Psychic Source Reviews: Is Legit or Fake Psychic Customer Readings?

Psychic Source is a reliable platform for everyone who wants to know the psychic reading or tarot card readings of their lives. It is one of the popular online psychic services that has been around for a long time now. All the psychic services available on this website have helped millions of people out there who were looking for spiritual readings and guidance.

The company takes pride in its team of highly-learned psychic advisors who have built up a reputation for providing genuine and honest readings. Psychic Source offers different types of readings, such as love readings, angel readings, spiritual readings, past life readings, numerology readings, astrology readings, and many others. In addition to that, there is also Psychic Source’s review readings page that will help you track your readings.

For decades, Psychic Source has provided great life readings to all the people who were troubled with their lives. Their great service is also the result of the rigorous screening process that is available for all their psychic readers. It means that they have been through some tests before being appointed, and hence they are genuine with the psychic abilities claims they make.

Platform Name:

Psychic Source.


A psychic service website.

Platform Description:

Psychic Source is a popular psychic service website that will help you in getting different types of readings.


  • Horoscope readings.
  • Psychic readings.

Readings Styles:

  • Direct.
  • Compassionate.
  • Expressive.

Communication Mediums:

  • Video chat.
  • Phone calls.
  • Chat reading.



Satisfaction Guarantee

100% with a refund guarantee of 1 day.

Official Website:

Who Is The Mastermind Behind These Psychic Services?

Psychic Source was created years ago by a group of professionals who wanted to create a platform for genuine and accurate readings. Everything on this platform was put together after years of struggle and research. With the goal to provide their users with the best reading styles, Psychic Source is now one of the first psychic reading sites that offer the best online psychics.

For the past three decades, Psychic Source has been at the top of the psychic service market. It has become a reputable psychic website that has real customers and highly-rated customer reviews.

If you are struggling to find a psychic that can genuinely help you in putting your life back on track, then Psychic Source is the platform for you. All the psychic advisors here are put through a rigorous screening process to test their psychic gifts. Therefore, they are real, and so are their psychic abilities.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of This Psychic Source?

Indeed, Psychic Source is one of the highly-rated psychic reading websites with real customer reviews and great reading history. With years and years of struggle, it has put together a team of experienced psychics that will help you gain insight into your life and work accordingly. There are multiple psychic advisors on the platform, and all their psychic readings are honest in nature.

Though, like other psychic reading sites, Psychic Source too has its own set of pros and cons. We will discuss both sides here to help you understand this online psychic reading website in a better way.

Pros Of Psychic Source

  • Psychic Source has more than 30 years of presence in the online psychic industry.
  • Psychic Source has a trial session for new users.
  • Unlike other psychic reading sites, it has a broad network of the best online psychics.
  • It provides you with 24/7 customer support.
  • It offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • The review readings page of the website will help you keep track of your readings.
  • Psychic Source has real customer feedback and highly-rated psychic advisors.
  • Psychic Source hires its psychic advisor through a rigorous screening process.
  • Psychic Source comes with video readings, phone readings, and chat readings.
  • Psychic Source horoscopes and other mystic services are free of cost.
  • This psychic reading website is entirely secure and safe for use.

Cons Of Psychic Source

  • The cost of online psychic services provided by Psychic Source varies as per the communication medium, i.e., video call readings are more expensive than other types of readings.
  • Some of the Psychic Source psychics work through a limited communications medium.
  • Free trials are only available for three minutes. (Try now by clicking here!)

What Are The Types Of Psychic Readings at Psychic Source?

Psychic Source offers you different types of readings that help you in getting over the problems that are plaguing different aspects of your life. The Psychic Source team is one of the highly-rated psychic advisors out there who are known for their skills and techniques.

As compared to other psychic reading sites, every psychic reader under Psychic Source has a great psychic ability to not only help you feel better but also help you counter the ongoing issues in your life.

Below we are going to discuss the major types of readings that Psychic Source provides its users with. Therefore, let’s take a quick skim through it and understand how Psychic Source helps you through its psychic advice in various aspects.

Love and Relationships Reading By Psychic Advisors on Psychic Source

Love and relationships are significant factors in everyone’s lives out there. They are two important feelings that we want to preserve for the long term in a healthy manner. But, if you are someone struggling with your relationship or love life, then Psychic Source can be a great help.

A love and relationship reading is a type of psychic reading that focuses on your romantic relationships. It can provide insight into your current relationship or help you find the right partner. Love and relationship readings can also help you understand why past relationships failed and what you can do to improve your future chances of finding love.

