Oceans Alive Reviews – Should You Buy Activation Products Raw Marine Phytoplankton?

Oceans Alive is a liquid supplement that provides consumers with incredible superfoods that make it more potent than nearly any other superfood. It offers high bioavailability, and it uses pure, lab-grown sources of each nutrient.

What is Oceans Alive?

Superfoods have become quite popular in the last few decades, and most consumers are familiar with the top options. Spirulina, chlorella, moringa, and even matcha tea have all received attention in the health industry for the way that they can provide users with more nutrients in a single supplement than most consumers get in their entire day with a regular diet. However, the creators at Activation wanted to push the envelope, which is why they have found a singular green superfood that manages to exceed anything else before it. The powerful effects that it provides have been praised by scientists around the world.

In their new supplement called Oceans Alive, consumers will learn about the importance of marine phytoplankton, even though scientific research is only starting to understand its impact. Marina algae have been around as long as the earth has, providing a substantial amount of nutrients to animals that both live in the ocean and on land. By using Oceans Alive, consumers can get the nourishment that this supplement promises to bring with its inherent nutritional profile.

The benefits of the main ingredient of this formula seem endless, helping with everything from the immune system to the way that the body ages. The user gets over a billion cells in every drop of this formula, which means users can actively combat the damage that agent can cause. This formula doesn’t make the years melt away like they never happened, but they respond more easily to the nourishment that consumers have in their day. Consumers don’t just look more youthful; they truly make their bodies feel yeah again because their cells finally have the nutrition that they need.

So far, over 100,000 customers have already tried out this supplement to experience the wellness benefits. As consumers around the world are constantly exposed to thousands of different sources of toxins, the body was not ever prepared for this issue. While humans don’t ordinarily ingest algae as their main source of protein, they were also exposed to substantially fewer chemicals before all of this pollution. Finding a way to solve this issue can reduce the toxins in their bodies and help them live long and healthy lives. That’s what makes Oceans Alive so special.

With less fatigue and more energy, consumers can handle any task that is laid in their path.

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What Makes Oceans Alive Effective?

The easy answer would be that Oceans Alive can credit its success to the inclusion of marine phytoplankton. Marine phytoplankton has a history of being quite nutritious for everything that uses it as a main food source, but that idea is far too general to explain how much it can help. Its definition as a superfood means that it is rich in nutrients, but what can those nutrients do?

In this formula, consumers get more superoxide dismutase than any other food provides. It is the main enzyme that consumers associate with anti-aging benefits, though it also reduces oxidative stress. This ingredient is the reason that consumers can improve their immune system, reduce the risk of the flu, and even make the iron from their general diet more bioavailable. According to studies on this microalga, it can improve the cleansing of toxins and it was even used in Russia as a way to treat radiation sickness.

According to researchers, marine phytoplankton offers one of the most nutrient-rich superfoods that the world has ever seen, offering 1 billion cells in every single serving of Oceans Alive. It has more bioavailability than any other source of allergy, which is partially due to the processing that Activation does within its lab. The creators prioritized getting the purest version of this possible, but the pollution in the ocean makes that incredibly difficult. By developing this marine phytoplankton in aquariums in the lab, consumers get a more reliable and effective remedy. Plus, since the creators make every batch with the best strains from the one that precedes it, the formula continues to get better and better with every bottle.

While these benefits seem like a lot for a singular supplement, consumers should remember that this nutrient is what supports so much sea life. The only way that it can provide as much nutritional support as it does is because it is meant to sustain both small and big life forms, even whales. This type of plankton nourishes humpback whales, baleen whales, and more, showing how substantial the nutritional benefits can be.

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Additional Ingredients

Though consumers could easily get substantial benefits from only having marine phytoplankton in this supplement, the creators decided to add other nutrients as well. With amino acids, minerals, fatty acids, and other nutrients, Oceans Alive tackled everything that users might need to keep their energy going in a single supplement.

It offers an incredible source of chlorophyll to improve the amount of oxygen that the bloodstream circulates, and it offers plenty of omega-3 fatty acids. It also contains several essential minerals, including zinc, selenium, and magnesium to prevent the body from premature aging. Consumers support their mental energy as well with ingredients like dopamine, serotonin, and GABA, which all support healthy brain performance.

Oceans Alive Pricing

Buying a Bottle of Oceans Alive

All orders for the Oceans Alive supplements have to be submitted through the official website. Consumers will receive a handbook for the supplement with every purchase, though they get additional bonus content as well as an increase in the quantity of their purchase.

The available packages include:

  • $39.00 each for one bottle
  • $33.00 each for three bottles
  • $31.50 each for six bottles

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The cost of shipping and any taxes will be calculated when the user checks out. However, if they find that this formula doesn’t help them with their health needs, they have up to 60 days to request a refund with a money-back guarantee.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Oceans Alive

Does Oceans Alive contain any contaminants?

