Mag10 Reviews: Should You Buy True Cellular Formulas Mag 10 Magnesium Pills?

Mag10 is a nutritional supplement featuring 10 types of magnesium for superior absorption – and superior effectiveness.

Available exclusively online through, Mag10 was formulated by a scientist to help you get a better sleep each night without using harmful hormone-like chemicals like melatonin.

Does Mag10 really work? Do you really need 10 types of magnesium? Find out everything you need to know about Mag10 and its effects today in our review.

What is Mag10?

Mag10 is a magnesium supplement created by True Cellular Formulas, a Pennsylvania-based supplement company with a manufacturing location in Salt Lake City.

Normal magnesium supplements contain one or two types of magnesium. Mag10, however, contains 10 types of magnesium – from magnesium orotate to magnesium aspartate to magnesium oxide.

These different types of magnesium work in different parts of the body. Some cross the blood-brain barrier to affect neurotransmitters in your brain, for example, to help you relax. Others support heart health, immunity, and overall wellness.

By taking two capsules of Mag10 daily, you can relieve magnesium deficiency, support sleep and relaxation, and enjoy other effects of magnesium.

Mag10 Benefits

The makers of Mag10 advertise the supplement as the ultimate magnesium formula. Some of the benefits of Mag10 include:

  • 10 types of magnesium to support health throughout the body
  • Get a better, more restful night of sleep without melatonin or over-the-counter sleep medication
  • Support neurotransmitter production for calmness and relaxation
  • Support nerve and muscle function
  • Support immune function, detoxification, energy, and more
  • No fillers or additives: just a significant dose of magnesium in each serving

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How Does Mag10 Work?

Mag10 works by providing you with 10 types of magnesium. These types work in different ways to support different effects throughout the body.

Mag10 contains magnesium malate, for example, which is linked to nervous system health and weight control. It also contains magnesium aspartate (for heart health), magnesium glycerophosphate (for energy), and magnesium oxide (for muscle contractions).

Many of us get magnesium through food. Some even take magnesium supplements. Unfortunately, these types of magnesium may be difficult for your body to absorb. That’s why millions of people have a magnesium deficiency.

By giving your body 10 different types of magnesium, you could support various effects throughout the body – from sleep to muscle performance to overall energy.

Who Created Mag10?

Mag10 was created by a Montana-based scientist, natural health expert, chemist, and geologist named Warren Philips.

Using his master’s of science degree, Warren claims to have trained hundreds of functional medicine doctors over the last 20 years. Since 2005, Warren claims to have transformed the lives of “hundreds of thousands of people” by working with these functional medicine specialists.

Warren was motivated to create Mag10 after discovering surprisingly harmful research about melatonin. Many people take melatonin nightly to help them sleep, yet they’re silently harming their body.

Warren knew magnesium could help with sleep. However, his research showed the body struggled to absorb many ordinary types of magnesium. Even if you take a magnesium supplement, you may have magnesium deficiency because of poor absorption.

Warren developed Mag10 to solve these problems, providing you with superior forms of magnesium for a better sleep.

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How Magnesium Helps with Sleep

Magnesium is crucial for sleep. Out of all the minerals, magnesium is linked to relaxation, calmness, and nervous system function more than many others.

Many sleep aid supplements contain magnesium for that reason. Some people also take magnesium regularly for nervous system function, calmness, and stress relief.

Warren and his team at Mag10 cite research from Princeton University, the Cleveland Clinic, and medical doctors linking magnesium to sleep in multiple ways, including:

Dr. Naoki Umeda, MD, of the Cleveland Clinic claims magnesium can help regulate neurotransmitters linked directly to sleep. Your brain is constantly sending messenger chemicals, or neurotransmitters, throughout the body. Magnesium can help encourage the body’s production of neurotransmitters linked to sleep.

Nicole Avena, PhD, of Princeton University writes how magnesium can help to relax the muscles and increase the function of inhibitory neurotransmitters like GABA, helping to reduce anxiety.

Magnesium helps your body take protein and convert it into chemicals that help you feel sleepy. Your body needs protein to make certain neurotransmitters and other chemicals. Without magnesium, however, those proteins never get converted.

