Humanity Health Reviews – Legit Healthy Aging App to Track & Monitor Wellness?

Humanity is an AI-powered health guidance application to help all humanity live healthier lives. This science breakthrough app can monitor your rate of aging and even claims to reverse the aging process.

The Humanity App is available exclusively on the App Store; only Apple users can download it. Since its inception, thousands of people have tried the application, which has received mixed reactions from users. However, the app has a 4.8/5 rating on the App Store.

In this Humanity review article, we will dive deep into the working mechanism of this application and understand how it can increase your longevity, health span, and health.

Let’s begin with a brief outline:

  • Category: Health and Fitness Apps
  • Application Name: Humanity – AI for Health
  • App Creators: Pete Ward & Michael Geer
  • What’s Unique About It: Humanity app is powered by Artificial Intelligence trained with dynamic real-world health data to help people maximize their health by slowing aging.
  • What Does Humanity App Monitors:
    • Movement
    • Mind
    • Nutrition
    • Recovery
  • Official Website: Click Here!
  • Availability: App Store
  • App Price: Free To Download (Offers In-App Purchases)
  • Device Support: Compatible with iPhone, Mi Band 5, Apple Watch, Oura Ring
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Featured On:
    • UKTN – The Home of UK Tech
    • Business Cloud
    • Business Leader
    • Maddyness
    • TC
  • App Features:
    • Ai-driven
    • Free download
    • Easy to access
    • Calculates biological age
    • Calculates the rate of aging
    • User’s data-based personalized health guidance.
    • Simple Setup

The Face Behind Humanity: Who Are The Creators Of This Application?

Pete Ward is the co-founder & CEO of Humanity, while Michael Geer is the co-founder and CSO. They are serial entrepreneurs who have acquired the trust of more than 1 billion people through their many consumer-based platforms. Now, both are on a mission to extend humanity’s lifespan.

Humanity App is the creation of their profound love for technology and fascination with how science impacts humanity. Pete and Michael said that they are on a journey to make the world a better place.

Humanity – AI for Health app was founded in 2019 London, United Kingdom.

How Does Humanity App Work To Help People Live Healthier For Longer?

The Humanity App is a way to know what actions you should take to slow down your aging and live a healthier life for longer. It is an AI-powered health & fitness application validated by real-world health data.

The App’s AI algorithms can calculate your biological age, then track your aging rate. With the help of this AI-driven application, a user can learn how fast they are aging. Moreover, it is designed to provide users with the necessary steps to optimize their health. This is how Humanity helps individuals empower themselves with AI and increase their longevity and health span.

Summing up how Humanity Works:

  • It helps find out your biological age at any level of health.
  • Calculates how fast you are aging.
  • Constitutes AI to provide personalized health guidance according to the data you have filled in.
  • It guides you on what actions you should take next to reverse the aging process.
  • Features the results of other users and techniques of what has worked for them in the past.

Humanity Application

What Does Humanity AI-Powered Health Guidance Application Track?

Humanity App can help you understand and track your aging using trained Artificial Intelligence. It continuously monitors your actions and activities in 4 different categories – Mind, Movement, Recovery, and Nutrition. Let’s explore each category that this app monitors:

Humanity App Tracks Your Movement

This Ai-powered app offers two ways to track your movement – Either in conjunction with wearable technology or manually feeding your workout routines. Humanity App can count their daily steps using the accelerometer sensor in wearable devices or smartphones.

Moreover, it can provide personalized workout routines to help reverse your aging. These may include jogging, strength training, yoga, cycling, or other outdoor activities. It can also monitor your heart rate during physical activity with the help of your device’s heart rate monitoring sensors.

You also can manually enter activity duration, exercise type, and intensity level on the Humanity app.

Humanity AI App Tracks Your Mind

This #1 App for increasing longevity and healthspan can also track your mind. Humanity promotes the art of having a happy, calm, and resilient mental state to help slow down your rate of aging. This feature can track your meditation activities, daily mood, and general well-being.

You can record daily experiences and emotions to track your mood. This app also helps monitor your sleep which has been proven influential in increasing lifespan. Humanity Ai-powered app also offers personalized guided meditation and mindfulness exercises to cultivate relaxation, improve focus, and reduce stress & anxiety.

Humanity Health Tracks Your Nutrition

Humanity lets you discover the impact of your diet, nutrition, fasting, and other food-related habits on your rate of aging. The app may use different approaches to track your nutrition, like food tracking, where you manually log your food intake. It also includes nutritional databases that can provide information on what food to eat that is rich in healthy calories, vitamins, minerals, macronutrients, and other nutrients.

Since Humanity is compatible with wearable devices, it can track your estimated calorie expenditure based on your regular activities. Moreover, it can provide you with insights into your overall energy balance.

Humanity App Tracks Your Recovery

The most crucial aspect of your healthy living that the Humanity app tracks are your recovery. As we know how sleep can promote healing, regeneration, and lifespan, this app can effectively track your sleeping cycle, sleep time, and sleep quality.

