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disclaimer.-1The rising inflation is a real threat to our retirement investments. It is also a phenomenon that we cannot afford to ignore. Fortunately, some precious metals investments can help with that.

Whether you are an adept or a newbie rare metal investor, this article will provide you with the best available company options and valuable insights regarding gold bullion IRA investments.

Top 5 Gold IRA Companies of 2023 at a Glance

  1. 1. Goldco: Editor’s Choice – Best and Most Trusted Gold IRA Company Overall (4.9/5)

  2. 2. American Hartford Gold: Runner up – Best Price for Bullion (4.8/5)

  3. 3. Augusta Precious Metals: Great Buyback Program (4.6/5)

  4. 4. Birch Gold Corporation: Great Staff Overall (4.5/5)

  5. 5. Red Rock Secured: Best at Home Gold IRA (4.2/5)

Aside from adding value to your retirement portfolio, gold IRAs can help your investments hedge against inflation. It can protect your hard-earned money from constant stock market fluctuations and stubborn volatility. 

While multiple gold bullion IRA companies seemingly have a good track record, some can still be suspicious. You must always do thorough research in terms of how safe and secure they are in safeguarding clients’ funds. 

With that, we curated a list of the top five gold bullion IRA custodians for you to check out.

#1 Goldco: Editor’s Choice – Best and Most Trusted Gold IRA Company Overall (4.9/5)

Goldco banner

Goldco Precious Metals has been making names for two decades in the rare metals industry. They provide customers with top-notch gold and silver products and services that best suit their investment goals.

On top of providing a massive selection of gold bullion, bars, and coins, Goldco’s investment representatives ensure all financial dealings abide by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules and enjoy tax-deferred growth while dodging penalties.

Moreover, our team has undergone an easy account setup process for every self-directed IRA. One of their representatives guided us through setting up our accounts and gave us various retirement needs and goals recommendations.

Lastly, Goldco offers a special buyback guarantee. This is an excellent offer for investors skeptical about choosing Goldco as their new gold bullion IRA custodian. Also, a buyback guarantee is perfect if you are unsatisfied with the company’s services and commodities.


  • Has plenty of silver and gold coins, bars, and rounds

    Gives out informational kit to clients regarding IRA rollovers and investments

    Offers transparent and competitive pricing of its products and services

    Provides innovative and personalized plan for each precious metal IRA investors


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#2 American Hartford Gold: Runner up – Best Price for Bullion (4.8/5)

AHG banner

American Hartford Gold, or AHG in short, is a California-based investment firm that offers superior gold bullion IRA products and services. The company maintains a 24/7 online support queue that assists in client crises.

We must point out how we experienced a smooth account setup with just a few talks with the AHG spokespeople. Their stellar representatives are attentive and engaging with everyone with a gold IRA account — both old and new clients.

Aside from that, American Hartford Gold offers their gold bullion investors the option to get their gold bars and coins door-to-door to hold physical gold. Further, you may store them in a facility in a retirement account like precious metals IRA. This is also applicable to other precious metals.

Such platinum coins and platinum bullion are approved precious metals by the IRS. Also, American Hartford Gold lets you invest in paper assets like gold ETFs. You can enjoy this one if you want to put your retirement funds on an intangible investment.

You may also use their complimentary instruction manual once you set up your retirement account. This can help you make solid monetary decisions regarding your retirement account.

On top of that, American Hartford Gold’s competitive pricing is another green flag to consider. They execute excellent customer assistance and provide a wide range of precious metal products while charging the cheapest fee in the market right now.


  • Among the IRA companies that offer the cheapest initial investment deposit

    Committed to delivering investment services with the highest level of customer satisfaction

    Offers numerous precious metal products, including silver, gold, palladium, and platinum

    Gives personalized retirement investment plans for clients

    With a reputable image in the industry


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#3 Augusta Precious Metals: Great Buyback Program (4.6/5)

APM Banner

The next gold bullion IRA custodian, Augusta Precious Metals, is among the leading rare metal dealers with numerous storage facility partners. They give clients a wide selection of precious metals for their retirement accounts.

Since Augusta’s foundation, the company has earned numerous 5-star ratings and outstanding reviews online. We believe this is due to the company’s lifetime assistance of clients’ accounts, which somehow balances its expensive initial investment deposit.

Their almost spotless record makes them one of the top IRA contenders on the precious metals market. Since then, Augusta Precious Metals has never received a significant amount of formal complaints.

Upon working with this gold bullion firm, we experienced only three easy steps in setting up our gold bullion individual retirement accounts. Further, we did not experience any issues, especially since we had all requirements on hand.

Another interesting factor that makes investors choose Augusta Precious Metals is their resident Harvard economist leading their investment web conferences and forums. This ensures clients that a gold IRA specialist handles their hard-earned gold mutual funds.


