One Tray Away Challenge Reviews – Should You Buy Donny Greens’ Microgreens Growing Kit?

Microgreens entrepreneur Donny Greens has launched a challenge for aspiring microgreens growers called the One Tray Away Challenge.

If you want to grow perfect microgreens from home in 10 days, then the One Tray Away Challenge may be the right choice for you.

How does the One Tray Away Challenge work? Should you join the challenge? What is One Tray Away? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about One Tray Away and the One Tray Away Challenge today in our review.

What is the One Tray Away Challenge?

The One Tray Away Challenge teaches you how to grow microgreens efficiently from your own home with a simple, easy-to-use tray.

Here’s how the creator of the challenge, Donny Greens, explains it:

“The One Tray Away Challenge helps you quickly and easily learn the exact methods, techniques, and strategies used by top microgreens farmers that will still work from your home or apartment.”

Overall, the challenge is designed to be the easiest and fastest way for any aspiring microgreens grower to succeed – no matter where you live.

Without the One Tray Away Challenge, you might get frustrated growing microgreens at home. You need to know about growing cycles, watering patterns, and more to grow microgreens effectively.

After you attend a One Tray Away Webinar online, you have the opportunity to buy a growing tray from Donny Green and his team. Donny and his team have 3D printed just 500 trays for aspiring growers. You can use the trays to start growing your own microgreens at home as soon as today.

Each One Tray Away Challenge kit includes everything you need to complete the 10-day challenge at home, including pre-measured seed kits, growing trays, beds, online guides, and more.

One Tray Away Challenge Benefits

One Tray Away Challenge Benefits

Some of the benefits of the One Tray Away Challenge include:

  • Learn how to quickly and easily grow your own food
  • The fastest and easiest way for aspiring microgreens growers to grow microgreens more effectively
  • Grow perfect trays of microgreens effortlessly from the comfort of your home
  • Increase the health and sustainability of yourself and your family
  • Grow so much confidence as a microgreens grower; you could even start your own microgreens business
  • See results in less than a week for less than $197

How Does the One Tray Away Challenge Work?

The One Tray Away Challenge starts with a free webinar. You sign up for the webinar online to discover what the challenge is, how it works, and how you can get started. After the webinar, you can choose whether or not to purchase the One Tray Away Challenge Kit and complete the 10-day challenge.

During the free One Tray Away Challenge webinar, Donny Greens will discuss the following:

  • What microgreens gardening is and how it works
  • Why microgreens gardening has been a life-changing experience for Donny Greens
  • What the One Tray Away Challenge is and how it works
  • How you can start growing microgreens at home today even with zero gardening experience
  • The benefits of microgreens gardening and the power of growing your own food at home
  • How to buy an all-in-one microgreens package from Donny Greens today for just $197, which comes with a limited edition green and gold tray for the first 500 customers

Who Should Start the One Tray Away Challenge?

Donny Green and his team advertise the One Tray Away Challenge to anyone who wants to grow their own microgreens from home but isn’t sure how to get started. Some have heard about microgreens, while others are entirely new to the field. This program is for anyone, no matter what your experience level.

Some of the people who could benefit from the One Tray Away Challenge include:

  • Anyone who wants to grow microgreens but hasn’t started
  • Someone who has started growing microgreens but has experienced inconsistent results
  • People who have successfully grown microgreens but have had inconsistent quality or poor yields
  • Anyone who wants to grow their own microgreens business but has no idea where to start
  • Someone graduating high school or college and unsure what to do with life
  • Someone who wants an easy, thoughtful, useful, and productive new activity to dit at home alone, with kids, or with a partner.

Whether you’re new to microgreen gardening or you’ve done it before, you can join the One Tray Away Challenge to change your life forever potentially.

Who is Donny Greens?

Donny Greens is an online personality in the microgreens gardening community. He has 96,000+ subscribers on YouTube. Donny is based in Huntington, New York.

In addition to teaching people how to grow microgreens at home, Donny Greens teaches others how to start their own microgreens businesses. For example, you can grow in-demand microgreens at home and then sell them to customers.

Donny describes himself as an inventor, educator, and entrepreneur. He started his first microgreens business from his parent’s basement in late 2016. Since then, he has grown his company, Finest Foods, to over $100,000 annually.

