Ashley Madison Review USA (Updated): Is Legit?

Are you looking for a hookup? Has your married life gone stale throughout the years? If your answer to all these questions is ‘Yes,’ then you need the Ashley Madison website in your life right now.

In our current times, marriages can feel like prisons that we are condemned to rot in for our entire lives. This feeling of isolation in a marriage can lead to people seeking like-minded people whit that they can be intimate or spice up each other’s marriages. The Ashley Madison website is a hub for people looking for secret hookups and long-term and short-term affairs.

This Ashley Madison review is a deep dive into the dating site. If you read this entire review on Ashley Madison from the beginning to the end, you will know if the platform is just the right thing for you or not.

What Is Ashley Madison?

Ashley Madison is an online dating site where you will find like-minded people to have secret relationships and hookups. The site is very secretive about its user’s information and highly confidential all the data.

Not everywhere on the internet will you find like-minded people willing to be involved in extramarital affairs. Here is where the Ashley Madison dating site differs from all other online platforms; it caters exclusively to people who want to have discreet relationships- extramarital or your regular one-night stand.

The Ashley Madison website is made for anyone and everyone who wants to have an affair but is rightfully afraid of going out in the world and looking for one. The Ashley Madison website helps you to make the kind of relationships you want the way you want them.

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How Does Ashley Madison Work?


The Ashley Madison website registration is free for anyone who can access it. You must only provide basic information about yourself, such as age, marital status, body weight, and other general information like them. You must also enter a working email address (preferably a secondary one).

Initially, the process seems confusing because the site needs to make a profit while not taking subscriptions.

Instead of making users subscribe to their service, the dating site uses a credit system. You can use the credits you acquire to perform different factions within the service. Men have to pay a fee to attain credits to mingle with other users on the site. Also, the credits get more and more affordable the more frequently you buy them.

On the flip side, if you’re a woman, you don’t have to spend anything on the Ashley Madison website. If you’re a woman, you can do anything you want on the website because you will not have to pay to perform any action.

But the registration and signup for the dating site are free. If you are curious about the website and its service, you can easily open up a profile and check it out.

Does Ashley Madison Help?


For people looking for a quick hookup or just a friend with benefits, the Ashley Madison app is the best option. On the app, you will find like-minded people who are open-minded enough to not judge you for what you need.

For the Ashley Madison app to work properly, you must be completely honest and open about yourself. If you keep things hidden, such as your marital status, gender, and sexual preference, you might not get a pleasant experience on the dating site.

The Ashley Madison website currently has users from around the world and is growing in popularity. Recently, they have been adding more than 15,000 members daily, which is continually growing. The Ashley Madison website currently boasts a staggering 17,000 new members per day- This shows how popular the Ashley Madison dating site is and how much people benefit from it.

What is the Ashley Madison Backstory?

The Ashley Madison Agency was made in Canada by Darren J. Morgenstern in 2002. The name of the dating app is taken from two of the most common female names in North America, “Ashley” and “Madison.” The service tagline, “Life is short, Have an affair,” perfectly portrays what the dating service stands for.

The app’s owners marketed it directly to people who were unhappy with their married lives and wanted to have an affair. But we all know the stigma that comes with extramarital affairs; this is why people have a very hard time going out and finding someone to have an affair with despite having a deteriorating married life.

In 2015, some hackers hacked the site, and some information about its users was released to the public. But since then, the site has bounced back successfully and is now one of the safest dating sites on the internet right now.

What Are the Features of Ashley Madison?

Ashley Madison is the most trusted and popular secret dating site to have hookups and affairs. The site is so popular among all its users it because of the features it has to offer.

