GiantFX7 Reviews – Should You Buy Giant FX7 Male Enhancer Pills or Scam?

GiantFX7 is a nutritional supplement marketed to men who want to improve stamina and get better erections.

Developed by a cameraman working in the adult film industry, GiantFX7 uses a blend of 30+ natural ingredients to support blood flow, helping you maintain erectile function.

Does GiantFX7 really work? How does GiantFX7 help with erections? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about GiantFX7 and how it works today in our review.

What is GiantFX7?

GiantFX7 is a sexual health supplement available exclusively online through

By taking two capsules of GiantFX7 daily, you can purportedly improve stamina and maintain erectile function using a blend of natural ingredients.

Each serving of GiantFX7 contains a handpicked blend of ingredients to optimize blood flow, support stamina, and maintain erectile function.

Whether struggling to get hard, trying to increase the size of your erection, or looking to last longer in bed, GiantFX7 aims to be the top nutritional supplement for men with different sexual health goals.

As part of a 2023 promotion, GiantFX7 is priced at $69 per bottle, down from its ordinary retail price of $99. All purchases come with a 60 day moneyback guarantee. GiantFX7 is also labeled as “doctor recommended,” which means at least one doctor has recommended using GiantFX7 for sexual performance.

GiantFX7 Benefits

Some of the advertised benefits of GiantFX7, according to the official website, including:

  • Maintain a healthy erection
  • Support stamina
  • 32 natural ingredients
  • Made in the United States in FDA-approved, GMP-certified facility under strict conditions
  • GMO-free with no stimulants, toxins, or habit forming ingredients
  • Support a healthy lifestyle and overall sexual function

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How Does GiantFX7 Work?

GiantFX7 contains a blend of 32 ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, plants, herbs, and more.

These ingredients work in different ways to support sexual stamina, erection quality, and overall sexual performance in men.

Some of the ingredients are herbal libido boosters, for example, known to increase libido and boost sex drive.

Many of the ingredients target blood flow. Some ingredients support nitric oxide production, for example, which can help blood flow more easily through your body. Better blood flow makes it easier to get harder, longer lasting erections.

Several of the ingredients are also specifically designed to help with inflammation. GiantFX7 contains soursop and stinging nettle, for example, which are both known for their anti-inflammatory effects. High inflammation can make it harder to perform in bed and get an erection. High inflammation can also damage blood vessels and contribute to other health problems. By targeting inflammation, the natural ingredients could support sexual health and overall health.

Other ingredients are linked to immunity, stress response, and overall wellness, supporting your body in other ways for better sexual performance.

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GiantFX7 Ingredients

According to the official website, GiantFX7 contains 32 ingredients in total, including vitamins, minerals, herbs, plant extracts, and other nutrients. These ingredients work in different ways to promote stamina, erection quality, and overall sexual performance.

There’s limited information about GiantFX7’s ingredients available online. However, based on studies cited by the manufacturer on the official website, we know two of the ingredients in GiantFX7:

Stinging Nettle: Stinging nettle is found in many types of nutritional supplements – from male sexual health supplements to inflammation formulas. Today, it’s best-known for its effects on libido and testosterone, and many people take stinging nettle daily for these effects. A 2014 study cited on the official GiantFX7 website found stinging nettle had powerful anti-inflammatory effects. In fact, researchers found those anti-inflammatory effects could make stinging nettle superior to traditional tinctures for treating inflammatory disorders. High levels of inflammation can weaken your stamina and make it harder to get quality erections. Stinging nettle could help by supporting healthy inflammation throughout your body. Stinging nettle, also known as Urtica dioica, is particularly popular in Western herbal medicine.

Soursop: GiantFX7 also contains soursop, according to a study cited on the official website. In that 2014 study, researchers found unripe Annona muricata (soursop) fruit had analgesic (pain relieving) and anti-inflammatory effects. By combining soursop with stinging nettle, you can tackle inflammation in two ways, supporting your body’s defense against inflammation and oxidative stress. Soursop, also known as graviola, is native to the warm and tropical regions of the Americas, and it has a long history of use in traditional medicine through Central America and South America. Locally, it’s known as guanabana. Today, many health supplements – from sexual health supplements to blood sugar supplements – contain soursop for various effects.

30+ Other Ingredients: The two ingredients above are just two of dozens of ingredients within GiantFX7. The formula contains 32 ingredients in total. Other ingredients include vitamins, minerals, herbs, plants, and nutrients designed to support sexual performance and erection quality in various ways.

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Who Created GiantFX7?

GiantFX7 was created by a cameraman in the adult film industry. Although the man has no formal medical, nutrition, or fitness experience, he conducted extensive research to develop the GiantFX7 formula.

There’s limited information about the cameraman available online. We know he graduated from New York University, and he claims to have worked in the adult film industry since graduation.

Over the years, the cameraman discovered many tips and tricks from his colleagues for staying hard, lasting longer, and improving the hardness, thickness, length, and size of your erections overall. He used some of that knowledge to develop GiantFX7.

Other Tips to Complement the Effects of GiantFX7

At the official GiantFX7 website, the cameraman who created the supplement provides extra tips on maintaining blood flow, boosting stamina, and supporting erection quality overall.

Other tips he recommends to complement the effects of GiantFX7 include:

Lose weight. Reducing your weight can lower blood pressure and improve blood flow and circulation. It reduces strain on your heart, making it easier to get better quality erections.

Avoid stressful environments. Your body releases cortisol in response to stress, and cortisol is linked to weight gain, sexual dysfunction, and other health risks. Lowering cortisol can help you lose weight and boost circulation, both of which support sexual function.

