Promote YouTube Videos: 5 Ways To Grow Your YouTube Channel and Videos

Growing your YouTube channel and videos can be a never-ending task. You can do many things to promote your YouTube videos and grow your audience. But that doesn’t mean you will get the same results from all of them.


If you have a YouTube channel, you know how hard it is to build it from the ground up. Not only do you have to compete with millions of other users. You also need to keep your audience subscribed to your channel by creating engaging and entertaining content.


Even with all this work put into it, you might still need to use some tips and tricks to promote your YouTube channel and videos. Going beyond just posting quality videos will help you stay on top of the competition. Also, you will be able to grow your audience and engagement faster and more sustainably.


Below we will tell you the five best ways to grow your YouTube channel and videos. These are things that every channel should do, no matter its size. We recommend using them together for a more complex YouTube promotion campaign.

1. Buy YouTube Views

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Buying YouTube views is the simplest and fastest way to increase your view count. This service can instantly help you get more views and give you long-term results. By buying YouTube views, you can make promoting your channel and videos hassle-free.

What is the best site to buy YouTube views?

Bulkoid is the best site to buy YouTube views. We recommend them because of their premium-quality services, fast results, and budget-friendly prices. From Bulkoid, you can buy YouTube views starting at 1,000 views for $8.99.


The team is well-known for delivering premium YouTube views to help you grow your channel and videos. To ensure your channel’s success, they have developed a system to make your videos appear on your targeted audience’s YouTube feed. This ensures that your videos will reach the right users, so you can get the maximum engagement.


More than that, your growth will be organic and sustainable since you have real YouTube users watching your videos. Because Bulkoid offers premium YouTube services, you won’t have to worry about bots or fake accounts on your channel. Using Bulkoid, you can take your channel to the next level. With just a few clicks, you can become the next YouTube star.

How to buy YouTube views from Bulkoid

Buying YouTube views from Bulkoid is simple and fast. The whole process takes just a few minutes, and your order will be delivered as soon as you are done. 


Here’s how you can buy YouTube views from Bulkoid:


  1. Go to Bulkoid’s website and select YouTube from their list of social media platforms.
  2. On the order page, insert the link to one of your YouTube videos.
  3. Select how many YouTube views you would like to buy. You can also buy other YouTube services from the same order page.
  4. Add to the cart and proceed to checkout.

Bulkoid’s pricing for YouTube growth services

Besides views, Bulkoid offers more YouTube growth services. All their prices come at budget-friendly prices for anyone wanting to get the most out of their YouTube channels.


The services can be used together for a better YouTube growth strategy. Bulkoid’s prices for YouTube services range as follows:


YouTube Service

Smallest Order


Biggest Order






















2. Create Attractive Thumbnails

The thumbnail is the first thing your audience sees about your video. So it is important to make eye-catching thumbnails to get more users to watch your video.


When creating thumbnails, it is important to not go on the clickbait route. That is because it has been done so much that users actively avoid these videos. More than that, if your thumbnail doesn’t relate to the content of your video, you can lose viewers.

3. Optimize Your Videos

Optimizing your videos ensures they are recommended to the right audience. When you optimize your videos, you need to take care of three major things:


  • title;
  • description;
  • tags. 



It is important that your title describes the content of your video. You don’t want to use clickbait titles, as those don’t reflect what is happening in the video. More than that, they can make the viewers disappointed and unlikely to watch any other videos of yours. 



Your YouTube video’s description is the right spot to use keywords relevant to your content. As you might know, keywords are important when getting closer to your target audience.



YouTube tags are also essential when trying to reach your audience. They are keywords that relate to your content. When using tags, it is good to stick to the ones most searched by your audience.

4. Learn What Your Audience Wants

Now that you have made all the changes to your channel, you need to get to your audience. Which can be an easy process when done right. To learn what your audience wants, you just have to use the YouTube search bar.


Searching for keywords related to your content can give you a pretty good idea of what your audience wants. You can see what videos get the most engagement, and you can do what they do. You can also get creative and put your own spin on popular videos.

5. Cross-promote Your Videos

Cross-promoting your content can help you grow your following and engagement. That is because it can get your content to a larger audience who don’t know about it yet.


Cross-promoting is when you post your content from one social media platform to another. For example, let’s say you post YouTube shorts. You can post the same content on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. This can help you get more viewers organically.


