Performance Lab Reviews – Legit Health Supplements or Fake Product Hype?

Performance Lab is a nutritional supplement company offering various products to optimize daily performance and long-term health.

Known for innovations like Ultramodern Nutrition and NutriGenesis, Performance Lab offers multivitamins, omega-3 supplements, energy boosters, prebiotics, vision supplements, and more.

Does Performance Lab live up to the hype? Are Performance Lab’s supplements legit? Please keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the company and its lineup today in our review.

What is Performance Lab?

Performance Lab is a nutritional supplement company based in Royal Leamington Spa in the United Kingdom.

Performance Lab is “the world’s most sophisticated nutritional supplement system for optimizing daily performance and long-range health.”

Whether targeting specific health and wellness goals or aiming to support overall health, you can find a range of products with Performance Lab to target various effects.

Popular Performance Lab supplements include the NutriGenesis lineup of multivitamins, PL-Immune, Omega-3, Sleep, and Caffeine+, among others.

Performance Lab Benefits

Performance Lab Benefits

Performance Lab aims to be the world’s most sophisticated supplement company, offering science-backed formulas with bioavailable ingredients for maximum absorption and effectiveness.

Here are some of the benefits of taking Performance Lab supplements, according to the official website:

  • Performance-enhanced ingredients with stronger potency for more significant support at lower doses
  • Profound research, including performance benefits backed by clinical trials
  • Superior absorption and bioavailability, so more active ingredients reach your bloodstream
  • Proprietary processes that improve safety and reduce or eliminate side effects
  • Innovative delivery systems for cleaner, healthier, easier-to-digest formulas
  • Multivitamins, digestive health supplements, energy formulas, and more

Performance Lab Supplements

Performance Lab offers a lineup of supplements. Some supplements are designed for specific purposes – like boosting immunity or supporting digestion. Others provide your body with a range of nutrients for various effects.

Here are the supplements in Performance Labs’ lineup:

  • NutriGenesis Multi for Men or Women
  • Omega-3
  • PL-Immune
  • Energy
  • Mind
  • Sleep
  • MCT
  • Caffeine+
  • Prebiotic
  • Flex
  • Vision
  • D3 + K2
  • SPORTMixer

NutriGenesis Multi for Men or Women

NutriGenesis Multi for Men or Women

Performance Lab offers NutriGenesis, a multivitamin. The company offers two versions of its formula: one for men and another for women. Described as “the world’s most advanced multivitamin formula,” Performance Lab’s NutriGenesis multi was designed by specialists to meet the nutritional needs of men and women. Each serving of NutriGenesis provides 100% or more of your recommended daily value (DV) of 16+ essentials, delivering the active ingredients in prebiotic-infused, vegan-friendly capsules called NutriCaps.



Performance Lab Omega-3 is an omega-3 essential fatty acid supplement with EPA and DHA. Sourced directly from algal oil for unmatched purity and potency, the supplement is delivered in carrageenan-free NutriGels softgel capsules containing prebiotic fiber for added absorption and effectiveness. Performance Lab sources its omega-3 fatty acids from one of the most sustainable sources: algae. Instead of harvesting fish or delivering active ingredients with a fishy aftertaste, Performance Lab Omega-3 provides all the same benefits as fish oil but without the drawbacks.



PL-Immune is an immune support supplement from Performance Lab. Its active ingredients reinforce your body’s natural resistance to illness, injury, and infection. The elements within the formula activate and enhance five immune cell types with each serving. You also get a strong dose of LC-Plasma (Immuse), a probiotic backed by seven clinical trials. Other active ingredients within the formula include vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, and selenium, minerals forming the foundation of immune health.



Performance Lab Energy is an advanced daily energy formula designed to supercharge your body at the cellular level. It supplies energy to your mitochondria, helping you feel a noticeable effect throughout your body without caffeine’s peaks, crashes, and side effects. Performance Lab Energy could be the right choice to boost energy all day without caffeine. Active ingredients within the formula include magnesium, acetyl L-carnitine, CoQ10, and BioPQQ, among others. Some are antioxidants to support healthy inflammation and energy, while others target energy at the cellular level.



Performance Lab Mind is a comprehensive daily brain supplement supporting focus, clarity, memory, mood, and long-term health. Featuring a research-backed blend of active ingredients, Performance Lab can help restore essential brain nutrients you may be missing from your diet. Active ingredients in the formula include three proprietary blends, including Cognizin (citicoline), Sharp-PS (phosphatidylserine), and Ajipure (L-tyrosine. There’s also a fourth active ingredient: Maritime pine bark extract. Whether wanting to support memory, mood cognition, or overall brain power, Performance Lab Mind could help.



