Remilia Hair Reviews – Quality Healthy Hair Care Support Supplements Worth Buying?

Remilia Hair is a collection of haircare products available exclusively online through

Popular Remilia Hair products include the Cosmocap, Vegan Lush Brush, Green Coco Hair Mask, Vegan Lush Brush, and the Cosmo Candle.

Is Remilia Hair legit? Should you buy haircare products through Remilia Hair? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the company and its haircare lineup today in our review.

What is Remilia Hair?

Remilia Hair was founded with the goal of creating products to rejuvenate stressed hair and make it stronger, shinier, and healthier.

Designed with mindful and effective ingredients, Remilia Hair’s products, according to the official website, “have been clinically proven to deliver quality results without sacrificing sustainability.”

In addition to offering oral health supplements for hair, Remilia Hair offers physical haircare products, including the Vegan Lush Brush and the Cosmo Candle.

Remilia Hair sources its ingredients from around the world. The company’s flagship product, the Cosmocap hair serum, is formulated and produced in Italy, then assembled at logistic centers in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The overall goal of Remilia Hair is to give your hair the ultimate retreat using a blend of proven ingredients.

Remilia Hair Benefits

Remilia Hair Benefits

Some of the benefits of buying products from Remilia Hair include the following:

  • Biodegradable products in recyclable packaging
  • Science-backed ingredients to rejuvenate stressed hair
  • Proven, popular, top-rated hair masks and hair serums
  • Vegan and cruelty-free ingredients
  • Safe and effective for all hair types
  • Shipping available worldwide

Remilia Hair Products

Remilia Hair Products

Remilia Hair offers a small range of products targeting different haircare needs – from keratin treatment packaged in biodegradable capsules to brushes, masks, and more.

Here are all Remilia Hair products currently available online:

The Cosmocap

The Cosmocap is a daily hair serum that transforms dry, damaged hair into shiny, healthy hair. Made in Italy, the product comes in biodegradable packaging and provides weightless hydration for all hair types.

The Cosmocap

You gently pinch the top of the capsule with two fingers, then twist and pull the top off to release the serum inside. Then, you evenly distribute the serum on your hands and massage it into your hair. Apply the serum to the tips of your hair first, where it tends to dry out. Then, work your way up to the mid-length of your hair.

According to a clinical trial performed by Remilia Hair, users saw a 43% reduction in frizz and breakage after one use and a 90% instant increase in softness and shine. The official website is filled with before and after images and testimonials from women who have experienced significant and noticeable improvements in hair quality after applying Remilia Hair’s Cosmocap daily.

The Cosmocap works by supplying three types of ingredients for three specific goals:

Strengthen with Keratin Amino Acids: Keratin amino acids are the building blocks of keratin protein. Your body uses keratin protein in its hair, and many people apply keratin daily as part of a normal hair routine. According to Remilia Hair, the amino acids in the Cosmocap penetrate the hair, enhancing its condition effects while adding strength and sheen.

Hydrate with Silk Protein: Next, the Cosmocap is designed to hydrate with silk protein. Silk is the finest of all-natural fibers, and it’s also one of the strongest. Each Cosmocap contains a hydrolyzed version of silk to “condition and dramatically increase moisture and shine,” according to Remilia Hair.

Repair with Vitamin B5: Finally, the Cosmocap repairs damage caused by sun exposure, heat damage, UV damage, over-shampooing, product buildup, and styling using vitamin B5. This provitamin is linked to hair repair, and many people apply vitamin B5 or take vitamin B5 (also known as pantothenic acid) daily for hair repair.

Each bottle of the Remilia Hair Cosmocap comes with 30 capsules. Once you’re done, you can buy a refill bag for a discounted rate of $24, then continue to reuse the original glass container. You can also save money by ordering multiple Cosmocaps or refill bags simultaneously.

The Cosmocap is sulfate-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, and gelatin-free.

Price: $27 (then $24 per refill bag)

Green Coco Hair Mask

Remilia Hair offers a hydrating hair mask called the Green Coco Hair Mask. You can apply the mask to your hair to transform your lifeless hair into luscious locks.

Green Coco Hair Mask

The mask contains ingredients clinically proven to boost shine, increase your hair’s manageability, and boost your hair’s long-term health overall. You can use it on over-processed hair, brittle hair, colored hair, or dry hair to experience noticeable results.