Donny has also invented and patented microgreen growing products, including the Simple Sprouter (Patent 1: US #16/407,971 and Patent 2: US #16/408,105). Donny invented it in 2017 as the world’s best sprouter; he even has an app to guide users.

Overall, Donny Greens publishes the #1 best content for microgreens growers and business owners, and the One Tray Away Challenge is the latest project from Danny and his team.

What to Expect with the One Tray Away Challenge

During the One Tray Away Challenge, you’re joining a group of aspiring microgreens gardeners worldwide to discover how to grow your own microgreens.

Whether you’re new to gardening or new to microgreens, the One Tray Away Challenge walks you through the entire process in a step-by-step way.

Here’s what to expect with the One Tray Away Challenge:

Late June: Receive your Challenge Kit

After attending the free webinar, you order the One Tray Away Challenge kit online. The kit includes everything you need to complete the challenge, including:

  • 4 x extra strength trays from Bootstrap Farmer (two with holes and two without holes)
  • Limited edition Donny Greens green and gold trays for the first 500 customers
  • 4 x hemp grow mats from Terrafibre
  • 4 x pre-measured seed packets from True Leaf Market, including two radish and two broccoli seed packets

Once you’ve received your kit, you can move on to the following parts of the challenge.

Days 0 to 3: Tray Making & Germination

During the first few days of the challenge, you’ll get your crops off to a good start to help them reach their highest potential. When growing microgreens, the early phases of the project include preparing the trays and allowing the seeds to start the germination process.

During this phase, Donny Greens will explain how to do things like:

Days 4 to 10: Daily Watering & Maintenance

Donny describes this phase as “the trickiest part” of growing microgreens. It’s the place where you’re most likely to experience human error. Fortunately, the One Tray Away Challenge kit is designed to minimize mistakes and make this part of the process as easy as possible.

During this phase, Donny and his kit walk you through steps like:

  • Perfecting your watering process
  • Ensuring your microgreens receive the perfect amount of moisture – not too much or too little – each day
  • How to avoid common mistakes
  • The specific strategies anyone can use to grow their own microgreens at home, no matter their situation or skill level

Day 10: Harvest & Enjoy

Ten days after preparing your One Tray Away Challenge kit, you can harvest and enjoy your microgreens.

Compared to other crops, one of the benefits of microgreens is the fast turnaround time. Within just ten days, you have a crop ready to harvest. You can turn around crops quickly, use fewer resources (like water, electricity, and time), and view instant results from your hard work.

For this final phase, Donny explains how to harvest your crops, then prepare your trays to do it all again.

One Tray Away Challenge Prize Draw

What’s Included with the One Tray Away Challenge?

Donny is bundling several bonuses with the base kit as part of a 2023 promotion for the One Tray Away Challenge. Plus, the first 500 customers receive limited edition trays and entry into prize draws, among other perks.

Here’s what you get when you sign up for the One Tray Away Challenge today:

4 x Extra Strength Growing Trays from Bootstrap Farmer: You need a tray to complete the One Tray Away Challenge. Your purchase comes with four extra strength trays from Bootstrap Farmer. 2 of the trays have holes, while two do not. The first 500 One Tray Away Challengers get limited edition Donny Greens trays featuring a green and gold color scheme.

4 x Hemp GrowMats from Terrafibre: You need hemp grow mats to plant your microgreens, and your kit comes with four grow mats for your four trays. The grow mats are made from hemp and come from Terrafibre, and they’re designed to spread maximum moisture and nutritional value to your plants in the most efficient way.

4 x Pre-Measured Seed Packets from True Leaf Market: Your purchase includes four seed packets, two radish seed packets, and two broccoli seed packets. During the One Tray Away Challenge, you’ll grow each of these microgreens at home and be ready to eat them in just ten days. The packets are pre-measured with the perfect number of seeds for the tray, helping to ensure optimal hydration and germination for each seed.

Super Supplies Source-List: Donny Greens has spent six years growing microgreens commercially. He claims to have wasted “tons of money” during that time. However, he also learned what equipment is best, what to avoid altogether, the best suppliers, and more. In this Super Supplies Source List, you get instant access to all the seeds, supplies, and equipment Donny uses as a professional. This list is based on Donny’s six years of trial and error, and it can help you become a more efficient microgreens grower from the start.

