Glucolean Reviews – Should You Buy? Ingredients, Side Effects, Scam Complaints

Glucolean is a blood sugar support supplement available exclusively online.

Featuring a blend of green coffee bean, green tea, and acai, Glucolean is designed to support healthy blood sugar levels with just a few drops per day.

Is Glucolean legit? Can Glucolean really support blood sugar? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the dietary supplement today in our review.

What is Glucolean?

Glucolean is a liquid tincture featuring a blend of natural ingredients to support healthy blood sugar levels.

By taking a few drops of Glucolean daily, you can support healthy blood sugar using a proprietary blend of green coffee bean extract, green tea extract, acai berry extract, African mango extract, cinnamon, and purple carrot powder. These ingredients work in different ways to support blood sugar and promote healthy circulation.

Whether diabetic, pre-diabetic, or concerned about blood sugar, high blood sugar levels can affect your health when untreated. Some take supplements to help support healthy blood sugar.

Glucolean is priced at $69 per bottle and comes with a 60 day moneyback guarantee. The 6 bottle package of Glucolean is labeled as “doctor recommended,” which means at least one doctor has reviewed the supplement and recommended its use for blood sugar.

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Glucolean Benefits

Glucolean is designed to support healthy blood sugar levels using natural ingredients. Some of the benefits of Glucolean, according to the official website, include:

  • Help your body support healthy blood sugar levels
  • Avoid restrictive diets
  • Backed by results in thousands of men and women
  • Maintain healthy glucose levels
  • Natural, non-GMO, non-habit-forming ingredients

How Does Glucolean Work?

The primary goal of Glucolean is to help your body support healthy blood sugar levels. To do that, the supplement contains a small blend of active ingredients – including plant extracts and a mineral – to support your body’s ability to balance blood sugar naturally.

The makers of Glucolean have also designed the system to be easy to follow. You can follow the system without following restrictive diets or starving yourself, according to the official website.

Just take 2mL (two full droppers) of Glucolean daily, preferably in the morning. Then, if tolerable, take a second serving at night. By repeating this daily, you can purportedly help your body support healthy blood sugar levels and maintain glucose levels overall.

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Glucolean Ingredients

Glucolean contains a proprietary blend of herbs, plant extracts, and other ingredients linked to health and wellness. The blend includes green coffee bean, green tea, acai, and other active ingredients.

Here are all of the ingredients in Glucolean:

Green Coffee Bean Extract: Green coffee bean extract is the largest ingredient in Glucolean. It’s best-known for its use in weight loss supplements, but many people take green coffee bean extract daily for blood sugar, blood pressure, and overall health and wellness. Green coffee bean extract works because it’s rich in chlorogenic acid. Typically, this chlorogenic acid is lost when coffee beans are roasted. However, by taking “green” or unroasted coffee beans, you can maximize chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, acting as a natural antioxidant to support health and wellness.

Green Tea Extract: The second largest ingredient in Glucolean is green tea extract. Green tea leaf extract, like green coffee bean extract, is rich with natural antioxidants linked to weight loss, blood pressure, cardiovascular health, and overall vitality. Some consider green tea the most widely consumed healthy beverage in the world. Green tea is rich with natural antioxidants called catechins, including a specific catechin called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). This catechin – and other natural antioxidants in green tea – make green tea a popular natural remedy.

Acai Berry: Acai berry was one of the first superfoods to become trendy online. Today, acai berry continues to be popular for weight loss, blood sugar, immune function, and more. In Glucolean, acai berry works because it’s rich with vitamin C. Vitamin C is one of the best antioxidants in nature, and some fruits and berries have particularly high levels of vitamin C. By taking acai berry daily, you could support healthy blood sugar by allowing the vitamin C to support healthy inflammation throughout your body.

African Mango Extract: African mango extract is a popular weight loss supplement ingredient that could also help support healthy blood sugar. Used in traditional medicine in west Africa for centuries, African mango has recently surged in popularity in the western world. Today, some people take African mango extract for blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, and overall cardiovascular health and wellness.

Cinnamon Extract: Cinnamon extract is prized for its anti-diabetic benefits, and many people take cinnamon daily to promote healthy blood sugar. Cinnamon is more than just a spice: it’s also believed to work as a natural insulin stimulant, and the natural molecules within cinnamon may help keep blood sugar levels stable.

Purple Carrot Powder: Glucolean contains purple carrot powder, which contains anthocyanins, or natural antioxidants, that contribute to its blood sugar supporting benefits. Anthocyanins are natural molecules within certain foods and fruits that give them their dark purple or blue color. Blueberries, for example, are a rich source of anthocyanins. Recent research has shown these molecules do more than just contribute to color: they also exhibit antioxidant, anti-inflammatory effects across the body. Overall, the purple carrot powder complements other natural antioxidants in Glucolean to help support healthy blood sugar.

