Vibrant Blue Oils Reviews – Quality Organic Essential Oil Blends That Work?

Whether shopping by remedy or root cause, you can discover a range of essential oils to target various conditions – or support overall body and brain balance. Vibrant Blue Oils is an essential oils company that offers a wide range of oils to target various issues. Their intuitive website will help you find the best oil for you & your family by letting you search by either remedy or root cause.

Are Vibrant Blue Oils legit? Should you buy essential oils through Vibrant Blue Oils? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Vibrant Blue Oils today in our review.

What are Vibrant Blue Oils?

Vibrant Blue Oils is an essential oils company founded by bestselling author and award-winning journalist Jodi Cohen.

Jodi is known for her popular book, Healing with Essential Oils, which explains how to use essential oils to support the body and brain. She also published a follow-up book, Essential Oils to Boost the Brain and Heal the Body.

Jodi was motivated to launch her own essential oils company after personally experiencing the benefits of essential oils. Jodi found essential oils helped her address her anxiety, insomnia, and autoimmunity.

Jodi received certifications in nutritional therapy, functional neurology, herbalism, and aromatherapy to expand and formalize her knowledge of essential oils. She has also worked closely with healthcare practitioners, including medical doctors (MDs), naturopaths (NDs), nurse practitioners, chiropractors, acupuncturists, health coaches, nutritionists, and yoga instructors. Plus, she has taken continuing education courses in plant medicine, brain health, Chinese medicine, and herbalism.

Jodi founded Vibrant Blue Oils in 2012. Today, the company continues to sell a range of organic and wild-crafted essential oils.

Vibrant Blue Oils Benefits

Vibrant Blue Oils Benefits

Vibrant Blue Oils offers a range of unique benefits compared to other essential oil companies in the space:

  • Organic, wild-crafted, and pure essential oil blends
  • Support physical, mental, and emotional health
  • Address specific health concerns
  • Shop for essential oils by remedy or root cause
  • Online quiz to determine your best essential oil
  • Founded in 2012 and backed by a decade of industry expertise

Vibrant Blue Oils Essential Oils

Vibrant Blue Oils works with small farms worldwide to organically grow plants in the ideal soil in their indigenous climate. Then, farmers harvest plants at the optimal time of the year, distill the plants at low temperatures with low or zero pressure, and create essential oils.

Vibrant Blue Oils Products

The end result is a 100% pure, organic, wild-crafted, natural, and authentic essential oil.

You can sort Vibrant Blue Oils products by health concern. Vibrant Blue Oils separates essential oils into categories like:

  • Stress & Adrenal Support
  • Detox
  • Pain, Inflammation, & Gut Repair
  • Immune Support
  • Brain Balance
  • Mood & Hormone Balance
  • Sleep

Many essential oils cross multiple categories. For example, calm is found in the Stress & Adrenal Support category and Mood & Hormone Balance category. You can also buy various Vibrant Blue Oils supplements at once through kits, which use multiple oils to address various health concerns.

Essential oils available through Vibrant Blue Oils today include:

Frankincense ($41.95): Priced at $41.95 for a 5mL bottle, Vibrant Blue Oils Frankincense contains active ingredients called sesquiterpenes. According to Vibrant Blue Oils, those natural chemicals allow the ingredients to go beyond the blood-brain barrier to help your body produce more oxygen around the pineal and pituitary glands. Some also find frankincense helps with anxiety, nervous tension, stress, or even infections and inflammation, according to the official website.

Grapefruit ($21.95): Grapefruit essential oil comes from the peel of the grapefruit and has been linked to various effects throughout the body. According to Vibrant Blue Oils, grapefruit oil is known to support the liver and lymphatic system, which can help to cleanse the body, clear toxins, and burn fat, among other effects.

Helichrysum ($151.95): Helichrysum comes from the flowers of the perennial herb Helichrysum angustifolium, which is part of the daisy family. The flower has a long history of use in traditional medicine. Today, we know the flower works because it’s rich with antioxidants and other ingredients with anti-inflammatory, anti-hematic, anticoagulant, antifungal, and antibacterial effects. According to Vibrant Blue Oils, you can use Helichrysum essential oil for respiratory ailments, skin issues, liver health, and gallbladder problems.

Lavender ($21.95): Lavender essential oil can help treat burns, promote rapid healing, and prevent scarring. According to Vibrant Blue Oils, it can also help defend the body against bacteria, viruses, and fungi to relieve muscle pain, help with acne, and even repel insects. You can apply lavender oil directly to the skin to support various effects.

