Top 5 Psychic Apps & Sites For Accurate Readings

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Psychic readings have been shrouded in mystery for as long as we can remember. Thankfully, nowadays, one can get a hold of verified psychic readers and psychic apps in just a few clicks. The best free fortune telling apps allow online psychics to channel their powers using tried and tested methods, as well as establish a connection with higher realms using various divination tools.

Online psychics can help you connect the dots and ‘download’ specific information from the fourth and fifth dimensions. A free psychic reading can be 100% authentic once you choose a psychic reading site with customer reviews to back up the reader’s talents. Psychic sites and free psychic reading apps can provide the necessary guidance as they feature a vetted roster of psychic advisors, a refund policy, and a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring only accurate predictions are passed on.

Top 5 psychic apps & websites

  • Nebula. A welcome offer of $14 for a chat with online psychics + a matching tool to find accurate psychics.
  • California Psychics. $1/ minute for your first psychic reading and a Karma Rewards program for earning points.
  • Purple Garden. Video call options and $10 free credits for an online psychic reading with your favorite online psychics.
  • Kasamba. 3 free minutes and a discount of 50% for your first psychic reading await you at Kasamba.
  • Keen. 3 minutes for a free psychic reading and a 100% satisfaction guarantee for returning customers.


Main features

  • Special offer. A special offer of $14 credits will allow you to receive authentic and accurate readings and get a taste of what Nebula offers.
  • Chat system. Psychic readings at Nebula are available via a chat system, which means you can start interacting with the psychic reader after you sign up.
  • Matching feature. Unable to find the right psychic reader for your online session? Nebula gives you a matching tool to determine the best online psychic reader.
  • Customer support. Responsive customer support is Nebula’s staple, with the support team delivering answers within 24 hours.


Type of readings

An online psychic reading website like Nebula has the largest selection of psychic readings in the business. You can get psychic readings from accurate psychics that specialize in tarot cards, spellcasting, clairvoyance, pendulum readings, crystal ball readings, mediumship, past life readings, love readings, life path readings, Reiki, oracle card reading, shamanic healing, and numerology.

How to choose a psychic

Getting psychic readings at Nebula becomes possible once you sign up and become a Nebula club member. After you complete registration, a special offer of 100 credits ($14) is available. The matching tool allows you to choose a psychic reader who meets your specific needs. You can also pick between psychic reader options such as best in a love psychic reading, advisor of the day, recommended for you, and top-rated.

Mobile application

Nebula app

  • Downloads: 20 million
  • Rating: 4.7
  • Customer reviews: 133,382

If you’ve been looking for live psychic chat app free features, Nebula’s app on App Store and Play Market will fit the bill. Nebula promotes the astrology-oriented approach and customized horoscope psychic readings, with the advanced compatibility tool using the stars to shape your destiny. A psychic chat app that takes online psychic readings to the next level, Nebula has it all:

  • Astrology support. To get much-needed guidance in matters of love & relationships, a chat psychic reading option with gifted psychics can be accessed 24/7.
  • Compatibility feature. As soon as you access the service’s advanced compatibility tool, you will see how to get your relationship going based on the position of the planets.
  • Nebulatalk section. The Nebulatalk section allows astrology fans to share their thoughts and feelings, as well as find like-minded people they can connect with.
  • Daily horoscopes. A trusted psychic reading free app like Nebula will never pass up the chance to improve your love life as it delivers daily horoscopes based on your natal charts.

Pricing & discounts

Unlike other psychic reading sites, Nebula does not make distinctions by price among its online psychic readers, with standard online psychic readings starting at $1/minute. The website operates on a credit-based system, which means you will be charged 30 credits for 1 minute of psychic reading.

A welcome offer allows customers to purchase 100 credits for $2.99, with $14 bonus credits that can be spent on a 3-minute online psychic reading. You can also earn Nebula points with every purchase, level up your tier for more benefits, and unlock new features once you purchase the site’s membership plan.


How to get a psychic reading

After you sign up for your first online psychic reading, a welcome offer of 100 credits will be delivered to your account. The chat room is where you get connected with your favorite psychic, with the Start chat button allowing you to interact with the preferred reader.

Nebula has filters to help you select psychics based on their tools, topics, rating, and the number of sessions. Nebula astrology and fortune teller app for Android and iOS can be downloaded for free. Customers start chatting with online psychic readers after they sign up and provide personal information. They will also receive a personalized horoscope based on their natal chart.

