Deal Hunters Alliance Review (Weiss Ratings) Is Chris Graebe Alpha Round Investment Deals Legit?

Chris Graebe and the team at Weiss Ratings have launched a new promotional campaign for Deal Hunters Alliance.

Deal Hunters Alliance subscribers receive a new issue each month featuring investment recommendations, stock tips, and more. Plus, you get a bundle of bonus reports by subscribing to Deal Hunters Alliance today.

Is Deal Hunters Alliance worth it? Should you subscribe to Deal Hunters Alliance? Keep reading our review to find out everything you need to know about Deal Hunters Alliance today.

What is Deal Hunters Alliance?

Deal Hunters Alliance is a monthly financial newsletter from Weiss Ratings.

Led by Chris Graebe, the newsletter aims to recommend the best deals to investors – including stocks that could become the next Uber, Airbnb, or Tesla.

What if you could invest in the next Uber, Airbnb, or Tesla before they went public? Chris and his team hunt for lucrative pre-IPO deals, then recommend opportunities to subscribers.

For years, pre-IPO investing was closed to ordinary investors. Thanks to new regulatory changes, ordinary investors can participate in pre-IPO funding rounds, which could give you access to the next Uber, Airbnb, or Tesla before they go public.

As part of a 2023 promotion, Chris and his team have bundled a package of bonus reports with all new subscriptions to Deal Hunters Alliance. Just subscribe to Deal Hunters Alliance today for immediate access to a bundle of bonus reports, guides, eBooks, and more.

Deal Hunters Alliance Work

How Does Deal Hunters Alliance Work?

Because of recent regulatory changes, ordinary investors in the United States can participate in pre-IPO funding rounds.

Typically, ordinary investors must wait for a company to go public before investing.

However, due to recent regulatory changes, ordinary investors can participate in funding rounds before a company goes public.

As long as you’re an investor based in the United States (or an international investor with a US ITIN), you can participate in these pre-IPO funding rounds.

According to Chris Graebe’s research, pre-IPO investors have made about 95% of the gains of a company before it goes public. By the time a company goes public, most early investors have already made huge returns on investment, leaving the public to pick up whatever is left behind.

Participating in these pre-IPO rounds could potentially earn huge returns on investment.

Benefits of Alpha Round Investing

Chris Graebe describes his investment strategy as “alpha round” investing. Investing in a company during the alpha round could give you a better chance of earning a return on your investment.

As mentioned above, alpha round investing is available to any investor in the United States – and even international investors with an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).

Here are some of the benefits of alpha round investing, according to the official Deal Hunters Alliance website:

According to research published by Inc. Magazine, pre-IPO investors have made about 95% of the gains. Retail investors miss out on up to 95% of potential gains by investing in tech stocks after they go public. By waiting until after the IPO to invest, you’re missing out on enormous potential windfalls.

For every 5 cents you make from a post-IPO investment, the wealthy and well-connected investors who invested during the alpha round, or pre-IPO, are making 95 cents.

Legal and regulatory changes, however, have allowed ordinary investors to participate in private funding rounds called the “alpha round.” According to Chris, “the gains can be so much bigger; it’s not even in the same universe” for investors participating in alpha round investing.

For example, early Airbnb investors had the chance to make 4,121,525% by investing in the company during the alpha round. In comparison, IPO investors would have made just 125%. In other words, alpha round investors earned 32,972 times greater returns simply by investing in the company earlier than the general public.

By subscribing to Deal Hunters Alliance today, you can discover how to invest in a company during the alpha round, pick the right investments during the alpha round, and give your investments the best possible chance of succeeding.

Who Is Chris Graebe?

Deal Hunters Alliance is led by Chris Graebe, a private deal investor with over a decade of industry experience.

Chris specializes in finding underreported startups, then investing in them before they go public. You could earn a fortune by picking the right startups before they skyrocket in value.

As proof of Chris’s investment success, he was an early investor in ThisWayGlobal, Beat Box Beverage, MC Squares, and other notable startup names. Chris claims to have invested in “over a dozen startups with a combined valuation of $400 million and counting.”

