Cacao Bliss Reviews – Should You Buy Earth Echo Chocolate Superfood Blend by Danette May?

Cacao Bliss is a chocolate-powered weight loss supplement available exclusively online.

Made by Earth Echo, Cacao Bliss features a blend of cacao and other natural superfoods to support weight loss, stress response, inflammation, and more.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Cacao Bliss and how it works today in our review.

What is Cacao Bliss?

Cacao Bliss is a nutritional supplement designed to help you enjoy chocolate without the guilt.

Featuring raw cacao and other natural ingredients, Cacao Bliss can kill food cravings, increase natural energy, activate your metabolism, burn stubborn fat, and revitalize your body overall, according to Earth Echo.

In fact, one woman melted 62lbs in a year by taking Cacao Bliss daily.

Cacao Bliss was created by Danette May and the team at Earth Echo. Danette has been a fitness trainer for almost 20 years. Today, she’s dedicated to helping women live their best lives. She discovered the ritual behind Cacao Bliss while visiting an isolated mountain village in Costa Rica. With Cacao Bliss, she wants to share that ritual with the world.

Cacao Bliss Benefits

Cacao Bliss is designed to help with weight loss, energy, metabolism, blood sugar, and more.

By adding one level scoop of Cacao Bliss to coffee, milk, almond milk, a shake, or the beverage or food of your choice and taking it daily, you can purportedly enjoy benefits like:

  • Eliminate food cravings to help you eat less without thinking about dieting
  • Increase energy without jitters or crash
  • Activate your metabolism to force your body to burn fat – including stubborn fat – for energy
  • Revitalize your body to feel younger
  • Lose weight (some have lost around 1lb per week by combining Cacao Bliss with healthy diet and exercise)

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How Does Cacao Bliss Work?

Cacao Bliss works using the natural power of cacao, turmeric, cinnamon, and other ingredients. Each serving of Cacao Bliss contains 10 superfoods in total.

Cacao is rich with anandamide, a molecule that acts as a neurotransmitter after entering your body. Anandamide has been shown to promote feelings of optimism. It can help with mood and overall happiness.

Cacao and other ingredients in Cacao Bliss also work by increasing metabolism and lowering cortisol. By boosting metabolism, you can increase your daily calorie burning, helping you get a caloric deficit without changing your diet and lifestyle. You can also lower cortisol, a stress hormone linked to weight gain.

When your body has high cortisol levels, it’s hard to lose weight. Your body clings to stubborn fat as a survival mechanism. Even if you’re eating right and exercising, your cortisol could be inhibiting your weight loss goals.

Cacao Bliss also works by supporting healthy appetite control. Some of the ingredients in Cacao Bliss help you feel full, for example. Cinnamon can help with blood sugar and insulin response, making it easy to avoid blood sugar swings that lead to food cravings.

By tackling weight loss, energy, and hormone balance in various ways, Cacao Bliss can support your health and wellness goals.

What to Expect with Cacao Bliss: Tara’s Story

The official Cacao Bliss website tells the story of Tara, a woman who lost 62lbs in a year with Cacao Bliss. That woman started to take Cacao Bliss, then rapidly lost weight. Today, she’s more confident than ever thanks to Cacao Bliss.

Tara had gained 70lbs of extra weight due to having twins and staying in the house during the pandemic. She started to eat healthy and exercise to lose weight.

Tara was frustrated by her initial weight loss results. She had a bad sweet tooth that left her craving food all day long.

To help, Tara started to take Cacao Bliss daily. She started to notice changes. She saw new muscle tone in her arms. She had more energy each morning. She found it easier to stick to her diet and exercise program.

Overall, Tara lost 62lbs in a year with Cacao Bliss and a healthy lifestyle.

Tara is a real person: you can check her out on Instagram at @TaraBrownBeauty and see her weight loss progress for herself. Tara’s results “may seem extreme,” according to Danette. However, she lost this weight over one year – all with the help of Cacao Bliss.

The Story Behind Cacao Bliss: The Kuna Tribe of Panama and Costa Rica

Danette May developed the Cacao Bliss formula after discovering a natural remedy from the Kuna tribe of Panama and Costa Rica.

Danette visited the tribal village to help deal with a personal tragedy. Her quest for healing took her to a small, remote Kuna village in the mountains of Costa Rica.

In that village, a healer made Danette a drink from cacao and other ingredients. Here’s how Danette describes her first taste of the drink:

“As instructed, I blessed the drink in the cup and took my first sip…Oh my goodness. It was like pouring liquid love deep into every cell of my body. Waves of inner warmth, peace, and gratitude radiated through my body and mind.”

