Clinical Effects Hair Therapy Shampoo Reviews: Is It Legit? Real Hair-Growth Formula?

Sometimes no matter what you do, controlling hair fall and encouraging hair growth can be a task. Recent research has figured out that unnecessary and unprecedented hair fall is often attributed to hormonal changes which regular shampoos cannot control.

How about a new and effective shampoo that has been created to reduce the visible effects of hormonal imbalance? Clinical Effects has released one such shampoo and it goes by the name Hair Therapy Shampoo.

The Hair Therapy Shampoo has a leading-edge formula of researched plant-based ingredients, which can maximize the fullness of your existing hair and encourage healthy growth. All the ingredients are also stimulant-free so you don’t have to worry about harmful side effects.

Additionally, the entire manufacturing process of the shampoo has taken place in an FDA-approved facility to provide a sterile environment for the raw materials. Moreover, the shampoo has been subjected to third-party lab testing and you can be assured that the label of the product has been honest.

Most shampoos on the market are heavy with harsh chemicals like sulfates and parabens that can irritate sensitive scalps and weaken hair. However, Hair Therapy Shampoo uses natural vitamins like Biotin to help your scalp produce hair-strengthening proteins.

Also, another noteworthy feature of the Hair Therapy Shampoo is that it is cruelty-free and no animals have been harmed while creating the final product. This could be the reason why the Clinical Effects Hair Therapy Shampoo reviews are so positive and people can’t stop raving about the product.

All in all, Hair Therapy Shampoo seems like it deserves all the hype so today we will be reviewing it. Keep reading our article if you require a product that actually delivers what it promises.

Product Name:

Hair Therapy Shampoo

Product Category:

Hair Growth


Clinical Effects

Total-Content Per Container:

237 ml

Recommended Usage:

Once your scalp is wet, squeeze a generous amount of Hair Therapy Shampoo into your hand, then gently lather your hair for 2-5 minutes and rinse well.

Customer Reviews:

Read Hair Therapy Shampoo Reviews!

Ingredients In The Product:

Biotin, Anagain, Baicapil, Glycerine, Sodium Benzoate, Lactic Acid, and more.



  • A 30-day supply or 1 bottle of the shampoo is priced at $30
  • A 60-day supply or 2 bottles of the shampoo will cost $54; here, each bottle is priced at $27.
  • A 90-day supply or 3 bottles will cost $75; here, each bottle will cost $25.


  • 1 bottle every 4 weeks will cost $24
  • 2 bottles every 2 months will cost $43
  • Finally, 3 bottles every 3 months will cost $60

Money-Back Guarantee:

180 days

Official Website

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About The Brand Behind The Hair Therapy Shampoo

Hair Therapy Shampoo’s manufacturer, Clinical Effects, is aware that achieving your optimal health potential begins internally. This is why they are dedicated to giving you the greatest products available on the market. To get the finest outcomes, the brand’s plant-based ingredients are all hand-selected, tested, and supported by science.

The main goal behind the brand’s creation was to make natural health and wellness safe and accessible to everyone. The R&D team of the brand has spent years to figure out how natural ingredients work to benefit human health and advance complete wellness.

While creating Hair Therapy Shampoo, the motive was to curate a product that would be free of fillers and leads to hair growth within weeks.

Most brands today manufacture shampoos that cause harm to your hair follicles, but Hair Therapy Shampoo is different. Formulated with natural ingredients only, the product aims to provide you with fuller and healthy hair.

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How Does The Hair Therapy Shampoo By Clinical Effects Work?

Now that we have a little background on Hair Therapy Shampoo, let’s move on to the most crucial question – does Hair Therapy Shampoo work? If so, then how?

All the natural ingredients in Hair Therapy Shampoo aim for strengthening the roots of your hair. One of the main reasons for hair fall is weak roots that cannot support the length of your hair leading to a steady and regular hair breakage. The shampoo aims to correct this.

In the second stage, the Hair Therapy Shampoo supports the growth of your new hair. Once the roots are strengthened, new hair starts to grow and proliferate but your scalp will need nutrients to support this new hair and that’s where Hair Therapy Shampoo comes in.

The natural herbal extracts in the formulation have nutrients like biotin that add volume and length to your growing hair. Finally, Hair Therapy Shampoo also locks in the shine so that you can enjoy fuller and shinier hair every day.

You can also opt for the Hair Therapy Conditioner to pair with the shampoo. The entire package works in sync to protect your hair from damage and your scalp from toxins.

