Are Psychics Real? — How to Avoid Psychic Medium Readings Scams

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Are psychics real? Over the course of history, humanity has been riddled with the same question: are psychics accurate, and can you trust them? A psychic, originating from the Greek word psychikos, is someone who can gain insights about your past, present, and future using their extrasensory perception and psychic abilities. Psychic powers like telepathy can help us obtain knowledge that is hidden from the public view. In many ways, psychic readings live streams defy natural laws and are not meant for everyone: many psychics use ESP, or the sixth sense, to tap into the unknown. And yes, psychic powers are real.

Accurate psychics and online psychic mediums can offer you clarity that you will never find with fake psychics. If they truly possess supernatural psychic abilities, they will give you directions toward a better future. Not all psychic readings are genuine: fake mediums will only pretend they have a grasp on your situation. If you want to ensure a psychic advisor and their professed abilities are not a fabricated tale to make you pay for a psychic reading, choose the best psychic sites. An online psychic chat allows you to see whether the reader lives up to their psychic claims or merely scans your body language and facial expressions to produce general claims. Many psychics on online platforms have customer reviews to prove their efficiency and are able to pick up on subtle details of your issue instead of performing a cold reading.

Top 8 psychic websites for real readings

  • California Psychics. A welcome offer of $1/20 minutes of psychic reading and a Karma Rewards program for earning points.
  • Keen. The lowest rate of $1.99 for 10 minutes + 3 free minutes for your first online psychic reading.
  • Kasamba. A free 3-minute psychic reading with the expert and up to 50% discount on your first reading.
  • Nebula. $14 free credits for newcomers and a private chat room to get your online psychic readings.
  • Purple Garden. Psychic readings for $2.99/minute and the option to filter experienced psychics.
  • Mysticsense. The introductory deal of 5 free minutes for a psychic reading with the preferred advisor.
  • Oranum. 10,000 coins for signing up and free psychic video streams to test authentic psychics online.
  • AskNow. 5 free minutes for a psychic reading with Elite/Master psychics and the rate of $1 per minute for new customers.

California Psychics

Main features

  • Welcome offer. Customers can collect points to get information from real psychics, with future predictions being cast for only $1/minute.
  • Screening process. California Psychics selects readers with verified extrasensory abilities, with only 2% of the psychic advisors accepted to the team.
  • Communication methods. California Psychics allows you to establish a connection with an experienced reader via chat or phone.
  • Reading categories. At California Psychics, you will be introduced to fortune telling experts, psychic medium readers, clairvoyant psychic readers, empath psychics, numerology psychics, and many more.


Type of readings

Extrasensory perception helps psychic readers at California Psychics gain a better understanding of your issues and give you clarity starting from $1/minute. California Psychics experts will deliver love readings, career readings, life path readings, money readings, past life readings, lost objects readings, numerology readings, oracle readings, missing person readings, empath readings, and dream analysis readings. A good psychic who can predict the future and direct you to the best possible outcome will verify their psychic claims and use an inspirational/compassionate/straightforward style to transcend ordinary human senses.

How to choose a psychic

To discover the extent of psychic phenomena at California Psychics, you have to study the website’s price range first. There is no room for fake psychics or cold readings on the platform, as California Psychics monitors the activity of its psychic advisors to make sure they live up to their endorsed psychic claims. A welcome offer of $1/minute will allow you to choose spiritual readings online that match your budget. Categories like customer favorites, premier psychics, staff picks, rising stars, and new psychics were created to help you weed out fraudulent psychics and select between 3 available packages: affordable ($1/min), popular ($2/min), and premium ($4/min).


Main features

  • Promo offer. Keen has special offers for customers that include getting 10 minutes of reading for just $1.99.
  • Easy connect. You can reach out to Keen psychics by phone or online chat 24/7, so that information delivered from the psychic source is 100% authentic.
  • Vetted psychics. Every psychic on the platform belongs to the group of top psychics that have been vetted by the service to go beyond ordinary senses in their readings.
  • Satisfaction guarantee. If the advisor tapping into their psychic source did not meet your expectations, you are eligible for a refund of $25 Keen dollars on free psychics readings.


Type of readings

At Keen, you get to choose a variety of reading themes that include the most popular ones like love, relationships, money, career, life path, a mediums chat, Chinese astrology, numerology, otherworld connections, pet psychics, aura cleansing, and chakra cleansing.

How to choose a psychic

Once you create a Keen account, you can connect with your favorite psychic. Scientific scrutiny researchers can sleep safe knowing that all psychics have been fully vetted before joining the platform. As a special promo offer from Keen, you get to receive a 5-minute reading from a psychic source for $1. The matching tool on Keen was created to choose a psychic based on their skills, availability, reading methods, star rating, price, and area of expertise.