Here we have included some key features of the Ashley Madison service to help you understand what exactly this service dating app can offer you. The key features of the Ashley Madison site are as follows:

  • Match Making: According to your preferences, the website will present you with profiles of members whose profiles you are most likely to find interesting.
  • Advanced Search Options: Use Basic and/or Advanced Search to browse profiles at your leisure. These searches include age, online status, location, type of meeting, appearance, and ethnicity.
  • Add Friends: Adding People to Your “Favorites” List: When a profile catches your attention, click “Favorite.” All of your “Favorites” can be kept in one location.
  • Guaranteed Affair: According to Ashley Madison, you will receive a refund if you don’t find a match within the first three months of signing up.
  • Panic Button: The panic button will take you to a random website when you click it. This is an excellent option when you don’t want others close to you to know that you use Ashley Madison.
  • Free for Women: Women will never be required to pay anything to join Ashley Madison, look for matches, or get in touch with those matches. Sending virtual presents is included in this as well.
  • Complimentary Male Guest Membership: Men can sign up for a free membership. With this, kids can register, make a profile, look through matches, send and receive messages, and receive virtual gifts.
  • Priority List: Ashley Madison will emphasize your profile within the first three search results if you use this feature. If you use the Priority Man function on the website, your profile is 10 times more likely to be clicked on.
  • Priority Mail: By using Priority Mail, you can position your message at the top of another user’s inbox on Ashley Madison.
  • Private Showcase Keys: You can Send a “key” to a person you want to share private images with using the private showcase feature. You can also receive a “key” from another user to access their personal images.
  • Go On Fantasy Dates: You canask a fellow member to join you on a fantasy date. A few options for this feature are picking a theme and a location.
  • Private Communication: Send members private emails, instant chats, and virtual winks to communicate.
  • Virtual Gifts: You can buy virtual gifts and send free gifts like roses.
  • Block or Report: You can prevent someone from viewing your profile and report them to the team if you observe another user violating Ashley Madison’s rules.

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How to Use Ashley Madison?

You can use the Ashley Madison service for free or by paying for credits. Here we have elaborated on everything you can do for free and by buying credits in this segment of the Ashley Madison review.

Free Version:

Firstly, how can you test out Ashley Madison without disclosing your credit card information if you aren’t ready to commit financially just yet? Although there aren’t many possibilities for men, there are still a few. For women, in particular, there are a few free options for trying out the site. Simply put, you must be willing to pay to make the most of Ashley Madison.

The things you can do on the Ashley Madison app for free are as follows:

  • Signup for Free: Ashley Madison provides a free signup option. In other words, you can open an account without providing your credit card information. You may create an account on Ashley Madison, enter your information, and use the website’s basic features for free. You can check through profiles and explore the website. Depending on your tastes, you can search for folks and check that they are available to chat nearby. Men who register can send one free message, but they must purchase credits to carry on the chat.
  • Women’s Free Chatting: Ashley Madison provides women’s users with free messaging. One of the reasons Ashley Madison can continue to have such a large female user base is that the entire site is free for female users. Therefore, there are many free Ashley Madison options available to women. Sending chats, starting chats, and conversations are all options. Women will obtain for free the interactive elements that males must pay for.

There are considerably fewer free options available for male users, such as:

  • Limited Options for Men: Unfortunately, there aren’t any other free options for males who wish to utilize Ashley Madison. It definitely counts as a “paid” service. For male users to engage with other users, credits must be purchased (along with a few subscription options). Because of this, the price of Ashley Madison will vary based on how frequently and how many users you plan to message.


Men utilizing the platform must purchase credits to communicate with other users. As you purchase more credits, they get more affordable, and different actions call for various amounts of credits. Because Ashley Madison needs you to spend more money on their platform, it is a little tricky. Fortunately, the transaction might be well worth it, given what you might get from it.

What you can do with Credits on the Ashley Madison site is as follows:

  • Send Messages: Each communication you send or message you open from another user on the platform costs you five credits.
  • Have Long Conversations: Your credit balance will also affect how long you spend conversing with that member. Live chat with another user costs 50 credits per hour, and Ashley Madison will charge you an additional 30 credits after the first hour and another 20 credits after the second hour.
  • Send Virtual Gifts: Send “virtual gifts” to Ashley Madison to attract the attention of other members. And these presents cost credits. The price will vary depending on the gift, but it usually falls between 20, 30, and 50 credits.

