Kane Lono Bug Zapper Reviews – Scam or Legit KaneLono Solar Lamp for Backyard Lighting?

Kane Lono is a solar lamp and bug zapper combined into one convenient backyard device.

Just place Kane Lono anywhere around your home if you need illumination. The device attracts and zaps bugs as soon as Kane Lono is lit. You can enjoy a well-lit, bug-free backyard with a single device.

Does Kane Lono work? How does Kane Lono work? Keep reading our review to learn everything you need about the device today.

What is Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper?

Kane Lono lets you instantly upgrade your yard without paying thousands for expensive custom lighting or running wires.

Just place one or more Kane Lonos around your backyard, and the lights absorb the power of sunlight all day, then power on all night to give your backyard a warm and comfortable feel.

However, Kane Lono isn’t an ordinary backyard lamp; it’s also a bug zapper. Consider placing a Kane Lono in your backyard to attract bugs and provide illumination. Bugs fly towards the light because they think it’s an easy food source, only to get zapped by the electric coils surrounding the Kane Lono light.

Kane Lono is exclusively available online, priced at 50% off as part of a recent promotion. You can pay just $69.99 per Kane Lono or less when ordering online directly from the manufacturer today.

Kane Lono Benefits

Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper Benefits

Kane Lono is designed to provide all of the following benefits:

  • Solar-powered rechargeable outdoor lantern
  • Custom home and backyard lighting you can install in seconds
  • Attract mosquitoes, flies, gnats, and other types of flying bugs with proven purple LED technology
  • Instantly upgrade your yard without paying thousands for expensive lighting
  • Enhance the look, safety, and value of your property

How Does Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper Work?

Kane Lono is like a combination of three technologies rolled into one convenient device. The solar panels recharge the light, and the light attracts insects while illuminating your backyard, and the electric coils zap any bugs that come too close.

You start by installing Kane Lono into the ground in seconds. The device features extendable stakes to hold it on the land securely. Whether you’re placing Kane Lono in the ground for a few years or hours, it’s easy to assemble, install, and remove the lantern as needed.

Once installed, the 3-in-1 Kane Lono goes to work in the following way:

First, solar panels recharge Kane Lono all day long. Each Kane Lono has solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity. These solar panels gather sunlight daily to keep the light powered all night. Fully charged, each Kane Lono can last around 18 hours.

Then, the warm LED light illuminates your backyard with a soft glow. Instead of a glaring white LED light, you get a warm glow to make any backyard look friendly and safe. Some use Kane Lono to illuminate pathways and gardens. Others use Kane Lono to light up a campsite or the space around their RV.

Finally, the electric coil technology zaps bugs as soon as they fly toward the light. Bugs are naturally attracted to specific light colors, including the purple LEDs within Kane Lono. As bugs fly toward the light, they encounter the 700V electric coils, which zap and kill them instantly.

Some people purchase one Kane Lono and place it in a central location. Others install multiple Kane Lono and scatter them throughout their backyard or along a pathway.

Whether dealing with mosquitos or looking for a convenient backyard illumination solution, Kane Lono aims to be the ultimate way to make your backyard look nice.

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Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper Features

Kane Lono is a dual-purpose lantern and bug zapper. Here are some of the features that distinguish Kane Lono from other products on the market:

Warm LED Yard Lighting

Instead of spreading bright white light, Kane Lono emits warm LED light for a pleasant ambiance in your backyard. It doesn’t work like a searchlight, harshly illuminating your backyard. Instead, it provides a soft glow while eliminating bugs.

Multiple Light Modes

Kane Lono has multiple light modes, and you can quickly cycle through them based on your desired type of light. You can choose:

  • Flicker light and zapper on
  • Solid light and zapper on
  • Purple light and zapper on
  • Off

Hidden Cleaning Brush

Each Kane Lono has a hidden cleaning brush inside. Remove that brush, then wipe Kane Lono clean to eliminate bugs. You’ll notice bugs accumulate at the base. The brush can help you get rid of the pests.

Works with All Kinds of Bugs

Kane Lono works with mosquitos, gnats, flies, no-see-ums, and other bugs and insects. Many bugs and insects see purple LED light as a food source and fly toward it, thinking it’s an easy meal.

Science-Backed Bug Attraction Technology

Studies show some bugs are naturally attracted to LED light. Kane Lono isn’t just a myth: it’s a science-backed technology that works in lab settings. One recent study found that all types of light attract insects, but specific light colors were more attractive. Additionally, some bugs are attracted to particular light colors but not others. Purple LED and ultraviolet light are consistently two of the most-tested light colors in these trials.

Purple LEDs for Maximum Insect Attraction

Insects and other flying bugs are attracted to purple LEDs. They associate purple light with food sources – like human skin. They naturally fly towards the Kane Lono, thinking it’s an easy meal. Each Kane Lono can attract bugs within a surprisingly large radius.