Lemon ($21.95): Another core essential oil in the Vibrant Blue Oils lineup, Lemon has a strong, purifying citrus scent while also acting as an antioxidant and tonic. It can support the nervous and sympathetic nervous system while helping the skin and clearing toxins from the body. Vibrant Blue Oils recommends using it to remove toxins from multiple body parts, including the hair and scalp, digestive system, or kidneys. You can even use it for household cleaning, and lemon essential oil can remove marker stains and gum from any surface.

Orange ($26.95): Orange essential oil can help calm the mind and body. It has a cleansing, purifying orange scent and comes from the outer peel of the orange fruit. Orange essential oil is believed to work because it’s rich with 85% to 90% d-limonene to boost mood and immunity.

Peppermint ($21.95): Peppermint essential oil stimulates the brain and clear thinking while promoting digestive health. It can tingle the skin when applied, so Vibrant Blue Oils recommends mixing it with coconut or olive oil before direct topical application.

Rose ($31.95): Rose is an essential oil blend designed to stimulate and elevate the mind, balance the body, and help with depression and anxiety, among other benefits. According to Vibrant Blue Oils, Rose is made from 300+ known constituents to enhance the frequency of cells throughout your body.

Tea Tree ($21.95): One of the most popular essential oils, tea tree oil can support the healing of cuts, wounds, and skin infections.

Adrenal ($36.95): Adrenal features a blend of essential oils to support your adrenal glands. Your adrenal glands produce multiple hormones, including cortisol. Excessive cortisol levels can imbalance your body and lead to adrenal fatigue. Vibrant Blue Oils Adrenal contains a blend of frankincense, galbanum, manuka, rosemary, and thyme with a base of fractionated coconut oil.

Calm ($36.95): Calm is one of the most popular essential oils in the Vibrant Blue Oils library. Found in virtually every category, Calm can support anxiety, calm tension, reduce stress, and promote relaxation, among other benefits. Some use it for sleep, while others use it for general relaxation or cognition. Calm is a proprietary blend of tangerine, orange, ylang-ylang, blue tansy, and patchouli essential oils with a base of fractionated coconut oil.

Circadian Rhythm ($36.95): Another Vibrant Blue oil essential oil that transcends multiple categories, Circadian Rhythm can help you enter a deep and restorative sleep every night. The supplement works by triggering the natural release of melatonin, helping to restore your circadian rhythm. To do that, Circadian Rhythm includes a proprietary blend of rose geranium, grapefruit, melaleuca, myrtle, lavender, balsam of Peru, and myrrh with a base of fractionated coconut oil.

Energize ($36.95): Energize uses a blend of spearmint, birch, peppermint, myrtle, lime, black pepper, sage, nutmeg, geranium, myrrh, and chamomile essential oils with a base of fractionated coconut oil to help support multiple glands linked to energy. By applying Energize daily, you can support the thymus, adrenal, parathyroid, pituitary, and pineal glands, according to Vibrant Blue Oils.

Heart ($36.95): Heart isn’t explicitly designed for cardiovascular health; instead, it supports mental clarity and emotional balance, helping you feel more open-hearted and receptive to emotions. The formula contains neroli, spruce, Roman chamomile, blue tansy, and jasmine essential oils with a base of fractionated coconut oil.

Hypothalamus ($36.95): Hypothalamus can regulate hunger and balance the hypothalamus, which is the center of your brain responsible for all hormones. Supporting the hypothalamus can help with digestive health, nervous system health, the endocrine system, and more. If your hypothalamus isn’t functioning optimally, it can throw all hormones out of balance. Hypothalamus from Vibrant Blue Oils uses a blue of mandarin, patchouli, frankincense, and other essential oils to restore balance to your hypothalamus.

Parasympathetic ($36.95): Parasympathetic can turn your body’s ability to heal by targeting your parasympathetic nervous system. According to Vibrant Blue Oils, the supplement can melt away stress, elevate mood, boost energy, improve digestion, and help you regain focus. It contains two active ingredients, including distilled lime and clove essential oil, with a base of fractionated coconut oil.

Sleep ($36.95): Sleep can help calm and soothe the body before bed, making it easier to relax, unwind, and quiet the mind. The blend includes a proprietary mix of orange, tangerine, and patchouli essential oils, among others.

Spleen Support ($36.95): Spleen Support can help calm worries, ease anxiety, and balance and stabilize the body from your spleen through the rest. Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners are big believers in supporting the spleen. Spleen Support contains a blend of lavender, patchouli, and vanilla essential oils to support the spleen.

