Bug Zapper Light Bulbs Reviewed – Best Mosquito Zapping Lights That Work

Everyone who loves warm weather wants to participate in fun summer activities, but bugs are a significant roadblock to that fun. Insects naturally live outside but can sneak into anyone’s house when a door or window is open. Some of them even break in vents. A bug zapper is essential for people who want to enjoy the weather.

When a home has the right bug zapper, it can attract gnats, flies, mosquitoes, and other bugs threatening the fun of the season. That’s why this guide focuses on finding the top bug zappers that the market has available in 2023.

Ranking the Top Bug Zappers

After going through substantial testing of lanterns, lights, and other types of zappers, this guide settled on the following products as the best of what this industry offers:

  • Boundery Bug Bulb
  • BlitzyBug
  • Mosquitron LED
  • Buggwatch
  • LightBite
  • Fuze Bug
  • ZappMax
  • BuzzBlast
  • ElectriZap
  • Zap Ninja
  • Dorikabite

Read below to learn more information about each of these devices.

Boundery Bug Bulb

Boundery Bug Bulb

Boundery Bug Bulb Price: $49.99

Boundery’s Bug Bulb is easily one of the most popular remedies for deterring bugs, making it a trending online product. It offers powerful bug-zapping capabilities with four different light modes to customize the ambiance. It works around the clock throughout the day to ensure consumers don’t constantly have to deal with mosquitoes.

Also listed as BuzzBGone, this bulb covers a 16′ x 16′ space, one of the most significant coverage zones of any product on this list. Using a 500V electric grid with an LED light inside, consumers can use the device to protect indoor and outdoor spaces from the massive influx of mosquitos and other bugs. Any bug that flies in that zone will instantly be drawn into the light within the grid, bringing them to their ultimate demise.

With 360nm to 400nm ultraviolet light, consumers are exposed to about the same UV light they emit. That’s why the mosquitos are attracted and neutralized, making it easy to – similar to the natural UV light emitted by humans. Mosquitos fly towards this light because they think it’s an easy food source, only to get zapped by Bug Bulb’s electrical grid.

More About: Bug Bulb



BlitzyBug Price: $49.95

BlitzyBug is entirely safe for humans, but mosquitos are another story. This device is ready to eliminate fruit flies, black flies, gnats, horse flies, mosquitoes, and other bugs that might make their way into the home during humid weather. The device has been purchased by over 50,000 customers, who have left positive feedback regarding their experiences.

With the ability to kill bugs indoors or outdoors, this device combines powerful light and a bug-zapping mechanism. While the light invites bugs to come near, the zapping tool will stop them from flying ever again. Even though this light is powerful, consumers won’t know the bug has passed.

While other bug zappers offer plenty of perks, the durability and high voltage set BlitzyBug apart, it has a blue hue to its light and is effortless to clean. Consumers can get it for 50% off the regular price for a limited time.

More About: BlitzyBug

Mosquitron LED

Mosquitron LED

Mosquitron LED Price: $89.00

Mosquitron LED helps consumers to trap mosquitos and other bugs, rather than using a light to attract them into a deadly electric grid. With this trap, consumers can still eliminate bugs in their immediate environment without dealing with yet another mess to clean up. The mechanism opens on top, though an LED covers up the opening. The LED makes the bugs think they are looking at their food source but become trapped.

The big issue consumers repeatedly have with other devices is that they create a messy pile of dead bugs, and nothing turns off someone from their meal like a gross pile of insects. This device traps everything inside, so the mess is hidden from the naked eye.



Buggwatch Price: $39.99

Buggwatch offers an ultrasonic device to keep bugs away. While other lanterns attract bugs to a false food source before zapping them, this device keeps bugs as far away from humans as possible. Since they don’t have to fly nearby before they are neutralized, this device is praised for reducing the risk of getting bitten.

No chemicals or toxins are needed to get the desired benefits from this device, helping users stay healthy when clear of all the bugs that might come their way. Users must press a button to activate Buggwatch to get powerful protection. This activation releases a noise that reaches a frequency that only insects might pick up, allowing users to free themselves from the frustration of bugs around them.

