MitoSculpt Reviews: Should You Buy Mito Sculpt? Weight Loss Ingredients, Side Effects, Complaints

MitoSculpt is a weight loss supplement that claims to melt away fat without restrictive diets or gruelling workouts.

Available exclusively online through, the supplement uses a blend of natural ingredients to boost lipolysis, which is your body’s natural fat burning process.

Is MitoSculpt legit? Can you really lose significant weight with MitoSculpt without dieting or exercising? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about MitoSculpt and its effects today in our review.

What is MitoSculpt?

MitoSculpt is a weight loss supplement available through

Priced at $69 per bottle and backed by a 60 day moneyback guarantee, MitoSculpt is marketed to anyone who wants to lose significant weight with little effort required.

Maybe you’ve struggled to lose weight with dieting or exercising in the past. Maybe you’re looking for a weight loss shortcut. Maybe you don’t like restricting your calories or dieting.

Whatever your situation may be, MitoSculpt aims to help by boosting lipolysis and increasing your body’s natural fat burning processes – without restricting dieting or intense exercise.

MitoSculpt Benefits

According to MitoSculpt, the supplement can provide benefits like:

  • Lose weight without strict dieting or exercising
  • Activate lipolysis to unblock your body’s natural fat-burning pathway
  • Reduce food cravings to make long-term weight loss easy
  • Natural ingredients with no side effects
  • Made in the United States in FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility
  • Pure ingredients with no fillers

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How Does MitoSculpt Work?

There are plenty of weight loss supplements available online today that claim to help you lose weight without dieting or exercising. Most of them are scams. So how does MitoSculpt work? What makes MitoSculpt different from the dozens of other weight loss supplements sold online today?

MitoSculpt works in a unique way because it supports healthier sleep and natural weight loss.

In fact, the manufacturer of MitoSculpt describes the supplement as “Nature’s Ambien,” comparing the formula to the popular prescription-strength sleeping pill. That’s because, like Ambien, MitoSculpt support a healthier sleep.

If you’re not getting enough sleep at night, then your body never enters optimal fat burning mode. Your body remains in a constant state of fight or flight, and it never truly relaxes.

By taking MitoSculpt daily, you can give your body the nutrients it needs to get out of the 24/7 fight or flight response. This response is triggering your body to over-produce fat. By supporting a healthy sleep, you can unblock your body’s natural fat burning processes, or lipolysis, for rapid weight loss results without strict dieting or exercising.

MitoSculpt also contains complementary ingredients designed for additional fat burning. Each serving contains an herb called guggul, which the manufacturer describes as a “fat-flushing super-nutrient.” Guggul can flush away excess fat from your body each morning, targeting weight loss from two angles.

Because of these effects, MitoSculpt aims to be the ultimate way to rapidly lose weight without dieting or exercising.

Who Created MitoSculpt? About Ashley Anderson

MitoSculpt was created by a woman named Ashley Anderson.

Not long ago, Ashley was almost 80lbs overweight. At 38, Ashley had a stressful job and limited time to cook healthy meals or exercise. Her clothes grew tighter over the years, and she gained weight.

Ashley was motivated to create MitoSculpt after experiencing a humiliating incident at her sister’s wedding. Ashley sat down on a special bench to take a picture with the other bridesmaids. Then, the bench cracked under Ashley’s weight. She spilled her drink on her sister’s wedding dress. The entire wedding party laughed at Ashley as she rolled around on the floor, unable to get up.

Ashley felt like she ruined her sister’s big day. So she decided to make a change. She started researching easy, effective ways to lose weight. Her research led her to discover the “MitoSculpt Secret.”

What is the “MitoSculpt Secret”?

Ashley and her team developed MitoSculpt based on something called the “MitoSculpt Secret.”

Here’s how that secret works:

Women over 35 struggle to lose weight – even if they’re dieting or exercising – because of weight loss roadblocks.

Your body has roadblocks deep inside its cells that are blocking fat from being burned away, according to Ashley’s research. This causes stubborn fat to cling to your thighs, hips, and belly.

These roadblocks become more common in your 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond, making it increasingly difficult to lose weight with age.

The MitoSculpt Secret can help. It involves taking natural ingredients to get rid of roadblocks, helping to push your fat cells along your natural fat burning pathways – and out of your body.

MitoSculpt gets rid of roadblocks by improving the quality of your sleep, helping to activate lipolysis within your body as you sleep.

Overall, the goal of the MitoSculpt Secret is to help anyone lose weight at any age – regardless of how many diet or exercise programs you’ve tried before and how much weight you have to lose.