California Psychics

Main features

  • Introductory offer. Good psychic reading websites are never complete without a welcome offer — California Psychics makes dreams a reality with 20 minutes of chat and online psychic readings at $1/minute.
  • Customer loyalty program. At California Psychics, you can choose an exclusive Karma Rewards loyalty program, including a personalized dashboard, a psychic circle with your favorite readers, points for purchases, and a $20 credit for signing up.
  • 20-minute packages. In addition to the welcome offer provided by California Psychics, 3 20-minute deals will be delivered to customers (affordable, popular, and premium).
  • Get Matched tool. By answering a few simple questions, you will know what kind of online psychic readings you are looking for with a Psychic Match Quiz.


Type of readings

Accurate psychic readings are a part of the website’s policy, which means that you will get a quality online psychic reading on various topics: love, life path, career, medium, tarot, money, clairvoyant, numerology, past lives, oracle cards, astrology, deceased loved ones, remote viewing, dream interpretation, channeling, empath, and lost objects. Readers are divided into 3 categories: compassionate, straightforward, and inspirational chat psychics.

How to choose a psychic

The process of finding the right psychic for tarot readings, love readings, and money readings requires a sign-up, allowing you to claim the promo offer of $1 per minute and choose between 3 customer packages. Filter the psychics based on their reading topics, psychic abilities, psychic tools, and styles. Using the Chat/Talk button will connect you with a psychic in mere seconds. If the call didn’t go through, you can always use the callback feature to arrange a future appointment.

Mobile application

California Psychics app

  • Downloads: 500,000+
  • Rating: 4.3
  • Customer reviews: 997

Whenever you need the power of cosmic guidance for your love, money, career, and tarot readings, California Psychics is here to save the day. Its mobile app allows you to access online psychic readings on the go, which makes the service stand out among other free fortune teller apps. Available on App Store and Google Play, it offers a fresh perspective for customers seeking inner wisdom. California Psychics can connect you with the psychic mediums via chat or phone calls if you want a real-time reading. You can also send a message to your favorite psychic and get a reply within 24 hours. The latest features on the app include:

  • Auto-reload. You can reload your account automatically so your free psychic reading is never interrupted.
  • Psychic queue. If the psychic is not available, join the psychic queue to get a notification as soon as they are online.
  • Karma rewards. The app allows you to redeem points for a free psychic reading, tarot cards readings, and dream analysis.
  • Zodiac compatibility. Can Pisces and Capricorn make a perfect couple? What about Libra and Scorpio? California Psychics delivers daily horoscopes, weekly horoscopes, and a yearly horoscope for every sign.
  • Free tarot card reading. Not sure what your next move in love should be? Give the cards a shuffle with the draw free tarot card feature and get insightful advice in seconds.

Pricing & discounts

The best psychic reading site in the business cannot operate without a proper pricing policy, and California Psychics is no exception. Here, you can get psychic reading services for $1/minute as a part of the platform’s welcome offer. Top-rated psychics will charge $8 per minute, with most readers operating in the $6-$8 range. California Psychics features 20-minute intro packages to help you get the best deal with an online psychic reading. These include an affordable package for $20 (newest psychics), a popular package for $40 (popular psychics), and a premium package for $80 (premier psychics).


How to get a psychic reading

There are 3 main options that allow you to order psychic reading services at California Psychics:

  • Read the psychic profiles. After you’ve studied each psychic’s bio, choose the one that fits you best and press the Talk/Chat button to start a conversation.
  • Set up your account. Once you’ve signed up at California Psychics, you will get a special promotion of $1/minute, with high-tier psychics charging $2/minute and $4/minute.
  • Schedule a reading. If the expert is currently unavailable for an online psychic reading, you can select a callback option so they can connect with you as soon as they are online.

Need a psychic reading free app to back you up? Psychic mediums and empath psychics are available 24/7 as you earn your Karma Rewards points after the first purchase.

Purple Garden

Main features

  • Welcome deal. You can reach out to psychic advisors using the $10 credit, which allows you to receive cashback after your first purchase.
  • Contact methods. If you want direct communication with your favorite psychic advisor, you can order video readings, phone readings, or chat readings.
  • Selection process. You can sort out the psychics by category, including most accurate, trending, staff picks, top-rated, and recommended.
  • Certified readers. With over 1000 psychics on the platform, it is easy to find an authentic reader with 10+ years of experience.


Type of readings

Like most online psychic reading websites. Purple Garden offers a choice of psychic readings that can be accessed from the main menu. Here, you will find reading topics that include love readings, tarot readings, psychic readings, palm readings, astrology, dream analysis, oracle guidance, and angel insights.