This unique device can be taken anywhere that consumers want to go. If they want to take it along with them while hiking, camping, or even gardening, it is easy to bring it alone. It can be moved wherever the user wants without disrupting its function.



LightBite Price: $0 now, plus $9.95 for shipping

LightBite works by sourcing its energy from the sun. This solar-powered device can help consumers improve the insects around them without needing a charge, which means the protection is continuous. Plus, users can keep it around their kids and pets without risk.

The LightBite device can be placed wherever the users want to have protection. The solar panels do most of the work for the user, but the device then kills off bugs with a light to attract them and an electric grid. With an ideal wavelength of 365 to 390nm, the device easily attracts mosquitos with one of the brightest lights (600 lumens) on this list.

Consumers will notice that this bug zapper is one of the best products for any weather due to its advanced features like waterproof protection and motion sensing. The website offers free devices when consumers cover the shipping fee.

More About: LightBite

Fuze Bug

Fuze Bug

Fuze Bug Price: $39.99

Fuze Bug eliminates the mosquito issues that consumers might have indoors. This natural and safe device makes it ideal for a home with children and pets. When activated, it clears mosquitos from up to 375 square feet (about 19′ by 19′), giving it the most reach of almost any other product. Since it is compact and practical, many consumers bring it along on camping trips or barbecues to keep the bugs away wherever they are.

To empty the dead bugs, remove the tray and throw them in the trash. This device works in any weather, and the tray is relatively easy to clean if the collection gets to be too much. When users leave it running, they can enjoy a space that doesn’t have the stress and frustration of bugs.

More About: Fuze Bug



ZappMax Price: $49.95

ZappMax doesn’t need any chemicals to eliminate bugs around the user. This trending device is pretty similar to others on this list which all help users to get rid of bugs by zapping them. This device works for bugs, including mosquitoes, fruit flies, black flies, gnats, and horseflies. It is highly portable and only needs a connection to the included USB cable to be charged.

Once this device is charged, there is nowhere that consumers can’t go with it. It doesn’t need to be continuously connected to electricity, and it is relatively lightweight.



BuzzBlast Price: $39.99

BuzzBlast, also known as Buzz Blast Pro, offers a unique design with a bright protective casing. This casing triggers a high-voltage shock to any bug in contact with the electric grid. The 2,000 mAh is a rechargeable battery that is already built in. Users won’t have to replace the battery ever, but keeping the device charged between use is essential. Since it doesn’t have to be connected to electricity at every instance, consumers can take it wherever they go without concerning where the closest electrical outlet might be.

This waterproof design is ideal for any weather, and the price is affordable for most users. Plus, the bottom shell collects all the dead bugs so users can empty it when the buildup accumulates.

More About: Buzz Blast Pro



ElectriZap Price: $39.99

ElectriZap helps consumers eliminate gnats, flying beetles, fruit flies, mosquitos, and other troublesome insects in their homes. This device is much as the BuzzBlast / Buzz Blast Pro found earlier in this list, suggesting that it is equally capable of impressive performance.

To attract the mosquitos to this device, it emits a 365nm wavelength for the UV light, which can bring insects to it from up to 16 feet away. It is quiet and can be used as a built-in flashlight. The solar-powered device can be charged by keeping it in the sun or plugging it into a USB cable, which means it also runs efficiently outdoors.

More About: ElectriZap

Zap Ninja

Zap Ninja

Zap Ninja Price: $49.99

Zap Ninja can eliminate unwanted insects in the home and other areas by using a light to attract bugs and an electric coil to zap them. The idea is that the bugs will see and be drawn to the light, but their physical touch on the electric coil will kill them once they are close. The UV light used is meant to match what is released by the skin of humans or animals, making insects believe that they are going to a live food source before they realize they are in trouble.

The Zap Ninja device is easy to clean and safe to keep around children and pets. Even when there are no bugs around, the gentle light of the lantern can illuminate darker rooms.