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It’s Not About the Quality or Quantity of Sleep: It’s About Lipolysis During Sleep

Ashley experienced a weight loss breakthrough after talking to Melissa, the wedding photographer who had seen her humiliating incident at Ashley’s sister’s wedding.

Melissa told Ashley she used to be overweight – until she followed the MitoSculpt Secret to rapidly lose weight without dieting or exercising.

Melissa found sleep was the secret to weight loss. However, it’s not about the quantity or quality of sleep you’re getting; instead, it’s about whether or not your body activates lipolysis, or fat burning, as you sleep.

Lipolysis is your body’s natural fat burning process. When your body needs energy and is unable to get that energy from carbs or other sources, it burns fat for energy instead. Lipolysis involves breaking down stored fat for energy, removing that fat from the body.

By taking MitoSculpt daily, you can optimize sleep by targeting mitochondria, or the energy factories of the cells. These mitochondria play a critical role in fat burning, and MitoSculpt (as you may have guessed from the name), specifically targets the mitochondria.

Why Lipolysis Slows Down with Age

As you get older, your body’s natural fat burning processes slow down. Lower lipolysis makes it harder to lose weight and keep it off.

Why does lipolysis slow down with age? Why do you need a supplement like MitoSculpt? Ashley’s research led her to discover two main factors that slow down the lipolysis process, including:

Reason #1: Cortisol: Cortisol is a stress hormone your body produces in response to stress. Cortisol is an important survival mechanism, but it can wreak havoc on your health. High long-term cortisol levels lead to weight gain. Your body stubbornly clings to weight because it’s in survival mode. High cortisol levels are also linked to poor cardiovascular health and other risks. According to Ashley’s research, “high levels of cortisol ‘significantly decrease’ the process that’s responsible for lipolysis.”

Reason #2: Stress: Stress raises cortisol levels. But it also impacts fat burning in other ways. It reduces your body’s ability to burn fat, for example, and it forces your body to hold onto every calorie you consume instead of burning it for energy. Worse, you may not even feel stressed when you’re producing high cortisol levels. You’re exposed to physical and cognitive stressors every day, and even minor stressors can increase cortisol production.

Because of these two factors, your lipolysis naturally slows down with age, leading to poor weight loss results.

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MitoSculpt Ingredients

Many weight loss supplements claim to help you lose significant weight without dieting or exercising. Some have science-backed ingredients linked to fat burning, while others do not.

So what’s inside MitoSculpt? Can the supplement really target mitochondria to boost fat burning and raise energy levels?

Here are all of the active ingredients in MitoSculpt and how they work, according to the official website:

Guggul: Guggul is one of the most important ingredients in MitoSculpt. According to the official MitoSculpt website, guggul will “unlock your body’s fat-burning freeway,” encouraging lipolysis and helping you rapidly lose weight. Over time, stress and cortisol can inhibit lipolysis, making it hard to lose weight. Guggul unblocks lipolysis by targeting the mitochondria of your cells, helping you lose weight.

GABA: Gamma aminobutyric acid, or GABA, is an amino acid produced by your body naturally. Today, some take GABA as a supplement to support relaxation and calmness. In fact, many sleep aid supplements contain GABA for that reason. According to, “GABA increases the rate of lipolysis” and can also “help shuttle your fat down the fat-burning freeway,” where it can later be burned off. Because of these effects, GABA is “an incredibly powerful fat-burning tool” that could help deliver significant effects throughout your body.

Melatonin: Melatonin is one of the most popular sleep aid supplement ingredients available today. Many people take melatonin regularly for sleep. Your body produces melatonin on its own based on your circadian rhythm, or natural sleep / wake cycle. However, taking melatonin in supplement form could kickstart this cycle and help you fall asleep. According to the makers of MitoSculpt, melatonin can also help you lose weight. The company claims “…melatonin also plays a crucial role in fat loss,” for example, citing several studies connecting melatonin to weight loss. Melatonin works by transforming your fat cells into a type that can more easily be burned away via lipolysis, making it easier to lose weight.

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Valerian Root: Found in many sleep aid supplements, valerian root has a long history of use as a natural relaxation aid. Today, those same effects make valerian root a popular calming herb and sleep aid supplement ingredient. According to the official MitoSculpt website, valerian can also help with weight gain. Valerian works because it can “Help you to shed the fat that has been accumulating in all those problem areas for years.” Plus, it keeps fat away from your body for years into the future, making it easy to stay slim long-term.

L-Tryptophan: Tryptophan is the amino acid in turkey and certain other types of meat linked to tiredness after Thanksgiving dinner. Today, many supplements use tryptophan for rest, relaxation, sleep, and calmness. By taking L-tryptophan in supplement form, you can purportedly relax the body and burn fat. According to the makers of MitoSculpt, tryptophan reduces appetite, helping you naturally eat less. In fact, one study found people take tryptophan consumed 300 fewer calories at every meal without trying.