Because of all of these effects, magnesium is crucial for a productive night of sleep.

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The Dangers of Melatonin

The makers of Mag10 advertise the supplement as an alternative to melatonin. In fact, the official Mag10 website is filled with warnings about taking melatonin, giving melatonin to kids, and taking melatonin regularly or occasionally for sleep.

Some of the reasons to stop taking melatonin, according to the makers of Mag10, include:

A top Harvard medical PhD recently issued a “dire warning” to stop taking melatonin.

Countries like the United Kingdom, Japan, and Australia have banned melatonin from stores. In other countries, melatonin is only available by prescription.

Despite being controlled or banned by many countries around the world, melatonin is widely available across the United States. You can buy it at gas stations, pharmacies, and department stores. You can find it online and in many natural sleep supplements.

Melatonin could cause long-term sleep issues by “burning out your body’s natural sleep receptors,” according to the manufacturer. You might get a good sleep for a few nights, only to struggle to get a restful sleep in the future.

Melatonin “is the only hormone you can buy ‘over the counter’ in the U.S.,” according to the official Mag10 website. Other hormones – like testosterone, insulin, and estrogen – require a prescription or are strictly controlled.

Not only can you buy melatonin anywhere in the United States, but you can give it to kids – and many parents do give it to kids.

You can even find melatonin supplements with doses as high as 60mg. In comparison, most studies show melatonin works at doses of 0.5mg, which means some are taking hundreds of times the necessary dose just to fall asleep.

Some studies have linked melatonin to dementia, suggesting taking more than 5mg of melatonin per night could increase the risk of cognitive damage.

Other melatonin supplements are loaded with added, complementary ingredients that can stress your liver, add toxins to your body, and contribute to health issues.

Because of all of these problems with melatonin, the creator of Mag10, Warren Phillips, claims its his “passion in life to protect people from the literal lies of the multimillion dollar ‘melatonin’ industry.” He developed Mag10 as a simple, natural alternative to melatonin.

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You May Be Magnesium Deficient Even with Supplements & A Healthy Diet

Many people assume they get enough magnesium through their diet. Some even take a magnesium supplement.

Unfortunately, according to Warren’s research, millions of people don’t get enough magnesium. Worse, they’re not getting the right types of magnesium. This magnesium deficiency can interfere with sleep.

Some of the reasons you may be magnesium deficient even with magnesium supplements and a healthy diet include:

Soil Depletion: Years of improper farming techniques have stripped the soil of precious minerals. Today’s foods – like grains, fruits, and vegetables – have significantly less nutritional value than they did decades ago because of mono-cropping, pesticide use, and other harmful practices.

Chronic Stress: Stress lowers magnesium. Even if you take plenty of magnesium daily, your stress could lower your magnesium quickly – like a phone battery when you have too many apps open. Most people experience stress daily, and this stress could increase your need for magnesium beyond what you get from supplements and dietary sources.

Environmental Toxins: Microplastics, air pollution, cleaning chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, and other chemicals drain magnesium from your body. We’re surrounded by these toxic chemicals constantly, and these chemicals can drain magnesium from your body. According to Warren and the official Mag10 website, “the average American eats the equivalent of a credit card in ‘microplastics’ every single week,” citing a recent study.

Incorrect Types of Magnesium: You might take foods that have magnesium or take supplements that have magnesium. However, you may not be getting the right type of magnesium. There are different types of magnesium paired with different chemical bonds. Some types of magnesium affect the brain, while others affect the body or nervous system. You may take magnesium daily thinking it has beneficial effects, only to be taking the incorrect type of magnesium.

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Mag10 Ingredients: 10 Forms of Magnesium in Mag10

Each serving of Mag10 contains 10 types of magnesium to support multiple effects. Different types of magnesium have different effects on the body.

Magnesium glycinate, for example, is known for helping you sleep, while magnesium ascorbate can support your immune system. Other types of magnesium are linked to nervous system function, muscle development, or heart function, among other effects.