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How To Use The Hair Therapy Shampoo?

When your scalp is wet, squeeze a generous amount of Hair Therapy Shampoo into your hand, then gently lather your hair for 2-5 minutes. Once you’re finished, rinse well, and repeat if necessary.

After shampooing, apply a quarter-sized amount of Hair Therapy Conditioner to your scalp, spreading it from roots to ends. Then, leave the conditioner on your scalp for 5 minutes or longer if desired before rinsing thoroughly.

Is Hair Therapy Shampoo Suitable For Everyone?

The Hair Therapy Shampoo is made of clinically-tested ingredients so it is a safe product. But, if you are someone who suffers from skin issues like scalp eczema, the product might not be the best purchase.

Also, if you are susceptible to skin infections or are under strong scalp medications, then it’s better to consult a dermatologist before purchasing. Lastly, if you observe any allergic reactions to the shampoo you should stop using it immediately.

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Delving Into The Composition Label Of Clinical Effects Hair Therapy Shampoo

Here we’ll delve into the composition label of this popular hair care product and analyze the ingredients that make it effective. By understanding the science behind this shampoo, you can make an informed decision on whether or not it’s right for your hair care needs.


Biotin works by activating enzymes involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and amino acids. Specifically, it acts as a coenzyme for carboxylases, which are enzymes that are necessary for the synthesis of fatty acids and glucose metabolism.

It also plays a role in gene expression, which is the process of turning on or off certain genes in the body. This is important because certain genes are responsible for regulating hair growth and development.

Moreover, biotin is also involved in the production of keratin, which is the main protein that makes up hair, skin, and nails. Biotin helps to strengthen the bonds between keratin molecules, making the hair shaft stronger and more resistant to damage.


Anagain is a proprietary ingredient developed by the Swiss company Mibelle Biochemistry. It is derived from the pea sprout extract and is rich in bioactive compounds that can stimulate hair growth. Pea sprout extract is a rich source of phyto-nutrients, amino acids, and peptides that can help to nourish hair follicles and promote healthy hair growth.

Anagain works by stimulating the dermal papilla cells, which are responsible for hair growth and regeneration. Dermal papilla cells are located at the base of the hair follicle and are essential for hair growth. They provide the necessary nutrients and growth factors needed for hair growth.

Studies have shown that Anagain can increase the number of dermal papilla cells and promote their activity, resulting in increased hair growth. In one study, participants who used a shampoo containing Anagain experienced a 78% increase in hair growth after three months compared to those who used a placebo.


Baicapil is a patented blend of three plant extracts: Scutellaria baicalensis root, Triticum vulgare germ extract, and Glycine soja germ extract. These plant extracts work together to stimulate hair growth, strengthen hair follicles, and improve hair density.

One way in which Baicapil promotes thick and voluminous hair is by prolonging the anagen (growth) phase of the hair cycle. The anagen phase is the active growth phase of the hair follicle, and it typically lasts between 2-7 years.

However, as we age or due to certain medical conditions, the anagen phase can become shortened, leading to thinner and weaker hair. By prolonging the anagen phase, Baicapil helps to promote thicker and stronger hair growth.

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Glycerin is a trihydroxy alcohol that is derived from plant or animal fats through a process called hydrolysis. It is a colorless, odorless, and viscous liquid that is soluble in water and alcohol.

It works by attracting moisture from the surrounding environment and locking it into the hair strands. This process is known as hygroscopicity. Glycerin molecules have hydrophilic properties, which means they are attracted to water molecules.

When it is applied to the hair, it draws moisture from the air and penetrates the hair shaft, hydrating and softening the hair from within.

Sodium Benzoate

When it comes to hair care products, sodium benzoate is added to promote hair growth and improve overall scalp health. This is because the compound has antifungal and antimicrobial properties that can help reduce dandruff and other scalp conditions that can inhibit hair growth.

Additionally, sodium benzoate can help improve the effectiveness of other active ingredients in hair care products, allowing them to better penetrate the scalp and nourish hair follicles.

Moreover, by inhibiting the growth of harmful microorganisms, sodium benzoate helps to extend the shelf life of hair care products and ensures that they remain effective for longer periods of time.

Lactic Acid

Lactic acid is a type of alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) that is naturally produced by the body during physical activity.

