MagicOutlet Power Outlet Relocator Review – Can You Really Charge Your Devices Without a Regular Wall Outlet

MagicOutlet is a device that helps consumers access a power supply wherever they are. This device allows consumers to move the power source up to four feet away, allowing them to stretch the extra distance without having to pull on their electronics unsafely.

What is MagicOutlet?

No matter how well an apartment or house is set up, the ability to find an electrical outlet where it needs to be for something as small as a phone charger or something as large as a television can be difficult. For the most part, these types of layouts are pretty standard, meaning that consumers have to find some way to arrange a unique household decorated with the same arrangement of outlets that every other home has.

In many cases, the only option for consumers is to get an extension cord, but these cords can be hazardous. Long extension cords pose a significant risk of being tangled or putting others at risk of falling and tripping. Maintaining power for various electronics shouldn’t be a cause for concern anywhere, so MagicOutlet is so helpful.

Rather than offering a way for consumers to plug in their televisions or appliances, the MagicOutlet device takes care of the devices that most people don’t plan out in their homes, like chargers and adapters. These devices often have to take the available outlets, but they aren’t always near a shelf to keep their devices ready. Consumers can charge their devices wherever they are, but they can be moved up to four feet from a wall outlet. Furthermore, consumers don’t need a table or any other surface to put their device on because MagicOutlet offers a shelf for users to place their phone, tablet, or any other device being charged.

With the ability to hold up to 25 lbs. of weight, MagicOutlet helps consumers maintain access to their devices without making different arrangements in their homes to get them. It is safe for many surfaces, allowing users to move their power support on wood, tile, metal, and drywall, though other surfaces are compatible.

MagicOutlet helps consumers access the electronics they want to use when their typical outlets are obstructed from view and reach. Consumers might have their bedroom or living room arranged so that plugging in a charger would involve moving couches or beds to access them. Consumers won’t have to constantly move their furniture around for the sake of a fully charged battery.

Going through the process of rewiring an entire home can be incredibly expensive. For some spaces, physically moving an outlet is impossible, and no one wants to constantly move their home around to accommodate a change that only needs to be temporary. The MagicOutlet adapter creates an entirely new position for any outlet that can move up to four feet from the original plug. Instead of making any changes to the home, users just have to plug in MagicOutlet to be prepared for anything.

A home or office should be set up in a convenient and easy way to use, and the inclusion of MagicOutlet makes it possible. Consumers shouldn’t have to accommodate wall outlets with their furniture arrangement, but using an adhesive MagicOutlet ensures that users can set up the rest of their devices and office precisely how they want without fearing having to move anything around when their phone battery dies.

Magic Work

How Does MagicOutlet Work?

The creators prioritize quality, so this device is only made with high-quality components, ensuring users get the best performance from their electronics and MagicOutlet. Users won’t have to worry about any lengthy setup because it should be ready to use as soon as the package arrives. However, the device’s materials are only one part of a bigger whole.

The main reason that MagicOutlet is so helpful is that it has one thing that extension cords don’t – the adhesive back. Every box for the outlet had a cover on the back that protects the strong adhesive on the back. This adhesive is so strong that it is almost entirely credited with holding the extra weight of devices.

With AC and USB outlets on every device, consumers can plug in any device that requires these ports without having to stay near a wall outlet. With a small shelf space on the top of the device, consumers can rest their phone or tablet right where it is charged rather than placing it on a bookshelf or a desk. The device is so strong that it can hold onto up to 25 lbs. of weight, which is more than enough support for the heaviness of the device.

Installation of MagicOutlet

Even though the device has all the programs it needs to support consumers, users must install it to get power. Once they choose which wall outlet to plug it into, they can peel off the cover for the adhesive to reveal the sticky side. Then, they press the device onto their wall to form a bond with the surface. They won’t need to hold this device in place for any particular amount of time to ensure that it sticks. Instead, they just have to peel off the protected sheet to ensure they can correctly potion the device where they need it to go, stretching it up to four feet away from the main wall outlet.