  • No recorded formal complaints yet

    Operates a 24-hour live chat on the Augusta website

    Has an outstanding A+ and 5-star ratings on reputable sites online

    With easy account setup for gold bullion, self-directed IRAs perfect for beginners


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#4 Birch Gold Corporation: Great Staff Overall (4.5/5)

Birch Gold Banner

Among our list, Birch Gold Group is the only one that has been making noise across radio and TV stations. They already made an appearance in The Ben Shapiro Show.

Our experience with them was also smooth. We just had a few talks with Birch Gold Groups’ investment representatives, and they immediately prepared and recommended options that best suit our retirement plans and portfolio objectives.

On top of that, this IRA provider’s customer relations department constantly follows up for updates. This is the ultimate green flag for investment companies as it provides higher satisfaction levels and guarantees clients that their funds are attended to occasionally.


  • Has numerous perfect-star ratings from various online review sites, including Consumer Affairs

    Lets customers have direct communication with the firm’s precious metals financial experts

    Offers an available variety of precious metals, including palladium and platinum 

    Has been recognized and won some awards in the precious metals industry


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#5 Red Rock Secured: Best at Home Gold IRA (4.2/5)

Red Rock Secured Banner

Red Rock Secured is another California-based private gold bullion IRA provider that offers attractive promo deals and benefits to investors. This includes availing of free lifetime investment consultations with company experts.

This precious metals provider takes pride in providing clients with a tailor-fitted investment plan to diversify each customer’s retirement portfolio. Drawing from our team’s experience, this gold bullion IRA provider operates with no-hassle account setup processes.

Another thing to consider is how interesting Red Rock Secured’s CEO is. He sometimes replies to the firm’s customers personally on online review pages. Also, he never skips the negative ones — he responds to each excellent and lousy commentary.


  • Has a transparent pricing fee for every transaction

    Offers top-tier investment benefits like free consultations

    Partners with various IRS-approved depositories across the U.S.

    The setting up of self-directed IRAs only has three manageable phases


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What is Gold Bullion?

Gold mining companies should first locate gold and remove it from the earth in ore, a mixture of mineralized rock and gold, to make bullion. Then, the gold gets extracted from the ore using high temperatures or chemicals, resulting in parted bullion.

Further, gold bullion is a form of physical gold officially acknowledged as 99.5 to 99.9 percent pure. Further, physical golds, such as coins, bullion, or ingots, are part of the reserve asset of the government or central banks.

Investors can purchase and sell gold bullion through active global precious metal bullion market dealers. In addition, you can optimize exchange-traded funds or futures contracts by investing in gold and silver coins and bullion.

Gold ETFs are ideal for those who prefer to invest in intangible assets to put inside their precious metal IRAs. On the other hand, purchase physical gold bars to feel and touch your rare metal investments.

Gold Bullion Products

You can purchase various types of gold bullion for your Individual Retirement Account. The available products are gold coins and bars. Check out their differences below:

Ingots and bars

An ingot is typically a rectangular material cast people use to shape more oversized gold bars. The production of smaller ones is through stamping or minting. You may get gold bars as tiny as 1g and as hearty as 12.65 kg.


You may enjoy gold coins if you are not into gold bars and ingots. Given their dimension, gold coins are cheaper yet easier to liquidate than gold bars. This is an excellent consideration for individuals who need cash immediately.

Even though gold coins have nominal monetary equivalent, gold bullion coins’ real value is the product of their gold price and precious metal content. The most prominent examples of gold coins are the Canadian Maple Leaf, Gold Britannia, Gold Sovereign, and the U.S. Gold Eagle.

Purchasing and Investing in Bullion

Like other investments, gold bullion prices can fluctuate. You will always face a risk of loss. So it would be better to understand which bullion investment is best suited for you. Upon researching, there are three ways where you can invest or own gold bullion.

Physical Form

You can always purchase gold and silver coins from any reputable silver and gold IRA custodians and keep them in safe storage or a deposit box at home. Similarly, you can put them in a bank or a third-party IRS-approved depository.

Take note that you have full legal ownership of the precious metals investments. When a bank faces bankruptcy, the creditors have no claim to the rare metals in the allocated account. This is because it belongs to the owner, not the bank itself. 

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

This next investment option does not equate to owning physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Instead, it lets investors enter the bullion market. For instance, when you invest in gold ETFs, you will get an asset in gold certificates, not tangible ones.

Another thing to consider is ETFs have lower fees than owning physical precious metals outright. You may buy and sell ETF funds in the same manner as other equities through an IRA brokerage account or any standard brokerage account. 

Futures Contracts

Aside from purchasing tangible precious metals and investing in exchange-traded funds, investors can also buy gold bullion futures contracts. These contracts are agreements to buy and sell a commodity or an asset at a preset price.

