Live Conscious Reviews – Quality LiveWell Health Supplements to Improve Wellness?

Live Conscious is a nutritional supplement company offering a lineup of superfood powders, collagen supplements, cacao blends, and more.

Live Conscious combines ancient remedies with comprehensive ingredients to support overall health and wellness.

Is Live Conscious legit? How do Live Conscious supplements work? Keep reading our review to find out everything you need to know about Live Conscious today.

What is Live Conscious?

Live Conscious is a nutritional supplement company founded by a group of people tired of the daily grind and the stress that came with it – so they left it all behind and found balance.

The company was founded on a simple question: How can we achieve balance in an unbalanced world?

Over two years, the Live Conscious founders traveled the world, from South America to India. They discovered natural remedies and healing practices from around the world.

Inspired by what they witnessed, the founding team launched Live Conscious to foster the balance between mind, body, and spirit.

Live Conscious

Today, Live Conscious aims to empower healthy conscious living by combining daily health practices with mindful rituals for a balanced life. All company products are designed to help you live, look, and feel better daily.

Live Conscious’s core values include the following:

  • Peace, of body and mind, from the inside out
  • Integrity, including proven science and valid customer experiences
  • Curiosity, including traveling to uncharted lands to deliver powerful results
  • Commitment, including creating products with grand intentions and pure ingredients

Today, the company aims to be an eco-conscious supplement company. They use recyclable packaging and a portion of their revenue to plant trees worldwide.

Live Conscious Benefits

Live Conscious Benefits

Live Conscious products take a holistic approach to health, with most supplements targeting multiple areas of health and wellness.

Overall, the company separates its products into five specific benefits, including:

  • Third eye, mind & mood
  • Immunity & longevity
  • Skin & beauty
  • Body, strength, and energy
  • Gut check

Live Conscious Supplements

Live Conscious offers 20+ supplements targeting different health and wellness goals – from gut health to longevity to immunity.

Here are the supplements in Live Conscious’s catalog and how they work:

  • Collagen Peptides
  • Beyond Collagen
  • CoQWell
  • MoveWell+
  • CurcuWell
  • KrillWell
  • Organic Protein
  • OptiWell
  • FemmeWell
  • MoveWell
  • Vegan B12
  • DigestWell
  • Pro-45
  • K2 + D3
  • ZenWell
  • LiverWell
  • Beyond Brew
  • BreatheWell
  • Beyond Greens
  • MagWell
  • OmegaWell

Collagen Peptides

Collagen Peptides

Live Conscious is well-known for its collagen peptide supplements, and many people take the collagen peptides daily for hair, skin, nails, and joints. Live Conscious Collagen Peptides are priced at $31.99 and are backed by a 365-day money-back guarantee. The powder consists of pure hydrolyzed peptides that dissolve quickly and are unflavored. Live Conscious even discloses the typical amino acid profile in each serving of Collagen Peptides, making it easy to see precisely how much alanine, arginine, aspartic acid, cysteine, and glutamic acid you’re getting. There are two types of Collagen, including types I and III. Live Conscious’s Collagen Peptides supplement was named one of the best collagen peptide supplements in the world by Byrdie.

Collagen Peptides Price: $31.99

Beyond Collagen

Beyond Collagen aims to be the ultimate nutritional supplement for collagen synthesis. Like other Live Conscious collagen supplements, the formula supports hair, skin, nail, and joint health. It’s also flavorless and dissolves easily. It’s called “Beyond” Collagen because it contains more than just Collagen: you also get biotin and vitamin C to enhance the supplement’s effects. There are also five types of Collagen and 20 amino acids. Overall, it’s designed to be the best collagen supplement ever made. You can buy Live Conscious Beyond Collagen as a powder or capsule.

Beyond Collagen Price: $42.75


CoQWell is a coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) supplement designed to support heart health with a highly absorbable version of CoQ10. Featuring 60 softgels per bottle, CoQWell can maintain energy production, promote brain function, and support heart health by providing your body with an essential antioxidant. Some take CoQ10 supplements daily for anti-aging. Others take them for cardiovascular health and heart health. Each serving of CoQWell contains vitamins A and E to enhance the effects.