Danette was motivated to share the healing beverage with the world, so she brought the formula back to the United States. Today, anyone can buy the formula in the form of Cacao Bliss.

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Cacao Bliss Ingredients

Cacao Bliss contains a blend of cacao and other ingredients to support weight loss, inflammation, energy, and overall vitality.

Here are all of the active ingredients in Cacao Bliss and how they work:

Cacao: Cacao is different from the chocolate found in a grocery store. Cacao tastes like chocolate, but it’s rich with natural antioxidants to support health and overall inflammation. Cacao also releases a natural chemical called nitric oxide within your body. Nitric oxide helps with blood flow. Cacao is also rich with a natural molecule called anandamide, a neurotransmitter that can help your brain feel better. One study found just smelling cacao can reduce food cravings. Other studies have linked cacao to healthy immune function. Overall, Danette May claims the cacao in Cacao Bliss has “miraculous effects.” It upgrades metabolism, may help lower the stress hormone cortisol, and activates your body’s fat burning.

MCT Oil: Medium chain triglyceride oil, or MCT oil, is an energy booster. In fact, many take the healthy fats in MCT oil daily to boost energy. It can increase natural energy all day long without the surge of caffeine. MCT oil can also help your gut bacteria. Many people see MCT oil as a superfood. However, it doesn’t taste very good. That’s why Danette May added MCT oil to Cacao Bliss with a blend of other ingredients – like cacao. It masks the flavor, makes it more palatable, and helps you get the maximum dose of active ingredients.

Turmeric: Cacao Bliss contains turmeric, one of the most popular spices available today. Many people take turmeric supplements daily for weight loss, inflammation, immunity, and mood. It’s been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine. In Cacao Bliss, turmeric plays two roles: it adds a unique flavor to the formula and it supports various benefits.

Cinnamon: Cacao Bliss also contains cinnamon. Like turmeric, cinnamon plays two roles: it adds flavor to the formula and contributes to active effects. Danette describes cinnamon as her “secret weapon spice” and “the skinny spice.” That’s because cinnamon helps slow down the digestion of sugar, reducing your body’s blood sugar response to meals. Even if you have healthy blood sugar, fluctuating blood sugar levels can leave you with wild food cravings. Adding cinnamon makes Cacao Bliss more delicious while also supporting its ability to manage blood sugar and cravings.

Black Pepper: Finally, Cacao Bliss contains black pepper. Although black pepper is best-known as a spice, it’s been added to Cacao Bliss primarily for absorption. Black pepper has been shown to enhance the bioavailability, or absorption, of turmeric by 2,000%, making it easier for your body to absorb the active ingredients in turmeric – like curcumin. In fact, without black pepper, your body may struggle to absorb a meaningful dose of turmeric at all.

Monk Fruit: Monk fruit is one of the best natural sweeteners in the world. Cacao Bliss contains zero stevia, nor does it contain artificial sweeteners or flavors. Instead, it’s sweetened with monk fruit, which has zero calories and no negative effect on blood sugar.

Lucuma: Lucuma adds a hint of caramel-like flavor to the formula. It’s also rich with its own natural antioxidants to support heart health.

Mesquite: Mesquite adds another distinctive flavor to the Cacao Bliss superfood formula. Mesquite is a sweet and nutty superfood that adds flavor without blood sugar spikes while helping to increase your immune system’s power.

Himalayan Salt: Himalayan salt brings out the natural flavor of cacao while containing 84 minerals and trace elements of its own, helping to balance pH levels.

Organic Cocoa Powder: Organic cocoa powder adds additional rich, velvety chocolate flavor to the Cacao Bliss formula on top of the existing cacao.

Coconut Nectar: Coconut nectar contains a unique fiber called inulin, which has prebiotic benefits. Like other prebiotics, inulin nourishes the probiotic bacteria in your gut, promoting microbiota balance, weight loss, and immunity.

The Cacao Bliss formula is 100% USDA certified organic. It’s also vegan, vegetarian, paleo, and keto-friendly. There’s no soy, dairy, or gluten in the formula, and Cacao Bliss is produced in a non-GMO facility.

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How to Take Cacao Bliss

You can mix one scoop of Cacao Bliss with beverages, desserts, dinner, or breakfast to support the active effects.