How to choose a psychic

Your Purple Garden journey starts with creating an account and claiming the welcome offer. Once you spend your $10 credit on a free psychic reading, the amount will be removed from your balance, with video streams allowing you to establish close contact with the selected psychic. Purple Garden has a notification system informing you when the reader is back online. The chat option provides complete privacy while conducting a reading, with the cost of the psychic depending on their expertise and level of experience.

Mobile application

Purple Garden App

  • Downloads: 100,000+
  • Rating: 5.0 (Google Play), 4.8 (App Store)
  • Customer reviews: 866 (Google Play), 2,700 (App Store)

From video readings to phone sessions, the Purple Garden app on App Store and Google Play has 900+ vetted readers at your beck and call. With an average rate prediction of 91.5%, Purple Garden is a fortune teller app for Android and iOS that provides you with a 5% cashback on every purchase. Its main features include:

  • Video, chat, and phone psychics
  • Love & relationship coaching
  • Zodiac readings and compatibility
  • Soulmate and twin flame readings
  • Dream analysis
  • Online palm readings

You can also take an empath test and receive angel insights as a part of the psychic chat app services.

Pricing & discounts

To create an account at Purple Garden, you have to fund it with a minimum of $15 before your first reading. A credit of $10 will be delivered to your account, along with the cashback program returning $5 on your purchases. Like many psychic reading sites, Purple Garden has a standard price range that varies between $0.99 and $6.99 per minute. You can filter the psychics by contact method, number of reviews, and prices, with some of the top-rated advisors charging $16.99 per minute.


How to get a psychic reading

If you want professional advice from online psychic mediums and tarot readers at Purple Garden, setting up an account would be the first step. You can also browse the list of available psychics based on categories and availability. Purple Garden psychic app features green and red circles for available/busy psychics. You can connect with readers using chat/phone/video options, with the $10 credit delivered to your account once you make the first purchase.


Main features

  • Psychic specialties. If you want a trusted advisor with the necessary qualifications, Kasamba is the best place, with psychic specialties like dream analysis and career forecasts allowing you to connect all the dots.
  • Welcome offer. Ready to get a free online psychic reading? Kasamba is here to help with its offer of 3 free minutes and up to 50% discount for your first reading.
  • Contact methods. You can contact the psychics using 3 available methods that include chat/phone/email.
  • Money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy with an online psychic reading, you can request a refund of $50 to be delivered to your account.


Type of readings

Kasamba delivers free readings in the form of a welcome offer of 3 free minutes for your first session. The platform features over 300 psychics proficient in the selected fields. Some of the most popular reading types include:

  • Tarot readings
  • Love readings
  • Fortune telling
  • Dream interpretation
  • Astrology readings
  • Career advice

Lifting the fog and gazing into the future becomes even easier with unusual reading categories like numerology, past life readings, graphology, pet psychics, parents & children, cheating & affairs, breakups & divorce, soulmate connections, marital life, and universal laws.

How to choose a psychic

Once you become a Kasamba member, a free psychic reading of 3 minutes will be provided as an introductory deal. Psychic services like tarot card readings and palm readings are just a few clicks away, with the Let’s Chat option allowing you to connect instantly. After you’ve confirmed the payment method, you can choose the Kasamba psychic whose profile seems to speak to you the most. After your free readings are over, you can start a paid session based on the price set by each psychic.

Mobile application

Kasamba app

  • Downloads: 500,000+
  • Rating: 4.1
  • Customer reviews: 4,000+

Once you download the medium reading app from App Store and Google Play, you will be able to claim your 3 free minutes for psychic reading services + up to 50% discount for your first reading. You will only be charged for a psychic session if you decide to continue with a paid online psychic reading. Here are the top-rated features that you will come across on the Kasamba app:

  • Customer satisfaction. The app allows you to request a refund for psychic services in case you are not satisfied with the reading.
  • Organized layout. The app features detailed psychic profiles, which saves time in finding the best psychics.
  • Smooth experience. Kasamba will ensure you have a smooth, uninterrupted online psychic reading if you decide to enter the paid session.
  • Complete privacy. If you want to engage in an online psychic reading that prioritizes customer privacy, Kasamba psychic app is what you need, as it never shares the details of your account with third parties.
  • Kasamba chat. The Kasamba chat option has a spell checker and an autocorrect installed to reduce effort in coming up with the right phrasing as you try to find a psychic for the first time.

Pricing & discounts

Kasamba, being one of the best psychic reading sites you can come across, has a minute-based chat system. This means you can get a free reading with your favorite psychic for 3 minutes and claim a discount of 50% once you become a member. Kasamba phone readings allow psychics to set their own prices, thus taking the concept of online psychic reading websites to the next level. The average price for a psychic reading may vary between $1.99 and $15.99. Email readings from higher-tiered psychics will cost $40 to $80 per email.


