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Are you looking for a detailed guide to sustainable and healthy farming? My Survival Farm may be your ideal pick! It’s more than just a book. You can call it a guide to sustainability. This resource offers in-depth techniques for creating a self-sustaining farm.

Such a farm always yields fresh, organic produce without watering, fertilizing, or weeding. It allows a garden to deliver eight times more produce than conventional methods. With this, you’re guaranteed healthy and nutritious food for your family, even under harsh conditions. Want to know more? Read this quick review and find out everything involved!

Pioneer Behind the Concept – Dan F Sullivan

Dan F. Sullivan, the author of ‘My Survival Farm,’ is a survival expert with years of gardening experience. He operates a survival website and has collaborated with other gardening professionals to create this survival gardening course. Known for his reliable programs, Sullivan’s book is designed to be a user’s safety net, providing you with a constant supply of food you’ve grown.

Mission: Self-Sustaining and Disaster-Resilient Farming

My Survival Farm aims to ensure food security during times of crisis. Its permaculture method fosters a hidden survival garden. The guide contains specific techniques and instructions for this. The designed garden remains camouflaged, protecting your supply of healthy foods during potential disasters.

What’s Inside?

The My Survival Form guide contains several family survival blueprints and other information. Its features and innovations are explained below.

Format and Accessibility

The guide is a digital product, an eBook available in PDF format and downloadable from the official website. This means you have instant access to a wealth of information to help you navigate food shortages or disasters. Moreover, it pushes you towards self-reliance and having a surplus from your garden to store or sell.

Understanding Permaculture

My Survival Farm kickstarts your journey with a comprehensive introduction to permaculture. You’ll understand why you should pursue a permaculture garden and the differences between permaculture and local organic gardening. Besides, you’ll become familiar with the ethics and principles of permaculture.

Garden Planning and Designing

Farming can be tricky for beginners, but My Survival Farm sets you on the right path, reducing common errors. It offers guidelines on designing your survival garden, ensuring a constant food supply even in unforeseen circumstances. Without following the conventional farming methodology, you can learn the secret of growing healthy crops, fruit trees, vegetables, etc.

Cultivating Nutritious Soil

The guide emphasizes the importance of nutritious soil for healthy crops. It offers practical tips for amending your soil with materials available around your home to create an optimal growing environment.

Rearing Animals

My Survival Farm goes beyond gardening to include tips on rearing animals for protein. It suggests that animals compatible with your permaculture gardens contribute to a balanced diet. For example, you’ll learn how your hens can lay delicious eggs or how you can raise goats, pigs, or even cows.

Growing Diverse Crops

Permaculture gardening isn’t limited to vegetables alone. My Survival Farm encourages cultivating various crops—up to 125 varieties—all within your backyard. You’ll receive instructions on which crops will thrive based on your environment.

Ensuring Plant Compatibility

The survival farm program imparts knowledge on plant compatibility, allowing them to thrive together and benefit each other. You’ll learn which plants should be planted together for maximum growth and yield.

Handling Pests Naturally

Pests are a farmer’s nightmare. ‘My Survival Farm’ provides natural pest control solutions, eliminating the need for harmful chemicals that can impact crop health and, ultimately, your health.

Creating Natural Fertilizers

The guide also helps you create natural fertilizers at home, which are safer for your crops than chemical or inorganic fertilizers. This can also save you money in the long run.

Promoting Bee Pollination

The guide also offers insights into bee rearing for honey production and pollination, providing information on plants that encourage pollination.

Growing Medicinal Plants

The guide provides ideas for incorporating medicinal plants into your garden, a valuable resource during crises when medical services might be scarce. These plants offer natural and organic remedies that could potentially save lives during emergencies.

Indoor and City Gardening

For city dwellers or those living in apartments, ‘My Survival Farm’ offers tips on setting up indoor survival gardens, making it possible for everyone to farm, regardless of their living situation.

Learn to Address Common Issues

‘My Survival Farm’ provides solutions to a host of problems. Here are issues you can resolve with this guide –

Dealing with Food Scarcity: You can learn how to overcome the fear of a food shortage for your family or a lack of preparation for unexpected disasters by leveraging the techniques presented in the program.

Managing Limited Space: Even if you’re concerned about having limited space, this guide provides strategies for maximizing crop yield in small areas.

Reducing Dependence: If you’re worried about relying on others for fresh produce or medicinal crops, the program helps you gain independence.

Handling Global Food Crises: The guide provides measures to counter the effects of global food shortages.

Overcoming Lack of Farming Knowledge: If you’re new to farming and lack know-how, this guide imparts knowledge on effective farming strategies.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, the program also helps you learn proper pesticide techniques. It also provides you with natural alternatives to chemical-stuffed pest control tools. Furthermore, you may learn to manage urban gardening by leveraging this guide.

Benefits of “The Survival Farm”

Investing in this efficient guide may help you enjoy a myriad of benefits, including the following:

Financial Savings: By cultivating your own produce, you’ll save money and potentially generate income from surplus yields.

Independence and Peace of Mind: Through self-sufficiency in food production, you gain freedom, peace, and self-fulfillment.

Access to Medicinal Plants: The program guides you on cultivating various medicinal plants, offering natural remedies for ailments such as asthma, bronchitis, colds, and fever.

Trade Opportunities: You can trade surplus produce for other services or goods during a crisis.

Organic Farming Practices: The program promotes organic farming, eliminating the need for weeding or digging.

Natural Fertilizer Production: The guide instructs you to make your organic fertilizer, further promoting sustainability.

Beekeeping: The program equips you with beekeeping skills for honey production.

My Survival Farm Books

Who is ‘My Survival Farm’ For?

Anyone interested in sustainable farming can use this guide. It’s ideal for those preparing for food shortages or residing in rural areas without grocery stores. The program is also suitable for individuals seeking independence and self-reliance.

This guide is invaluable for those interested in permaculture or those wishing to eliminate pesticide usage. In addition, you will find this system useful if you care for the ecosystem and aim to cultivate medicinal crops.


  • Simplifies crop cultivation
  • Easy to download, highly accessible
  • Promotes sustainable farming
  • Highly secure payments
  • Developed by an expert agriculturist
  • Top-notch customer service
  • Tested in varied conditions across Africa, China, and even Alaska
  • Value for money


  • Reading the entire book is a bit time consuming
  • Not ideal for those who prefer traditional, printed books
  • It may take time to achieve results upon implementing the provided suggestions

How to Get Started

Engaging with ‘My Survival Farm’ is straightforward. As a member, you’ll receive comprehensive, step-by-step instructions. Post-setup, managing the system is seemingly simple. You don’t need to invest a lot of money in maintenance.

To purchase the guide, visit the official website. You will make a one-time payment of only $39. The guide comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee and several bonus guides. If you have any questions about this survival guide or anything else, please email customer service at [email protected] for more information.


Overall, “The Survival Farm” may turn out to be your trusted partner in improving the quality and sustainability of your yield. However, to obtain the guide’s best benefits, you must implement the provided suggestions carefully and precisely. Most importantly, you must be patient until you achieve the desired result.

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