Uplift ($36.95): Uplift can promote feelings of strength, courage, protection, and energy, helping to uplift the body overall. To achieve those effects, uplift contains a blend of palmarosa, spruce, frankincense, and blue tansy essential oils.

Breathe ($36.95): Breathe is another essential oil blend designed to support the respiratory system. According to Vibrant Blue Oils, Breathe “reduces inflammation, congestion, colds, flu, bronchitis, coughs, sore throats, sinus infections, pneumonia, and asthma.” The blend achieves these effects using eucalyptus, myrtle, and peppermint essential oils, among other unique ingredients.

Estrogen Balance ($36.95): Estrogen Balance supports the balance of estrogen and progesterone in your body using the power of essential oils. To do that, the active essential oils in Estrogen Balance gently mobilize and detoxify excess estrogen. Those essential oils include German chamomile, orange, rosemary, celery seed, and lemon.

Gall Bladder ($36.95): The gall bladder is crucial for detoxification and overall health and wellness. Supporting your gall bladder can lead to better fat digestion and greater elimination of toxins and old hormones. Vibrant Blue Oils Gall Bladder contains palmarosa, Roman chamomile, and black cumin essential oils.

Hormone Balance ($36.95): Hormone Balance supports a healthy hormonal balance throughout your body while supporting the release of hormone-related weight gain. Common signs of imbalances in your hormones include dry hair or skin, low libido, rapid weight gain, irritability, and mood swings. Hormone Balance uses clary sage, thyme, and vetiver essential oils to target overall hormone balance. It’s designed for aromatic and topical use.

Kidney Support ($36.95): Your kidneys play a critical role in cleansing and detoxification. According to Vibrant Blue Oils, Kidney Support can promote feelings of safety, strength, and courage while balancing your emotions. To do that, Kidney Support uses cedarwood, fir needle, and frankincense essential oil, among other ingredients.

Liver Support ($36.95): Liver Support supports the liver and gall bladder. In fact, according to Vibrant Blue Oils, the supplements helps to “gently release emotions of anger” from your liver cells using a blend of ylang-ylang, chamomile, cypress, lavender, and helichrysum italicum essential oils, among other ingredients.

Liver ($36.95): Unlike the Liver Support supplement, the Liver oil is designed to energize, strengthen, and balance the liver to help it perform crucial functions. To do that, Liver contains peppermint, German chamomile, balsam of Peru, and lavender essential oils, among other ingredients. According to Vibrant Blue Oils, Liver can support blood sugar and sugar cravings, reduce hangover symptoms, and support sound sleep.

Lung Support ($36.95): Lung Support contains a blend of essential oils that “supports the release of emotional grief,” helping to enhance breath and overall life energy. The supplement achieves these effects using a blend of bergamot, geranium, rose, lemon, and mandarin essential oils, among other ingredients.

Lymph ($36.95): Your lymph nodes are crucial in releasing fat from your body. They also contribute to the overall detoxification process. Lymph is formulated to increase the circulation of fats and white blood cells in your lymphatic system, helping to maximize the body’s natural cleansing processes via the lymph nodes. Key ingredients include vitex berry, spearmint, and palmarosa essential oils.

Thymus ($36.95): Thymus strengthens your immune system using a blend of essential oils while helping to protect it against flu, colds, and coughs. To do that, Thymus contains holy basil, clove bud, frankincense, black cumin, and ginger root essential oils, among other active ingredients.

Anti-Inflammatory ($36.95): Anti-Inflammatory can reduce inflammation and help encourage the regeneration of stressed connective tissue. Chronic inflammation is associated with an increased risk of disease and illness, and Anti-Inflammatory can help with leaky gut, joint pain, migraine pain, and acne, among other symptoms. You can use Anti-Inflammatory topically to reduce joint pain. The formula contains dill seed, frankincense, ginger, and ylang-ylang essential oils.

Circulation ($36.95): Circulation is an essential oil supplement designed to support healthy circulation, helping to deliver oxygen and nutrient-rich blood throughout the body and brain. Promoting circulation can also help remove toxins from the body, supporting overall health. Circulation contains a blend of myrtle, ginger root, black pepper, nutmeg, and peppermint essential oils.