Microgreens Business Secrets: Some growers make it, while others fall short. Some launch thriving farms, while others invest thousands and close up shop. In this guide, you can discover Donny Greens’ secrets to running a successful microgreens business. It’s not your location, competition, or other factors you would expect. Instead, it’s factors you can control. Donny has spent 5+ years consulting with hundreds of students, and he has noticed a pattern about why some businesses fail, and others succeed. In this guide, you can discover why the best microgreens farms consistently rise to the top.

Exclusive Access to One Tray Away Community: After you purchase your One Tray Away Challenge kit online, you get immediate access to the One Tray Away community. It’s a group of helpful microgreens growers like you who are completing the challenge. It’s not just another open Facebook group with thousands of random people spamming terrible advice; instead, it’s an exclusive community for people completing the challenge.

Prizes for One Tray Away Challengers

By signing up for the One Tray Away Challenge kit today, you can win one of three prizes. Donny is giving away nine prizes in total, including:

Prize #1: Full Home Rack Setup: 1 lucky winner will receive a full home-rack set up to help you take your microgreens farming to the next level. The setup comes with a waterproof floor mat and everything else you need to make your own effective microgreens system at home.

Prize #2: Farm Planner Software: 3 winners will receive Donny’s secret software for planning his microgreens operation. Donny uses this software to plan each new farm he builds. If you win this prize, then you can get amazing software to use forever. It’s not currently available to the public, but Donny plans to sell it to customers at a high price in the future.

Prize #3: 30-Minute Consultation with Donny Greens: 5 lucky winners receive a 30-minute, private, 1-on-1 consultation with Donny Greens. You can ask questions, get feedback on your microgreens setup, and break down any barriers between you and reaching your full potential as a microgreens grower.

One Tray Away Challenge Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Donny has helped hundreds of students become successful microgreens growers. Over the years, these students have left glowing reviews for Donny Greens’ training online, with many students turning a black thumb into thriving microgreens gardens within weeks of starting.

Here are some of the reviews from Donny’s verified students online:

One customer described Donny’s microgreens course as “amazing,” claiming it provided “valuable info.”

Many customers have left positive reviews after starting their own successful microgreens business with Donny’s help. One customer had the confidence to jump in with both feet after following Donny’s course, for example, while another claims his “whole grow operation has changed” thanks to Donny.

Many students have shared photos of their large harvests after completing the One Tray Away Challenge.

Customers like the diverse ways Donny approaches his audience, from Discord channels to Zoom calls to online training and guides. There are all types of information available for all types of learners.

One customer claims he is “amped about the week and the cash potential” of starting a microgreens business.

The One Tray Away Challenge official website has strong reviews from previous students, including people who have successfully started their own microgreens businesses or grown their microgreens at home because of the challenge.

Overall, most students seem happy with Donny’s instructions and the overall quality of his training materials. Whether you’re entirely new to microgreen gardening or seeking to take your business to the next level, Donny provides valuable advice to beginners and experts.

One Tray Away Challenge Pricing

The One Tray Away Challenge is priced at $197 and includes everything you need to complete the challenge.

Your kit includes everything above four trays, four seed kits, and four hemp grow mats. You can start the challenge as soon as you receive the kit in the mail.

One Tray Away Challenge Pricing

One Tray Away Challenge Refund Policy

The One Tray Away Challenge has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can request a complete refund on your purchase within 30 days of the challenge start date. If the challenge isn’t exactly what Donny promised, or if you don’t end up with beautiful trays of microgreens, or if you dislike Donny’s growth strategies for any reason, then you can request a complete refund.

Contact the One Tray Away Challenge

You can contact Donny Greens and the One Tray Away Challenge customer service team via email:

Final Word

The One Tray Away Challenge is a new microgreen growing challenge launched by Donny Greens.

In exchange for a one-time fee of $197, you get everything you need to start growing microgreens at home today. Each kit includes growing trays, hemp beds, pre-measured seed packets, and online bonus guides to help you complete the 10-day challenge.

To learn more about Donny Greens’ One Tray Away Challenge or to sign up for the challenge today, visit the official website.

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