No. All of the marine phytoplankton found in this formula is created within a facility in Spain, using a photobioreactor. While sourcing it naturally would be the priority, the ocean contains so much pollution that the purity of the formula would be compromised. Using this type of environment allows the creators to have complete control over ingredients, using clean ocean water, carbon dioxide, and natural sunlight. What the creators have essentially done with this formula is develop a miniature version of the ocean within their own lab.

What does it take to make a bottle of Oceans Alive?

Every bottle of this formula primarily consists of two types of marine phytoplankton, but the creators used their unique processing methods to find the best genetic selection. After carefully going through each simple, the creators choose the best one for the needs of the general consumer to grow the next batch. As the creators develop bottle after bottle they continually improve as they enhance the best phytoplankton from the last. It is then harvested from their bioreactor and purified before bottling.

Is it possible to use too much of the Oceans Alive formula?

Not at all. There is no way to overdose, but the high amount of magnesium found in this formula can lead to looseness in the user’s stools in the morning. Luckily, since the dosage is so concentrated in every dropper, users should only need one serving a day generally.

Can users take Oceans Alive every day?

Yes. This formula is completely safe to use daily.

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Can consumers add Oceans Alive to their diet if they are pregnant?

The creators of this formula prioritize using pure sources with no additives. However, pregnant women should not use this formula without consulting with their obstetrician.

Will consumers be able to lose weight while they maintain their Oceans Alive regimen?

This formula is not meant to be a way to replace a healthy diet. However, the way that it improves how the body functions at a cellular level can result in improved fat loss and better muscle building when the user is engaging in an exercise routine. Exercising while using this supplement makes physical exertion much easier, allowing consumers to make more progress in their fitness goals.

What are the storage instructions for each bottle of Oceans Alive?

This liquid needs to be stored at room temperature, but it should never be placed in direct sunlight. With proper care, the formula should last about three years.

How can users be certain that the bottle has not been opened in transit?

Using a high-tech design from Germany, this bottle has the security of a small plastic ring with a direct connection to the dropper. Much like opening a soda bottle, users will know that the dropper bottle has not been opened before when they hear the ring and lid perforate from each other when they opened the bottle the first time.

How do consumers normally use marine phytoplankton?

Marine phytoplankton is the main source of nutrients for approximately 95% of the life forms in the ocean. It also creates over 90% of the oxygen that this atmosphere supports. When it is used on land, it is something commercially used as biofuel, support for exotic aquariums, nourishing fish farms, and supporting human nutrition as well.

What is marine phytoplankton?

It is a species of microbiology, and it is found exclusively in the ocean among over 43,000 different strains. However, current research suggests that there are closer to 200,000 strains that exist. In this formula, consumers will find just two of those strains, which have been chosen for their similarity to the nutritional needs of humans.

How should consumers use Oceans Alive?

This formula can be used with any beverage, though some people use it sublingually to maximize absorption at a rapid pace.

Is Oceans Alive a safe formula for every user?

While this formula is helpful to any adult, it should not be used for children under 18 months old. It also is not meant for pregnant women unless the user speaks with their healthcare provider beforehand.

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Can Oceans Alive be used for pets?

Yes. The formula is completely safe for animals and humans alike.

Can consumers increase their muscle mass when using Oceans Alive?

Possibly, yes. This formula is not meant to be a standalone remedy to improve muscle mass, but the amino acids provided in it are quite helpful to anyone who has already engaged in an exercise routine to promote increased muscle mass.

How much marine phytoplankton can be found in a single dose of Oceans Alive?

For one dropper of the Oceans Alive liquid, users will take 350 mg of the marine phytoplankton.

What is the diet of marine phytoplankton?

Since marine phytoplankton is a microbiology, it doesn’t technically digest any kind of food. Instead, it uses photosynthesis to convert the sunlight it absorbs into sugars, using carbon dioxide in water.

Where can Oceans Alive be shipped?

This product can be delivered within the United States, Canada, and around the world.

When will this order ship?

All orders from the Activation platform shift from Monday to Tuesday. Most orders are processed within five business days, but this time frame is just an estimate.

What if the user is unhappy with the performance or results of Oceans Alive?

Every order comes with a money-back guarantee that covers the first sixty days after the purchase is made.

The customer service team can be reached by calling 1-866-271-7595 or by sending an e-mail to [email protected].


Oceans Alive offers a way for consumers to revive their youth without going through surgery or spending weeks recovering from aggressive skincare treatments. The formula offers multiple nutrients to support nearly every aspect of the human body, including the brain and physical stamina during exercise. It is easy to measure with the included dropper, helping users to either add it to a beverage or ingest it directly.

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