Intelligent Income Investor: Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program Review (Wide Moat Research)

Brad Thomas and his team at Intelligent Income Investor have launched a new presentation explaining how to make money through “Amazon’s secret royalty program.”

By subscribing to Intelligent Income Investor today, you get a free guide teaching you “the easiest way to collect up to $28,544 per year from Amazon”.

Should you subscribe to Intelligent Income Investor? Does Amazon really have a secret royalty program you can use to make money? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Intelligent Income Investor today in our review.

What is Intelligent Income Investor?

Intelligent Income Investor is a monthly subscription service published by Wide Moat Research.

Led by Brad Thomas, the newsletter focuses on providing readers with strategies for creating safe, reliable, and durable income streams, allowing you to sleep at night in all market conditions.

Income investors invest in assets that produce income. For example, they might buy dividend stocks or bonds because they earn money by holding these assets.

Using his decades of experience and a fundamental “ground-up” analysis, Brad Thomas and his team recommend some of the best income assets for investors. Brad has a background in real estate investing and portfolio management. After losing a significant amount in real estate investing – and experiencing endless stress – Brad became an income investor.

By subscribing to Intelligent Income Investor today, you can lock in a discount price and receive a bundle of free bonus reports.

Intelligent Income Investor Benefits

Benefits of joining Intelligent Income Investor include:

  • Led by experienced income investor, real estate investor, and portfolio manager Brad Thomas
  • Get recommendations for battle-tested stocks
  • Discover safe, reliable, and durable income streams
  • Buy assets that allow you to sleep well at night in all market conditions
  • New subscriptions are available at a discount rate with a package of bonus guides

What is Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program?

To promote new subscriptions to Intelligent Income Investor in 2023, Brad and his team have published an eBook highlighting a “secret royalty program” from Amazon.

According to Brad, Amazon has a secret royalty program you could use to generate an extra $28,544 per year.

What is Amazon’s secret royalty program? Can you really earn thousands from Amazon’s secret royalty program?

Here’s how Brad explains the royalty program:

“SEC filing reveals Wall Street billionaires set to collect $3.2 billion payout from: Amazon’s secret royalty program. Thanks to an IRS loophole, regular Americans can now collect $28,544 in ‘royalty’ payouts (or more) – starting June 13…enough money to live off each year, without having any other retirement plan.”

In fact, Brad describes this unique system as “without a doubt, the greatest income opportunity in America today.” However, many ordinary investors don’t know about it because it’s one of the country’s closely guarded secrets. The rich keep it to themselves.

Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program Work

How Does Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program Work?

Amazon doesn’t pay dividends to shareholders, so how does Amazon’s secret royalty program work? Can you really make thousands of extra dollars per year through Amazon?

Here are some of the features of Amazon’s secret royalty program, as explained by Brad:

By tapping into Amazon’s secret royalty program, you can earn a cut of every sale made on the website.

Just like artists earn royalties through song plays, you can make a cut of every Amazon sale.

You don’t need to be an Amazon Prime member to use this royalty program.

You also don’t need to sell any products online.

You don’t need to buy or own a single share of Amazon stock.

No age or income requirements, employment requirements, and connections are required.

After teasing the royalty program for the first half of his presentation, Brad finally reveals crucial details about it and how it works.

How to Participate in Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program

Amazon’s “royalty program” involves buying Amazon’s biggest warehouses. When you own Amazon’s biggest warehouses, you have the legal right to collect some of the fees Amazon pays for shipping, deliveries, and logistics.

Now is an excellent time to sign up for Amazon’s “royalty” program. Why? The company is preparing to build a “mega warehouse” just east of Los Angeles. It will be the single largest Amazon warehouse in the world, covering 4 million square feet of space. The project broke ground in 2019 and is set to open later this year.

Customers who follow Brad’s “Amazon royalty” system today could earn significant money starting June 13 and beyond. By the end of the year, you could have made nearly $30,000 through this system – all with an initial investment of under $5,000.

It may sound too good to be true, but Brad publishes full details of his system and how it works in his online report. You get a free copy of that report when you sign up for Intelligent Income Investor.

Other Companies Also Have Similar “Royalty” Systems

Brad isn’t just a fan of Amazon’s secret “royalty” system. He also recommends taking advantage of similar systems from other major companies.