Performance Lab Sleep aims to support healthy sleep using active ingredients. The supplement helps improved sleep quality, promotes nightly mind-body cell renewal, and provides research-backed elements to promote calmness and a low dose of melatonin (from tart cherry). Whether wanting to fall asleep more easily, stay asleep longer, or enjoy more rejuvenating sleep, you could experience powerful effects with Performance Lab Sleep. Just take 2 to 4 capsules 30 minutes before bedtime. Active ingredients include magnesium, tart cherry extract, L-tryptophan, and organic sea buckthorn. Although melatonin isn’t listed on the label, the formula contains tart cherry extract, which contains natural melatonin.



Performance Lab MCT is a popular MCT supplement designed to provide a clean, convenient, oil-based energy source. The MCT comes from 100% organic, non-GMO coconuts. Performance Lab has made the formula flavor-neutral, making it easy to add to coffee, shakes, sauces, dressings, and soups. They also used cold extraction, hexane-free processing, and triple distillation for maximum purity and potency. Whether wanting to supercharge physical or mental energy or both, you could experience significant effects with Performance Lab MCT.



Performance Lab Caffeine+ is a natural energy-boosting formula designed to give you a calm, controlled kick similar to caffeine – but without the downsides. Each serving contains a blend of natural caffeine with L-theanine, L-tyrosine, and B vitamins. Many people take L-theanine with caffeine to nullify the side effects of caffeine. L-theanine is an amino acid linked to calmness. The combination of ingredients in Performance Lab Caffeine+ can put you in a calm state of focus, using seven science-backed ingredients for proven results.



Performance Lab Prebiotic boosts healthy Bifidobacterium probiotics in your gut while promoting digestive health, regularity, and comfort. It also supports nutritional status and healthy immune performance, making it a premium gut support formula overall. Like other prebiotics, Performance Lab Prebiotic provides your body with a rich source of soluble fiber to feed probiotic bacteria in your gut. You can balance your microbiome and give your probiotics the fuel they need to survive and thrive. Performance Lab has a single active ingredient: Inulin-FOS (as Orafti Synergy1), which are fructooligosaccharides from chicory root.



Performance Lab Flex is a joint health supplement using natural ingredients to support your tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. You can nourish and protect aching joints against long-term damage. Performance Lab partnered with specialists to create the formula using research-backed ingredients. Take two capsules daily for joint pain, post-workout recovery, and overall mobility. Active ingredients include turmeric (in the form of CurcuWIN), Boswellia serrata (in the form of ApresFlex, and MSM (in the form of OptiMSM).



Performance Lab Vision supports overall eye health by providing your body with the ingredients for good vision. Each serving of Performance Lab Vision contains six research-backed eye nutrients in an easy-to-swallow capsule. Performance Lab says you can promote high-speed focus, motion detection, night vision, and more. Active ingredients within the formula include blackcurrant berry extract, bilberry extract, lutein, zeaxanthin, astaxanthin, and saffron, among others.

D3 + K2

D3 + K2

Performance Lab D3 + K2 is marketed as the world’s most advanced vitamin D formula. It can promote healthy teeth, bones, and muscles, supporting cardio health, vitality, and overall immune function. Performance Lab has used a liposomal version of vitamin D3, surrounding the active ingredient with a fatty molecule for better absorption. The supplement also contains NutriGenesis vitamin K2 for enhanced absorption and efficacy. Plus, it’s all plant-based and vegan-certified.



Performance Lab SPORTMixer is their only product that isn’t a supplement. It’s a mixer bottle described as “the world’s greatest mixer bottle.” You place a Performance Lab supplement (or any other supplement) in the clean plastic bottle, then use the included mixer ball (made from premium surgical-grade steel) to mix powders quickly, easily, and completely. The bottle is BPA-free, phthalate-free, dishwasher-safe, and made from premium Tritan plastic.

Performance Lab Features

There are plenty of supplement companies available today. Why pick Performance Lab? What makes Performance Lab unique compared to other supplement brands?

Here are some of the features that distinguish Performance Lab from other supplement companies available online today:

NutriGenesis Multivitamin Technology

You can find hundreds of multivitamin supplements, but Performance Lab aims to distinguish its supplements from the pack with NutriGenesis technology. NutriGenesis technology involves bioengineering vitamins and minerals with cofactors to boost absorption and maximize benefits. That means your body can absorb more active ingredients within the multivitamin. That “bioengineering” process involves lab-cultured vitamins and amino mixed with cofactors for enhanced absorption.

Transparent Ingredients & Formulas

Some companies hide their ingredients and dosages within proprietary formulas, making it difficult to see individual dosages. Performance Lab takes a different approach, disclosing all ingredients and dosages upfront. You can see exactly what’s inside each serving of Performance Lab.