Main features

  • Welcome deal. With Kasamba, you get 3 free minutes on your first session with the real psychics, as well as 50% off on your first spiritual readings.
  • Communication type. If you want to get familiar with authentic readers in the psychic industry, you can take advantage of Kasamba’s contact methods, including chat, phone, and email readings.
  • Money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with chat or phone psychics at Kasamba, you can get a refund of 10% for your first reading.
  • Unorthodox reading types. Kasamba features a variety of exciting reading styles and themes, including angel card readings and soulmate connections.


Type of readings

Want to know what the future holds? Kasamba, with its offers of 3 free minutes and 50% off your first reading, knows how to make the psychics use their extrasensory perception to your benefit. If you want to avoid fraudulent psychics and fake readings, Kasamba is just the place, with love readings, tarot card readings, dream analysis, career advice, fortune telling, soulmate readings, angel card readings, and family readings intended to improve your quality of life.

How to choose a psychic

To initiate a conversation with a psychic at Kasamba, you can use the chat room available in real-time. As you step into the spiritual world with tarot card readers and fortune tellers, it is important to know that not all psychics can be accessed 24/7. The messaging feature on the platform allows you to tap into the psychic source without a hustle: after you find the right psychic, you will see whether the advisor is available. If they are free to chat, clicking the Let’s Chat button should do the trick. You can also reach out to an advisor using the Request a Reading button, where you indicate the subject of your reading, the preferred price, your email address, and any additional information you might want from a psychic.

  • Established: 2019
  • Number of psychics: 300+
  • Number of visitors: 349.1K
  • Price range: $2-$30 per minute
  • Welcome bonuses: 14$ credits for new customers


Main features

  • Welcome credits. Nebula customers will get 100 credits on life readings and love readings as they complete registration.
  • Online chat. Ordering an online reading chat is now easy because of Nebula’s private chat rooms for psychics.
  • Matching tool. A Get Matched feature on Nebula allows users to order a psychic reading depending on the psychic specialty and tools that the readers use.
  • Reading subjects. Readers will channel their psychic powers to provide you with a psychic reading on love, career, or family issues.


Type of readings

After you sign up at Nebula, you will be able to claim the welcome offer of 100 credits ($14) to get a session with a real psychic medium or an online fortune teller. Nebula, with its choice of top psychics that offer spiritual guidance, is home to various types of online readings:

  • Tarot readings
  • Love readings
  • Life path readings
  • Numerology
  • Astrology
  • Mediumship
  • Clairvoyance
  • Past life readings

You can also choose readers with psychic abilities that include Reiki, oracle card reading, occult reading, pendulum reading, and shamanic healing.

How to choose a psychic

To get a psychic reading at Nebula, you need to start by creating an account. Once the registration process is complete, you can seek the services of psychic mediums and tarot readers with 100 credits available. Not sure whether the reader you’ve chosen can display the necessary psychic abilities? A Get Matched tool is just what you’ve been looking for. Receive a follow-up in the form of a test to define how many psychics match your preference and fit your budget. Once you’ve completed the test, you can start chatting with the psychic in the existing Chat Room.

Purple Garden

Main features

  • Welcome deal. A $10 welcome credit awaits customers who have decided to explore psychic phenomena and get spiritual readings online.
  • Contact methods. Purple Garden offers a variety of methods to get tarot readings, love readings, or career readings: chat, phone, or video.
  • Psychic roster. Getting to the bottom of psychic phenomena is easy with the list of over 1,000 psychics at your beck and call, predicting future events and providing insightful guidance.
  • Affordable pricing. You don’t have to break the bank as you order a Purple Garden psychic, with the prices for accurate readings starting as low as $0.99.


Type of readings

Every new customer at Purple Garden gets a $10 credit for their first reading, which means they can get various readings with the preferred psychics by claiming the offer. The most common reading themes sought out by Purple Garden users include:

  • Love readings
  • Psychic readings
  • Tarot readings
  • Palm readings
  • Angel insights
  • Astrology & horoscopes
  • Dream analysis
  • Oracle guidance

You can also find Reiki masters, energy healers, intuitive psychics, clairvoyant readings from gifted advisors, and a list of psychic medium guides at Purple Garden.

How to choose a psychic

So, what should you choose as a first-time user at Purple Garden — a fortune telling expert, a live psychic reader, or a psychic medium? You can start by browsing the list of available psychics: most accurate, trending, staff picks, top-rated, and recommended for you. A welcome offer of $10 credits is going to be removed from the customer’s account once the reading is over. One can connect with real psychics using the available contact methods, including chat, phone, and video readings. With the average price for a reading ranging from $0.99 to $18 per minute, finding a reader with a genuine psychic ability is relatively easy.