Even when companies don’t offer a dividend or pay income by conventional means, they still offer a type of “royalty” to investors. Just follow the steps in Brad’s eBook, bundled with all new subscriptions to Intelligent Income Investor, to discover how those royalties work.

Some of the additional royalties you could access through Brad’s system include the following:

You can earn “royalties” through one of Amazon’s 40 subsidiary divisions, including AWS, the most advanced cloud platform on the planet. You can do this by buying a share of data centers worldwide. Amazon doesn’t own its data centers. They rent data centers from a smaller partner company. When you purchase the stocks of two specific critical partners recommended by Brad, it’s like signing up for Amazon royalties.

You can earn “royalties” from oil companies by buying shares of energy infrastructurelike pipeline stocks. Brad has one “top secret energy royalty” company he recommends buying, for example, with 91,600 miles of pipeline in North America. You can also earn “royalties” by buying gas storage facilities in Texas, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana recommended by Brad. Or, you can buy offshore wind farms, solar energy facilities, and other utilities Brad recommends. You get paid every time a significant oil or energy company uses this infrastructure.

Brad also includes a bonus report with a “royalty” play on land ownership. You can invest in certain types of land, earn “royalties” from the land, and be a successful investor. Brad claims this unique investment system is “better than gold.”

Brad also recommends conventional dividend stocks. Many companies pay investors 1% to 5% (or more) dividends. You get paid just for holding the stock in your portfolio. If you buy $100,000 worth of shares from a company that produces a 5% dividend, for example, you’re purchasing $5,000 of extra income per year. Your dividend stocks are always making money for you, generating revenue as you sleep.

How Much Money Can You Make with Intelligent Income Investor?

The Intelligent Income Investor website is filled with testimonials from customers who have earned money by following Brad’s investment recommendations or taken advantage of Amazon’s secret royalty program based on Brad’s advice.

Here are some of the earnings claims featured on the official website:

  • One investor claims Brad’s system allowed him to increase his royalties “to over $30,000 last year.”
  • Another investor increased her royalties “from about $2,000 to $60,000” with Intelligent Income Investor.
  • One investor started from a zero balance and just hit $1,200 a month in royalties.
  • Another investor plans to be a member of Intelligent Income Investor for the next 30+ years because he wants to create a nice nest egg for his family while letting his savings generate income.
  • Another customer claims to follow multiple advisory services, yet Intelligent Income Investor has the best returns. His portfolio is “beating the three major indexes.” Another customer echoes the sentiment, claiming Brad’s advice “has out-performed all by a wide margin.”
  • One Intelligent Income Investor reviewer claims to manage a 9-figure portfolio on Wall Street and describes Brad’s research as “easily the best I have seen,” which is why he’s happy to continue subscribing.

Most investors seem satisfied with Brad’s recommendations and the overall body of work, with some investors earning significant gains through Brad’s “royalties” recommendations.

What’s Included with Intelligent Income Investor?

By subscribing to Intelligent Income Investor today, you get a bundle of bonus reports, guides, and eBooks included with your subscription.

Here is everything you get when you sign up for Intelligent Income Investor today:

Monthly Issues of Intelligent Income Investor: Each month, you receive a new issue of Intelligent Income Investor. Brad provides at least one new investment recommendation with every issue. Many of Brad’s recommendations are income investing plays – including high-quality dividend stocks, unconventional “royalty” opportunities, and other ways to earn safe, predictable income.

Free Bonus Royalty Report #1

Free Bonus Royalty Report #1: Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program”: The Easiest Way to Collect Up to $28,544 Per Year From Amazon: This report covers the abovementioned Amazon “royalty” program. In the report, you can discover the name and ticker symbol of two Amazon partner companies. These partner companies are linked to Amazon warehouses. By buying shares in these partner companies, you can earn a cut of every sale Amazon makes. You have the legal right to collect some of the fees Amazon pays – similar to how royalties work. It’s the closest thing you have to earning “royalties” from Amazon.