CoQWell Price: $22.99


MoveWell+ is a joint pain relief supplement created by Live Conscious from astaxanthin and hyaluronic acid. The two ingredients support joint comfort and flexibility and encourage healthy joints and cartilage. The supplement also contains a significant dose of sustainably sourced omega-3 fatty acids. Overall, the goal is to support mobility and reduce joint pain using natural ingredients proven to work. Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant that “Helps lesson oxidative problems,” according to Live Conscious, which could make it easier to move. At the same time, the other ingredients may work specifically against joint pain.

MoveWell+ Price: $31.99



Live Conscious contains CurcuWell, a high-potency version of turmeric and Boswellia extract. Turmeric has been one of the trendiest ingredients of the last decade, and many people take turmeric (which contains the active ingredient curcumin) daily for inflammation, joint pain, cognitive health, and anti-aging effects, among other benefits. Each serving of Live Conscious CurcuWell contains turmeric with 95% standardized curcuminoids, considered the highest turmeric concentration. You get 1,300mg of formula and Bioperine (black pepper extract) for enhanced bioavailability.

CurcuWell Price: $27.99


KrillWell uses krill to provide a sustainable source of omega-3 fatty acids. Each serving of Live Conscious KrillWell supports heart, joint, and cognitive health with EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids. The supplement works without a fishy aftertaste, delivering active effects while containing astaxanthin, phospholipids, and other complementary ingredients.

KrillWell Price: $27.99

Organic Protein

Organic Protein

Live Conscious offers a popular protein powder in Vanilla Dream and Cosmic Cacao flavors. At $36.99 per bag, Live Conscious Organic Protein is made from vegan and vegetarian-friendly sources, including pea, rice, sacha inchi, and pumpkin protein, delivering 15g of plant protein per serving. All ingredients are organic; there’s zero sugar and only 80 calories per serving. Whether taking protein for recovery, joint health, anti-aging effects, or other purposes, you can enjoy the active impact of Live Conscious Organic Protein by taking one scoop daily.

Organic Protein Price: $37.99


Live Conscious OptiWell contains astaxanthin and other complementary ingredients to support vision, eye health, clarity, sharpness, and overall daily eye energy. Priced at $26.99 per bottle, Live Conscious markets OptiWell to anyone who wants to support healthy vision, maintain healthy vision, or promote clarity and sharpness. Each serving also contains lutein, in the form of XanMax, known for supporting eyesight.

OptiWell Price: $26.99


FemmeWell features a blend of probiotics and aloe vera to promote vaginal health and support a healthy vaginal microbiome. Priced at $23.99 per bottle, FemmeWell features 12 billion CFUs of potent probiotics per serving and fiber-digesting enzymes, herbs, and botanicals. These ingredients can rebuild your healthy intestinal lining and promote a healthy vaginal ecosystem.

FemmeWell Price: $23.99



Live Conscious offers two versions of MOveWell, including MoveWell and MoveWell+. MoveWell contains boswellia serrata, glucosamine, and chondroitin to promote mobility, joint flexibility, and joint health. The broad spectrum formula also contains hyaluronic acid and MSM. All active ingredients are linked to joint health and recovery; many people take the elements separately daily to help with joint health. Take four capsules of Live Conscious MoveWell daily to support joint pain relief and mobility.

MoveWell Price: $27.99

Vegan B12

Live Conscious’s Vegan B12 is a vitamin B12 formula to promote healthy cellular energy and mood. There are few excellent plant sources of vitamin B12, so many vegans and vegetarians are deficient if they don’t take a vitamin B12 supplement. Each serving of Vegan B12 contains 5,000mcg of highly bioavailable vitamin B12, designed to replenish your body and promote clarity, cellular energy, and focus. You specifically get methylcobalamin, the most bioavailable and holistic coenzyme form of B12, for better absorption.

Vegan B12 Price: $23.70


DigestWell features broad-spectrum enzymes, probiotics, and herbs in a single digestive support formula. Priced at $22.99, DigestWell is designed to help with gas and bloating. It can also aid nutrient absorption, allowing your body to absorb more food, vitamins, and minerals. Overall, the ten ingredients in Live Conscious DigestWell include pineapple enzyme, ginger extract, and papaya enzymes, among others, to support digestion in multiple ways.