Here’s how Danette and her team recommend taking Cacao Bliss:

  • Mix 1 scoop (less than 2 teaspoons) into your favorite beverage
  • You can take Cacao Bliss as a hot cocoa drink before bed
  • Or, you can start your day with a fat-burning mocha by mixing Cacao Bliss into your morning coffee
  • Cacao Bliss mixes in seconds with almond milk, regular milk, or water; just stir or shake until creamy, frothy and smooth

Others take Cacao Bliss with lunch, snacks, or dessert

Some also bake with Cacao Bliss, adding it to cookies or muffins (all Cacao Bliss purchases come with a recipe book with dozens of baking recipes)

Cacao Bliss Reviews

What is the #1 Fat Loss Mistake Women Make?

Danette May is dedicated to helping women lose weight. Over the years, however, Danette has noticed many women make a big mistake with weight loss.

The #1 fat loss mistake women make, according to Danette May, is to deprive themselves of calories and nutrients. Depriving yourself of calories and nutrients can raise cortisol hormone levels, causing your body to hoard fat.

Cortisol is a stress hormone linked to belly fat. Studies show when you’re stressed, you tend to gain weight – even if you’re eating right and exercising. Cortisol puts your body into survival mode, and it begins to store fat instead of spending energy.

Many of the world’s most popular diets, however, raise cortisol. Low-carb, low-fat, high-protein, vegan, and carnivore diets, for example deprive your body of calories and nutrients and trigger a spike in cortisol, causing your body to hoard fat.

By adding Cacao Bliss to your daily regimen, however, “your fat will melt like ice cream on a hot August day,” according to Danette.

Cacao Bliss Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Cacao Bliss is backed by strong reviews online from customers who have experienced significant effects from the formula.

Here are some of the reviews shared on the official Cacao Bliss website:

One customer has “lost 10 lbs without trying” after taking Cacao Bliss in her morning coffee for around 7 months.

Another customer was skeptical Cacao Bliss would work, but she describes it as “amazing.” Today, she mixes Cacao Bliss with her morning smoothie or tea and has noticed benefits with stiffness and inflammation.

Many customers like the feeling of calmness they experience after sipping Cacao Bliss. It becomes a ritual they find helps with stress, relaxation, and focus.

Others like Cacao Bliss for satisfying cravings. If you get a craving for a big piece of chocolate cake at night, for example, you can take Cacao Bliss instead.

Some have experienced noticeable changes in their skin after taking Cacao Bliss, including clearer skin without wrinkles.

One woman claims to have lost 33lbs by taking Cacao Bliss with her morning shake. She mixes the formula with coffee, a protein shake, and a half teaspoon of coconut sugar, and that formula keeps her full until 2pm with no cravings.

Cacao Bliss is popular with women of all ages.

Tara, the woman mentioned above, lost 62lbs using Cacao Bliss

According to Danette, “you can expect to lose roughly one pound per week” when combining Cacao Bliss with a healthy diet and exercise program.

Scientific Evidence for Cacao Bliss

Earth Echo and Danette May cite dozens of studies on the official Cacao Bliss website to validate its advertised effects. We’ll review some of that scientific evidence below to explain how Cacao Bliss works and what the formula does.

Cacao appears to work because it’s rich with flavonols, plant-based antioxidants linked to a range of effects throughout the body. According to Harvard Health, the flavonols in cacao can help with blood flow and insulin sensitivity.

One of the largest reviews on the power of chocolate, cacao, and cocoa was published in Antioxidants & Redox Signalling in 2011. Researchers found the benefits of moderate chocolate consumption “likely outweigh the risks.” Studies show chocolate consumption can help protect nerves from injury and inflammation, protect skin from oxidative damage (like from the sun and aging), and support overall cognition and brain health, among other benefits. That could make cacao a genuine superfood.

Cacao Bliss complements the natural effects of cacao with other ingredients – like turmeric. In a 2017 study, researchers found turmeric helped with muscle soreness, inflammation, anxiety, and other conditions. Other studies have connected turmeric to weight loss and immunity, and it remains one of the most popular superfoods available today.

Overall, Cacao Bliss contains a blend of science-backed ingredients linked to weight loss, immunity, energy, and overall health and wellness.

Cacao Bliss Supplement Facts

Cacao Bliss Supplement Facts Label

Earth Echo discloses all ingredients in Cacao Bliss upfront. Because it’s a proprietary formula, we know the relative dose of each ingredient in Cacao Bliss.

