Love Psychic Reading: Top 8 Psychic Services on Love & Relationships

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If you are head over heels in love, it is hard to remain objective and find clarity in your relationship. This is when a love psychic reading comes in to save the day. Psychic readings on love can help you define the most pressing issues in your partnership and provide support in uncertain times. A psychic for love is good for bringing an unbiased perspective to the complexities of your love affair, applying their extrasensory abilities to deal with breakups, commitment, new crushes, couple issues, and family matters.

A love psychic reading from a trusted online psychic reading website can provide you with limitless possibilities, whether you want to strengthen a romantic alliance with your life partner or find out whether your new love interest is worth pursuing. The best relationship psychic reader can help you separate truth from fiction and make a rational decision when it comes to personal life and private affairs. We have shortlisted the best online psychic sites for love and relationship psychic readings that will guide you through vagueness and uncertainty. Romance is in the air, and it is time to get your free psychic love reading from the top services in the business.

Best psychic love reading websites

  • California Psychics. A welcome offer of 20 minutes for $1, best love psychic readers with a satisfaction guarantee.
  • Keen. 3 free minutes for love psychic readings, 10 minutes for $1.99, and 200 love psychic readers on the platform.
  • Kasamba. 3 free minutes for your love psychic reading, 50% off on psychic readings, and new age spirituality and love experts at your service.
  • Nebula. 14$ credits to use with the best psychic reader, a chat room for private conversations, and a sleek mobile app.
  • Mysticsense. 3 free minutes with a love psychic, unconventional reading themes, and a refund policy for all customers.
  • Purple Garden. $10 credits for new customers, top picks for love psychics, and live video sessions from $1/minute.
  • Oranum. 10,000 coins for signing up, free live-streamed video psychic readings, and love psychic chats.
  • AskNow. 5 free minutes with Elite and Master psychics, psychic readings at $1/minute, and 24/7 support.
  • Established: 1995
  • Number of psychics: 300+
  • Number of visitors: 1.3M
  • Price range: $1-$15 per minute
  • Star rating: 3.9 (297 reviews)
  • 🔥 Welcome bonuses: $1 per minute as an introductory offer

California Psychics

What you should know about California Psychics


  • A $1/minute welcome special
  • Three 20-minute intro packages
  • Customer care 24/7
  • Karma Rewards program
  • Psychic advisors since 1995
  • 10,000 readings performed by love psychics
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Refund policy available


  • No free minutes for your first psychic reading
  • A great selection of psychics making it hard to choose


Delivering love psychic readings for 25+ years, California Psychics is a long-standing platform with a seamless reputation and a track record of the best love psychic readers. The psychic service has an appealing offer of $1 per minute for a love psychic reading, with more than 400 online psychics specializing in romance and relationships. You can choose between three 20-minute intro packages as you sign up for the best online psychic readings (affordable, popular, and premium).

There is also a Karma Rewards program allowing you to claim a $20 credit special, as well as earn points on every purchase. California Psychics ensures a high-quality session by providing online psychic readings with a refund guarantee. Some of the online psychics on the platform have conducted over 10,000 readings, which makes the website a top pick for love psychic readings. What could be improved is the lack of free minutes for your first psychic love reading and a sensational number of psychic readers, making it hard to pick one for your session.

Pricing & discounts

California Psychics gives customers multiple opportunities for a cheap psychic reading — with its affordable introductory rate of $1 per minute, you can commit to top-tier love psychics without breaking the bank. Cutting the costs is possible with the Karma Rewards program, which is another way to save on a relationship psychic reading: a credit of $20 is delivered to your account to spend on tried and tested psychic readers.

The platform features a per-minute system, which means that you will be charged an average of $4-$15 for a love psychic reading. You can order love psychic readings via phone and chat, with the price of the online psychic depending on their rating, the number of readings, and general experience. The 20-minute intro packages are divided into 3 levels: affordable ($20), popular ($40), and premium ($80).