DigestWell Price: $22.99



Pro-45 is a prebiotic and probiotic formula designed to fuel your gut bacteria. Your gut bacteria, or probiotics, need prebiotic ingredients, like fiber, to survive and thrive. By taking probiotics and prebiotics simultaneously, you can support digestion and immune health. Each serving contains 45 billion CFUs and 11 robust strains. The prebiotic within Pro-45 is called NutraFlora, and it promotes the vitality and growth of good gut flora to help you live a balanced life. With a strong dose of probiotics and prebiotics in one convenient capsule, Pro-45 can support gut health in multiple ways.

Pro-45 Price: $31.99

K2 + D3

Described as “sunshine in a bottle,” Live Conscious’s K2 + D3 is designed to support a healthy heart and blood circulation, promote bone health and calcium absorption, and assist immune system function, among other benefits. The formula contains MenaQ7 Menaquinone-7, the only clinically-backed form of vitamin K2, which works together with vitamin D3 to boost calcium absorption, bone strength, and overall health.

K2 + D3 Price: $21.99


Live Conscious’s ZenWell helps you keep calm, collected, and centered using a blend of KSM-66 ashwagandha and AlphaWave L-theanine, two popular ingredients linked to calmness and relaxation. Live Conscious says ZenWell can promote mental clarity and fuel focus and concentration. Live Conscious has created the ultimate calmness and relaxation formula by combining full-spectrum ashwagandha with pure L-theanine amino acid.

ZenWell Price: $21.99



Support liver health with LiverWell from Live Conscious. Featuring a blend of NAC, ALA, and milk thistle extract, Live Conscious’s LiverWell is designed to promote healthy liver function, support a healthy metabolism, and maintain healthy immune cell production, among other benefits. Many of the ingredients in LiverWell work by supplying your body with a rich source of antioxidants, helping to support healthy inflammation throughout your liver.

LiverWell Price: $26.99

Beyond Brew

Beyond Brew from Live Conscious is a superfood coffee alternative and enhancement formula. Featuring a blend of Peruvian cacao with mushrooms, prebiotics, and probiotics, the all-in-one drink formula can help you stay energized all day long. It contains 1/10th of coffee’s caffeine and a light cacao flavor. Priced at $37.99, it’s the ultimate mushroom-based superfood formula to replace your daily cup of coffee.

Beyond Brew Price: $37.99


BreatheWell is an immune and lung support formula from Live Conscious. The supplement features two of nature’s best-known remedies for colds and respiratory problems: elderberry and echinacea. According to Live Conscious, these two ingredients may help promote immune function and reduce oxidative stress and damage. You can support respiratory health and strengthen your body’s natural defenses with a synergistic blend of natural ingredients.

BreatheWell Price: $29.99

Beyond Greens

Beyond Greens

Live Conscious is known for Beyond Greens, a matcha-flavored green superfood formula featuring energy, detoxification, and immunity ingredients. The formula contains matcha, chlorella, milk thistle, Rhodiola rosea, echinacea, and probiotics, working in multiple ways to support different benefits. At $36.99 per bottle, Live Conscious can promote a healthy immune system, gut health, whole-body detoxification, and clean energy.

Beyond Greens Price: $36.99


MagWell is a magnesium supplement with magnesium, zinc, and vitamin D3. The supplement is designed to support bone health, heart health, nerve health, and a healthy immune system, among other benefits. You can strengthen your body from the inside out using the 3-in-1 advanced formula. Your body needs magnesium for nerve function, bone health, immunity, and more, and MagWell contains essential nutrients for all these critical processes.

MagWell Price: $18.99


OmegaWell is an omega fatty acid formula that promotes brain, heart, and joint health. Each serving contains 800mg of EPA and 600mg of DHA from sustainable sources. Plus, it provides fatty acids with no fishy aftertaste. Studies show your heart needs omega-3 fatty acids for optimal function, and OmegaWell delivers an easy, efficient, sustainable source of omega-3 fatty acids.

OmegaWell Price: $22.99

Omegar Pricing

Live Conscious Features

There are plenty of nutritional supplement companies available online today. Why buy supplements from Live Conscious? What’s the difference between Live Conscious and other supplement companies?