Dorikabite Price: $54.95

Even though Dorikabite is included on this list of bug-zapping devices, its function alleviates the itchiness of the bug bites consumers want to restrict. However, the performance is so incredible that it deserves a spot on this guide.

Rather than working like a spray or lotion might function to repel bugs, this device uses thermal pulsing technology. The mosquito’s saliva is metabolized with every pulse to reduce how it affects the body. It only takes a few seconds to reduce how severely consumers ache and itch after they are bitten. Users can also choose from three different temperature options.

With no side effects, Dorikabite has proven incredibly helpful if the user is still bitten by using one of the devices above.

Determining the Rankings of the Top Bug Zappers

Whenever someone searches for bug zappers online, they will be met with hundreds of different options that all claim to do the same thing – kill off bugs. While some of these devices are easily the best option for consumers, others fall dramatically short of what they should be doing.

After thoroughly reviewing the different options today, consumers will not be surprised that some criteria were considered before these products were added to the list:

Area of Coverage

Bug zappers that could cover a significant area were likelier to rank higher. Users only need to get one bug zapper to clear up a room. On average, a top-quality bug zapper can cover about 400 square feet.

Light Modes and Other Custom Features

While many bug zappers only allow one light mode (on/off) to be selected, other devices make their products more friendly to any environment with custom options. Users can press a single button to switch between different intensities and colors, which helps them customize their protection to the time of day the light is suited for.

Real-World Testing

All the devices on this list have been checked in real-world settings to ensure they could work. The top zappers could kill off nearly every bug in a space within 24 hours, while others might only show signs of a few bugs coming in contact with them.

Light Wavelength

Only a particular wavelength can properly attract bugs with ultraviolet light because it is meant to replicate the appearance of humans and animals. When other insects are attracted to UV light, they target the body as a natural food source. By using the same wavelength, these devices help mosquitos to direct their attention away from their human host. If the device did not feature this wavelength, it was not listed in this guide.

Safety Features

So many people gravitate towards bug zappers because they are safer than using a spray or pesticide that puts users at risk of absorbing and inhaling chemicals. The bug zappers on this list used no chemicals, and they highlighted the importance of safety for children and animals as well.


No matter the bug zapper’s price, it needed to offer appropriate value for the cost. For instance, some bug zappers might charge more, but using high-quality materials and precision craftsmanship backs up the reason for the high cost. Other zappers offered minimal features, but they still had to have a price tag to reflect it.

Customer Reviews

No one knows a bug zapper better than the customers who have already tried it. People worldwide order these types of products to help them experience more time outdoors and indoors alike, and hearing from other customers helped this guide make a better determination regarding their quality.

Water Resistance

Bug zappers tend to be used in many conditions, especially in humid areas with frequent rain. While some zappers are primarily used outside, they need protection to get a place on this list. It didn’t perform well enough to be in these rankings if it can’t withstand the weather.


Most consumers can tell whether their bug zapper is durable when they take it out of the box. While some are sturdy, others can be flimsy and weak. These devices must be strong enough to protect others from bugs continually, and hearing rattles and creaking is only a sign that they can barely withstand shipping from the warehouse.


Bug zappers are only helpful when placed near users. They don’t do much good when they have to stay in the original place where they were set up. The portability of each bug zapper was a significant priority when creating this list.

Ease of Use

People use bug zappers to make their lives easier. Zappers that featured extra components for better usability – like hooks, carrying cases, and other accessories – were prioritized over products that were complicated to set up.

Battery Life

The battery life of a bug zapper is the determining factor for how long this device can continuously provide support to the user. Some have rechargeable batteries that last up to 12 hours, while other devices don’t even last for 2 hours before they need to be charged or plugged in.

Types of Insects Neutralized

Many bug zappers primarily focus on mosquitos. While these insects are primary disease spreaders, this guide preferred that the zappers could eliminate many pests instead. This widespread solution helps consumers in different climates to handle all of the potential threats to their health.

