Liquid Meditation Reviews – Should You Buy Zenith Labs Memory Support Formula or Scam?

The brain’s memory center is a complex network of brain regions responsible for memory formation, storage and retrieval. Aging leads to memory decline leading to mild changes in memory retrieval, episodic memory and other changes. Studies show that brain changes, including shrinking and shrivelling of the brain’s prefrontal cortex, can lead to mental fog and decline. Alpha brain waves are associated with deep meditation, enhancing brain relaxation and a calm mental state. However, beta brainwaves trigger a fight-or-flight response.

Liquid Meditation dietary supplement is formulated to address the modern constant sensory barrage that leads to beta brainwave activity. According to the creator, Oxford’s 4 seconds biological shortcut surpasses 4 hours meditation session. The supplement supports the brain memory center by rejuvenating alpha brainwave activity and promoting the health of the brain’s prefrontal cortex.

What Is Liquid Meditation?

Hormonal imbalance, aging and free radicals cause the memory center’s prefrontal cortex to shrink and shrivel, leading to mental fog. In addition, if the brain remains in the beta state for long due to a fight or flight response, it can lead to mental decline. The beta brainwaves are triggered by environmental stressors leading to inflammation and oxidative stress. The latter leads to the shrinking and shrivelling of the memory center’s prefrontal cortex. While expert meditation can aid in rejuvenating the prefrontal cortex, it takes a lot of time, and the creator of the Living Meditation supplement claims that it’s a shortcut to addressing mental decline.

Liquid Meditation is a memory support dietary supplement formulated by Zenith Labs. It supports the brain’s prefrontal cortex health by rejuvenating alpha brainwaves. According to Dr. Ryan Shelton, the formula contains L theanine and ginkgo biloba as Nano molecules to enhance bioavailability.

The creator claims that the 4 seconds morning routine rejuvenates the brain’s memory center. It purportedly addresses the core problem that causes memory decline by activating the brains tiny pulses of energy supporting the prefrontal cortex health.

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Who Is the Creator of Liquid Medication?

Dr. Ryan Shelton, the founder of Zenith Labs, has formulated the memory support supplement. The health and wellness expert claims that Liquid Meditation contains scientifically-backed ingredients that increase alpha brainwaves activity, rejuvenating the memory center’s prefrontal cortex. Moreover, the formulator claims that the premium ingredients are of high quality and used in the formula as Nano molecules for easier absorption. Dr. Ryan also claims that the Zenith Labs processed dietary supplement is FDA-approved and manufactured under a cGMP-certified facility.

How Does the Memory Support Formula Work?

Alpha brainwaves are linked to relaxation and a calm mental state, and the Liquid Meditation supplement rejuvenates the memory center’s prefrontal cortex by increasing alpha brainwave activity. As a result, it boosts various cognitive functions, including memory, attention, decision making and problem-solving capabilities. L Theanine and Ginkgo Biloba boost alpha brainwave activity, promoting prefrontal cortex health.

In addition, Liquid Meditation dietary supplement has ingredients that have antioxidants that fight free radicals, which cause oxidative stress, damaging brain cells. The memory support formula’s constituents also have neuroprotective properties, which efficiently enhance neuroplasticity and healthy signal transmission. L theanine also modulates neurotransmitters like GABA, which play a vital role in neuronal excitability.

Living Meditation Ingredients


According to the creator, the ingredients in Liquid Meditation supplement are of the highest quality and are broken down into Nano molecules to enhance effectiveness. In addition, the ingredients are carefully blended and are easy to absorb. Moreover, the creator claims that the memory support formula is processed in an FDA-approved facility. The creator also claims that the ingredients are tested for purity and potency and that it’s vegan. The Ingredients in the supplement are soy, GMO, dairy, nut, egg, soy and crustacean free, and they include:

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L Theanine 150mg

L theanine is extracted from black tea or green tea. The amino acid increases alpha brainwave activity, leading to relaxation and mental focus. It also modulates neurotransmitters in the brain by increasing GABA, which regulates neuronal excitability, influencing various aspects of the nervous system function, including sensory processing, memory formation, motor control and information integration.

L theanine also has neuroprotective properties, which protect brain cells from damage supporting brain health. According to the creator, Liquid Meditation contains natural L theanine extracted using pristine processes, then distilled into a simple essence that’s easily dissolved in purified water. Nano L theanine is the most absorbable form, ensuring it easily gets into the gut and the bloodstream, rejuvenating the memory center.

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract 120mg

The ginkgo biloba tree extract has been traditionally used for supporting cognitive function. The ingredient has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Studies show it neutralizes free radicals, which cause damage to the brain cells. In addition, ginkgo biloba improves blood flow and circulation to the brain, which nourishes the brain cells with essential nutrients leading to memory-enhancing effects.

In addition, ginkgo biloba increases the alpha brainwave activity in the memory center leading to a relaxed and focused mental state. As a result, the ingredient potentially improves memory and cognitive function. It’s included in the memory support formula as Nano molecules that are easily absorbed into the bloodstream, supporting cognitive function and overall brain health.