How to get a psychic reading

After you create an account, you will have the right to claim 3 free minutes of psychic readings with clairvoyant psychics, love psychics, and more. The cost of an accurate psychic reading will not be deducted from your account unless you decide to continue the paid session. The site’s homepage allows you to study the psychic’s ratings and reviews to decide whether they are the one for you. If the psychic is online, the Let’s Chat button will do the trick. To order psychic readings online from the Kasamba app, you have to install it on your phone and enter a live psychic chat with the reader.


Main features

  • Special offers. Keen offers an enjoyable way to claim your 3 free minutes given for psychic readings, with 10 minutes of online psychic readings provided for $1.99.
  • Filter tools. With Keen, you can choose the best psychics based on their psychic reading price, star rating, contact methods, skills, specialty, and availability.
  • Satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the psychic readings delivered, you can easily fix this by requesting a refund of $25 credits.
  • Callback feature. By choosing the Arrange call option, you get phone psychics to contact you when they are available.


Type of readings

Keen presents a solid selection of online spiritual readings that include love & relationship readings, tarot readings, life path & advice readings, astrology readings, pet psychic readings, dream analysis, numerology readings, angel readings, and chakra readings. Readings like otherworld connections and aura cleansing can be accessed after you claim your 3 free minutes and a special offer of 10 minutes for $1.99.

How to choose a psychic

Before you decide to order spiritual readings from Keen, you are allowed to explore the site’s content and visit the psychic’s profile page to know if they are the right one. To get a free reading with online psychics, use the Best Match tool and validate your credit card. A special offer of 3 free minutes for a psychic reading and 10 minutes for $1.99 is only available after you sign up with your email and password.

Mobile application

Keen app

  • Downloads: 100,000+
  • Rating: 4.5
  • Customer reviews: 2,840

If you are looking for free psychic reading apps to provide you with the answers you seek, Keen has one for you. A free psychic app where you can access readings 24/7 is a great addition to the tarot reading apps selection. You can download it on iOS and Android, with a daily horoscope to take your love life to new heights. The key features you can find on the Keen psychic reading app include:

  • An easy search tool for connecting with your favorite psychic advisor
  • The psychic getting back to you via a callback feature
  • A personalized horoscope based on your natal chart
  • Astrology, love & relationships, mediumship, and tarot readings
  • Access to your first-time special customer offer of 3 free minutes

Pricing & discounts

Psychic readings on Keen can be accessed at $1 for a 5-minute psychic reading. A special offer includes a free 3-minute psychic reading, as well as a promo offer of a 10-minute psychic session for $1.99. Being one of the best psychic sites online, Keen promotes a pricing policy that allows you to get a psychic reading that ranges between $2.99 and $14.99 per minute. A refund of $25 credits is available to customers.


How to get a psychic reading

To get started with Keen psychics, you need to create an account on the platform. This will allow you to claim the welcome offer of 3 free minutes and a special introductory deal for customers (a 10-minute psychic reading for $1.99). Psychics can be chosen based on their average price, rating, availability, reading methods, and skills. You can also use the matching tool to narrow down the choice of psychics until you find the perfect one.

Chat now/Call now buttons are used to order an online psychic reading that can reshape your destiny. An all-in-one Keen fortune teller app has a search tool for finding top psychics, as well as call/chat options. The app allows you to select a preferred reader without providing personal information or spending money. To get life-changing advice from Keen readers, browse the psychics’ profiles and click the Call/Chat icon to start an online session.

What is an online psychic reading?

Why should you get a cheap psychic reading? If you are planning to make a career move, give your love life a boost, or are going through an especially dramatic breakup, a phone psychic or a chat psychic can use their abilities to help you gain mental clarity where conventional counseling isn’t working. With in-person psychic readings fading into the past, online psychic reading platforms and free fortune teller apps have taken their place.

A psychic reading online is right at your fingertips, with multiple contact methods available, including chat, phone, and video options. Psychic readings online are guaranteed to be more affordable: you can choose the psychic that meets your budget and calculate the expenses before the reading. Entering psychic chats online means you will be provided with a satisfaction guarantee and a refund in case the reading does not go as planned.

What to expect from a live psychic reading?

Free online psychic readings with a certified expert are not that different from talking to your favorite psychic in a dimly lit room as they gaze into a crystal ball, looking for answers. It is best to approach a live psychic reading with an open mind. The advisor will help you get comfortable so that you can ask relevant questions and receive answers.

Before committing to the top psychic reading websites on the market, make sure you know the type of reading that you want: a love psychic reading, a career forecast, or a dream interpretation. It is always better to have your questions ready before the start of a session: this way, you won’t waste precious minutes coming up with the right words or forget to mention the key points.

