash thanks to Freedom Water 5.

Paul’s daughter’s grades “had skyrocketed” within weeks of drinking Freedom Water 5 for the first time. The improvement was so significant, the teacher asked if she had been getting private tutoring. She wasn’t being tutored: she was just concentrating better at school.

Paul claims his thinking felt “sharper” and he was coming out with “super fast comments” when talking to his buddies.

Paul also claims he “felt totally calm for the first time in years” after drinking Freedom Water 5, and it was like his anxiety had completely melted away – no matter how stressful work could seem.

Drinking Freedom Water 5 filtered water even reversed Paul’s baldness. He claims he “noticed hairs springing up on [his] head where there hadn’t been any for years” after drinking the water, for example.

Paul noticed other physical changes. He no longer experienced joint pain after drinking Freedom Water 5, and he felt 20 years younger overall. Paul even claims his bedroom performance improved significantly after drinking Freedom Water 5.

Paul’s wife lost significant weight after drinking Freedom Water 5. She was able to wear a size 8 dress again.

Motivated by his family’s success with Freedom Water 5, Paul shared the pitcher with neighbors, friends, and relatives. This group experienced similarly lifechanging transformations within weeks of drinking water for the first time. Old people became independent again. Children cured behavioral issues. Everyone lost weight and gained more energy – all just by swapping their ordinary tap water for Freedom Water 5 water instead.

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Other Freedom Water 5 Features

Other features that distinguish Freedom Water 5 from other top-rated water pitchers available today include:

5 Levels of Filtration: Most water filters don’t use 5 levels of filtration, choosing to use one, two, or three levels of filtration instead. Freedom Water 5 features five levels of filtration, including activated carbon filtration, ion exchange filtration, and two metal alloy filters.

Removes Fluoride: Most water filters don’t claim to remove fluoride. According to the official Freedom Water 5 website, the filter can remove fluoride (listed as “Compound F”) from your tap water. If your municipality adds fluoride to tap water, then Freedom Water 5 may be able to help.

BPA-Free, Toxin-Free Plastic: Some water pitchers counteract their effects by delivering water in BPA plastic loaded with toxins. Freedom Water 5 uses a different approach, and it’s made from BPA-free, toxin-free plastic.

Lightweight Yet Durable: The Freedom Water 5 pitcher is lightweight but durable, and it can easily withstand drops, falls, and other situations.

Easy Grip: Freedom Water 5 is made with Easy Grip technology for comfortable pouring and effortless handling.

Convenient Flip Top Lid: Just flip open the top of water, then pour in tap water to rapidly cleanse it.

Ideal Size for Any Fridge: Freedom Water 5 measures 11” by 11” by 6”, which is about the same size as a large carton of juice. You can easily store it in a refrigerator for clean, cold water on the go.

1 Gallon Lower Reservoir: The lower reservoir of Freedom Water 5 holds 1 gallon, or around 12 cups, of clean water.

Good for Up to 2,000 Gallons Per Cartridge: Some water filters require you to replace the cartridge monthly. Freedom Water 5 works in a different way, allowing you to refill it up to 2,000 times with the 2,000 gallons of filtration capacity.

Removes Fluoride & PFAS: Most pitcher-based water filters don’t remove fluoride or PFAS from the water. Instead, you typically need to buy an expensive reverse osmosis machine to remove these contaminants. However, according to the official website, Freedom Water 5 is known for “virtually eradicating Compound F [fluoride], PFAS and hundreds of other health-destroying chemicals” you’re your tap water, making your family safer.

Military & NASA-Grade Technology: Freedom Water 5 uses activated carbon as one of its filtration layers. That activated carbon is the same technology used by NASA and the United States military.

Target Common Health Problems: Many of the health problems Americans face daily, according to the creators of Freedom Water 5, are caused by tap water – not your diet or exercise habits or genetics. The website is filled with testimonials from men, women, and children who have lost weight, solved joint pain, and experienced other significant effects after drinking Freedom Water 5 – even if they’ve been drinking it for just a few weeks.

Freedom Water 5 Pricing

Freedom Water 5 Pricing

Freedom Water 5 is priced at $149 per package, with each package including a pitcher and cartridge. You place the cartridge into Freedom Water 5 to filter all water passing through the system. Then, you replace the cartridge as needed.

Here’s how pricing works when ordering Freedom Water 5 online today:

  • 1 Pitcher + Cartridge: $149 + $12.95 Shipping
  • 2 Pitchers + 2 Cartridges: $159 ($79.50 Per Package) + $14.95 Shipping
  • 3 Pitchers + 3 Cartridges: $264 ($88 Per Package) + Free US Shipping

Shop now and get Freedom Water 5 at the best price!

The ordinary retail price of Freedom Water 5 is $300. As part of a special 2023 promotion, the manufacturer has reduced the price by 50% or more.

Freedom Water 5 Refund Policy

All Freedom Water 5 purchases come with a 90 day moneyback guarantee.

If you’re unsatisfied with Freedom Water 5 for any reason, or if the filter did not filter water as advertised, then you can request a complete refund with no questions asked.

Contact Freedom Water 5

Freedom Water 5, sold online through, is sold in the United States by a Lewes, Delaware-based corporation.

You can contact the makers of Freedom Water 5 and the company’s customer service team via the following:

  • Phone: 1-855-236-1721
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Mailing Address: 16192 Coastal Hwy, Lewes, DE 19958

Final Word

Freedom Water 5 is a water filtration system available exclusively online through

According to the official website, Freedom Water 5 protects you against fluoride, PFAS, and other harmful chemicals in our drinking water. Instead of needing to install a reverse osmosis (RO) filtration system or other advanced system, you can purportedly use Freedom Water 5 for similar results.

To learn more about Freedom Water 5 or to buy the advanced water pitcher filtration system online today, visit the official website.

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