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How to Take Glucolean

The manufacturer recommends taking 2mL of Glucolean’s liquid formula daily, preferably in the morning. Each bottle contains a 30 day supply of liquid formula:

  • Shake well before each use
  • Take 2mL of Glucolean orally each day, preferably in the morning
  • If tolerable, take a second serving later in the day

Scientific Evidence for Glucolean

The official Glucolean website cites 9 studies on its “References” page, including studies on individual ingredients within the formula. More importantly, the supplement also claims to be backed by the results of “thousands of women and men,” which means many adults have successfully supported blood sugar using Glucolean. We’ll review some of the scientific evidence on Glucolean below.

One of the most notable ingredients in Glucolean is cinnamon. Many people take cinnamon daily for blood sugar, and it’s a popular supplement for diabetics. Although not all studies have revealed a connection between cinnamon and lower blood sugar, many studies have found cinnamon has natural antidiabetic effects, acting as a natural insulin stimulant to help your body balance blood sugar. Researchers believe cinnamon works because it has characteristics that mimic insulin, including the activity of biologically active substances. Cinnamon may also increase glycogen storage by affecting glycogen synthesis activity, contributing to its effects on blood sugar.

African mango is best-known for its weight loss effects. However, as WebMD explains, some use African mango for cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure, among other benefits. Also known as Cissus quandrangularis, African mango is backed by little formal research proving it works, although you can find plenty of anecdotal evidence online of people using African mango extract for various purposes.

The largest ingredient in Glucolean is green coffee bean extract. Studies have shown green coffee bean extract can impact fasting glucose levels and insulin response. In a 2019 study, researchers analyzed the results of six trials on green coffee bean extract, finding green coffee bean supplementation reduced fasting blood glucose significantly compared to a placebo. Researchers found green coffee bean worked particularly well at doses over 400mg per day.

Green tea is the second largest ingredient in Glucolean, and it could support healthy blood sugar. Like cinnamon, green tea is a popular beverage for diabetics. With Glucolean, you get a highly concentred and condensed version of green tea. A 2013 study found green tea significantly reduced fasting insulin concentrations and hemoglobin A1c concentrations. That study involved a total of 1,133 subjects who participated in 17 separate trials.

Overall, Glucolean contains a blend of active ingredients in concentrated liquid form. By taking the ingredients daily, you could promote healthy blood sugar levels and overall glucose balance in multiple ways.

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Who Created Glucolean?

Glucolean was created by an American man who watched his wife struggle with high blood sugar levels.

That man was unsatisfied with his wife’s current treatment program, so he started to research natural remedies for high blood sugar. His search led him to discover the seven ingredients in Glucolean, which come from various parts of the world.

After finding the ingredients and verifying their effects, the man partnered with a US-based supplement company to create Glucolean.

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Glucolean Supplement Facts Label

We know all of the ingredients in Glucolean. The manufacturer uses a proprietary formula, which means we don’t know the individual ingredient dosages. However, we know the relative strength of each ingredient based on their order of appearance. We know the largest ingredients are green coffee bean extract and green tea leaf extract, for example, because they’re the first ingredients listed.

Here are all of the active and inactive ingredients in Glucolean, according to the supplement facts label:

500mg of a proprietary blend with green coffee bean extract, green tea leaf extract, acai berry extract, African mango extract, cinnamon extract, and purple carrot powder

55mcg (100% DV) of selenium

Other (inactive) ingredients, including purified water, glycerin, and natural flavors

Glucolean Pricing

Glucolean Pricing

Glucolean normally costs $99 per bottle at its ordinary retail price. However, you could pay just $69 per bottle or less by buying directly from the manufacturer through today.

Here’s how pricing works when ordering online:

  • 1 Bottle: $69 + Shipping
  • 3 Bottles: $177 ($59 Per Bottle) + Free US Shipping
  • 6 Bottles: $294 ($49 Per Bottle) + Free US Shipping

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Each bottle contains a 30 day supply, or 30 servings (60mL). You take 2mL of Glucolean daily to support healthy blood sugar.

According to the official Glucolean website, the 6 bottle package is “doctor recommended,” suggesting a doctor has reviewed the formula and recommended its use for blood sugar.

Glucolean Refund Policy

Glucolean is a zero risk purchase because the supplement is backed by a 60 day moneyback guarantee.

You can request a complete refund on your purchase at any point within 60 days with no questions asked if you’re unsatisfied for any reason.

About Glucolean

Glucolean was made by a US-based supplement company doing business under the same name. That company is based in Newark, Delaware and manufactures Glucolean in the United States in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility.

You can contact the makers of Glucolean via the following:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 1 833 536 8240
  • Registered Address: 201 Continental Drive, Suite 401, Newark, DE 19713

Final Word

Glucolean is a diabetes and blood sugar support supplement available exclusively through

By taking two full droppers of Glucolean’s liquid serum daily, you can purportedly support healthy blood sugar and maintain glucose balance using natural ingredients.

To learn more about Glucolean and how it works or to buy the supplement online today, visit the official website.

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