Each jar of Green Coco Hair Mask contains 200mL of formula. Remilia Hair recommends applying the formula bi-weekly to enjoy the active effects. Apply the mask after shampooing for maximum results, focusing on the midsection to the ends of your hair and leaving the mask in for 5 to 10 minutes.

Each Green Coco Hair Mask works by being rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants can help support healthy inflammation throughout your hair and scalp. The antioxidants in Green Coco Hair Mask and how they work, according to Remilia Hair, include:

Avocado & Coconut Oil to Repair and Nourish Your Hair: Avocado and coconut oil can leave your hair looking and feeling restored and rejuvenated. Many hair masks contain these two ingredients as a base, helping to transform the appearance of your hair while locking in moisture and accelerating your hair’s natural repair process.

Green Tea Extract to Soothe Your Hair: Green tea extract is popular as a daily beverage and supplement, but it’s also a popular hair mask ingredient. The green tea in the Green Coco Hair Mask, according to Remilia Hair, can promote healthy hair growth, soothe inflammation, and leave your hair smooth and shiny.

Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein to Hydrate Your Hair: Remilia Hair contains hydrolyzed vegetable protein, miming hydrolyzed keratin’s composition for a sustainable and effective solution, making it easy to hydrate and soften your hair.

Overall, the goal of the Green Coco Hair Mask is to make the people around you “green” with envy over the beautiful appearance of your hair. The formula is also vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and 100% recyclable – just like other Remilia Hair products.

Price: $32

Vegan Lush Brush

Remilia Hair offers a Vegan Lush Brush designed for all hair types and textures.

Like any good brush, the Vegan Lush Brush gently detangles hair while massaging the scalp for a first-class brushing experience.

Vegan Lush Brush

The brush is a 100% vegan boar bristle paddle brush that glides through tangles, knots, flyaways, and frizz without snags or damage. The brush’s natural bristles and soft ballpoint tips help distribute the scalp’s natural oils while clearing debris and stimulating your hair’s natural growth.

The Vegan Lush Brush is a lightweight, durable, travel-friendly, and recyclable brush designed to keep hair healthy, shiny, and full. It’s designed for all hair types.

Price: $15

The Cosmo Candle

The Cosmo Candle combines the heavenly smell of Remilia Hair’s Cosmocaps with the relaxation of lighting a soy wax candle. Each candle burns for around 40 hours and costs $24 or less.

The Cosmo Candle

Remilia Hair has added a number of aromatherapy-inspired scents to the candle to create a spa-like experience in your home. Scents include bergamot, fig, cardamom, and iris at the top and middle, along with amber and musk as the base. Reviewers describe the scent as “warm and subtle.”

Remilia Hair has made the candle without phthalates, parabens, synthetic dyes, and formaldehyde. Like other Remilia Hair products, it’s also vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. The base of the candle is pure soy, and the candle has a lead-free, unbleached 100% cotton wick.

Price: $24

What Makes Remilia Hair Unique?

There are plenty of haircare companies available today. Why pick Remilia Hair? What makes Remilia Hair unique?

Here are some of the advantages of choosing Remilia Hair:

Target Stressed Out Tresses: Remilia Hair designs its products to target stressed hair. Environmental stressors, heat damage, product buildup, daily stress, and overcomplicated routines can make your hair look tired and lifeless. Remilia Hair products aim to help.

Sustainable Packaging, Sustainable Ingredients, and Eco-Conscious Approach: Remilia Hair emphasizes sustainable packaging and eco-conscious ingredients. The company claims to not test products on animals, for example. The Cosmocap, meanwhile, is a zero-waste, travel-friendly, biodegradable hair serum. If you want a cruelty-free haircare company that uses recyclable packaging and natural ingredients, then Remilia Hair could be the right choice.

Get Transcendent Hair Using Science-Backed Wellness Treatments: Remilia Hair products are designed to make your hair transcendent using clinically-proven ingredients and treatments.

Works on All Types of Hair: Remilia Hair has designed its products to work on all types of hair, including color-treated, keratin-treated, chemically-treated, and relaxed hair.

Free Shipping Over $40+: You get free shipping when you spend over $40 in the Remilia Hair online store.

Free Returns: Unhappy with the effects of your Remilia Hair product? You can get free returns. Remilia Hair accepts returns within 30 days of the date you received your order.