Chris recently partnered with Weiss Ratings to share his successful investing strategy with investors. Anyone who subscribes to Deal Hunters Alliance can learn more about how Chris’s investment strategy works – and how you can get started with pre-IPO investing today.

How Chris’s FIVE Investment Strategy Works

When you subscribe to Deal Hunters Alliance today, you’ll learn more about Chris Graebe’s FIVE investment strategy. Chris has used this strategy to grow his portfolio from a small initial investment to an amount “north of $400 million today,” according to the official Deal Hunters Alliance website.

Chris’s FIVE investment strategy involves:

F (Founders): Founders are the lifeblood of a startup’s success. Many startups have good ideas and funding but lack the founders needed to see the vision through to completion.

I (Industry): Next, Chris focuses on industry. Is the startup in an industry going up and to the right? Is the space growing? Or is the space shrinking? Chris analyzes the background industry for the startup to ensure it’s the right pick.

V (Valuation): Next, Chris analyzes the valuation of a company. Chris explores the financials to validate the data, then determines an accurate valuation for the company. Some companies have a good handle on their actual valuation, while others have a “fuzzy” valuation that’s out of line with comparable estimates.

E (Exit Potential): Next, Chris looks at the exit potential for a company. If the company goes to an IPO, can early investors get paid? Does the company have an exit plan? Is there a path to an IPO? By answering these questions, Chris can determine if a startup is worth the early investment.

Overall, Chris’s FIVE model features five of the most important criteria he uses to analyze private deals – giving himself the best chance of picking a winner.

By subscribing to Deal Hunters Alliance today, you can discover companies that have exceeded Chris’s FIVE criteria, giving you the best possible chance of earning a positive return on your investment.

Other Topics Covered by Chris Graebe and the Deal Hunters Alliance Presentation

As part of the 2023 promotion for Deal Hunters Alliance, Chris and his team are covering various topics about investing in early-stage companies, participating in pre-IPO rounds, and choosing the best startups based on Chris’s FIVE criteria.

By following the presentation through to the end, you can discover things like:

  • The legal breakthrough changes have opened pre-IPO, alpha round deals to the public for the first time in 100 years.
  • How the world’s richest hedge funds, university endowments, and family offices are investing 50% of their capital in these types of pre-IPO deals.
  • How you can protect your investments from market turmoil even when investing in companies during the volatile, pre-IPO rounds. In fact, Chris claims this type of pre-IPO investing “can be far less volatile than the regular stock investing.”
  • Why speed is essential with alpha round investing, and why investors must act fast to secure a good alpha round deal.
  • How you can get started with alpha round investing with just $100. Suppose you’re a US-based investor (or an international investor with a US ITIN). In that case, you can begin participating in alpha round investing and pre-IPO financing without investing a fortune upfront.

What’s Included with Deal Hunters Alliance?

As part of a 2023 promotion, Weiss Ratings is bundling multiple benefits with all new subscriptions to Deal Hunters Alliance. If you subscribe to Deal Hunters Alliance today, you get a bundle of bonus reports, guides, online classes, and more in addition to the base subscription.

Here’s what you get when you subscribe to Deal Hunters Alliance today:

Monthly Issues of Deal Hunters Alliance: The core of your Deal Hunters Alliance subscription includes monthly issues of Deal Hunters Alliance. You will receive 12 issues of Deal Hunters Alliance for the next 12 months, along with all the deals included in the newsletter. Each month, Chris Graebe and his team seek to alert investors of the best pre-IPO opportunities for ordinary investors. Each recommendation could become the next Tesla, Uber, or Airbnb – before they went public.

Free Bonus #1: A Minimum of 4 Carefully Curated Alpha Round Deals from Chris Graebe and His Team: Each year, Chris Graebe and his team recommend a minimum of four carefully curated Alpha Round deals. According to Chris, just one of these deals “has the potential to change your life.” You have multiple opportunities to change your life by receiving four recommendations each year. Chris bundles an investor dossier with each recommendation. That dossier explains everything you need to know about accessing pre-IPO deals as an ordinary investor – including how to use the platform, how to get started even if you’re entirely new, and how to buy the right investments during the pre-IPO phase.