  • Established: 1999
  • Number of psychics: 1600+
  • Number of visitors: 1.7M
  • Price range: $1.99-$30 per minute
  • Star rating: 3.6 (463 reviews)
  • 🔥 Welcome bonuses: 3 free minutes + 10 minutes for $1.99


What you should know about Keen


  • A welcome offer of 3 free minutes
  • Customer specials ($1.99/10 min)
  • Matching tool for psychics
  • 200+ love experts
  • Keen refund credits
  • Mobile app for love readings
  • 24/7 customer support


  • No video readings
  • Limited choice of reading types


If you are after clarity in love and relationships, Keen is one of the psychic reading services that match the description. With its top choice of love readings experts (200+) and a free trial of 3 minutes, it is impossible to ignore the platform and its number of pros. You will find special offers for customers to be Keen’s trademark feature — a welcome deal of 10 minutes for $1.99 being one of the examples. Keen’s personalized advice on love and romance will help you navigate the complex landscape of interpersonal relationships.

The psychic match tool allows you to separate online psychics by availability, price, tools, specialties, and skills. You can also narrow down your picks by chat and phone options. Keen refund credits for love & relationship psychic readings are another reason users are ready to commit to this psychic reading site and get a free psychic love reading. Despite the choice of reading themes being limited and no video chat options available, Keen still remains among the best psychic reading services in the field.

Pricing & discounts

Keen’s love psychics will deliver readings that will help you shape a romantic outlook on life. The best psychic readers on Keen are ready to generate accurate predictions with a special offer of 3 free minutes and an exclusive promo of 10 minutes for $1.99. Keen features a competitive pricing range, with standard readings delivered at $3.50-$4.50 per minute. Having 5-6 accurate readings will have you spend $15-$20 for the experience. A top psychic reader on Keen will provide psychic services for $30/minute. If the overall outcome of a psychic reading is not what you expected from Keen online psychics, a refund of $25 credits to your account is available.



What you should know about Kasamba


  • 3 free minutes for newcomers
  • Chat, phone, and email readings available
  • International list of psychics and love gurus
  • Starting rates for online psychics at $1/min
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Free daily horoscopes
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Downloadable mobile app for iOS and Android


  • The number of online psychics can change during the day
  • Not all online psychics support the available contact modes

It seems Kasamba has everything one could wish for in an online psychic reading platform. It can be accessed in just a few clicks, with free 3-minute online psychic readings offered to new members. A competitive rate of $1/minute allows you to initiate an online psychic reading without the risk of spending a fortune on psychic predictions. If you want to know which great forces are at work to define your destiny and romantic inclinations, a chat, email, or voice call with the right psychic reader on Kasamba will help.

Aside from complimentary offers that can be accessed on the platform, you will receive a 100% satisfaction guarantee in case you are not fully happy with your first psychic reading session. Free daily horoscopes, love compatibility, and astrological predictions from the best love psychic are waiting, as well as a 24/7 customer support option and an easily downloadable app. The lack of a video call feature and the number of online psychics constantly changing might be a slight inconvenience among Kasamba’s otherwise versatile options, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is one of the best online psychic reading services out there.

Pricing & discounts

Seeking psychic services and ordering readings from the best psychics should never exceed your budget. For this purpose, Kasamba devised an appropriate scheme to help you find feasible prices for psychic love readings online. At Kasamba, you will get introductory rates for a psychic reading that start at $1/minute, as well as 3 free minutes on psychic chats allowing you to schedule a meeting in your dashboard. The timeframe for each session will enable you to assess the possible cost of a psychic reading. Kasamba is known for its per-minute payment structure, which means you can get online psychic readings ranging between $1.99-$30.