Histamine Balance ($36.95): Overactive histamine reactions contribute to allergy symptoms and immune dysfunction. Vibrant Blue Oils Histamine Balance contains a blend of essential oils to modulate the immune response, including lavender, manuka, rosemary, and blue tansy essential oils. Vibrant Blue Oils recommends applying drops to a Q-tip and swabbing the inside of both nostrils to increase mucus release. You can also rub it clockwise around the belly button “to calm an allergic reaction to food,” according to Vibrant Blue Oils.

Migraine Relief ($36.95): Many people use essential oils topically or aromatically to relieve migraines. Migraine Relief from Vibrant Blue Oils features a blend of basil, marjoram, lavender, and peppermint essential oils to help relieve migraines and related symptoms.

Nerve Repair ($36.95): Nerve Repair can repair damaged nerves, relieve pain, fight infection, and stimulate circulation, according to Vibrant Blue Oils. You apply it 2 to 3 times daily to manage pain, heal from injuries, and support overall nerve repair. Some also use it to help with ear pain on flights. Active ingredients in Nerve Repair include basil, peppermint, and helichrysum essential oils.

PMS Support ($36.95): PMS Support can support the relief of symptoms of PMS and improve overall feelings of well-being. PMS Support contains a blend of vetiver, clay sage, petitgrain, and sandalwood essential oils. You can use it aromatically or topically, breathing it in or massaging it into your lower abdomen.

Prostate Support ($36.95): Some use essential oils for prostate health. Prostate Support is designed to reduce inflammation and increase the vitality of the prostate gland. Vibrant Blue Oils recommends using Prostate Support aromatically or topically. If applying topically, use 1 to 2 drops around the pelvis or lower abdomen. For aromatic benefits, hold the bottle under your nose and inhale. Active ingredients include fennel, dill seed, basil, and white grapefruit essential oils.

Immune Support ($36.95): Immune Support strengthens the immune system and protects against flu, colds, and coughs – similar to other immune-boosting essential oil blends available through Vibrant Blue Oils. The formula contains a mix of frankincense, clove buds, cinnamon bark, and lemon essential oils.

Attention ($36.95): Attention is designed to support cognition, focus, and overall brainpower using a blend of essential oils. The active ingredients in Attention can support prolonged mental attention for those with ADD/ADHD, according to Vibrant Blue Oils. It can also clear mental cobwebs, fortify the mind, and help calm angry situations. Active ingredients in Attention include vetiver, frankincense, lavender, and cedarwood essential oils.

Brain Boost ($36.95): Brain Boost from Vibrant Blue Oils is designed to support the brain using helichrysum and sandalwood essential oils. Known to cross the blood-brain barrier, these essential oils work by carrying oxygen to the pineal and pituitary glands.

Focus ($36.95): Similar to Attention and Brain Boost, Focus supports overall brain power and claims to help with memory retention and mental alertness specifically. You can enhance alertness and clear thought while awakening the brain and sharpening cognitive processes.

Sovereign Tea ($36.95): Sovereign Tea is designed to support your “health sovereignty” by boosting immunity. The supplement is specifically designed to help you “when exposed to viruses and viral shedding,” enhancing your immune barrier function while empowering you to take control of your health. You can use it aromatically or ingest it daily to support dynamic effects. Key ingredients in Vibrant Blue Oils Sovereign Tea include Douglas fir, cedarwood, and pine needle essential oils.

Small Intestine Support ($36.95): Some essential oils could support the equilibrium of your small intestine. Vibrant Blue Oils’ Small Intestine Support can help promote a sense of harmony and belonging while balancing your emotional stability. You can use Small Intestine Support aromatically or topically, breathing it in or rubbing it around your belly button for dynamic effects. Key ingredients include ylang-ylang, tangerine, and sandalwood essential oils.

Intestinal Mucosa ($36.95): Also known as Intestinal Mucosal Repair, this essential oil blend can support the regeneration and repair of the small intestine.

Pancreas ($36.95): Pancreas claims to balance the pancreas against overload and fatigue to support optimal function, according to Vibrant Blue Oils. Signs of pancreas dysfunction include fatigue or energy dips during the day, weight gain, sugar and caffeine cravings, and digestive issues. Pancreas contains rose geranium, anise seed, geranium, cucumber, and rose essential oils, among other ingredients, to support optimal digestion and blood sugar balance.

Vibrant Blue Oils Pricing

Vibrant Blue Oils Kits

Vibrant Blue Oils offers a range of kits to target various health and wellness goals. For example, the company sells a Detox Support Kit with three essential oils (Liver, Parasympathetic, and Gall Bladder) to support your body’s detoxification processes. There are also Fertility Support Kits, Digestion Support Kits, and more.