Mag10 Ingredients

Here are all 10 forms of magnesium in Mag10 and how they work, according to Warren and his team:

Magnesium Glycinate for Sleep: Magnesium glycinate is the best-known form of magnesium for sleep, and many people take magnesium glycinate daily for sleep, rest, and relaxation. It helps calm the mind and body and prepare you for sleep, for example. It can also promote bone health, support heart health, and help with anxiety, among other benefits. By binding magnesium with the amine “glycine,” magnesium glycinate can cross the blood-brain barrier to achieve noticeable effects on the brain – like rest and relaxation. It’s one of the most important – and most science-backed – forms of magnesium in Mag10.

Magnesium Taurate for Your Heart: Mag10 contains magnesium taurate, also known as magnesium taurinate, for heart health. It’s a bond between magnesium and taurine, an amino acid essential for human health. According to the makers of Mag10, magnesium taurate “can do wonders for your heart” by supporting healthy blood pressure. Poor sleep quality can increase blood pressure, making you more stressed and creating a vicious cycle. By taking magnesium taurate and the other forms of magnesium in Mag10, you could promote a better sleep and promote cardiovascular health at the same time for optimal wellness.

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Magnesium L-Aspartate for Energy: Mag10 contains magnesium L-aspartate to boost energy, flush toxins from the body, and enhance immune function. If you’re deficient in nutrients like magnesium, your body may not be performing at its peak. By providing you with magnesium L-aspartate, Mag10 can help detoxify your body, helping your body focus on more immediate concerns.

Magnesium Chelate for Muscles: Mag10 contains magnesium chelate, a specific form of magnesium linked to muscle performance. Some take magnesium chelate during or after a workout, for example. Others take it daily for joint pain and general aches and pains.

Magnesium Ascorbate for Immunity: Magnesium ascorbate is a bond between a form of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and magnesium. It may support immunity and promote overall immune function while being gentle on the stomach. Your immune system needs various vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for optimal function. Mag10 contains magnesium ascorbate to provide your body with the nutrients needed for optimal function. It can also help with muscle and nerve signalling, calmness, and sleep quality, among other benefits.

Dimagnesium Malate for Headaches / Soreness: Dimagnesium malate is a blend between malic acid and magnesium. Although malic acid sounds like an unusual ingredient, it’s a natural chemical found in certain types of fruits. By bonding this chemical to magnesium, dimagnesium malate could help with headaches and general soreness throughout the body. Some take it for migraines, while others take it for muscle aches and pains. Dimagnesium malate, like many other types of magnesium in Mag10, can also help with stomach problems and overall digestive health while relaxing the mind and helping you sleep.

Magnesium Oxide for Your Bones & Stomach: Magnesium oxide is a common supplement for bone health and digestion. Chemically, it’s a bond between oxygen and magnesium. Many people take magnetism oxide daily for digestive health. It may help with constipation, digestive regularity, and bloating, for example. According to the official Mag10 website, magnesium oxide can also help lower blood pressure and make bones stronger, among other benefits.

Magnesium Orotate for Athletic Performance: Some athletes take magnesium orotate for performance. It’s known for boosting heart health, aiding in recovery, and enhancing energy and performance in multiple ways. Like many other types of magnesium in Mag10, it’s also known for calming the body and helping you fall asleep.

Magnesium Citrate for Arterial Stiffness: As you get older, your arteries tend to stiffen. This can raise blood pressure and increase the risk of cardiovascular events – like heart attacks and stroke. Mag10 contains a specific type of magnesium for arterial stiffness called magnesium citrate. Described as “one of the ‘gentlest’ forms of magnesium,” the ingredient can help with bloating and arterial stiffness, according to some studies.

Magnesium Glycerophosphate for GABA: Magnesium glycerophosphate is a GABA booster known to soothe anxiety, support GABA production, and allow your mind to rest overall. According to the official Mag10 website, this specific type of magnesium is “incredible for getting better sleep.” GABA is a crucial neurotransmitter for rest and relaxation. When your body produces normal amounts of GABA, you can rest and relax, fall asleep more easily, and stay asleep throughout the night.

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Other Mag10 Features

You can find other magnetism supplements featuring a combination of different types of magnesium. What makes Mag10 unique? Why pick Mag10 over competing magnesium supplement options?