Clean Ingredients

Like most top-rated supplement companies, Performance Lab emphasizes clean ingredients. The company claims its products are “the cleanest and most effective range of supplements ever created.”

Ultramodern Nutrition

Performance Lab trademarked the term Ultramodern Nutrition. It’s a term that encapsulates the company’s values and ingredients. The company emphasizes combining proven elements with modern science, helping you enjoy powerful effects from each Performance Lab supplement you take.

NutriGels Softgels

Performance Lab uses NutriGels, a particular type of softgel capsule, for superior absorption. NutriGels are carrageenan-free, and feature added prebiotics for better absorption and outstanding digestion support.

Science-Backed Formulas

Some companies use poor forms of popular supplement ingredients, while others invest in high-quality formulas and blends. Many Performance Lab supplements contain ingredients like CurcuWIN, BioiPQQ, OptiMSM, ApresFLEX, and Sharp-PS Green. These formulas have similar active ingredients to others, but they’re proprietary formulas with superior concentrations of the active ingredients and better bioavailability. Adding these formulas to your supplements is more expensive but can deliver more noticeable effects.

Combine Multiple Products for Stacks

Performance Lab has designed its products to complement one another, and you can easily take multiple supplements as part of a stack. To support joint health, cognition, and gut health simultaneously, you might take Mind, Flex, and Prebiotic.

World’s Cleanest MCT Oil

Performance Lab is prevalent for its MCT supplement. The company claims its MCT oil is the “world’s cleanest MCT oil.” It contains C8 and C10 MCTs only, and those MCTs come from 100% organic non-GMO coconuts. The manufacturer extracts the MCT oil using hexane-free technology, distilling the oil three times for maximum purity.

Free Shipping on Orders Over $100

If you spend over $100, you qualify for free shipping on your order.

No Synthetic Fillers

Many supplement companies load their formulas with synthetic fillers and other cheap compounds. Performance Lab takes a different approach. The company usually uses zero filler ingredients, filling its capsules with 100% nutrition. However, if the company needs to use fillers (say, to keep formulas stable), they use natural fillers like Nu-Flow Rice instead of synthetics or cheap additives.

Cutting Edge Manufacturing Facilities

Performance Lab’s manufacturing facilities, labs, and processes are registered with the FDA, compliant with current Good Manufacturing Practices standards (NSF cGMP compliant certified), certified by the Natural Products Association (NPA), approved by Underwriter Laboratories (UL), and meet other strict standards across the United States and the United Kingdom.

30-Day Performance Promise Moneyback Guarantee

Performance Lab offers a 30-day “performance promise” moneyback guarantee, and you can request a complete refund on your purchase within 30 days if unsatisfied for any reason.

Performance Lab Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Performance Lab has strong reviews online, and most customers appreciate the company’s quality, customer service, pricing, and overall experience. Here are some reviews, testimonials, and media covering Performance Lab:

Performance Lab has a 5.0 rating on (, with seven reviews from verified purchasers. Customers praise the company for its fast customer service response times, effective supplements, and efficient ordering process, among other perks.

Most supplement industry review websites have published glowing praise for Performance Lab, with most supplements receiving a rating of 4 to 5 stars out of 5. Flex, NutriGenesis, Energy, and Mind have solid reviews online.

On the official online store, Performance Lab has 1,100+ reviews from verified purchasers, with most customers praising the company’s products, effeteness, and overall quality. One customer described Performance Lab Vision as the “most advanced eye supplement,” claiming it makes a noticeable difference in his eyesight. Others have experienced digestive effects, cognition benefits, and more with Performance Lab.

Performance Lab publishes reviews online for each product it sells, and the company appears to leave negative reviews. Generally, customers agree the supplements work as advertised to achieve targeted effects or general wellness goals.

Performance Lab Refund Policy

All Performance Lab supplements have a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee. Contact the company within 30 days of your purchase. If you are unsatisfied, the company will refund your money minus any shipping costs. The refund applies to your first order of up to one product container. If you open multiple products, you can’t get a refund on additional products.

Email [email protected] to contact a customer service representative and initiate the refund process.

Contact Performance Lab

Performance Lab is based in Royal Leamington Spa in the United Kingdom. You can contact the customer service team via the following:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Registered Address: 7 Clarendon Place, Royal Leamington Spa, CV32 5QL, United Kingdom

Final Word on Performance Lab

Performance Lab is a UK supplement company offering a range of supplements targeting different health and wellness goals.

Known for its high-quality formulas and use of science-backed blends, Performance Labs’ supplements can help with sleep, cognition, mobility, inflammation, energy, and more.

To learn more about or buy Performance Lab products online today, visit the official website.

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