This works with longer video formats as well. You can make a little trailer of your video and post it on the platforms with short video formats.

1. What are YouTube views?

YouTube views are a metric that the platform uses to determine your video’s engagement rate. The views are an important part of the engagement as they best describe the popularity and impact of your video.


A view is counted when someone watches your videos for at least 30 seconds. If the person skips through the video but the total watch time is 30 seconds, the view will count too.

2. Is it important to have many views on your YouTube videos?

Having more views on your YouTube videos can either make or break the success of your channel. It doesn’t matter if you have thousands of subscribers. If your view count doesn’t reflect that, you would have been better without them.


YouTube views are an essential part of every successful channel. More YouTube views give your videos social proof. This can make other users likely to watch your videos. Let’s think of it like this: would you rather watch a video with 100 views or one with 10,000 views?

3. Can you get YouTube subscribers when you get views?

When your videos get views, you can also increase your subscriber count. If the users like your content, they will subscribe to watch more of it in the future. This can help you build a stronger audience that will help you grow organically

4. How can you get more subscribers on your channel?

Increasing your subscriber count shouldn’t be a complicated process. When done right, getting more subscribers can be hassle-free. 


To get more subscribers, you should try some of the following tips: 

  • ask your viewers to subscribe;
  • end your video by hyping the next one;
  • interact with your audience;
  • do collabs with other content creators;
  • create your brand;
  • run giveaways or contests;
  • use relevant keywords and tags;
  • buy YouTube subscribers. 

5. What is the best way to promote your YouTube channel and videos?

There are many methods that can help you promote your YouTube channel and videos. Given the large number of options, choosing the best one can become a little complicated.


Besides doing the basic channel and video optimizations, buying YouTube services is the best way to grow on YouTube. These services can offer you the best results when promoting your channel and videos. They also have budget-friendly options for anyone wanting to get the most out of their YouTube channel.


Buying YouTube services can give you the boost you need for your videos to take off. They can help you reach your target audience faster and have organic growth. More than that, they can give you real and long-lasting results for the success of your channel. 

6. Where can you buy YouTube views?

Bulkoid is the best site to buy YouTube views and other YouTube services. They provide premium-quality services, fast results, and affordable prices. From Bulkoid, you can buy YouTube views starting at just $8.99.


Using Bulkoid, you can get all the benefits of an expensive marketing campaign but at a fraction of the price. The team believes everyone should have a fair chance at getting their YouTube channel to the top. Because of this, they provide real YouTube views, subscribers, and likes at budget-friendly prices.


More than that, you can use Bulkoid for all your social media needs. They provide services for the most popular platform to help you improve your social media presence. We recommend using Bulkoid’s services together with other organic ways of growing your audience. This will ensure maximum and long-lasting results.

7. How much does it cost to buy 1,000 YouTube views?

Buying YouTube views is the best way to increase your view count and build your audience. This service is offered by many social media marketing providers. It is also one of the least expensive ways of improving your YouTube channel and videos. 


You can have your videos on millions of YouTube feeds by buying views. And you won’t have to break the bank either. This service comes at affordable prices, so you can grow your videos no matter your budget. 


On Bulkoid, you can buy 1,000 YouTube views for just $8.99. Bulkoid provides premium-quality real views to help you build your YouTube presence. They have more YouTube views packages, so you can choose the best fit for your needs. 


These are some of Bulkoid’s YouTube views packages:

  • 1,000 views – $8.99;
  • 5,000 views – $44.95;
  • 10,000 views – $89.9;
  • 15,000 views – $134.85;
  • 25,000 views – $224.75.

One of the things big YouTube channels have in common is millions of views on each of their videos. If you have a YouTube channel, we are sure this is also on your goals list. But how can you promote your channel and videos successfully?


There are many ways that can help you increase your audience and engagement. You can try all of them, but who has the time for that. Especially if you want to promote your channel fast and get quick results.


You can promote your YouTube channel and videos by starting with optimizations. This means optimizing all aspects of your channel to reach as many users as possible. After all that is done, you can boost your channel and videos by buying YouTube views. We recommend Bulkoid as the best site to buy YouTube views.


Bulkoid offers premium-quality YouTube views to help you increase your view count. More than that, your growth will be organic since their services come from real YouTube users. They provide YouTube views at the highest standard of quality to ensure the success of each of their clients. They also offer affordable prices, so you can improve your YouTube presence, no matter your budget.

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