Lemon Balm Extract: Lemon balm extract can cause “a decrease in the amount of weight gained by the body, particularly in the belly area,’ according to the official MitoSculpt website. Best-known for its calming and relaxing properties, lemon balm extract can also help you burn fat and lose weight by naturally reducing appetite and inhibiting fat formation, according to the manufacturer of MitoSculpt.

Passionflower: Passionflower can reduce cortisol, helping your body manage levels of the stress hormone. In fact, according to, passionflower “is as effective at reducing cortisol as a benzodiazepine.” Some people take prescription medication to lower stress and reduce cortisol, while others take the passionflower in MitoSculpt.

Chamomile: Chamomile is yet another herb and plant linked to calmness and relaxation. In MitoSculpt, however, it also has fat burning effects. According to, the chamomile within the formula “can be effectively used for obesity prevention and treatment.” Some studies suggest it can lower cortisol levels, helping to unblock your body’s fat burning pathways.

Overall, many of the ingredients in MitoSculpt work in a similar way: they unblock your body’s fat burning pathways by managing cortisol and stress, helping you rapidly lose weight.

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What to Expect After Taking MitoSculpt: Ashley’s Weight Loss Journey

Ashley Anderson rapidly lost weight within days of taking MitoSculpt for the first time.

Here’s what you could experience after taking MitoSculpt, according to Ashley’s weight loss journey shared online:

Ashley took two capsules with a glass of water at night.

The next morning, Ashley woke up with more energy than she ever had in her life. She thought it was a coincidence or a placebo effect.

By the end of the week, Ashley had lost 8lbs with MitoSculpt, or over 1lb per day.

Despite losing 1lb per day with MitoSculpt, Ashley hadn’t dieted or exercised all week. In fact, she ate plenty of unhealthy food – like multiple slices of wedding cake – yet she was still 8lbs lighter after just one week of taking MitoSculpt.

Ashley continued to take two capsules of MitoSculpt religiously every night. Every time she stepped on the scale, she had lost weight.

After one month of taking MitoSculpt, Ashley had lost 19lbs. After three months, she had lost 37lbs.

Ashley was fitting into her sexy clothes again for the first time in 15 years. her knee pain disappeared. Her sister told her she looked amazing.

Ultimately, Ashley claims the eight active ingredients in MitoSculpt “helped [her] lose every pound of stubborn, excess fat in less than 6 months…without even trying.” She didn’t exercise, diet, or exert any significant effort whatsoever – yet she still lost as much as 0.5 to 1lb per day with MitoSculpt.

Motivated by her successful weight loss, Ashley decided to team up with Melissa to share MitoSculpt with the world.

Ashley and Melissa Team Up with Hormonal Harmony to Launch MitoSculpt

Melissa, a wedding photographer, and Ashley Anderson, a 38-year old working professional, teamed up with a supplement company called Hormonal Harmony to mass-produce MitoSculpt for the world.

Ashley and Melissa were motivated to launch MitoSculpt after they both lost weight with early versions of the MitoSculpt formula.

After Melissa lost weight with a collection of unique, natural ingredients, she told Ashley about those same natural ingredients. Ashley rapidly lost weight, dropping 37lbs in just three months of taking MitoSculpt – or around 0.5lbs per day.

Today, anyone can buy Hormonal Harmony’s MitoSculpt online to potentially enjoy similar weight loss benefits as Ashley and Melissa.

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Scientific Evidence for MitoSculpt

The makers of MitoSculpt cite 20+ scientific studies on the ingredients in MitoSculpt to justify their weight loss claims. According to, some women have lost 0.5 to 1lb per day by taking MitoSculpt – without dieting or exercising. Is there any science behind this claim? Let’s find out.

Multiple studies have connected sleep to weight loss. A 2022 study published in Nutrients, for example, found sleep deprivation was linked to significant weight gain. People who were sleep deprived tended to have a slower metabolism and lower rate of fat burning than people who got adequate sleep. Other studies have found one-third of Americans aren’t getting enough sleep at night, contributing to weight gain.

Guggul is one of the most important ingredients in MitoSculpt. Loaded with natural chemicals called guggulsterones, guggul has a long history of use in traditional medicine in India – including Ayurveda. Today, some studies have connected guggul to blood sugar, weight loss, appetite control, and other effects. Some of the most promising research for guggul and weight loss involves appetite control: by interacting with your blood sugar pathways, guggul could help manage your appetite. Blood sugar fluctuations can lead to strong food cravings, making it tough to stick to your diet.