Here are some features that make Live Conscious unique:

365-Day Money-back Guarantee

All Live Conscious purchases are backed by a 365-day, 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied with Live Conscious, you can request a complete refund on your investment within 365 days.

Naturally Sourced Products

Live Conscious emphasizes naturally sourced products, and many products are made from plants, herbs, vitamins, and minerals sourced from nature.

A Blend of Ancient Remedies & Modern Science

The goal of Live Conscious is to blend ancient remedies with modern science. Many supplements trace their roots back to traditional medicine and have centuries of use worldwide. At the same time, Live Conscious bases its supplements on modern science, citing peer-reviewed research to validate its claims.

Holistic Remedies

Most Live Conscious supplements are holistic, taking a whole-body approach to health and wellness. Instead of treating different systems of your body in different ways, the supplements treat your body as an integrated whole, where problems in one part of your body affect other parts of your body. That’s why Live Conscious emphasizes digestion, prebiotics, probiotics, and functional superfoods that work in multiple ways throughout your body.

Subscriptions & Bulk Discounts

You can subscribe to Live Conscious to receive free shipping. The company also offers bulk discounts when buying multiple supplements. You can save up to 35% by taking advantage of these discounts.

Transparent Ingredient Labels

Some supplement companies use proprietary formulas to hide individual dosages and ingredients. Live Conscious takes a different approach, disclosing all ingredients and dosages upfront, making it easy to compare the company’s supplements to other supplements sold online today.

Competitive Pricing

Live Conscious emphasizes competitive and affordable pricing, with many of the company’s supplements being cheaper than competing products. Instead of spending $50 to $100 on a one-month supplement supply, you might spend just $10 to $50 when buying through Live Conscious.

Live Conscious Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Live Conscious has strong reviews online from customers across the country and around the world. We’ll summarize some of those reviews below.

Live Conscious has solid reviews for its collagen protein and plant-based protein powders. The company’s Collagen is flavorless, affordable, and easily dissolvable, while the protein powders contain multiple types of plant protein with clean complementary ingredients.

Live Conscious has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website. However, the company has a rating of 1.43 stars out of 5 based on 60 customer reviews. Customers have complained about poor customer service, communication issues, confusing billing, etc.

Many online complaints about Live Conscious come from customers unaware they signed up for a subscription. Live Conscious has two purchase options, including one-time purchases and subscription purchases. Although this option is clear on checkout, many customers appear confused, only to find extra orders of Live Conscious on their doorstep – and additional charges on their credit card. Many of the complaints involve people who were unaware they were signing up for a subscription. They may have selected the cheapest option online, which you only get when ordering multiple bags through an auto-ship subscription.

Live Conscious’s Facebook page has an average score of 4.2 stars out of 5 based on 200+ reviews. Reviewers praise the company for its specific products.

Live Conscious’s Protein Powder has an average score of 3.9 stars out of 5 on Amazon, with 52% of reviewers giving it a 5-star rating. Most customers praise the protein powder’s flavor, quality, and affordability. However, some have a problem with the mixability or taste, claiming it can be difficult to mix or overly sweet.

Walmart’s online store has an average score of 4.7 stars out of 5 for Live Conscious’s Collagen Protein with 200+ reviews. Most reviewers gave the product a perfect score of 5 out of 5, with many customers noticing a significant difference in hair, skin, and nail health after taking the collagen supplement.

Most reviewers, customers, media outlets, and health blogs seem satisfied with Live Conscious’s products. Although some have minor customer service and billing issues, most find the company offers transparent pricing, affordable supplements, and high-quality formulas.

Contact Live Conscious

Live Conscious is headquartered in Burbank, California, and maintains distribution centers in Burbank and Utah. All company supplements are manufactured in the United States.

You can contact customer service via the following:

The company’s customer service business hours are 5 am to 6 pm PST Monday to Friday, 7 am to 4 pm PST Saturday, and 7 am to 11:30 am PST Sunday.

Final Word on Live Conscious

Live Conscious offers supplements targeting different health and wellness goals – from gut to immunity to overall health and wellness.

Whether trying to solve joint pain, boost energy, or support gut health, you can discover a range of holistic remedies through the Live Conscious online store.

To learn more about the company or to buy Live Conscious supplements online today, visit the official website.

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