Love readings are not always accurate, but Psychic Source has a wide team of psychic readers that provides you with an accurate one. Through this online psychic reading website, you can find a love psychic that will help you smoothen your love life greatly with their great insight and psychic abilities.

Love and relationship reading can help anyone who wants direction and clarity in their love life. If you’re feeling unsure about your current relationship or struggling to find the right partner, a love and relationship reading may be able to provide you with the answers you need.

Additionally, if you’ve experienced repeated relationship failures, a love and relationship reading can help you understand why and what you can do to break the cycle.

Insightful Astrology Psychic Readings By Psychic Advisors on Psychic Source

Astrology readings are a form of divination that uses the positions and movements of celestial objects to gain insight into an individual’s personality, relationships, and life path. Astrologers use a person’s birth date, time, and location to create a birth chart or horoscope, which is a map of the positions of the planets and stars at the time of their birth.

Astrology readings are one of the specialties of Psychic Source. There are highly experienced psychic readers that will help you understand your stars and how you can align them in a better direction.

There are several experienced psychics on the platform that will give you accurate readings about your astrological stars through object readings, cartomancy readings, or others. Astrology can be pretty tricky at times, and to find an honest reading about the same is very difficult given the various psychic scams going all around the internet.

But with Psychic Source, you will be able to get a genuine opinion through either video readings, chat readings, or phone readings.

Astrology readings from Psychic Source can provide valuable insights into a person’s strengths, weaknesses, and potential challenges. They can also offer guidance on career choices, relationships, and life decisions. However, astrology readings should not be used as a substitute for professional advice from a licensed therapist, financial advisor, or medical professional.

Unmatched Spiritual Psychic Readings on the Psychic Source Website

Spirituality is an important part of everyone’s life. Psychic readings are directly proportional to spirituality. This is because all the psychic readings are gained from the spiritual realm, which is the real individual and collective unconscious of memories and dreams.

Every psychic advisor on the Psychic Source provides you with spiritual readings, as they all have a spiritual element. This can be either done through angel card reading that helps in accessing the wisdom of spirit guides or through tarot card readings that help you understand your situation through symbols on the cards. Another way is through past life readings that will follow your spirit through past incarnations.

Reliable Dream Interpretation By Psychic Advisors on Psychic Source

Our dreams are always confusing in nature. At times they are very vivid, and at times they are also very minutely felt. Nature can vary according to many factors. Dream interpretation is considered one of the significant tools to access the unconscious and find out the meaning and guidance about the same in the spiritual realm.

It is the process of analyzing the symbols and images in your dreams to gain insight into your subconscious mind. Dreams are believed to be a reflection of our thoughts, emotions, and experiences. By interpreting your dreams, you can gain a better understanding of your inner self and the issues that may be affecting your daily life.

With Psychic Source, you will be able to get an accurate dream interpretation. It is commonly done through angel card reading which helps in getting an insight into what messages your dreams want to convey to you. At times it is also believed that dreams are psychic mediums for our loved ones who have passed away to deliver a message to us.

Anyone who is curious about the meaning of their dreams can benefit from dream interpretation. However, there are certain groups of people who may find it particularly helpful:

  1. Those who are experiencing recurring dreams or nightmares: If you keep having the same dream over and over again, it could be a sign that your subconscious is trying to tell you something. Dream interpretation can help you identify the underlying issue and find ways to address it.
  2. Those who are going through a difficult time: Dreams can be a source of comfort or anxiety during stressful times. Dream interpretation can help you understand these dreams and find ways to cope with the emotions they evoke.

Past Life Psychic Readings on the Psychic Source Website

Past life psychic readings are a type of psychic reading that focuses on exploring past lives that may have an impact on the present. During a past life reading, a psychic will use their intuitive abilities to tap into your past lives and provide insight into who you may have been, what experiences you may have had, and how those experiences may be affecting your current life.

Whether you want to find out about your past life or your past love, psychic reading on Psychic Source will help you out in all ways. Your past life can decide a lot of things for you that are happening in your present. It is all interconnected, as everything comes around in a circle.

At times most of the issues in your present life are related to your past. To figure out the same, the Psychic Source advisor or, more specifically, a spiritual advisor takes a journey into your past and tells you about what he or she has discovered there.