Here are some of the other features that come with each serving of Mag10:

Patented Purple V-Cap Technology for Maximum Absorption: To boost the absorption of magnesium into your body, the makers of Mag10 use a special type of vegetable capsule called a V-Cap. Your body gets 10 types of magnesium for superior absorption and a capsule to better let the ingredients travel to their intended destination in your body.

No Synthetic Dyes or Artificial Colorants: Mag10’s V-Cap technology delivers the active ingredients without using synthetic dyes or artificial colorants. Many supplements – particularly ones that come in colored capsules – use synthetic dyes to achieve that affect. Mag10 takes a different approach with its V-Cap technology.

Made in Salt Lake City: Mag10 is manufactured in the United States in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Pure Magnesium with No Filler: Each capsule of Mag10 contains 10 types of magnesium with absolutely no filler.

Certified Non Toxic: Mag10 is certified non toxic by the Non-Toxic Project.

Free of Other Harmful Compounds: Mag10 is also non-GMO, soy-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian-friendly.

Scientific Evidence for Mag10

Can taking 10 different types of magnesium really be better than taking one or two types of magnesium? How does Mag10 work for overall health? What does science say about Mag10? We’ll review some of the science behind Mag10 below.

Magnesium malate has shown promise as a weight loss supplement. In a 2018 study, researchers found magnesium malate could help average, healthy adults lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. The makers of Mag10 added magnesium malate to the formula for headaches and muscle soreness, but it can also help with weight management.

Mag10 was created with the goal of solving magnesium deficiency. Many of us are deficient in magnesium even when we take a magnesium supplement or eat magnesium-enriched foods.

One specific type of magnesium in Mag10, magnesium aspartate, appears to be particularly effective for relieving magnesium deficiency. One study found magnesium aspartate raised magnesium levels when taken as a supplement, for example.

The makers of Mag10 added magnesium oxide to the supplement specifically for heart health and arterial stiffness. Some studies have connected this specific type of magnesium to cardiovascular health effects. One study, for example, found taking a magnesium oxide supplement could help with arterial stiffness in a group of healthy, overweight individuals. Arterial stiffness increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, and cardiovascular disease.

Overall, the 10 types of magnesium in Mag10 are backed by ample scientific evidence showing they work to provide significant effects throughout the body – from heart health to brain health to energy, immunity, and more.

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How to Take Mag10: The Reset Replenish Restore Protocol

Warren and his team recommend following a “Reset Replenish Restore” protocol with Mag10, where you take 3 to 9 capsules of Mag10 daily for 6 weeks, then enter a maintenance phase where you take 4 to 5 capsules daily.

Warren can “highly recommend” the protocol because it replenishes your lost stores of magnesium, then helps you taper off to a regular dose.

Here’s how to follow the protocol:

For the first 2 days, take 1 capsule of Mag10 in the morning, 1 capsule in the afternoon, and 1 capsule before bed

For days 3 through 7, take 2 capsules of Mag10 in the morning, 2 capsules in the afternoon, and 2 capsules before bed

For weeks 2 through 6, increase your dose to 9 capsules per day, taking 3 capsules of Mag10 in the morning, 3 capsules in the afternoon, and 3 capsules before bed

After week 6, enter a maintenance phase where you take 1 to 2 capsules of Mag10 in the morning and 3 capsules before bed

Alternatively, you can simply take two capsules of Mag10 daily to support health and wellness. Each two capsule serving contains 120% of your daily value (% DV) of magnesium.

Mag10 Supplement Facts Label

True Cellular Formulas discloses the full list of ingredients in Mag10 upfront. All 10 active ingredients are found within a proprietary blend, so we don’t know the individual breakdown of each type of ingredient. However, we do know the overall dose of magnesium (500mg or 120% DV) and the relative concentration of each type of magnesium in Mag10.