Free Bonus #2: First Access to Alpha Round Deals: You receive first access to Alpha Round deals as a Deal Hunters Alliance subscriber. Instead of waiting until the deal reaches the general public, you can be the first to jump on the opportunity – often at a discount rate. Typically, these deals are available to any investors in the United States – or international investors with a United States Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).

Free Bonus #3: Weiss’ Private Deal Grade Reports: All subscribers receive access to a ranked investor grade report from the team of analysts at Weiss Ratings. In addition to curating a database with 56,000 stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, banks, cryptocurrencies, and more, the team uses a special grading system to rank private deals. You can see which pre-IPO deals have the best potential, which are worth your time, and which ones you should ignore.

Free Bonus #4: Lifetime Access to the Private Deal Masterclass 12-Part Video Series: Your subscription includes access to a 12-part video masterclass series. In that series, Chris guides private investors through the steps they can use to find good deals, invest in those opportunities, and give themselves the greatest probability of success. Chris normally charges $1,000 for the 12 videos in this masterclass. However, he’s bundling it for free with all new subscriptions to Deal Hunters Alliance. You receive lifetime access to the masterclass and can download and watch the videos on any device.

Free Bonus #5: Exclusive, Members-Only Online Events: All subscribers receive exclusive invites to Deal Hunters Alliance online events. Chris Graebe periodically schedules members-only calls with founders, managers, or companies they’ve recommended investing in. You have the chance to ask questions, get answers straight from the source, and get greater insight into each of Chris’s recommended pre-IPO investments.

Free Bonus #6: Tickets to Alliance Members Retreats: Members are invited to join Chris Graebe for live, on-site future events. For example, you might receive an invitation to tour the factory of one company recommended during the pre-IPO funding round. You can tour company facilities, meet with founders in person, and get updates on your investment. Members receive complete details about scheduling and travel costs well in advance.

Free Bonus #7: Discount of $2,503 (Over 50%) Off the Ordinary Retail Price: As part of a special promotion in 2023, you can subscribe to Deal Hunters Alliance for over 50% off, dropping the price by $2,503. Instead of paying $5,000 for a one-year subscription to Deal Hunters Alliance, you can pay just $2,497.

Free Bonus #8: Repeat Discounts of $2,503 (Over 50%) Each Year You Renew: Your subscription is automatically renewed at the discount rate of $2,497 for as long as you remain subscribed. You won’t need to pay $5,000 for your second year’s subscription to Deal Hunters Alliance. Instead, you’re locking in a lower rate by subscribing today. You can also opt out of this auto-renew feature at any time.

Deal Hunters Alliance Pricing

Deal Hunters Alliance is normally priced at $5,000 for an annual subscription. However, as part of the 2023 promotional offer, you can save 50% and get the bundle of bonuses listed above.

Here’s how pricing works when subscribing to Deal Hunters Alliance online today:

One-Year subscription: $2,497 per year

You will continue to be charged $2,497 per year each year until you cancel your subscription to Deal Hunters Alliance. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Deal Hunters Alliance Refund Policy

Deal Hunters Alliance does not have a cash refund policy. However, you can cancel your subscription to receive a credit for the unused balance of your subscription. You can use that credit for digital products or services from the Weiss Ratings online store.

About Weiss Ratings

Deal Hunters Alliance is published online by Palm Beach Gardens, Florida-based financial publishing, and ratings company Weiss Ratings.

Founded in the 1970s, Weiss Ratings assesses companies, mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, and cryptocurrencies, then assigns a rating to each. The company also offers a range of free and paid subscription services – including Deal Hunters Alliance.

You can contact Weiss Ratings and the Deal Hunters Alliance customer service team via the following:

  • Mailing Address: 11780 US Highway 1, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33408-3080
  • Phone: 877-934-7778
  • Email: [email protected]

Final Word

Deal Hunters Alliance is a monthly newsletter led by Chris Graebe.

Each month, Chris and his team identify new investment opportunities – including pre-IPO deals that could be like investing into the next Uber, Airbnb, or Tesla before they go public.

By subscribing to Deal Hunters Alliance today, you get a bundle of bonus reports and a 50% discount off the regular subscription price of $5,000 annually.

To learn more about Deal Hunters Alliance or to subscribe to the financial newsletter today, visit the official website.

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