Until the delivery takes place, the investor will not own the physical bullion. They will only be an owner of a paper bullion contract. Also, you must sell the contract before the expiration date. If not, it will roll forward into a new one.

5 Tips for Buying Gold Bullion

Now that you are oriented with the three types of bullion available, it is time to know the tips and tricks for purchasing precious metals, specifically gold bullion. Check them out below:

Shop Around for the Best Gold Bullion Price

Whether you are an adept or a beginner precious metals investor, you must be aware and updated on the gold’s spot price. You may use Yahoo! Finance or Nasdaq to check for the daily cost of precious metals like gold and silver.

Although gold assets are easier to obtain, their prices vary widely. This is because sellers factor in their preferred profit margin. Additionally, there are extra charges, including authenticity certificates, payment processing costs, and shipping and handling fees. 

Invest in Only Pure Gold (>99.5%)

People who purchase gold bullion for investment purposes must only get from reputable vendors. Moreover, the gold bars should come with the producer’s name and weight. The purity should also indicate a higher level of up to 99.9 percent.

Gold Bars vs. Gold Coins — Understanding the Difference

Whether you own gold bars or coins, each carries a significant value. However, bars and coins differ in various factors, including prices and designs.

For instance, gold coins have higher historical value and more appealing designs. Although they hold a lower amount of gold, they cost more. This is due to the coins’ numismatic worth.

In addition, gold coins can negatively impact your investment portfolio’s value. Let us take the American Eagle gold coin made by the U.S. Mint. Such coins only have 91.67 percent gold, but they cost more than a standard gold bar because of their collector’s value.

On the other hand, just get gold bars if you wish to retain your investments long-term or easily convert them into cash. 

Purchase Gold in Practical Sizes

Despite the nature of gold to liquidate faster, selling them in many smaller quantities would be better than selling one big gold bar. In particular, if your silver or gold’s spot price is 1,800 USD, buying ten one-ounce silver coins or gold than one 10-ounce bar would be best.

On the contrary, due to the small size of 1g gold bars, you may save more if you purchase bigger gold or silver bars. Remember that buying gold should fit your investment goals and financial capacity.

Be Cautious of Scammers

Knowing how gold investments can hedge against inflation and how they can help increase your retirement portfolio’s value, multiple scammers will take advantage of this. To dodge this, you must constantly engage with top gold IRA companies.

For starters, you may read reviews from reputable sites like Ripoff Report or Better Business Bureau (BBB). Trustworthy precious metal vendors disclose all fees required before completing a transaction upfront. Further, you may buy precious metals from major banks.

Aside from that, practicing due diligence is a must, especially when buying rare metals from suppliers abroad. Sometimes, sellers ask for excessive fees, even if it is a bar of genuine gold. There are also instances where customers may run into trouble with customs.

What is Gold Bullion Worth? 

You may be wondering whether gold bars and coins are expensive. And the short answer is it depends. Gold bars and coins can be worth a lot to investors — not only for their prices but also for the perks that go with them, including widening their investment portfolio.

Aside from that, gold investments also insure your portfolio against inflation, geopolitical, and financial risks. They can also pose an excellent hedge against currency risks in a significant market flux.

Besides, gold bullion also comes in various weights, sizes, and shapes. One particular gold bar is around 400 troy ounces to set an example. This means the gold bar is about 400 times more costly than an average 1-ounce gold coin.

Gold bullion’s price is also closely connected to gold’s spot price. But note that it constantly changes and moves along with market dynamics and global happenings. We curated a list of factors affecting the gold bar’s worth for your reference.

Weight of a gold bar

The worth of gold bullion is always following its weight. For instance, the more your gold bar weighs, the more expensive it is. On the contrary, if it is smaller, it means the value is lesser.

Investor’s demand

Gold bars with a higher purity level attract more investors and collectors. This commands a higher premium. Additionally, such imbalances between demand and supply can impact trade.

Gold content

An investment-grade gold bullion should have a minimum fineness grade of 99.5 parts of gold per thousand. This means your gold bullion bar’s worth is higher if the gold content is also high.

Gold spot price

Typically, gold bullion investors pay a premium over the gold’s spot price. However, it may take less time and effort to make gold bars. Hence they have smaller premiums than gold. But remember that some gold dealers charge lower premiums for larger gold bars.

Final Thoughts — Gold Bullion IRA

Whether you aim for a short or long-term movement on your retirement portfolio, investing in a gold bullion IRA will always be an excellent move. You can only achieve a successful investment transaction if you partner with a reputable custodian. However, beware of many swindlers out there.

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In that case, our team recommends Goldco. They offer investors various retirement account types, such as a rollover, Roth, and traditional IRA. Their stellar spokespeople are entertaining and engaging to all — both old and new clients.


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