Here are all of the ingredients in Mag10, according to the supplement facts label:

500mg of magnesium (120% DV) from the 1,600mg Mag10 proprietary blend with magnesium chelate, magnesium citrate, magnesium oxide, magnesium ascorbate, magnesium glycerophosphate, dimagnesium malate, magnesium bisglycinate, magnesium taurinate, magnesium L-aspartate, and magnesium orotate

Other (inactive) ingredients, including cellulose (for the capsule), vegetable stearate, and natural purple carrot coloring (to color the capsule)

According to True Cellular Formulas, the supplement has been independently tested by a third party lab to verify the information on the label.

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Mag10 Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

The official Mag10 website is filled with reviews from customers who have experienced significant effects soon after taking Mag10. Many customers claim to have noticed an “immediate” difference after taking the supplement for the first time, for example, while others have transformed their sleep.

Here are some of the Mag10 reviews shared by verified purchasers on the official website:

One customer used to wake up 4 to 6 times per night before taking Mag10. The first night she took Mag10, she “immediately noticed the difference” and woke up only night, allowing her to wake up energized the next day.

Many other customers report similar effects after taking Mag10, sleeping better all night long and waking up more energized the next day.

One verified purchaser gave Mag10 a 5-star review, describing it as “The best magnesium complex product out there.” She reduced her period cramps with Mag10, while her husband improved his sleep.

Many customers have started to use Mag10 after trying many other sleep supplements and formulas. They were disappointed by other supplements but impressed by Mag10. Unlike over-the-counter sleep medication and other sleep supplements, Mag10 provided a deep, natural, and restful sleep without next-day grogginess or other side effects.

One customer claims Mag10 has reduced his muscle cramping caused by nerve damage. He’s been taking Mag10 for 4 weeks and has noticed his cramps disappear. In fact, he missed a dose and the cramps immediately came back, suggesting Mag10 has a powerful impact on his cramping.

Some customers experience other effects thanks to Mag10. One customer claims to have struggled with bloating and constipation for years before taking Mag10. Since taking Mag10 for 3 weeks, she’s lost 10lbs and felt less bloated.

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Other customers have reported fewer headaches, better digestive health, and greater detoxification overall thanks to Mag10, among other benefits.

Mag10 Pricing

As part of a 2023 promotion, Warren and his team have reduce the price of Mag10 lower than they ever have before. You can pay as little as $23 per bottle for Mag10 by ordering online today directly from the manufacturer.

Mag10 Pricing

Here’s how pricing works when ordering Mag10 online:

  • 1 Bottle: $69 + Shipping
  • 3 Bottles: $147 ($49 Per Bottle) + Shipping
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Each bottle contains 60 capsules, or 30 servings of Mag10. You take two capsules daily to support magnesium levels.

Mag10 Refund Policy

Mag10 appears to advertise two refund policies.

First, Mag10 claims to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, allowing you to request a complete refund on your Mag10 supplement if you’re unsatisfied for any reason within 60 days of your purchase. Because of this refund policy, Mag10 claims to be a “100% risk-free” purchase.

Second, Mag10 claims to offer refunds only on unopened products. If you have opened Mag10 and used the supplement but were unsatisfied, then you may not be able to receive a refund.

Contact the manufacturer to request a refund on your Mag10 purchase.

About True Cellular Formulas

Mag10 is made in Salt Lake City, Utah in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified manufacturing facility by a company named True Cellular Formulas.

True Cellular Formulas offers a lineup of nutritional supplements targeting different health and wellness needs. It’s a subsidiary brand of Revelation Health, a Pennsylvania-based supplement company.

Other popular True Cellular Formulas supplements include CytoDefend, Zinc7, and TrueCarbonCleanse.

You can contact True Cellular Formulas and the company’s customer service team via the following:

Phone: 1-888-600-1243

Email: [email protected]

Mailing Address: 2853 Oxford Blvd, Suite 104, Allison Park, PA 15101

Final Word

Mag10 delivers 10 forms of magnesium in a single, convenient, all-in-one supplement.

Millions of people are deficient in magnesium. Even if you get magnesium from food or supplement sources, you may not be getting enough magnesium because of soil depletion, poor absorption, and other issues.

Mag10 solves that problem using strong doses of 10 types of magnesium, allowing you to achieve powerful effects.

To learn more about Mag10 and how the supplement works or to buy Mag10 today, visit the official website.

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