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Sodium Chloride

Table salt or sodium chloride is an essential mineral useful in various bodily functions. It enhances the proper functioning of neurons and the transmission of nerve impulses, enabling the transmission of information in the nervous system. Proper neuronal function impacts memory support and brain function.

Xylitol and Erythritol

These are low-calorie sweeteners that are an alternative to sugar. The additives have low-calorie content and low-glycemic index and are proven safe for consumption. They are used in the supplement to enhance taste and palatability.

Other ingredients in the memory support formula include vegetable glycerin, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, citric acid, and distilled water. According to the creator, the ingredients are in the right quantities, and the formulation has proven safe for consumption.


Consumers are recommended to place one dropper of Liquid Meditation under the tongue every morning. Results may vary with different individuals, but some consumers likely experience a relaxed mental state once they start using the dietary supplement, as the alpha brainwaves activity is initiated.

However, the creator claims that the supplement needs to un-shrivel the memory center’s prefrontal cortex, and prolonged usage of the Liquid Meditation keeps the brain in an alpha brainwave state, clearing memory fog and promoting mental clarity. The creator recommends consumers use the 3-6 bottles regime to supercharge the brain power and support memory function.

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Liquid Meditation optimizes brain health and provides consumers with the following benefits:

Rejuvenates Prefrontal Cortex: Liquid Meditation formula balances the activity of brainwaves by increasing alpha brainwaves, which support prefrontal cortex health. Alpha brain waves enhance a relaxed mental state, focus and memory. In addition, the ingredients in the formula aid in combating oxidative stress and supporting the overall brain function.

Memory Enhancement: Liquid Meditation dietary supplements improve various aspects of memory, including short-term memory, long-term memory, and working memory. As a result, it enhances the brain’s ability to encode, store, and retrieve information, leading to improved recall and retention.

Improves Cognitive Function: The memory support formula optimizes the overall cognitive function. It enhances focus, attention, and concentration, enabling consumers to regain focus and attention while performing tasks, which increases productivity. It’s vital for individuals experiencing age-related cognitive decline as it rejuvenates the memory center.

Enhances Mental Clarity: Liquid Meditation supplement has ingredients that promote mental clarity by eliminating mental fog. Moreover, it promotes mental energy and improves overall cognitive performance, enabling consumers to think more clearly and stay alert.

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Neuroprotection: Some ingredients in the memory support formula have neuroprotective properties. This safeguards the brain cells from oxidative stress caused by free radicals, inflammation, and damage, potentially minimizing the risk of cognitive decline and neurodegenerative diseases.

Mood Support: Liquid Meditation has ingredients that can positively impact mood and emotional well-being. By promoting a balanced mood, reducing anxiety, and enhancing stress resilience, the formula supports memory and overall brain function.

Boosts Brain Health: The formula nourishes the brain cells with essential nutrients and antioxidants that support overall brain health. As a result, it supports the growth and maintenance of neural connections, promoting brain health despite aging.

Living Meditation Pricing

Where to Purchase Liquid Meditation Dietary Supplement

The product can be purchased via the official website at discounts, and the creator has presented the following packages and their prices:

Monthly Supply Pack: One bottle of Liquid Meditation is available at $49, from a regular retail price of $79, saving consumers $30. Consumers also need to pay an additional $19.95 shipping and handling fee.

Most Popular Pack: A 3-month supply of the dietary supplement is available at $39 per bottle, a total of $117, with an additional $19.95 shipping and handling fee. Consumers who purchase the 3-month supply save $120.

Best Value Pack: Each Bottle is available at $33 in the 6-month regimen, which is a total of $198, saving consumers $276, with free shipping and handling.

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Money Back Guarantee

Consumers are provided a risk-free 180 days money back guarantee to try out the product. However, if the outcomes are not pleasing, they can claim a refund by sending a notification to the customer support team. The creator claims that consumers can return unused or empty bottles for a full refund, less shipping and handling fees.

What Makes Liquid Meditation Different from Other Brain Support Supplements?

Liquid Meditation dietary supplement activates the alpha brainwaves activity to unshrivel the memory center’s prefrontal cortex. Unlike other memory support supplements, it impacts brainwave activity. The ingredients are in the form of Nano molecules, which makes it easily absorbed, unlike other supplements. Moreover, the formula is administered with a dropper under the tongue, unlike most products in the market.

The formula minimizes the risk of the memory center being stuck in a beta brainwave state, which causes the prefrontal cortex to shrink and shrivel. Liquid meditation mimics the effects of deep meditation on the memory center by enhancing a relaxed mental state. It rejuvenates the prefrontal cortex improving memory and cognitive function. Consumers are also given 180 days to try out the supplement following a risk-free money-back guarantee.

Final Word

Liquid Meditation drops balance alpha brainwaves activity and enhances harmony in brain signals. As a result, it supports the functionality of the memory center, rejuvenating the prefrontal cortex. Zenith Labs utilizes Nanotechnology to enhance the bioavailability of the supplement in the gut and into the bloodstream. According to the creator, it’s a shortcut for prolonged meditation hours, and it un-shrivels the shrunk prefrontal cortex improving cognitive function and memory. Consumers can order Liquid Meditation on the official website and improve their overall brain function.

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