  • Established: 2019
  • Number of psychics: 300+
  • Number of visitors: 349.1K
  • Price range: $2-$30 per minute
  • Star rating: 3.6 (6 reviews)
  • 🔥 Welcome bonuses: 14$ credits for new customers


What you should know about Nebula


  • $14 free credits for your first session
  • Psychic readings from $1/min
  • Nebula Rewards program
  • Personalized astrology horoscopes
  • 300+ love readings experts
  • Flexible credit scheme
  • Love compatibility test
  • Multi-layered member profiles (balance, chat room, psychic reader match)
  • Live chat sessions with psychic readers


  • No video chat options
  • Customer support can be slow

Nebula makes a fantastic impression with its special offer of $14 for your first online psychic reading. Psychic readings on love can be delivered at $1/minute, which is more than an acceptable rate to test your psychic and enjoy exclusive offers provided by the Nebula Rewards program. The program features weekly bonuses, personalized horoscopes, and love readings meant to improve your romantic alliance. 300+ psychic advisors on the platform will deliver spiritual insights to make sure you and your partner are 100% compatible.

Once you become a member of the Nebula online psychic reading platform, you will be able to take advantage of the company’s credit scheme and chat rooms for users. Apart from that, you will find your profile equipped with a number of useful functions: astrological information, chat room, balance, and psychic readers who match your description. The only thing that could potentially spoil the fun is the absence of video psychic readings and the customer support taking a long time to respond.

Pricing & discounts

Nebula allows you to get online psychic readings without having to exceed your funds or go beyond your budget. The special welcome offer of 14$ credits is a great way to make your first online psychic reading a trial one, assessing the selected psychic advisors and making sure they are the best match. A minute of psychic readings on Nebula costs 30 credits, with a refund policy ensuring your experience is always on point. Nebula’s package deals for love and relationship psychic readings include a basic package for $19.99, a weekly subscription for $9.99, an annual subscription for $49.99, and a lifetime subscription for $119.99.


  • Established: 2011
  • Number of psychics: 500+
  • Number of visitors: 126.2K
  • Price range: $0.99-$10 per minute
  • Star rating: 4.9 (951 reviews)
  • 🔥 Welcome bonuses: 5 free minutes for psychic readings


What you should know about Mysticsense


  • 5 free minutes for psychic readings
  • Video, phone, and chat psychic reading sessions
  • International psychics
  • Affordable rates from $1/minute
  • Free Mysticsense horoscope
  • All types of love psychic readings
  • Psychic filter tool
  • Friendly customer support


  • No video psychic readings

Mysticsense presents a well-designed psychic reading service, which offers a welcome deal of 5 free minutes for psychic readings with any selected expert. Need to perform a love psychic reading on toxic relationships, soulmate connections, or family issues? With prices that start at $1/minute, this is an easy fix. Unconventional reading themes are another reason Mysticsense is so well-admired in the world of online psychic reading services and relationship psychic reading sessions.

User-pleasing tools like the ability to narrow down the list of psychics, video psychic readings, and an international team of top experts are enough to make you stay at Mysticsense for another round of psychic readings. You can rest assured that asking a fortune teller about your love life is not a problem, considering that a refund policy will cover that in case of an unsatisfactory online psychic reading. Whether it is love tarot card readings or past life readings on your old flames, Mysticsense surpasses your expectations with a friendly customer support team and multiple contact modes, ensuring you get a psychic reading that will help you establish a deeper bond with an advisor. Not having a mobile app might be the only drawback you can find on the platform, known for its responsive online psychic reading experts and authentic sessions.


Pricing & discounts

With its special deals of 5 free minutes on any psychic reading with a preferred expert and a feasible rate of $1/minute for love tarot readings and astrology readings, we are not surprised that Mysticsense prevails over other phone psychic reading services and psychic websites that feature budget-friendly offers. There are no hidden payments reserved for customers — the service provides a crystal clear pricing policy that includes the lowest rates for psychic readers established at $0.99. Top psychic readers will charge $10 per minute, with the standard price for psychic readings varying between $4 and $6.