Benefits of using psychic apps and sites

Now more than ever, the best astrology websites and psychic apps have become superior to in-person readings, and here is why:

  • Organized layout. The usability of a fortune teller app or psychic website can be the turning point in deciding whether to click on a psychic’s profile. A clear and organized design helps you navigate the service easily.
  • Refund policy. A satisfaction policy can help you remain insulated from mediocre readings and make a world of difference between scammers and authentic psychics. A certified psychic site or a medium reading app can provide that extra level of protection.
  • Vetted psychics. A free psychic reading online should only be conducted with thoroughly vetted psychics. Trusted psychic services will ensure the psychic professionals have been rigorously tested on their skills.
  • Free features. Looking for promotions and free psychic readings? Reputable psychic services and apps will present customers with bonus offers, welcome deals, and discounted readings.

Factors to consider when choosing psychic apps and sites

When choosing an online fortune teller or a reader for your first psychic session, there is a combination of criteria that we have considered to optimize our search and look out for the best features:

  1. Do they have free minutes? To test the psychic and make sure they are in tune with your energy, the ability to get a free psychic reading online is a determining factor.
  2. How can you reach out to psychics? Chat/phone/video readings allow you to establish your preferences and select the contact method you are most comfortable with.
  3. What types of readings do they have? If you need professional psychic advice on family, love, money, or relationships, having an extensive list of psychic reading types is crucial.
  4. Do they have customer reviews? Authentic customer feedback that reflects on the platform’s strengths and weaknesses proves the website’s legitimacy.
  5. What is the average price for a reading? We try to avoid customers paying top dollar for psychic services that can be delivered for less.
  6. Do they have a refund policy? Each recommended psychic website/app features a customer satisfaction policy allowing you to get your money back if not satisfied with the reading.


Should I trust online psychic reading apps and websites?

How to tell if a psychic is real? Each reputable online platform vets their psychics before letting them join the business, which means all recommended psychics on desktop and mobile apps have confirmed their authenticity.

How to get the best psychic reading?

If you are looking for a free online psychic reading that surpasses your expectations, you need to look out for a combination of metrics: satisfaction guarantee, website design, convenience, refund policies, payment options, and customer reviews.

Are psychic apps and sites reliable and accurate?

An online psychic reading with free psychics can be just as accurate as talking to a psychic in person. All you have to do is find a psychic platform that only accepts vetted readers that have already proved their legitimacy and confirmed their qualifications for a free online psychic reading.

What types of psychics are available on these platforms?

Free psychic reading apps and sites feature psychic experts specializing in various disciplines, including empaths, mediums, astrologers, clairvoyants, tarot readers, numerology readers, aura readers, dream interpreters, and more.

What are the different communication options offered (chat, phone, video)?

Online chat sessions offer a higher level of customer privacy, while phone and video call options allow you to establish direct communication with the psychic. Depending on the type of psychic assistance that you seek, choosing between the available communication methods will help you get accurate predictions.

How much do psychic apps and sites cost?

The price of a phone psychic or a chat psychic that you can find on psychic apps depends on their area of expertise, level of experience, psychic tools, star rating, and reading style. Generally, the prices for video calls/phone calls/live chat readings vary from $0.99 to $19.99 per minute.

Are there any guarantees or refund policies in place?

Aside from a free online psychic reading that you can get on the platform, each psychic service has a refund policy to ensure you can fall back on customer support in case the reading does not match your expectations. A satisfaction guarantee is a safeguard against possible scams and a safety net for regular users.

Can I remain anonymous while using these platforms?

If you want to find a psychic while maintaining your privacy via video calls and chats, having tarot reading apps and astrology apps that protect your personal information is an invaluable addition to your customer experience. Your privacy is pivotal when ensuring the platform’s high ethical standards.

Are there any special promotions or discounts available?

Psychic reading sites that value their reputation will have special promotions and offers to help you decide whether your psychic is the best match. Usually, promotions can come in the form of a free online psychic reading or free minutes to chat with a phone psychic. Special discounts like 50% off for your first reading are also available.

Final thoughts

Chatting with free psychics on psychic apps can be an enlightening experience that brings you joy, comfort, and closure. However, choosing the right psychic for video calls and chats almost exclusively comes down to using your sixth sense and intuitive skills. We have no doubt that the cheapest psychic readings have a number of advantages that cannot be compared to meeting the psychic for an in-person reading. You can choose a vetted psychic expert with customer reviews that confirm their proficiency. By analyzing top psychic services and their welcome offers, we have made it possible to choose the platform you resonate with the most.

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