While past life readings may not be for everyone, there are certain individuals who may benefit from this type of psychic reading. Here are a few examples:

  1. Individuals experiencing unexplained phobias or fears. If you have a fear or phobia that you can’t explain or that seems to have no apparent cause, a past life reading may provide some insight into where that fear or phobia may have originated.
  2. Individuals experiencing recurring dreams or visions. If you have recurring dreams or visions that seem to be connected to a past life, a past life reading may be able to provide some clarity and understanding.
  3. Individuals interested in spiritual growth and self-discovery.

How Does Psychic Source Work? – Psychic’s Rate, Session, Deals, And Refund

The psychic’s rate varies according to the reading you go for and their skills and specialization in the same. Psychic Source is very cheap and affordable when compared to other online psychic services like California Psychics. You can get the best online psychics to experience with no compromises at an affordable price.

Different psychics on Psychic Sources charge differently. It depends on the kind of power and skills they hold. While some have healing power, others have expertise with tarot cards. You will be able to find their charges in their psychic profiles. Another factor for variable charges is the difference in their backgrounds and the mystic tools or powers they possess.

The most significant factor here is that Psychic Source has a team of real psychics with genuine healing power, tarot cards expertise, object readings insight, and others. There is no compromise on quality, and each of your chosen psychics will help you gain insight into your life in a better and more affordable way.

Moreover, the cost of the sessions also depends on the medium of communication. For instance, video readings can be more expensive than chat readings or phone readings. That being said, the starting cost of per-minute psychic readings on Psychic Source begins at $0.99 and goes up to $5.99 if you go for specialized or highly experienced psychics.

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Psychic Source Reviews – FREE Trial Offers, Real Experience, Features & Benefits

Psychic Source offers generous discounts and offers to its new joiners. For instance, if you are new to Psychic Source, you will get a free session of up to 3 minutes. You will also get 10, 20, and 30-minute packages. To put it simply, once your trial period is over, you will be required to pay a dollar for each minute you spend talking to your psychic reader.

There are also promotional rates available for new joiners. Even regular Psychic Source users are able to get some discounts every now and then. All in all, Psychic Source is one of the wonderful platforms to find a psychic that will help you with every aspect of your life with their psychic ability and astrology readings. It is very simple and affordable at the same time.

How Can You Book An Appointment With The Psychic Source Advisors?

To begin with, in the hunt to find a psychic, you will first need to sign up on the official website of Psychic Source. It is free. Go to the create account page and type your first name, last name, email address, and date of birth. You will be asked to enter your password, and then you can click on the ‘Proceed to payment’ option.

On the next page, you will get the payment options (debit/credit cards or Paypal). After filling up the required details, you can review your sign-up form and correct it if there are any errors. The amount of money deducted from your account will depend on the package you have chosen.

After this, you will be able to access the world of experts and psychic readers. You can find the perfect psychic from Psychic Source just by clicking on the ‘Find a Psychic’ option. You will get a list of psychic advisors from which you can choose to get your spiritual readings, dream interpretation, love readings, tarot card readings, and others.

Before choosing a reputable psychic for you, make sure you go through the ratings, specialties, tools, price, and background details. Also, go through the real customers’ feedback, as they will help you in making a wise choice.

Once you have decided on your psychic reader, just go on their profile, and check their time zone, price, and availability.

Unlock the secrets of your life at Psychic Source – Click for authentic readings!

Who Are The Top-Rated Psychic Readers Available On The Psychic Source Website?

Psychic Source offers you a team of skilled psychic advisors who will help you with your life readings in a great way. They all come with their own specializations and skills. Therefore, here we are going to tell you about some of the popular psychic advisors of Psychic Source and help you decide which one will suit your online psychic reading needs the most.

Angelica x9393 – Guided By Spirit

Angelica is one of the popular names of the Psychic Source. She has been working with the platform for 36 years and has five-star ratings from real customers. The communication mediums are calls, chats, and video readings.

Angelica is the best love psychic who will help you out through angel cards or tarot card readings. She also has expertise in fixing people’s financial and career concerns. No matter where your issues are coming from, i.e., past, present, or future, Angelica will help you out in all ways using words, visions, and symbols.

Ursula x9927 – Love Twin Flames Medium

Ursula is one of the five-star rated psychic profiles of Psychic Source. She has been a part of the business for 52 years, and her communication mediums are call and chat. She is one of the best real psychics on the internet who has built up a strong reputation for being the best. Ursula takes pride in fixing several issues like your love life, career, finance, near-death experiences, and others.