Purple Garden

What you should know about Purple Garden


  • $10 credit to use on your first psychic reading
  • Video readings for customers
  • Impressive selection of 1000+ psychics
  • 5% cash back on every purchase
  • Refund policy for members
  • Interactive app for love psychic readings


  • Occasional glitches on the mobile app


Purple Garden, despite being relatively new to the psychic business, has managed to win hearts with its generous introductory offer, granting you a 10% credit upon registration and a 5% cash back on an online psychic reading. With more than 1000+ psychics operating on the platform, Purple Garden features multiple contact modes allowing you to access the best love psychic in a digital dimension with a video, phone, and chat online psychic reading option.

Various contact modes and a refund policy for users in case the reading did not match their expectations take Purple Garden’s services to the next level. In case you are looking for a psychic reader who can deliver intuitive psychic sessions on the go, the Purple Garden’s interactive app tarot readings will be helpful. Despite customers reporting the app to experience occasional glitches, we still believe Purple Garden to be one of the finest examples of psychic reading websites that are both accessible and diverse.

Pricing & discounts

$10 free credits are offered to customers for a free psychic reading on Purple Garden. After you become a member of the Purple Garden community, you can select a psychic reader using psychic profiles for maximum compatibility. The standard price for psychic readings on Purple Garden does not go beyond $2.99-$6.99, which is exceptional considering that the minimum price for psychic readings on the platform is $0.99 per minute. If you are looking for a love psychic reading performed by the best relationship psychic, you can be charged up to $16.99, with a complimentary psychic reading offered for referring a friend.



What you should know about Oranum


  • 10,000 coins on your first psychic reading
  • Psychic live streams online
  • Private video sessions with a psychic reader
  • Affordable service plans for newcomers
  • Impressive psychic reader database
  • Accurate psychic readings from love psychics


  • User interface is confusing for first-time customers
  • Psychic reader database makes it hard to find the right fit

Oranum is a psychic reading platform that stands out among other psychic reading websites because of its detailed spiritual readings and in-depth assessment of one’s personality. If you want the best psychic to provide you with a free psychic reading on your love life and private affairs, the welcome offer of 10,000 coins is just what you need.

Before you enter a private video session with psychic mediums to get your spiritual guidance, you can join an online psychic chat or a free video demonstration on themes like love and relationships. Love psychic readings are delivered around the clock, which means that you will receive valuable insights from the best online psychics at any time. The only downside is a large database of the best online psychics making it hard to find your perfect match, with the user interface cluttered with online psychic readers’ profiles.

Pricing & discounts

Need online psychic readers to provide you with spiritual guidance that does not make you pay through the nose? A free psychic love reading becomes a reality with the Oranum’s welcome offer of 10,000 coins to spend on spiritual readings. The psychic reading site has a credit-based system with customers paying for their past life readings and love readings with coins.

The starting rate for a psychic reading at Oranum is $2.99/minute. You will be charged for private phone psychic readings, chat psychic readings, and video readings with the best psychics. However, taking part in demo live streams will come free of charge. An online fortune teller at Oranum will provide you with dream analysis and psychic predictions based on their established rate per minute, with the best psychics charging $9.99/minute.


  • Established: 2005
  • Number of psychics: 80+
  • Number of visitors: 186.0K
  • Price range: $4.99-$14.00 per minute
  • Star rating: 1.9 (33 reviews)
  • 🔥 Welcome bonuses: first 5 minutes free


What you should know about AskNow


  • 5 free minutes for the first reading
  • Affordable pricing
  • Chat and phone psychic readings
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Rating system for psychics
  • Callback feature
  • Psychic spotlight feature



5 free minutes for your psychic reading becomes a reality with AskNow, which allows its customers to take advantage of the free psychic reading offers and a rigorous screening process, with only the top-rated psychics delivering accurate psychic readings online. You can access the psychics for a free psychic reading via chat and call options, with the customer’s privacy being the website’s number one concern. 