International Shipping: Remilia Hair ships products worldwide, including to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, most of Europe and Asia, and parts of the Middle East and Africa. You can view a complete list of shipping destinations on the official website.

Some Products & Parts Are 100% Vegan: Remilia Hair’s Cosmocap shells are 100% vegan and made from seaweed and corn starch, although the Cosmocap hair serum itself is not 100% vegan (although it is 100% ethically sourced). The serum contains silk protein harvested from a silkworm’s cocoon. However, Remilia only harvests after the silkworm moth has already emerged from the cocoon, which means no harm or damage is done to the silkworm whatsoever.

  • Free of Sulfates & Parabens: All Remilia Hair products are sulfate-free and paraben-free.
  • Gluten-Free: All Remilia Hair products are gluten-free.
  • Allergy Tested: All Remilia Hair products are clinically tested and do not cause allergic reactions.
  • Safe to Use on Extensions: You can use Remilia Hair products on extensions. Remilia Hair products do not have sulfates or SLS, which means the formulas are mild and won’t damage extensions.
  • Safe for Color-Treated Hair: All Remilia Hair products have been tested and verified to be safe for color-treated hair.
  • Formulated in Italy & Manufactured in the US & UK: Remilia Hair formulates products like the Cosmocap in Italy, then processes and distributes its products from facilities in the United States and the United Kingdom.
  • Lightweight, Washable Silicones to Deliver Active Ingredients: Some haircare products are silicone-free, although this can impact the absorption and effectiveness of the product. That’s why Remilia Hair uses silicones. The silicones help deliver active ingredients (like the keratin amino acids) into your hair for long-term improvement. Remilia Hair uses lightweight, washable silicones that are less likely to build up and impact hydration.

Remilia Hair Reviews

Remilia Hair Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Remilia Hair has strong reviews on official and third-party websites. We’ll collect some of the reviews below to give you an unbiased look at how Remilia Hair products work and whether or not the company is legit.

First, at least one Amazon user has described Remilia Hair’s Cosmocap serum as a “miracle product” by at least one Amazon user. That user claimed the Cosmocap made her hair soft and smooth. She uses the Cosmocap after every shower before she dries her hair and has found the difference in her hair to be” insane.”

On the official Remilia Hair online store, the company Cosmocap has an average rating of 4.9 stars out of 5 with 300 + reviews. Customers have left reviews claiming the Cosmocap is the “best oil” they’ve ever used, for example, and has made hair softer and shinier than ever before.

Others like Remilia Hair products because it significantly improves the appearance of hair without leaving it greasy.

Meanwhile, the Remilia Hair Green Coco Hair Mask has an average score of 4.8 stars out of 5 with 20+ reviews. Customers like the hair mask to make their hair “very healthy” and “smooth and shiny.” One customer claims it was the “best hair mask” she has ever tried.

Remilia Hair products are popular with people of all types of hair. Whether dealing with curly or color-treated hair or any other type of hair, you could experience results with Remilia Hair products.

Remilia Hair has a strong presence on social media, with many influencers and micro-influencers on TikTok and Instagram promoting the brand in recent years.

Most Remilia Hair customers find the company’s products work as advertised to rejuvenate their hair. The company also responds personally to each negative review and seems committed to ensuring each customer maximizes their enjoyment of the product.

Remilia Hair Refund Policy

Remilia Hair offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can request a complete refund on your Remilia Hair purchase within 30 days of receiving your order if you’re unsatisfied for any reason.

Contact Remilia Hair

You can contact Remilia Hair 24/7 via the online form or social media on Instagram and Facebook. The customer service team responds Monday to Friday from 9 am to 9 pm ET.

Contact Remilia Hair via:

  • Online Form:
  • Instagram: @remiliahair
  • Facebook:

Final Word

Remilia Hair offers a lineup of haircare products. The company is best known for its Green Coco Hair Mask (made with green tea and other natural antioxidants) and Cosmocap (a daily hair serum with keratin amino acids, silk protein, and vitamin B5).

Available worldwide, Remilia Hair emphasizes an eco-conscious approach to hair care. The company formulates its Cosmocap in Italy and packages all products in recyclable packaging.

To learn more about Remilia Hair or to buy the company’s products online today, visit the official website.


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