Here are all of the active and inactive ingredients in each 1 level scoop serving (7.88g) of Cacao Bliss (30 servings per container):

7.88g of a Proprietary Blend with organic cacao bean powder, organic MCT oil powder, organic coconut nectar powder, organic cocoa bean powder, organic turmeric root powder, Himalayan sea salt, organic cinnamon bark powder, organic monk fruit extract, organic lucuma fruit powder, organic mesquite pos powder, and organic black pepper fruit powder

Each scoop contains 35 calories, 1.5g of total fat, 3g of carbs, 2g of dietary fiber, and less than 1g of total sugars.

Cacao Bliss Pricing

Cacao Bliss Pricing

Cacao Bliss is priced at $59.95 per pouch. Or, you can save money by ordering multiple pouches or subscribing to the Cacao Bliss autoship program.

Here’s how pricing works when ordering through the Earth Echo online store today:

  • 1 Pouch: $59.95
  • 1 Pouch (Monthly Autoship Subscription): $53.95 per month
  • 3 Pouches: $149.95 ($49.98 per pouch)
  • 5 Pouches (Buy 4, Get 1 Free): $199.95 ($39.99 per pouch)

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Earth Echo normally sells a pouch of Cacao Bliss for $79.95 at its ordinary retail rate. The company has lowered the price to $59.95 and below to promote the product in 2023.

Bonuses Included with Cacao Bliss

As part of a 2023 promotion, Danette May is bundling four digital bonuses with all purchases of Cacao Bliss. You receive immediate access to the eBooks and audio files after your purchase is confirmed.

The bonus eBooks include:

Bonus Gift #1: The Cacao Lovers Cookbook: This recipe book is packed with mouth-watering recipes you can make using Cacao Bliss and other cacao products. The book includes healthy decadent brownies, chocolate waffles, rich cacao bites, cacao coconut balls, guilt-free chocolate cake, almond butter cups smoothie, chocolate thin mint cookies, and a chocolate mug cake, among other recipes.

Bonus Gift #2: Cacao Meditations: Danette created two powerful cacao meditations you can listen to while sipping on your Cacao Bliss each morning or evening. These meditations can help you calm down, release tension, and support the active effects of the supplement.

Bonus Gift #3: Fast Fat-Burning Recipes: This eBook features additional recipes for burning fat. Some are chocolate-flavored, while others are made without chocolate or Cacao Bliss. The goal is to give you the nutrients you need to lose weight without counting calories, stressing over every bite, or eating unhealthy foods. Some of the fat-burning recipes included in the eBook are French toast, chocolate smoothies, mouth-watering burgers, hearty sweet potato chips and fries, pizza, heavy cheesecake, and wing. You’ll never need to wonder what you should eat again.

Bonus Gift #4: 10-Day Gut Health Reset: Many women deal with bloating, indigestion, gut discomfort, weight gain, and other gut-related issues. In this eBook, you can discover how to reset your gut health using a proven system. The eBook walks you through the 6 pillars of transforming health starting from your gut. One of Danette’s friends followed the system and lost 30lbs. Today, she continues to eat and drink whatever she likes without worrying about the effects of her gut.

Cacao Bliss “Love It Or You Don’t Pay” Refund Policy

Danette May backs all Cacao Bliss purchases with a “love it or you don’t pay” 60 day moneyback guarantee.

If you’re unhappy with the effects of Cacao Bliss for any reason within 60 days, then you can request a complete refund on your purchase with no questions asked.

About Earth Echo

Cacao Bliss is made by a supplement company named Earth Echo, LLC. The company was founded by Danette May and is based in Colorado.

In addition to Cacao Bliss, other bestselling Earth Echo supplements include Golden Superfood Bliss, Collagen Peptides, Chai Bliss, and Island Bliss. The company was founded with the goal of taking care of people and the planet.

You can contact Earth Echo and the company’s customer service team via the following:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 888-997-3851
  • Mailing Address: 1153 Bergen Pkwy Ste 133, Evergreen, CO 80439

Earth Echo founder Danette May has been a fitness trainer for almost 20 years. She lives in Evergreen, Colorado and has published two books. Her work has been featured on NBC, Access Hollywood Live, Us Magazine, and more. She discovered the basis of the Cacao Bliss formula while in a mountain village in Costa Rica.

Final Word

Cacao Bliss is a superfood supplement featured cacao and other natural ingredients for weight loss, inflammation, and immunity.

Available exclusively through the Earth Echo online store, Cacao Bliss provides a blend of natural ingredients like cacao, turmeric, and cinnamon to help support various benefits.

To learn more about Cacao Bliss and how it works or to buy the superfood supplement online today, visit the official website.

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