Stop unhealthy habits that affect circulation, like drinking alcohol, smoking, or eating processed foods or fatty foods.

Drink more water. Drinking at least two liters of water per day can help support all of your organs.

Keep a healthy diet and eat fruits, vegetables, grains, and protein while avoiding processed foods and processed sugars.

Exercise for 30 minutes daily to improve circulation and fight back against fatigue.

Do kegels and other movements that specifically target sexual health. Kegels, pelvic curls, supine foot raises, and knee fallouts are some of the exercises recommended by the creator of GiantFX7 for improving sexual function.

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How Erections Work

To understand how GiantFX7 works, it helps to understand how erections work.

As the University of Iowa explains, a normal erection requires two things:

Strong blood flow into the erectile tissue

Healthy veins that compress to hold the blood in the erectile tissue

If you’re missing one or both of these things, then you may have an increased risk of erectile dysfunction or poor-quality erections.

Here’s the process that occurs when you get an erection – and how GiantFX7 helps ensure those erections are as large and long-lasting as possible:

Something arouses you, stimulating the release of nitric oxide from nerve terminals and blood vessels.

The release of nitric oxide increases the amount of blood flowing into your erectile tissue.

As your erectile tissue fills with blood, the veins that drain the blood from the penis collapse, preventing the blood from leaving and keeping your penis large and hard.

For various reasons, men develop blood flow issues, and these issues could make it harder to get an erection. Some of the reasons for these issues include inflammation, unhealthy habits, lack of exercise, a poor diet, hormonal imbalances, stress, and dozens of others.

GiantFX7 doesn’t claim to solve all causes of erectile dysfunction. Instead, the supplement supports erectile quality and stamina overall, which could make it easier to get hard and stay hard.

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Scientific Evidence for GiantFX7

The makers of GiantFX7 cite a small number of studies to justify some of the ingredients in the formula. The creator of GiantFX7 is a cameraman in the adult film industry with no formal medical or nutrition certifications. However, the 4 bottle package of GiantFX7 is labeled as “doctor recommended,” suggesting at least one doctor has reviewed the supplement and recommended its use. We’ll review some of the scientific evidence supporting GiantFX7 below.

Taking a soursop supplement could lower blood pressure. A 2020 study found soursop supplementation improved blood pressure, serum uric acid, and kidney function in a group of adults with prehypertension. Researchers found a group of adults who took 2 x 100g of soursop juice daily lowered both systolic and diastolic blood pressure significantly better than a placebo group. The study involved 143 people.

As WebMD explains, soursop appears to work because it’s rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is one of nature’s best antioxidants, and it has a range of effects throughout the body – from immunity to inflammation to digestion. Because of the high levels of vitamin C, WebMD claims soursop could support health benefits like healthy digestion, anti-carcinogenic effects, lower blood pressure, and antibacterial effects. Soursop also contains certain vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins, folate, calcium, iron, and potassium, among others.

Some people take stinging nettle, the second listed ingredient in GiantFX7, for blood sugar and blood pressure. As Mount Sinai explains, stinging nettle was traditionally used as a diuretic in medieval Europe, helping to rid the body of excess water. Today, stinging nettle is most commonly used for prostate health and other male health concerns. Some people take stinging nettle daily for symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), for example.

In a 2022 study, researchers found stinging nettle had multiple bioactive compounds – including formic acid and flavonoids (natural antioxidants) – that could help with inflammation, blood sugar balance, and overall cardiovascular health and metabolism. Stinging nettle is also rich with quercetin, a natural antioxidant. Because of these effects, researchers suggested stinging nettle could help with metabolic syndrome, a group of serious health conditions that includes hypertension (high blood pressure), high blood sugar, and high cholesterol.

Overall, the makers of GiantFX7 have revealed little information about their formula to date. However, stinging nettle and soursop have both been connected to effects on blood flow and overall wellness in multiple studies.

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GiantFX7 Pricing

GiantFX7 normally costs $99 per bottle. However, as part of a 2023 promotion, the manufacturer has reduced the price to just $69 per bottle. You can save even more by buying multiple bottles.

GiantFX7 Pricing

Here’s how much you pay when ordering online today:

  • 1 Bottle: $69 + Shipping
  • 2 Bottles: $118 ($59 Per Bottle) + Free US Shipping
  • 4 Bottles: 196 ($49 Per Bottle) + Free US Shipping

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The 4 bottle package of GiantFX7 is labeled as “doctor recommended” on the official GiantFX7 website, which means at least one doctor has recommended using the supplement for sexual health and performance.

Each bottle of GiantFX7 contains a 30 day supply, or 30 servings (60 capsules). You take two capsules daily to support sexual health and erections.

You can only buy GiantFX7 online. It’s not available through other online retailers or in any stores.

GiantFX7 Refund Policy

You have two months to decide if GiantFX7 is the right choice for you. All purchases come with a 60 day moneyback guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied, then you can request a complete refund.

About GiantFX7

GiantFX7 is made in the United States in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified manufacturing facility.

You can contact the makers of GiantFX7 and the company’s customer service team via email:

Final Word

GiantFX7 is a male enhancement supplement featuring a blend of 32 ingredients to support blood flow, stamina, erection quality, and more.

By taking GiantFX7 daily, men can purportedly boost stamina, maintain erectile function, and support overall libido, vitality, and health.

To learn more about GiantFX7 and how it works or to buy the supplement today, visit the official website.

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