Money-Back Guarantee

No customer wants to be stuck with a product that doesn’t work. The top producers of these devices will offer a money-back guarantee to ensure that all users are satisfied with how they interact with the brand.

Angle of Coverage

Most bug zappers available right now will work at a 270-degree to 360-degree radius, ensuring that the insects can be attracted from multiple sides simultaneously. Devices with a narrow coverage direction were not included in this guide.


To ensure insects are adequately attracted to the light, it must be at least 200 lumens, though the higher is better. The bulb is brighter with more lumens and will draw more insects.


Many of the top bug zappers on the market use a robust 1,000-volt grid, which can kill any bugs that come in contact with it. Many qualifiers were more important than the device’s durability, but it was a telling sign of how realistic the other claims might be.

Easy to Clean

When the bugs collect on the tray, they must be cleaned away or leave an unsightly mess behind. Consumers should be able to easily clean their devices to continue to regulate the insect population in the immediate area.

How Bug Zappers Work

The technology from one bug zapper to the next can vary, but they all have a single task in common – killing mosquitoes and other flying pests. The current zappers on the market bring the insects closer to the device by using inviting UV lights at brightness levels of 350nm and 400nm, which is most of the ultraviolet spectrum.

Once the bug is attracted, the zapping mechanism covers the rest. Most models use electric coils to zap the bugs, killing them right away. When the electricity goes through the bugs, it damages their internal processes, but it also makes it impossible for the insects to feel any pain when the zapper does its job.

These devices also use a collection tray, where all insects fall after they are zapped. Some models have a tray that is easy to remove. Other devices have built-in storage, which users must empty into the trash when they clean. Most companies prioritize customer safety and user-friendliness, so customers generally don’t have to touch the insects directly to remove them.

The Clinical Trials & Scientific Evidence Behind Bug Zappers

Researchers have consistently sought to understand what insects are attracted to as more bug-repelling products come out. In recent years, they’ve discovered that these bugs tend to gravitate toward different types of work. Nowadays, bug-zapping technology is found in all of these devices, helping them eliminate mosquitos and keep them away permanently. To bring mosquitos and other insects closer, many of the devices on the market will use light within this range to attract the insects in the first place.

When it comes to managing the defense against unwanted insects and other pests, it is more than a matter of convenience. Consumers must eliminate mosquitoes and bugs to maintain health because they are the most significant disease carriers, especially in low-income countries. Researchers want to ensure they can help consumers improve their odds of successfully removing bugs from an environment.

One study in 2017 stated that mosquitos are drawn toward specific colors and wavelengths for LED lights. Researchers used six LED light traps in their research – 2 green lights, two blue lights, and two incandescent light bulbs. In the Journal of Medical Entomology results, the researchers stated that the insects were most drawn to green, accounting for 43% of the captured insects. This result also indicates that insects are still attracted to the other colors, allowing users to adjust the color for the different bugs in their area.

Additional studies have shown that the color preference of mosquitos can vary. When researchers from the University of Washington recently posed the same question, they tested with red, orange, black, and cyan. However, they avoided using the colors green, purple, and blue. The mosquitos seemed attracted to every light, but the effect was even more substantial when paired with exposure to carbon dioxide.

According to a study in Consumer Reports, bug zappers seemed to perform differently with different bugs. The study was meant to indicate the top bug zappers on the market today, but they discovered no consistency. Users who want to deal with their insect population might use multiple zappers before settling on one.

HowStuffWorks has also weighed in on the bug zappers available. According to their editorial, the most effective options can kill off more than 10,000 insects later in the evening.

Each bug zapper differs slightly from the next, helping consumers address their bug issues differently. Take Buggwatch, for example. This bug zapper takes on the mosquitos in the immediate vicinity with ultrasonic sounds emitting from a bracelet the user wears wherever they go. This solution can go anywhere, and this method is even backed up by a 2021 study that showed that they could reduce the risk of ticks.