  • Established: 2011
  • Number of psychics: 500+
  • Number of visitors: 126.2K
  • Price range: $0.99-$10 per minute
  • Welcome bonuses: 5 free minutes


Main features

  • Welcome deal. With Mysticsense, you will get a welcome offer of 5 free minutes with the preferred psychic who performs acts aimed at predicting your future.
  • Refund option. If you are not satisfied with the many readings that you receive at Mysticsense, you can ask for a refund within 24 hours.
  • 24/7 availability. The psychics are available 24/7, which means you will get the top advisors working for you day and night.
  • Trusted customer reviews. 45,144 authentic customer reviews on the site prove that Mysticsense psychics do not use cold techniques to get clients.


Type of readings

Not everyone can provide a variety of readings that will be 100% authentic. However, Mysticsense crossed that line by giving the term “psychic” a new meaning. Aside from the usual readings like friends, career, money, life path, and destiny, it can also provide customers with solutions based on the following specialties: love affairs, finding new love, soulmates, toxic relationships, family issues, pet psychics, lost objects, spirituality, energy healing, and clairvoyance.

How to choose a psychic

To get started at Mysticsense, you have to create an account and make sure you know which psychic specialty to seek: tarot cards readings, love readings, or friendship advice. From the list of top psychics, you can easily select a live psychic reader that fits your budget. The filters on the website’s menu will be your guiding compass. Here, you can find a reader based on their status, specialty, tools, and reading style (compassionate, direct, expressive, thoughtful, wise). After the sign-up is complete, you will get a deal of 5 free minutes for future readings.

  • Established: 2011
  • Number of psychics: 200+
  • Number of visitors: 767.8K
  • Price range: $0.39-$9.99 per minute
  • Welcome bonuses: 10,000 free coins


Main features

  • Welcome rewards. Oranum features a reward system allowing customers to claim an introductory deal of 10,000 coins as they sign up on the website.
  • Live video streams. Whether you want a tarot cards reading or a session with a fortune telling expert, a video call at Oranum will help you decide whether the psychic is the right match.
  • Unconventional readings. You will find less traditional reading categories available at Oranum. These include themes like Eastern mysticism and organized religion, as well as Reiki and energy healing.
  • Payment feature. Oranum offers a deal that can make anyone stay on the platform willingly, with the coin payment system adding to the convenience of the deal.


Type of readings

If you are likely to believe that psychic phenomenon is real, then Oranum’s list of reading themes you can get in real life will not be a surprise. Below are the subjects that you can explore on the platform:

  • Astrology
  • Tarot
  • Dream interpretation
  • Healing
  • Crystals
  • Mediumship
  • Numerology
  • Runes
  • Palm reading
  • Energy work

Oranum will also offer empath readings, clairvoyance readings, and energy healing sessions to help you restore balance in your private life.

How to choose a psychic

As customers sign up at Oranum and confirm the preferred payment method, they will have a chance to claim a welcome deal of 10,000 coins for a free reading. Aside from that, they can visit the psychic’s video streams and take part in the lively discussion initiated in the private chat rooms for customers. An online psychic chat allows you to decide whether the tarot cards reader or love reader is the real deal.

  • Established: 2005
  • Number of psychics: 80+
  • Number of visitors: 186.0K
  • Price range: $4.99-$14.00 per minute
  • Welcome bonuses: first 5 minutes free


Main features

  • Welcome offer. A welcome offer at AskNow is a beneficial deal of 5 free minutes with tarot cards readers, psychic readers, or love advisors.
  • Callback feature. If you are new to AskNow, you can take advantage of the callback feature allowing you to connect with the reader when they are not online.
  • Scheduling feature. If you are running out of time but still would like to contact the selected reader, scheduling an appointment with them will save your day.
  • Psychic spotlight. A psychic spotlight was created to enlighten the customers about specific readers and what they can do.


Type of readings

Some of the top reading specialties that you can find at AskNow include love & relationships readings, tarot & career readings, astrology readings, dream analysis, and spiritual guidance. You can also seek advice from a medium or numerology expert to expand your knowledge of the unknown.

How to choose a psychic

Choosing a psychic reader at AskNow is easy, given the website’s promising introductory offer of 5 free minutes with the preferred advisor. Once you are ready for a positive change in your life, you can follow the platform’s simple guidelines by clicking the Call or Chat button. Making an appointment with the psychic can be achieved by selecting the callback feature.

How do psychic mediums work?

A psychic chat with a medium may bear certain resemblances to a psychic session, with the defining difference between the two options being the various manners in which the readings are carried out. Online medium experts, establishing contact with the deceased and providing closure to people in the material world, can see their clients through hard times. Speaking with the dead, although requiring a lot of skill, is a type of service that can only be accessed at the best astrology websites. Mediums can provide regular users with a deeper understanding of the departed souls and their ties to this realm.