Clinical Effects Hair Therapy Shampoo is formulated with lactic acid to promote hair growth. Lactic acid is known to exfoliate dead skin cells and unclog hair follicles. By doing so, it helps to stimulate hair growth and improve the overall health of the scalp. The addition of lactic acid in the shampoo also helps to balance the pH level of the scalp, which is essential for healthy hair growth.

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What Health Benefits Can The Hair Therapy Shampoo Provide?

In this section, we will take a look at the advertised health benefits of the Hair Therapy Shampoo.

Helps You Grow Voluminous Hair

The key ingredients in the shampoo nourish your roots and ensure that the hair growth from these roots is regular and steady. This benefit reduces hair fall and guarantees hair volume by energizing the roots and encouraging all the roots to be active. Within a few weeks, you can expect voluminous and shiny hair.

Nourishes The Scalp

Most high-end shampoos tend to erode your scalp’s nutrients, which further accelerated hair fall. But, Hair Therapy Shampoo tries to nourish your scalp and train it to hold all the moisture and nutrients. With this, your scalp will be able to provide nutrients to your hair follicles.

Strengthens The New Growing Hair

Ensuring hair growth is not enough, a good shampoo like Hair Therapy needs to strengthen the new hair too. The natural ingredients in the shampoo try to provide all-around nourishment to the hair so that hair breakage can be reduced.

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How Much Does The Hair Therapy Shampoo Retail For?

Clinical Effects offers both the shampoo and the conditioner and the two separately. You can opt for one-time or subscription-based packages. We’ll mention the price points below.

One-Time Purchase:

Shampoo Only

  • A 30-day supply or 1 bottle of the shampoo is priced at $30
  • A 60-day supply or 2 bottles of the shampoo will cost $54; here, each bottle is priced at $27.
  • A 90-day supply or 3 bottles will cost $75; here, each bottle will cost $25.

Shampoo And Conditioner

  • A 30-day supply is priced at $50
  • A 60-day supply will cost $90; here, one twin package of shampoo and conditioner is priced at $45.
  • A 90-day supply will cost $120; here, each twin package will cost $40.

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Subscription Packages:

Shampoo Only

  • 1 bottle every 4 weeks will cost $24
  • 2 bottles every 2 months will cost $43
  • Finally, 3 bottles every 3 months will cost $60

Shampoo And Conditioner

  • 1 bottle every 4 weeks will cost $40
  • 2 bottles every 2 months will cost $72
  • Finally, 3 bottles every 3 months will cost $96

Money-Back Guarantee Of Hair Therapy Shampoo

Clinical Effects offers a 180-day 100% money-back guarantee on all of its products. So, in a word, you can try out the shampoo for 6 months. Within this period, if you don’t observe any improvement in hair growth, you can choose to return the product and claim a full refund.

The Pros And Cons Of Hair Therapy Shampoo By Clinical Effects

In this section, we will be weighing out the pros and cons of the Hair Therapy Shampoo.



Hair Therapy Shampoo is completely free of parabens and sulfates. You can trust the product as it’s completely free of harmful chemical additives and only contains herbal ingredients.

Lots Of Good Reviews

Clinical Effects Hair Therapy Shampoo reviews are positive and it is clear that people love the product for its effective formulation. The product also has a perfect rating on the official website.


Works Better With The Conditioner

You can purchase the shampoo only but it will work better with the Hair Therapy Conditioner. So it is best to pay a few extra dollars and buy them together as a package.

Some Real Clinical Effects Hair Therapy Shampoo Reviews

Below we will skim through the Clinical Effects Hair Therapy Shampoo reviews so you can understand what aspects of the shampoo are loved by consumers.

Kathy’s review says, “I was very skeptical at first that this shampoo and conditioner worked. I’ve been using it for about a month and the hair loss has dramatically slowed. Fingers crossed I notice some thickness next.”

Sam’s testimonial reads, “I love this shampoo and conditioner! My hair was feeling unhealthy and I started noticing in the shower my hair was coming out more than I thought it should. I researched and discovered Clinical effects. I’ve been using it for several months now and my hair is not falling out and is thicker looking, soft and healthy.”

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Final Verdict

After researching and reading reviews online, it’s clear that many people have had positive experiences with Clinical Effects Hair Therapy Shampoo. Many reviewers note that they have noticed a decrease in hair shedding and an increase in hair thickness after regular use.

While every individual’s experience may be different, it’s worth considering trying this product if you’re looking for a hair therapy shampoo to help improve the health and thickness of your hair.

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