The bug zappers on the market today are primarily backed up with scientific evidence to show why they are practical and can help anyone deal with this issue.

Where to Use Bug Zappers

Consumers who order their bug zapper might be prepared to eliminate the bugs around them, but they need to find somewhere to place the device to get any benefits. These devices usually go wherever the user wants, offering a broad coverage space.

The most common places to use a bug zapper include:

  • On a deck.
  • In the backyard.
  • On a patio.
  • In an open field.
  • At a picnic.
  • At outdoor games.
  • In the kitchen.
  • In the bathroom.
  • At a campsite.

Many of these devices also include a hook or another way to hang it so that it doesn’t have to be on a flat surface at all times. This kind of device aims to make a bug situation easier to handle in any area, even if they don’t have a lot of counter space.

Benefits of Bug Zappers

A big perk of bug zappers is that they can be safely used around children and pets. These two demographic groups tend to be sensitive to different chemicals and other solutions for the abundance of bugs. Finding a bug zapper means users won’t have to seek out a particular type of lotion or protective serum on their skin.

Other benefits include the following:

They Don’t Use Toxins or Chemicals

One of the most troubling issues for other bug solutions is that they tend to use a lot of chemicals that are toxic to others as well. With a bug zapper, there’s a protective case around an electric coil or electric grid, and no compounds are needed for it to run.

They Can Be Used Indoors or Outside

Consumers who deal with bug problems probably aren’t experiencing them exclusively in one place. Bringing these devices along wherever the user goes can help clear the space of unwanted pests, or it can be a stationary device at home.

They Are Portable, Easy to Carry, and Light

These devices are designed to move with the user, so most don’t weigh much. They need to be able to be carried without much work, and they make it easy to get coverage anywhere.

They Reduce the Risk of Diseases Spread by Mosquitos

Researchers have consistently shown that mosquitos are the big reason certain diseases spread, including the zika and West Nile viruses. With the best models, consumers capture these dangerous insects, so they aren’t at as high of a risk of illness.

They Offer Protection at All Hours of the Day and Night

The relief is short-lived when users apply bug spray to their bodies or burn a citronella candle. A bug zapper can offer continuous coverage without the need to refill or replenish anything. They don’t need to be overseen to reduce the risk of damage, but they should be charged to keep the protection continuous.

They Aren’t Messy to Clean Up

The mess they create is the hardest part of dealing with candles, sprays, and lotions. These bug zappers are substantially easier to clean up, allowing users to eliminate the dead bugs without any chemicals or mess added to the space.

They Can Be Recharged and Used Without an Outlet

The bug zapper’s wireless design helps consumers keep them running at all times. The collection trays don’t take much physical labor to clear, especially when removable.

They Can Use the Device an Unlimited Number of Times

Sprays and candles come with a finite amount of protection. If the user takes on a bug zapper instead, the only maintenance will be charging the battery.

Scientific Evidence Supports Them

The current research currently shows that LEDs can be used to help devices attract insects. It even proves that suitable wavelengths can make a difference in attracting and killing unwanted bugs.

They Protect Users From Mosquitos, Gnats, Flies, and Other Pests

Even though there are a lot of products that primarily deal with mosquitos, there are many pests that LED lights can attract.

They Prevent Bites and Itching From Bugs

When consumers don’t have the proper protection, they are at a constant risk of being bitten and infected with anything the mosquito transfers. Users won’t have to worry about getting hurt by getting rid of these pests.

They Don’t Make Noise

Almost every zapper on the market is made to be quiet for consumers. There’s no need to disrupt an otherwise relaxing afternoon, ensuring users won’t even know it is there.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Bug Zappers

Q: How Do Bug Zappers Work?

A: Bug zappers use ultraviolet light to attract bugs to the zapping mechanism. This mechanism kills off the bugs.

Q: Are Bug Zappers Safe to Use Around Kids and Pets?

A: While many models are easy to keep around anyone in the house, some are hazardous to children. Be sure to check the label to determine if the bug zapper has any features that are not safe for others in the household.