Free Bonus Royalty Report #2: CONFIDENTIAL: The President’s Top Secret Energy Royalty: Amazon isn’t the only company to offer a “royalty” program to savvy investors. In this guide, you can discover how to earn similar royalties through energy companies. Brad specifically recommends his top energy royalty play. Brad bases his recommendation on his experience as a member of President Trump’s advisory board. During his work at the position, Brad discovered a small energy company most have never heard of. That company operates over 91,000 miles of energy pipeline infrastructure, and its “energy royalty” has increased five years in a row.

Free Bonus Royalty Report #3: The Ultimate “Royalty” Play: Better Than Gold: Brad lists the name and ticker symbol of his top American farmland “royalty” recommendation in this bonus report. That royalty recommendation allows you to collect payouts on over 194,000 acres of high-quality, water-rich farmland. Buying land and earning royalties from that land can help you achieve financial freedom.

Surprise Bonus Report: Sucker Yields – And How to Avoid Them: Some dividend stocks have “sucker yields” to attract unwitting investors. For example, they might pay an impressive dividend but invest little into their business operations, making them a poor long-term investment strategy. In this eBook, you can discover Brad’s list of 10 stocks to avoid now, including the three questions you must ask before investing in any income.

60-Day Moneyback Guarantee: All Intelligent Income Investor subscriptions also have a 60-day money-back guarantee. You have 60 days to try the subscription, read the bonus reports, and decide if you like it. If you don’t, you can create a complete refund on your purchase without questions.

Access to Members-Only Website & Mobile App

Access to Members-Only Website & Mobile App: All Intelligent Income Investor subscribers also receive access to the Intelligent Income Investor website and mobile app. You can use the website to access your bonus reports and guides. You can also access information via the mobile app, view alerts, and check the model portfolio, among other features.

Exclusive Members-Only Email Alerts: Your subscription includes members-only email alerts. Brad and his team email subscribers buy and sell recommendations, stop losses, buy-up-to-prices, updates on current holdings in the model portfolio, and more. If Brad spots an opportunity in the market and wants investors to take advantage, he’ll notify you via the members-only email alert.

Access to All Back Issues of Intelligent Income Investor: You receive access to all back issues of Intelligent Income Investor. You can check previous issues, view Brad’s historic investment recommendations, and learn more about historical trends.

Access to Full Archive of Special Reports: Your subscription also includes complete access to a library of special reports. Brad and his team at Intelligent Income Investor have published reports similar to the royalty reports in the past. You get immediate access to these reports as soon as your subscription is confirmed.

Intelligent Income Investor Pricing

Intelligent Income Investor is usually priced at a retail rate of $199 per year. However, as part of a special 2023 promotion, you can pay just $49 for your first year, then discounted rates after that.

Here’s how pricing works when ordering online today:

Annual Subscription to Intelligent Income Investor: $49

Intelligent Income Investor Refund Policy

Intelligent Income Investor comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Brad guarantees his “royalty” recommendations will help you achieve financial freedom. If you don’t achieve the expected results, or if you’re disappointed for any reason, then contact the customer service team to request a complete refund – and you can even keep all bonus reports as thanks for trying the service.

About Wide Moat Research

Wide Moat Research is a financial publishing company offering a range of digital investment newsletters. The company primarily emphasizes income-focused opportunities. Wide Moat Research aims to recommend companies with long-lasting competitive advantages, or “wide moats,” that also pay dividends through bull and bear markets.

Wide Moat Research was founded by Brad Thomas. Notable subscriptions from Wide Moat Research include Fortress Portfolio, Intelligent Income Daily, Intelligent Options Advisor, High-Yield Advisor, and Intelligent Income Investor.

You can contact the Intelligent Income Investor customer service team and Wide Moat Research via the following:

  • Phone: 1-888-415-6046
  • Online Form:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Mailing Address: 55 NE 5th Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33483

Final Word

Amazon pays “royalties” – if you know where to look. By subscribing to Intelligent Income Investor today, you can discover how to earn a cut of every sale made by Amazon.

After subscribing to Intelligent Income Investor, you receive free bonus reports explaining how this royalty system works, how to participate, and the specific names and ticker symbols of companies you should buy.

To learn more about Intelligent Income Investor and the unique Amazon “royalty” system, or to subscribe to Intelligent Income Investor today, visit the official website.

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