If the psychic is currently unavailable for a free psychic reading online, arranging a callback will save the day. Other benefits of the platform include the psychic spotlight feature helping you acquire knowledge about a psychic reading session, as well as free daily horoscopes and a rating system to assess the best relationship psychic experts. While the inability to access psychic mediums via a video call option can be called a disadvantage, it does not diminish the fact that AskNow is one of the most impressive psychic reading sites with a versatility of features to offer.

Pricing & discounts

Most psychic reading sites, including the best astrology websites, will go out of their way to ensure you have reasons to stay. What makes AskNow so special is the platform’s attractive offer of a free psychic reading online, presented in the form of 5 free minutes with Elite and Master psychics.

Psychic mediums have different pricing for their readings, depending on the expert’s per-minute rate. You can get your life readings and love readings for $1-$10, with some of the most accurate psychics charging $14/minute. Chat and phone psychics who can provide psychic love readings online are ranked as top-rated ($5.99-$9.99), elite ($10-$11.99), and master psychics ($12-$13.99). Customers will also get intro deals of $30/30 minutes and $40/40 minutes.


What is a psychic love reading?

Who is a psychic for love and why does getting love psychic readings online seem so vital for your soul journey? A love psychic is someone who can demonstrate a heightened sense of perception and use their extrasensory skills to assess your aura. If you have a hard time telling fact from fiction as you are falling for someone, it is love and relationship psychic readings online that can put you back on track.

The same goes for those of us who are desperate to find true love — the best psychic might be able to define the key aspects of your personality, tap into your energy field, and map out the issues and blocks that prevent you from getting the outcome you desire. Whether it is a dramatic breakup, a toxic partner, or a confusing love dynamic you are dealing with, reaching out to the best psychic reading sites for help might be the solution.

How does a love psychic reading work?

Love psychic reading sessions are traditionally surrounded by myths and notions that have little to do with reality. Even the best love psychic cannot help you find a soulmate if you are subconsciously resisting the process. Plus, no future is predetermined, so it is you who controls your life’s destiny at the end of the day with sheer will and determination.

However, a decent psychic reading session can provide you with hints on how you will meet your significant other. Experts you will find on psychic reading sites will do their best to prepare you for any changes in your love life, using tools such as crystal balls, tarot cards, pendulums, and crystals. The best tarot websites and astrology psychic reading sites will deliver accurate readings based on your natal chart and revelations provided by the cards. You can learn what steps need to be taken in order to meet your soulmate and how you can clear your personal energy to let new people into your life.

How to choose your love psychic?

As you start searching for the best psychic reading sites on love and relationships, there are certain aspects that need to be taken into account if you are determined to succeed in your pursuits. Accurate readings are only available at the best relationship psychic services, which is why you need to look at the following factors:

  1. Prices. Engaging in an online psychic reading session that promises free psychic chat services may sound like a dream come true, but we urge you to be wary of any sites that offer free psychic readings with zero payments. This might be a part of a clever scheme to coax you out of your money and convince you that tarot readings and astrology insights do not require any effort on the part of the psychic.
  2. Reviews. If the online psychic reading platforms that you come across only feature positive reviews and testimonials, this might be interpreted as online psychic reading sites not wanting customers to spread negative publicity. You should be equally cautious with online psychic reading platforms that do not have any authentic customer reports to back up their claims. The best love psychic services will always ask their clientele for feedback.
  3. Reading themes. Decent online psychic reading sites will have a variety of psychic readings online to appease their customers. Whether it is the energy work you are seeking or tarot readings to know what lies ahead for you and your partner, you should always have a wide selection of reading categories to choose from. With love, jealousy, commitment, divorce, cheating, dating, and soulmate connections being the most popular requests for online psychics, top psychic websites should provide an expert on any topic, ready to lend a hand in troubled times.
  4. Privacy. Psychic websites that want to maintain an unblemished reputation and stay ahead in the business should always put their customers’ privacy first. Before you decide to invest in a paid session, make sure the transcripts of free online psychic readings and information shared with the psychic are not revealed to third parties. Clairvoyant psychics vetted by the psychic reading site are another reason to trust them. Once you know that your personal information remains confidential, you can commit to a free psychic reading session without a second thought.