Melatonin may be the most noticeable ingredient in MitoSculpt. Although Melissa and Ashley don’t disclose the dose of melatonin upfront, melatonin has been shown to help people sleep at doses of just 0.5 to 10mg. After taking MitoSculpt, you could feel sleepy because of the melatonin and other ingredients inside.

However, some studies have also connected melatonin to weight loss. The makers of MitoSculpt cite a 2014 study in Menopause Review, for example, where a group of postmenopausal women reduced anxiety and depression, improved quality of sleep, and lost weight after taking 5mg of melatonin for 24 weeks.

Overall, MitoSculpt contains a blend of ingredients that can help you fall asleep at night. Although there’s no evidence you can lose 1lb of fat per day with MitoSculpt without dieting or exercising, the supplement could help you fall asleep each night and enjoy quality rest.

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How Much Weight Can You Lose with MitoSculpt?

The official MitoSculpt website is filled with testimonials, before-and-after images, and other reviews from customers who have lost significant weight while taking MitoSculpt.

In fact, Ashley and her team specifically advertise the supplement to people with all levels of weight to lose – whether you have “20lbs…or 100lbs+ to lose,” you could experience success with MitoSculpt and the MitoSculpt Secret.

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Here are some of the weight loss stories featured on the official MitoSculpt website:

Ashley, the woman who helped launch MitoSculpt, claims to have lost over 1lb per day with MitoSculpt, dropping 8lbs within her first week of taking the supplement.

After taking MitoSculpt for one month, Ashley lost 19lbs.

Ashley ultimately lost 37lbs after taking MitoSculpt for three months, dropping around 0.5lbs per day and keeping it off with the formula.

Ashley, Melissa, and others featured on the official MitoSculpt website did not diet or exercise while losing weight with MitoSculpt. In fact, Ashley claims she ate wedding cake and other unhealthy foods while still rapidly losing weight with the supplement.

In before-and-after images featured on the official MitoSculpt website, women appear to have lost anywhere from 10 to 50lbs while taking the supplement.

According to the manufacturer, MitoSculpt specifically helps you lose weight “without restrictive diets” and “without grueling exercise,” allowing you to rapidly burn fat with little effort required.

MitoSculpt Pricing

MitoSculpt normally costs $199 per bottle, or $199 for a one month supply. As part of an introductory online promotion, however, the manufacturer has reduced the price to $59 per bottle. In fact, you could save even more money and qualify for free shipping by ordering 3 or 6 bottles at once.

MitoSculpt Pricing

Here’s how pricing works when ordering MitoSculpt online today through the official website:

  • 1 Bottle: $59 + Shipping
  • 3 Bottles: $147 ($49 Per Bottle) + Free Shipping
  • 6 Bottles: $234 ($39 Per Bottle) + Free Shipping

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MitoSculpt Refund Policy

MitoSculpt has a 180 day moneyback guarantee. You can request a complete refund on your purchase within 180 days of your initial order date with no questions asked.

If you’re unhappy with how much weight you lost while taking MitoSculpt, or if the supplement did not work as advertised, then simply send any bottles back to the manufacturer (regardless if they’re empty or full) to receive a complete refund.

Returns Address: 1140 South Highbrook St, Akron, OH 44301

About Hormonal Harmony

MitoSculpt was developed by two ordinary women who struggled with weight loss until they discovered the “MitoSculpt Secret.” Those women include 38-year old Ashley Anderson and Melissa, a wedding photographer. The formula originally comes from Melissa, who rapidly lost a significant amount of weight using the formula that would become MitoSculpt. After Ashley took the formula and lost 80lbs, the pair decided to share the supplement with the world by partnering with supplement company Hormonal Harmony.

Ashley and Melissa partnered with US-based supplement company Hormonal Harmony to manufacture MitoSculpt. That company manufactures MitoSculpt in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility in the United States.

You can contact the MitoSculpt customer service team via the following:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 1-561-468-3108
  • Registered Address: 1140 South Highbrook St, Akron, OH 44301

In addition to MitoSculpt, other popular Hormonal Harmony supplements include HB-5, HB-5 Advanced, and HB Regenerate.

Final Word

MitoSculpt is a weight loss supplement designed to help you lose weight rapidly without dieting or exercising.

By taking MitoSculpt daily, you can purportedly lose as much as 0.5 to 1lb of fat per day by optimizing fat burning, or lipolysis, at the cellular level. The supplement works by using natural ingredients to target mitochondria within your cells.

To learn more about MitoSculpt and how it works or to buy the fat burning supplement online today, visit the official website.

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