When the user sets it up, this device will stick easily to different surfaces like wood, metal, drywall, and other textures. Consumers can position this device in every room, including their bedroom, kitchen, or garage. If they don’t get the positioning right the first time, they can just place the device differently or where they would prefer it. This extra space is conducive to many consumers, especially since they won’t need to place an extra end table anywhere to ensure their device can stay nearby.

While this device can help consumers access energy more effectively, it also doesn’t generate its own power. Consumers will need to plug it into an existing outlet. Rather than providing an energy source, it is a source to distribute power from outlets that are out of reach.

Purchasing MagicOutlet

The only way that consumers can order MagicOutlet is from the official website. While there are some imposters on the market today, the only authentic version of MagicOutlet is found on the creator’s website.

When shopping on the website, the typical retail cost of this device is just over $38. However, the online promotion allows users to save on purchases with up to four devices in every package. The available options include:

  • One MagicOutlet for $24.95
  • Two MagicOutlets for $49.99
  • Three MagicOutlets for $55.99
  • Four MagicOutlets for $74.99

Consumers can pay an additional $5 per unit if they get surge protection on the devices. This protection prevents any of the devices and cords used from becoming damaged, and users will need to add the fee for each MagicOutlet ordered.

If the user finds this device doesn’t work for their needs, they can contact the customer service team for a refund.

MagicOutlet Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions About MagicOutlet

Q: How much weight can the MagicOutlet handle?

A: This device is built to withstand up to 25 lbs. of weight at once. This weight limit can include smartphones and other devices that are being charged when users might be powering, but they can only place up to the 25-lbs. described.

Q: How much length does the user get from the extension cord on the MagicOutlet?

A: Users will get about 4 feet of length for their extension cord, ensuring plenty of space. Once the user chooses where to get the extra space, they can place the device accordingly.

Q: How is MagicOutlet different from a typical extension cord?

A: While an extension cord can be helpful for big projects that require a lot of distance, the performance of MagicOutlet is mainly meant for devices to plug in slightly

Q: Where can users stick their MagicOutlet?

A: With the unique adhesive, consumers can apply the MagicOutlet anywhere. It easily sticks to materials like wood, metal, tile, and tile. It even works on drywall without putting too much weight on it.

Q: Is it safe to use MagicOutlet outdoors?

A: Since this device is not weatherproof or waterproof, it should only be used indoors. It is not made for outdoor use, and consumers may damage it if they decide to place it outdoors and they come across inclement weather.

Q: Why should consumers install MagicOutlet in their homes?

A: Every person can benefit from using MagicOutlet. Since it can relocate the power to any area of the wall up to four feet away, it can be used to get around couches, tables, desks, and more. Consumers can easily ensure that each device will be charged and ready to go.

Q: Is MagicOutlet UL listed?

A: Yes. Plus, it can safely be used anywhere to help with your power supply.

Q: How many outlets does the MagicOutlet have?

A: On every device, consumers can access 2 AC outlets, 2 USB ports, and a built-in shelf. Users can charge up to four devices simultaneously, though they cannot exceed the weight limit. Exceeding this limit may cause the device’s adhesive to give out, dropping all the devices to the ground.

Q: Where does the power in MagicOutlet come from?

A: When MagicOutlet is applied to the wall, it must be plugged into a standard outlet to provide energy.

Q: What is the return policy?

A: If this device doesn’t give users the performance that they’d anticipated, every order is protected by a 60-day return policy. The customer service team can be reached by either sending an email to [email protected] or by calling 877-295-3071.


MagicOutlet provides consumers with a way to keep their devices wherever they want. Consumers just peel off the cover, place it on the wall, and use it to charge their smartphones, tablets, and other devices they might need to plug in. It is easy to use and install and can power up to four devices at once with storage space for up to 25 lbs. Plus, consumers can order up to four devices at once. If they don’t get the performance from MagicOutlet, they have up to 60 days to get their money back for the order.

Visit the official website to learn more about the MagicOutlet today!

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