Q: Will Bug Zappers Bother Dogs?

A: Mostly, bug zappers make no noise at all. However, with ultrasonic technology, the user’s dog may pick it up.

Q: How Powerful Are Bug Zappers?

A: The power of each specific bug zapper varies. However, the average device always has 1,000 to 5,000 volts of power.

Q: Are Bug Zappers Waterproof?

A: Many bug zappers are waterproof and efficiently handle any environment. However, the devices will say on the label if the device should not be exposed to water.

Q: Will Users Need to Turn Their Bug Zapper on and Off When Used?

A: Most reviewers state that it is essential to have a bug zapper continually working at all hours of the day for a well-maintained environment. While consumers might have to stop the protection for charging, this device should be on every other time of the day.

Q: Where is the Best Place to Set Up a Bug Zapper?

A: Keeping it on a deck or patio is perfect for getting protection, though consumers can set them on any surface. They can also hang them from an included hook (if their device has one) while it continually brings coverage to the space.

Q: Will a Bug Zapper Work Inside?

A: Yes. The environment that the bug zapper is in will not change its effectiveness.

Q: Do Bug Zappers Only Attract Light-sensitive Insects?

A: While these devices are primarily used to deal with insects with light sensitivity, they can attract any insect.

Q: How Can Consumers Make Their Bug Zapper More Effective?

A: Placing this device in the right location ensures it works. Users can also add pads or scents to their device to make the room smell great amongst the protection.

Q: How Long Can a Bug Zapper Last?

A: A bug zapper might last up to 10 hours with one full charge. However, the particular battery in the device determines this outcome, and some devices are made to last for an entire day before needing to be charged again.

Q: Why Isn’t the Device Lighting Up?

A: As helpful as these products illuminate a room, every zapper is different. Some emit light that is easy to see and could light up an entire room. Other devices use light that can’t be seen on the spectrum, suggesting that the light is already on.

Q: What Makes Ultraviolet Light So Appealing to Insects?

A: The human body releases UV rays, and insects pick up quickly. When ultraviolet light is used in these devices, it reminds the insects of their typical food sources, tricking them into flying straight into the coil.

Q: What Should Users Do to Keep Their Bug Zapper in Working Condition?

A: The best part about this type of device is that it generally requires little to no upkeep. Users must ensure they remove the dead bugs regularly to avoid buildup, but they won’t have to do anything else.

Q: Will a Bug Zapper Work in the Daylight?

A: Yes. However, since daytime hours already bring substantial light, they aren’t quite as effective.

Q: Are Bug Zappers Good for the Environment?

A: A bug zapper for personal use won’t tremendously change anything in the environment. However, on a larger scale, getting rid of these bugs might harm the local ecosystem, including the birds and other animals. Luckily, none of the products on this list have a powerful enough effect to do it.

Q: Will a Bug Zapper Kill Male and Female Mosquitos?

A: Technically, yes. However, only females will feed on humans for the proteins in their blood, and they are more attracted to the bug zappers.

Q: What Types of Diseases Do Mosquitos Carry?

A: There are many potential diseases that consumers can put themselves at risk for without the proper protection, including the zika virus and the West Nile virus.

Q: Do Bug Lights Truly Work?

A: Yes. According to recent research, using a bug light helps eliminate bugs around them.

Q: What’s the Best Bug Zapper?

A: All the options on our list are great opportunities to buy a good bug zapper. Some of the top products include Bub Bulb, BlitzyBug, and Mosquitron.

Q: What’s the Best Way to Heal a Mosquito Bite?

A: Dealing with a mosquito bite can be difficult, but using an anti-itch remedy or Dorikabite (from this guide) can help.

Top Mosquito-Killing Traps and Bug Zappers of 2023 Final Thoughts

Bug zappers are continually used to help consumers make the most of their environment without canceling plans. This device comes in many shapes and sizes, but every option on this list does a superior job of clearing the bugs around them. After much testing and research, consumers needing little support can check this guide for the right bug zapper.

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