Kits available through Vibrant Blue Oils include:

Back to School Kit ($99): Includes 1 x Parasympathetic, 1 x Immune Support, and 1 x Adrenal to help support physical, mental, and emotional health.

Blood Sugar Support Kit ($99): Includes 1 x Liver, 1 x Adrenal, and 1 x Pancreas to support the organs responsible for balancing your body’s blood sugar levels.

Breathe Kit ($170): Includes 1 x Adrenal, 1 x Breathe, 1 x Circulation, 1 x Histamine, and 1 x Parasympathetic to support overall respiratory health. It can keep your lungs, improve your ability to breathe easily again, and help with general detoxification of the body.

Detox Support Kit ($99): Includes 1 x Liver, 1 x Parasympathetic, and 1 x Gall Bladder to support detoxification and support the organs responsible for detoxification.

Digestion Support Kit ($99): Includes 1 x Gall Bladder, 1 x Parasympathetic, and 1 x Pancreas to support digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Essential Wellness Kit ($170): Includes 1 x Lymph, 1 x Circadian Rhythm, 1 x Adrenal, 1 x Immune Support, and 1 x Parasympathetic to help you live your best life while supporting physical, mental, and emotional balance.

Fertility Support Kit ($170): Includes 1 x Parasympathetic, 1 x Liver, 1 x Adrenal, 1 x Gall Bladder, and 1 x Hypothalamus to support the detoxification process, endocrine system, and overall fertility.

Gut Repair Kit ($99): Includes 1 x Intestinal Mucosa, 1 x Anti-Inflammatory, and 1 x Parasympathetic to support the regeneration and repair of the small intestine.

Pain & Immune Support Kit ($99): Includes 1 x Nerve Repair, 1 x Parasympathetic, and 1 x Immune Support to support healing from pain and immune challenges – including cancer, Lyme disease, and autoimmune disorders.

Practitioner Kit ($350): Includes 1 x Adrenal, 1 x Anti-Inflammatory, 1 x Circadian Rhythm, 1 x Gall Bladder, 1 x Heart, 1 x Histamine Balance, 1 x Hypothalamus, 1 x Intestinal Mucosa, 1 x Liver, 1 x Nerve Repair, 1 x Pancreas, and 1 x Parasympathetic to provide practitioners or anyone with a range of options for multiple ailments.

Reboot Your Brain Kit ($99): Includes 1 x Parasympathetic, 1 x Lymph, and 1 x Circadian Rhythm to detoxify and heal the brain and support overall brain performance.

Stress Support Essential Oils Kit ($99): Includes 1 x Adrenal, 1 x Hypothalamus, and 1 x Circadian Rhythm to support the body’s stress management.

Thrive Kit ($99): Includes 1 x Adrenal, 1 x Parasympathetic, and 1 x Lymph to support the body and brain’s ability to detoxify and heal.

Vagus Nerve Kit ($99): Includes 1 x Lymph, 1 x Fascia, and 1 x Parasympathetic to support lymph and fascia release with three proven essential oil blends.

Vibrant Blue Oils Classes, Guides, & More

Vibrant Blue Oils is best known for its lineup of essential oils. However, they also offer classes, guides, quizzes, and other services to the essential oils community.

Vibrant Blue Oils Beginner's Guide

Here are some of the additional services available through Vibrant Blue Oils:

Free Digital Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils: Vibrant Blue Oils offers a free guide online to anyone who enters their name and email address into a web form. The guide is titled “Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils” and explains everything you need to know about essential oils as a beginner – including how to use essential oils to balance and heal your body. For example, you can discover how specific essential oils can support sleep, relaxation, digestion, and detoxification. You also get beginner tips on applying, diluting, dispensing, and dosing essential oils for the first time. You can download the guide for free.

Free Vibrant Blue Oils Remedy Guide: Vibrant Blue Oils has also published a free remedy guide online. You can discover which oils are suited for specific health conditions, how to use essential oils for maximum benefit, and why some oils are better for certain conditions than others. Like the free beginner’s guide, the guide is available to anyone who enters their name and email address into the online form. You can download the guide for free.

Vibrant Blue Oils Health Priority Quiz: Want to discover the best essential oil for you? You can take a free online quiz at the official Vibrant Blue Oils website to identify your underlying health priority and discover the best essential oils – or essential oil blends – to support health and wellness. The quiz asks questions about your lifestyle, stress levels, sleep habits, sex drive, symptoms, and more, then helps you decide which essential oil could benefit you the most.

