How to Spy on Someone’s Phone Without Them Knowing

Sometimes there are worried parents, doubting spouses, business owners who want to protect their devices, and others who might have reasons to  spy on another device. What are the best options (software) for them? And are there more reasons (uses) for spyware? Let’s discuss the answers in detail.

Who is Allowed to Monitor a Phone?

Why spy on someone’s phone? Usually, it is about safety, security, or obtaining evidence. However, here are some examples of spyware: 

Parents, Teenagers, and Social Media

It is not always safe for youngers on the internet, especially with unprotected devices or inexperienced users. In addition to the risk related to the nature of the content they expose themselves to, people online always have the probability of meeting a hacker, a scammer, or even harassing and bullying users.

Locate Your Spouse!

Doubts are bad. No, doubts are the worst! It is never easy to know something with a lack of evidence. With applications like mSpy, in a few minutes, you obtain it. You get a call record, log, messaging, GPS locations, and more options when you spy on other people’s phones with efficient software.

Helping Family Members

People sometimes use spyware with the knowledge of the tracked device’s owner. In many situations, elderly parents/relatives might need help with location applications, retrieving information they had in a call, such as phone numbers, helping them call for taxis, etc.


Best Ways To Spy On Their Device

To write this article, we did extensive research and reviewed almost all the possible options you have to spy on someones phone. In addition to the search, we tested all methods. And we concluded the following:

Spyware – The Ultimate Solution

Yes! Among all possible solutions, choosing authorized and reliable spyware is the shortest road to your destination. Efficient spyware will let you monitor another device completely without even their knowledge!

Hint: There are several trusted applications. And finding the top list isn’t so hard. However, you will usually see mSpy always at the top of many lists because it is one of the best in the world.

Logging into their iCloud/Personal Accounts

Pros: Once you access that, you will access any website they log in using these credentials. And nowadays, they will be the most (if not all).

Cons: Personal accounts and iCloud will usually notify the user that another device is trying to access their account.

Ask them for Their Password!

It is simple! Yet, it is working. You can come up with any situation to ask them directly for their passwords. And there wouldn’t be obstacles if nothing was wrong in the first place! Does it make sense?

Pros: There is no need to learn any skills. It is an available method if you are looking for  spy someones phone without them knowing for free.

Cons: They might suspect it.

Other Ways to Track Their Phone

Reputable applications provide complete solutions. For example, mSpy. There are options to track the device via social media, GPS, call logs & messaging, and other features. In other words, tracking their social media isn’t the only option. Here are some examples presented by mSpy. You can do all that without any skills and without learning how to spy on someone’s phone:

  • GPS Tracker & Geofencing
  • Social media, iCloud, personal accounts credential tracker
  • Internet, email, and social media usage monitor and control
  • Adjusting keywords alerts (Search – social media – texting – etc.)


Why track someone’s phone? And what are the best options? Do we need experience? We answered all that in detail in this short article. We presented our search conclusion and found that spyware is the best solution for tracking other devices without their knowledge, experience, or hustle if you choose a reliable app.


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