Basically, these are the ways you can use the Ashley Madison service.

How Can Ashley Madison Benefit You?

At first, you might think of Ashley Madison as a service that encourages cheating on your life partner, but it’s not the case. The Ashley Madison dating site works like any other dating site, with more security and secrecy.

The Ashley Madison site is made for anyone who might be looking for just about any kind of relationship. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a life partner, a hookup, and a second partner to spice up the marriage, a secret affair, or friends with benefits- the site is made to benefit almost anyone looking to get laid or a stable life partner.

There are many benefits of using the Ashley Madison dating app, some of which we have discussed in the following list of Ashley Madison benefits:

  • Find Like-Minded Partners: On the Ashley Madison site, you will find people who are exactly like you and want the same things. Among thousands of users, there’s always someone looking for the same thing you are looking for.
  • No Judgment: The users of the Ashley Madison dating app are non-judgmental. Even if you look for someone to share your wife or husband with, as long as they consent, no one will judge you on the site.
  • Safe Affairs: Sometimes, you can only have mental and physical pleasure by having an affair. Many circumstances might compel you to have an affair, and if you don’t find a safe way to have that affair, you can get into some serious trouble. On the Ashley Madison, you can find someone to have affairs with and set up meetings without worrying about getting caught.
  • Secrecy: The Ashley Madison dating service ensures complete secrecy regarding user data and interactions. No one will know who you’re interacting with and how you interact with other users on the platform.
  • Spice-up The Marriage: If you and your partner are looking to bring someone else in to spice up your bedroom shenanigans, then the Ashley Madison is the best site to find someone who would agree to participate; no strings attached.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Ashley Madison?

Of course, the Ashley Madison website is not all good; nothing really is. This is why to show our readers the bad as well as the good aspects of the Ashley Madison dating site; we have brought forward a list-

For a quick summary, look at these Ashley Madison benefits and drawbacks:


  • Ashley Madison site has a very active community, consisting of more female users than male ones.
  • It’s simple to discover a regular hookup or fling on Ashley Madison because its users are there for a specific purpose. They’re not wasting time!
  • Helps you to get a better perspective on what you want and need in your life.
  • Can help to find new suitable partners quickly.
  • Can help you to find your perfect match.
  • The platform’s intuitive interface and design make browsing simple even if you don’t use social media frequently.
  • Users can choose from anonymous profiles (false user information), anonymous billing, anonymous payment options, and anonymous desktop and mobile app access.


  • There are some scammers on Ashley Madison, but if you know what to look for, you can easily recognize them.
  • A little expensive.
  • Members of Ashley Madison are billed via a combination of credits and subscriptions. Keeping track of your current expenditure might be very challenging.

What Does Ashley Madison Cost?

A huge grey-colored button that reads “BUY CREDITS” can be found on the Ashley Madison home page. These credits are sold on the website in three packages.You will have to use a credit card to buy the credits each time you run out, in case you couldn’t tell by now.

Credit prices are subject to modification, vary by region, and may be impacted by specials and promotions. Here we have listed an estimate of how much credits will cost you.

With the Basic, Classic, and Elite programs, credits are sold in bulk:

  • Basic costs $59, or $0.59 per credit, and gives you 100 credits.
  • The Classic plan (the most popular one) costs $169 for 500 credits or $0.34 per credit.
  • Elite costs $289.00 for 1,000 credits, or $0.29 per credit.

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Additionally, an Elite package grants you access to “Priority Man” status and “Ashley Madison Premium,” which grants you 24 hours of free conversation. Thanks to Priority Man, finding your name in search results will be easier.