She is one of the born psychics on Psychic Source, i.e., she has inherited her psychic gift of helping people from her family. As per many Psychic Source reviews, she has helped several Psychic Source users. Apart from angel readings, Ursula can deliver cartomancy readings and astrological insights as well.

Juliette x9440 – Insightful Healing

Juliette is one of the well-known Psychic Source’s psychics who has been around for 15 years. She is available via chat and is another cartomancy reading expert. As per many Psychic Source reviews, she has helped hundreds of users out there to get over their fears and achieve their life goals.

With a master’s degree in clinical psychology, she is someone with great intuition and is committed to helping everyone overcome the problems plaguing their present and future.

Hunter x4875 – Healer-Medium

Being with Psychic Source for 29 years, Hunter is best for energy work that comes from her gift of intuitive mediumship. She is a specialized psychic reader that will help you with your past life readings as she possesses the skill to channel the living and the dead.

Top-Rated Psychic Readers

Psychic Source Reviews: What Do Real Users Have to Say?

There are several positive Psychic Source reviews available on its official website and all over the internet. All the Psychic Source users have rated the psychic readings available on this website as one of the most honest and genuine ones.

As per on Psychic Source review, the video readings feature of the website helped the user a lot to overcome her fears and issues. According to another Psychic Source review, all psychic advisors are honest in nature. They offer real psychics, and all you need to tell them is what you need. They will provide you with just what it was.

Psychic Source Customer Reviews

See what others are saying – click here for genuine reviews!


How Do You Know If A Psychic Reader Is Reliable?

One way to determine if a psychic reader is reliable is to check their credentials. Many professional psychic readers have certifications or memberships with reputable organizations, such as the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums.

These organizations ensure that their members adhere to a code of ethics and have undergone rigorous training and testing to ensure their abilities.

A reliable psychic reader should have clear and open communication with their clients. They should be able to explain their process and the meaning behind their readings in a way that is easy to understand. Additionally, they should be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have. If a psychic reader seems evasive or unclear in their communication, it may be a red flag.

Is Psychic Source Legit?

The short answer is yes, Psychic Source is a legitimate psychic service. They have been in business for over three decades and have a large network of experienced psychics who have undergone a rigorous screening process to ensure their authenticity and accuracy. Additionally, Psychic Source offers a satisfaction guarantee, which means that if you’re not satisfied with your reading, you can get a refund.

It is an online service that offers psychic readings and guidance from a network of professional psychics. Psychic Source claims to provide accurate and insightful readings to help people navigate their lives.

What Factors Did We Take Into Consideration While Doing Our Psychic Source Review?

One of the most important factors we considered was the reputation and trustworthiness of the Psychic Source. We looked at customer reviews and ratings, as well as the company’s history and track record.

Another important factor we considered was the variety of services and psychics offered by Psychic Source.

We also evaluated the ease of use and customer support provided by Psychic Source. We checked if their website is user-friendly and if they have convenient features like online chat and mobile apps. We also tested their customer support response time and quality.

Pricing and value for money were also important factors we considered. We looked at the cost of readings and compared them to other similar services.

Are Psychic Source’s Psychic Readers Certified?

The short answer is yes, Psychic Source’s psychic readers are certified. In fact, Psychic Source has a rigorous screening process for all of its psychic advisors to ensure that only the best and most qualified individuals are chosen to provide readings to their clients.

Before being accepted as a psychic reader for Psychic Source, applicants must go through a series of tests and interviews to assess their psychic abilities, communication skills, and professionalism. This includes a thorough background check and a review of their experience and qualifications.

Final Verdict On Psychic Source – Is It Really Better Than Other Psychic Reading Sites?

Psychic Source is one of the most popular websites that will provide you with a team of psychic advisors equipped with great knowledge and skills. No matter what you need, the website is going to provide you with exactly the same. All the Psychic Source advisors are genuine and honest with their readings. Moreover, you also get a 100% satisfaction guarantee from your company about your chosen psychic.

Are Psychic Source advisors accurate? Yes. Is Psychic Source legit? Absolutely yes! Does Psychic Source compare to other websites like California Psychics? A big yes!

Whether you need spiritual readings, love readings, healing power, or anything else, Psychic Source will help you achieve the same. With their different reading styles, your chosen psychic will help you overcome the fears and obstacles that are blocking your path.

Unlock your future with Psychic Source – Book your reading now!

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