Powerful 700V Zapper

When bugs fly too close to Kane Lono, the device zaps them with 700V electricity. The electric coil surrounds the purple light. Bugs try to reach the light, only to instantly get zapped upon contact with the electric wire.

Extendable Stakes

Place each Kane Lono securely in the ground using the extendable stakes. The stakes spread into the ground, making each Kane Lono extra stable.

All-Season Weather Resistant

Kane Lono is weather-resistant, which means it can withstand splashes from any direction. In promotional images shared online, Kane Lono appears to easily withstand a heavy rainstorm, staying illuminated even when exposed to rain.

Automatic On / Off Lighting with Sensors

Kane Lono will automatically shut on or off by detecting the ambient environment. It shuts off during the day, then turns on at night automatically. Once you place Kane Lono in the ground, there’s no need to adjust it (unless you want to switch to different light modes or intensity levels).

Available at Up to 50% Off

As part of a summer 2023 promotion, the manufacturer of Kane Lono has reduced the price by as much as 50% when ordering online directly from the manufacturer.

Zaps Bugs All Night on a Single Charge

When Kane Lono is fully charged after a day in the sun, it can zap bugs all night without issue. Each Kane Lono lasts for around 18 hours on a full charge. Even if it’s a cloudy day the next day, your bug zapper and light should continue to run without issue to defend and illuminate your property.

LED Lights for Better Performance & Durability

Each Kane Lono features an LED light instead of an incandescent light. LED lights are superior in all kinds of weather. They’re also more energy efficient and durable and last roughly ten times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Ideal for Camping, Picnics, RVs, and More

Even if you’re far from a source of electricity, you can easily use Kane Lono because of its solar panels. The bug zappers and lanterns are popular at picnics, with campers, and for RVs, among other uses.

Easy to Assemble & Take Apart

No matter how long you plan to keep Kane Lono in the ground, you can assemble and disassemble it whenever necessary.

Optional Octenol Cartridges for Extra Attraction

To make your Kane Lono more appealing to bugs, you can include octenol cartridges with your purchase. Octenol attracts mosquitos, no-see-ums, black flies, and other flying insects or bugs. Plus, it works without harming people, pets, or the environment.

Kane Lono Customer Say

Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Kane Lono is backed by solid reviews online, with many customers impressed by the device’s bug-zapping capabilities, ability to illuminate any space, and overall quality and design.

Here are some of the thoughts shared by verified purchasers via the official website and other sources online:

Many customers like Kane Lono for camping. Because the device is solar-powered, you can use it off the grid, away from electricity. For example, you can set up multiple Kane Lonos around your campsite to illuminate a space and protect yourself from bugs.

Kane Lono is straightforward to set up. Just place the light into the ground. You can install it in seconds with no tools or digging required.

One customer claims to “have the best-looking backyard in the neighborhood by far” after installing Kane Lono. He installed the device in seconds and found it immediately delivered perfect lighting and bug control.

Some Kane Lono users have received compliments from friends and neighbors about their backyard lighting, asking how much their custom lighting displays had cost. They were shocked to discover they were affordable, easy-to-install lights and not expensive custom lighting displays.

One customer claims her Kane Lono can “kill so many bugs.” She has installed the lights all over her backyard, and it’s “never been nicer,” thanks to Kane Lono.

Many customers like the soft lighting of Kane Lono. It can light up a backyard without being too bright or distracting. It gives any backyard a pleasant ambiance.

Kane Lono Lightning

Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper Pricing

Kane Lono is priced at up to 50% off as part of a 2023 promotion. You can save hundreds when buying directly from the manufacturer compared to buying at the ordinary retail rate.

Here’s how pricing works when ordering Kane Lono online today:

  • 1 x Kane Lono: $69.99
  • 2 x Kane Lonos: $139.99 ($69.95 each)
  • 3 x Kane Lonos: $156.99 ($52.33 each)
  • 4 x Kane Lonos: $191.99 ($47.99 each)

Kane Lono Pricing

Kane Lono Refund Policy

You cannot receive a refund if you have used or opened your Kane Lono. The company does not accept refunds on any used or opened Kane Lono products. If you have used the device and were unsatisfied with its performance, then you cannot receive a refund on that specific device.

You can receive a refund on any unopened and unused Kane Lono devices. If you did not open or use your Kane Lono or purchased multiple Kane Lonos but only used one, contact the manufacturer within 60 days of your purchase for a full refund.

Kane Lono, or the Kane + Lono Solar Light and Insect Zapper, is sold online by Etshera.

Contact customer service via the form provided on the official website for more information.

Final Word on Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper

Kane Lono is a bug zapper and lantern available exclusively through GetKaneLono.com, where it’s temporarily priced at up to 50% off.

Featuring a unique combination of a bug zapper and outdoor lantern, Kane Lono can beautify your backyard while keeping it bug-free. The device is also favored for camping, picnics, RVing, and other activities.

Visit the official website for more information about Kane Lono and its functionality, or purchase today!

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