What to expect from a live psychic reading?

Whenever you are ordering a love psychic reading or a career reading, it is always important to remember that these types of readings are based on spontaneous reactions and a genuine bond between readers and long-term clients. The reader operates on random facts rather than context: they can spill information that will at first seem irrelevant only to make sense weeks or months later.

As you begin to realize that both you and the psychic are navigating uncharted waters, it will be easier to lower your expectations and not rely on the reader to resolve all of your issues in one session. By putting aside the notion that your fate is predetermined, you can expect the cheap psychic reading to outline the main aspects of your past and future without promising an easy fix.

Warning signs of psychic reading scams

Before you choose a skilled advisor online, you have to consider a number of factors that may potentially indicate the reader’s incompetence:

  1. Making generic statements. If the psychic is not particularly scrupulous about their methods, they may use the common tactic known as the Barnum statement. This is a trick used by fake psychics to make predictions that seem accurate but can be applied to large groups of people. For example, the psychic telling you that your need to be accepted lies at the core of your being is a statement that resonates with a lot of people.
  2. Threatening you with a curse. If coming up with vague predictions does now work, fraudulent readers may go further and imply that the problem that you are facing continues to exist because of a long-standing family curse. Another sign that your psychic is most likely a fake is their willingness to sell you powerful antidotes to ward off the spell.
  3. Watching your body language. The psychic that intends to scam you will watch your mannerisms to catch subtle details that may point them toward the solution. If you are doing a live stream, they will be able to observe your body language in order to determine your emotional involvement and general attitude so they can draw the right conclusion about what you need.

Tips for protecting oneself from psychic reading scams

To get a reading from a reliable psychic, you have to select online psychic platforms that have a rigorous process of vetting psychics and feature verified user reviews in the readers’ profiles. You can also run a browser search on the platform in question to make sure they do not erase negative reviews in order to create a perfect image of their services or sugarcoat facts. We also recommend checking the price range of the best astrology websites and tarot card reading services before you invest financially. Top websites that decode aura color meanings and have a skilled fortune telling expert at their service should be the right pick in the sea of unreliable psychics.


How to find a legitimate psychic medium?

To find a legitimate psychic medium among the list of top psychics, you have to browse the available online psychic platforms and see what they offer in terms of reading categories and welcome offers. If the website features a medium with verified customer reviews, this should be a good indicator.

How do online psychic readings work?

As soon as you find a reader with the necessary qualifications, you can connect with them right away. An experienced psychic will go the extra mile to answer all of your questions and set you on the right path as you reassess your priorities and hope for a better future.

How can an online psychic reading help?

A psychic reading that is genuine and allows the reader to channel their extrasensory abilities will encourage personal growth and help you achieve comfort and confidence in your decision-making. Whether it is love advice or a career promotion that you’ve been waiting for, the real psychic will improve the quality of your life.

Are psychic readings accurate and reliable?

It is natural to remain suspicious when it comes to selecting a spiritual advisor if you know nothing about the quality of their services and reliability. Chances are, you’ve already come across a psychic reading that is 100% accurate, with the legitimacy of the reading depending on the expert’s ability.

What questions should I ask in a psychic reading?

Some of the most popular questions that you can ask a psychic are the ones concerning your love life, destination, and goals. You can ask about the soulmate connections that you have, learn more about your newest love interest, or ask the psychic about the best way to approach your current issues.

How much do psychic readings cost?

Generally, online psychic readings range between $2-$24 per minute. If we are talking about the top-rated psychics that have years of experience and psychic qualifications under their belt, it is safe to say that a price of $40 per minute is not uncommon.

Do any sites offer real psychic readings?

If you choose one of the top psychic services with a rigorous screening process for psychics and a quality control policy, you will receive a real psychic reading that will help you gain valuable insights about your life. Still, you should be careful when determining the real psychic abilities and skills coming straight from the psychic source.

Do some psychic services scam clients?

There are psychic platforms that continue to jeopardize other people’s trust when delivering online services. They will often use your emotional state to manipulate you into thinking there is a huge curse on someone from your generation and you need to pay them money to remove it.

Final thoughts

We stand by our previous statements: there are people who possess natural psychic abilities and can use their extrasensory perception to understand the world around them. An online psychic reading has gained massive popularity in recent years. Scammers will try to sabotage the mission and make everyone believe that being a psychic means being a fraud. However, online psychic sites will allow you to choose an expert who meets your expectations based on customer reviews. To improve the quality of your life and become a positive influence in this world, talking to an online psychic reader is vital as they help you understand your predicament and find the best way to solve it.

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