Parasympathetic Activation Program: This guide walks you through the process of activating your body’s parasympathetic nervous system, which can support your body’s ability to heal. You get a step-by-step guide, detailed checklist, and guided video explaining how your parasympathetic nervous system is linked to healing – and how to activate that system to support health. Jodi covers topics like 25 powerful strategies to activate your parasympathetic nervous system, ten little-known secrets to shift into the parasympathetic state, and how simple lifestyle and diet changes can optimize your parasympathetic system for better healing.

Boost the Brain & Heal the Body Masterclass: This online course, led by Jodi Cohen, teaches you how to boost the brain and heal the body using proven strategies. You can discover how to use essential oils to calm inflammation, improve gut health, increase autoimmunity, and reduce brain fog, among other benefits.

Reboot the Brain with Essential Oils Class: This guide teaches you how to reboot your brain using essential oils. Many people use essential oils daily to support cognition and overall brain health. Some of the covered topics include neurotoxins in the brain, how stress suppresses the immune system, how inflammation and detoxification are related to essential oils, and the best strategies for detoxifying the brain.

Healing Stress with Essential Oils Class: Many people use essential oils to heal stress. In this guide, you can discover how to heal stress with essential oils to reduce stress and enhance your healing ability. You get a step-by-step approach to reducing stress at its root and kickstarting your health. You’ll discover proven strategies to assess your stress and improve your sleep. You’ll also find some of the best ways to use essential oils to manage stress.

Gut Repair Kickstart Class: The Gut Repair Kickstart class teaches you how to repair your gut using essential oils. Many people take essential oils daily for gut health. Others take essential oils to kickstart a detoxification process. In this guide, you can discover some of the proven ways to kickstart gut health using essential oils. The course includes a step-by-step approach to managing gut health using healthy, whole foods and essential oils.

Gut Repair Kickstart Class + Gut Repair Kit: Priced at $199.95, you can signup for the Gut Repair Kickstart Class and receive a bundle of essential oils to start implementing the lessons from that class as soon as possible. Your purchase includes essential oils to support your liver, gall bladder, and parasympathetic system, for example, which can kickstart the gut repair process.

Vibrant Blue Oils Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Vibrant Blue Oils has strong reviews from customers, chiropractors, doctors, and others, with many praising the company’s quality and commitment to creating wildcrafted essential oils.

One of Vibrant Blue Oils’ most popular supplements is Parasympathetic, which uses a blend of essential oils to support physical health and cognitive energy. The supplement has a 4.3-star rating on Amazon, with most customers happy with the results of the formula.

Vibrant Blue Oils has strong reviews from health practitioners, including chiropractors, medical doctors, naturopaths, and PhDs, among others. You can view practitioner reviews and recommendations on the official website.

Vibrant Blue Oils’ Facebook page has an average score of 4.5 stars out of 5 with 60+ reviews, with many customers happy with the quality and effectiveness of the oils and blends.

Vibrant Blue Oils has strong reviews from blogs and industry websites within the essential oils space, with many praising the company’s quality, commitment to wild-crafted essential oils, and overall effectiveness.

Many customers like how Vibrant Blue Oils products are wild-crafted, and the company uses small farms worldwide for its essential oils instead of mass-producing products.

Customers tend to have good things to say about Vibrant Blue Oils’ customer service, shipping, refund processing, and similar areas.

Vibrant Blue Oils Refund Policy

Vibrant Blue Oils is confident about the quality of its oils, and the company offers a 100% quality guarantee. If you’re unhappy with the quality of Vibrant Blue Oils essential oil, then you can request a complete refund within 30 days.

Email [email protected] with your order number and explain what you would like to return, then send the products to the address below:

Returns Address: Vibrant Blue Oils, LLC 7590 Currency Drive, Orlando, FL 32809

Contact Vibrant Blue Oils

Vibrant Blue Oils was founded in 2012 by bestselling author and award-winning journalist Jodi Cohen. The company works with small farms worldwide while empowering healthcare practitioners to integrate essential oils into their lives.

You can contact Vibrant Blue Oils and the company’s customer service team via the following:

  • Online Form:
  • Mailing Address: 1606 5th Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109
  • Email: [email protected]

Final Word

Vibrant Blue Oils is an essential oils company founded in 2012 and backed by over a decade of expertise in the industry.

Vibrant Blue Oils offers a range of products to achieve targeted effects or address specific wellness concerns by providing a blend of kits, single oils, blends, and more.

To learn more about Vibrant Blue Oils or buy the company’s essential oils online, visit the official website.

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