Ashley Madison will offer you to automatically “Top Up” your credits per month after you’ve purchased credits. They would like you to set up automatic payments when your credit is poor, in other words. Though we would advise against it, the choice is yours.

Are There Alternatives to Ashley Madison?

If, for some reason, you’re not comfortable using Ashley Madison, we recommend the following dating options. However, both and CougarLife have their own pros and cons. Here is how Ashley Madison compares to them: is the best alternative to Ashley Madison right now. The dating site consists of users who are highly successful in life and are looking to partner with someone they can feel open with. The site focuses on authenticity and open communication so that the users can come to know and understand each other on the platform.

It’s highly likely that if you; ‘re having a hard time finding anyone to match your personality and lifestyle on other platforms, you will find someone on The dating site currently has over 40 million users worldwide from 140 countries. Every day, 1 million messages are exchanged on the platform, and 40,000 pictures are uploaded daily. is one of the global leaders in dating sites. With their authenticity and open communication policy, there’s very little space for misunderstanding among users. The site has all authentic profiles, so there’s no possibility of being catfished. So if you’re looking for a site as good as Ashley Madison, should be your first choice.

CougarLife has been around since the first wave of dating sites. Thy first entered the scene back in 2006. It was first launched in Canada by one of the best dating services in the country, Rubi Life Media.

CougarLife’s motto is that you’re never too old to start dating again. Because of their motto, you can find a partner of any adult age. The platform is the best choice for mature women who want to meet younger men to date and those who are interested in dating mature women.

CougarLife is still one of the largest dating sites in Canada.

They currently have over 300,000 users on the platform worldwide, and its number is increasing by 100,000 every month. CougarLife is one of the best alternatives to Ashley Madison right now.

Ashley Madison User Reviews

To help you perfectly understand the Ashley Madison experience, we have brought together some user reviews shared by some real users of the platform to give you a good idea about what the Ashley Madison experience is like.

The Ashley Madison User Reviews are as follows:

  • “The Ashley Madison site changed how I looked at hook ups. I never hooked up with someone so easily in my entire life.”
  • “The Ashley Madison dating site helped me to find the perfect woman. Weirdly, I would end up finding my life partner on the website, but it really did happen, and we are going to get married in a couple of days.
  • “Because of the Ashley Madison dating service, I and my wife were able to live our most intimate desires. I would say after getting all that out of our system, we both are much happier now and both of us started loving each other a new.”

Ashley Review: Conclusion

In conclusion, can we say Ashley Madison is worth it? Judging by what we came to know about it in this Ashley Madison review, we can safely say; that yes, it is worth it.

If you’re interested in what the website offers, and if you’re seeking an extramarital affair, a hookup, a one-night stand, or even a stable new relationship, then the online dating site is what you need in your life.

Ashley Madison is the most active, secretive, and reliable network you can find, but you must be ready to pay for it as it is pricey if you’re a man. But if you’re seeking what Ashley Madison offers, you can’t find a better place to hook up.

Ashley Madison FAQ

  • Is the Ashley Madison app free?

You must remember that women can use and send messages on Ashley Madison for free, but men who want to try their luck on the site must pay to send and receive messages.

  • Why is Ashley Madison so expensive?

Registration of the Ashley dating site is absolutely free for anyone. Women can use the entire website for free, but men will have to pay to buy credits to enjoy its features. Since the service does not take subscriptions and is free for all female members, the site itself has become expensive.

  • How Does Ashley Madison’s Credit Work?

Live chat with another user costs 50 credits per hour, and Ashley Madison will charge you an additional 30 credits after the first hour and another 20 credits after the second hour. You can also send “virtual gifts” to Ashley Madison to attract the attention of other members.

  • Is the Ashley Madison website legitimate?

The Ashley Madison website is as legitimate as it gets. Your success on the platform will depend on your honesty, approach, and trustworthiness.

The Ashley Madison online dating site is owned by ‘Avid Life Media,’ and its current CEO is Noel Biderman.

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