How can a psychic help you find love?

If you have obstacles to overcome on your way to real love, dream analysis and astrology reports from the best relationship psychic can help you with any worries you are dealing with. A psychic reading online will start with the expert defining your problem and pointing you towards a source of inspiration that will encourage you in your quest for romance.

What to ask a psychic about love?

It is common to feel uncertainty when getting your first psychic reading online. If you are struggling to express your feelings during the psychic session, there are ways to unlock the mysteries of your future. Below are some of the top questions you can ask a love psychic online:

  • What should I do to attract a new love?
  • When will I meet my true soulmate?
  • Are there any tips and tricks to invite people into my life?
  • How can I deal with a toxic partner?
  • What is the future of my relationship?

However, it is important not to take the outcome of a reading too seriously: we still have free will and can change our lives at all times.

Can a love psychic reading predict my future love life?

Every time you get a psychic reading, the online advisor will create an outline of your future relationships and highlight the possibilities that await you. However, no psychic reading online, no matter how spectacular and to the point it appears to be, can predict the events of your private life to the most minute detail. For instance, it can be hard for chat psychics to determine a single time frame or a precise date when certain events are bound to happen.

How accurate are love and relationship psychic readings?

Any psychic reading can be highly accurate if the psychic you are interacting with matches your energy and can tune into your soul’s vibrations successfully. In case you are ordering a phone psychic reading from a trustworthy psychic site, the accuracy rate for such psychic readings is well over 90%. Having a strong connection with your psychic guide can also help with an effective reading.

How can I prepare for a love psychic reading?

A relationship psychic reading with phone and chat psychics can be a challenging affair, especially if you do not have a clear intention and need guidance from an experienced reader. Before the reading starts, take a deep breath and focus on the essentials. What do you want the psychic to tell you in the first place? You can think through the areas in your love life & relationships that you need advice on. Make a list of questions that seem the most urgent and stick to them as the reading unfolds.

What can I expect during a love and relationship psychic reading?

During a love reading, you can learn how to fix your current relationship and overcome fears and worries that prevent you from having a balanced partnership. You can also receive guidance on how to attract people and find harmony in a romantic scene. Free psychics can use online tarot readings to gaze into your past, present, and future and remove blocks from your aura.

Is it possible to receive accurate psychic readings online or over the phone?

You can always hope to receive an accurate psychic reading from professional psychics. If they are truly qualified, they will use specific tools and practices that guarantee success in a psychic session and instant improvement in matters of love. An online psychic you talk to over the phone is just as good as a local psychic — in fact, they are even better. 

What’s the cost of a love psychic reading session online?

Online psychic reading websites may have different prices when it comes to finding a psychic online that can help you get the service you desire. The cost of a reading will depend on the length of a psychic session, the psychic’s professional background, experience, and ranking. The average price for a love reading may vary between $1.99 and $6.99, with companies offering free deals to new members. 


Finding the best love psychic who matches your expectations can often feel like a gamble, but once you have made an informed choice, it can be truly life-changing. Online psychic readings are perfect for people who want to navigate the stormy waters of their relationships but wish to maintain their privacy while doing so. You can take your relationship to the next level as you explore the top psychic websites that we have assessed in this review. Our picks are easily available, versatile, and direct, with psychic readers never sugarcoating the truth about the future of your romantic alliance. Whether it is commitment issues or soulmate connections that you are interested in, our authentic services can provide a sense of clarity and guidance to make you happy.

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