How Does Humanity Health Monitor Genetic Markers?

Humanity has always been fascinated by aging and the secrets hidden in our DNA. With advancements in technology, scientists have been able to monitor genetic markers to gain a deeper understanding of the aging process.

This section will explore how Humanity Health can monitor genetic markers to stay ahead of the aging game.


Genotyping is analyzing an individual’s DNA to identify specific genetic markers. These markers can provide insights into an individual’s susceptibility to certain diseases and their likelihood of developing certain conditions.

DNA Methylation Profiling

DNA methylation profiling is a method of analyzing changes in DNA methylation patterns. DNA methylation is a process by which a methyl group is added to a DNA molecule, which can alter gene expression. Changes in DNA methylation patterns have been linked to aging, cancer, and other diseases.

How Can Humanity AI-Powered Health App Benefit, An Individual?

Since establishing this app, it has made a community of over 150 thousand Humanity users. It is a health and longevity space claiming to provide numerous health benefits. For example:

Promotes Positive Changes In Your Life

The Humanity app helps individuals track their life choices like their diet, fitness, mindfulness activities, or other habits. By monitoring these activities, the app influences a positive change in your life so you can shift your bad habits to the right ones. It does so by monitoring your H score (Humanity score). Each positive action, fasting, meditation, workout, correct sleep time, etc., can improve your H score.

Improves Your Rate Of Aging

Since Humanity can calculate your biological age and track your aging rate, it can reverse your aging process. It does so by motivating you to bring positive changes in your life.

It Helps You Stay Healthy And Fully Functional For A Longer Period

Humanity features personalized and guided workout sessions, mindfulness activities, and other health-improving techniques. This app is powered by a dynamic real-time AI that can effectively guide you to support a healthy and functional lifestyle.

The app claims to add years of healthy life by analyzing your activities and suggesting data-driven, personalized, and practical guidance.

It May Increase Your Mood And Energy Levels

Humanity is a powerful App that can monitor your mood and energy levels. This app can provide customized data-driven activities, workouts, and dietary suggestions to increase mood and energy levels.

Can Reduce Your Stress And Anxiety Levels

Humanity aims to boost your overall body and mind. If you follow this app rigorously, there is a high probability that you can make your mind healthier. Consequently, this AI-driven app can help decrease stress and anxiety levels.

Health Insights With Others

Can You Share Your Health Insights With Others On The Humanity Health App?

The app’s scientific machine learning algorithms allow users to analyze their health data and gain predictive insights about their health attributes.

But the app isn’t just about individual health tracking. The Humanity Health app also allows users to share their health insights with others. By sharing your health data with others on the platform, you can help others struggling with similar health issues.

Sharing your health insights on the Humanity Health app is easy. Create a profile and start tracking your health data. As you progress, the app’s algorithms analyze your data and match your health attributes with others.

Once you’ve matched with others, you can share your insights and experiences with them. You can also learn from others who have similar health attributes. By sharing your health insights with others, you can help create a community of support and encouragement.

Does Humanity Health Share Your Data Without Your Permission?

With all this data being collected and analyzed, some may wonder about the privacy implications of using digital markers in healthcare. Does Humanity Health track your digital markers, and if so, what are they doing with that information?

The company takes privacy seriously and protects its users’ data. They use industry-standard security measures to keep user data safe, and they do not sell or share user data with third parties.

Additionally, users have complete control over their data and can choose to delete it at any time. The company also adheres to strict data privacy regulations like HIPAA to ensure user data is handled responsibly and ethically.

What Are The Best Monitoring Features Of Humanity- AI For Health?

Humanity is designed to monitor your digital, blood, and genetic markers. Let’s understand how it does so:

Humanity Monitors Your Digital Markers

Your biomarkers, such as walking speed and heart rate, are plugged into Humanity’s AI predictive algorithms. This can measure your biological age continuously and provide you with data-driven actions you should take.

Humanity Monitors Your Blood Markers

Your blood markers, such as complete blood count, cholesterol level, and fasting glucose level, are monitored by Humanity’s AI algorithms. As a result, the app gets increased accuracy regarding your current health status. Moreover, it influences individuals to make better lifestyle choices.

Humanity Monitors Your Genetic Markers

The Humanity app features the most advanced way of monitoring your rate of aging, i.e., through genetic markers. This AI-powered app can help you discover the secrets in your DNA cells with the help of advanced scientific techniques like – Genotyping and DNA Methylation Profiling.

How To Download Humanity App?

Getting access to the Humanity App is super easy. Just follow the below-mentioned steps and get one step closer to slowing down or reversing your aging:

  • Visit the official website of Humanity.
  • On the right side, click on Download Icon.
  • It will direct you to the Apple Store page.
  • Read the privacy policy and terms & conditions before clicking on the “Install” button.
  • Once installed, you will be directed to the Humanity App.
  • You can also visit the App Store on your Apple device, search for the Humanity app, and download it.

What Are The Cons Of Humanity App?

There are thousands of Humanity reviews on the App Store, and we have found mixed customer reactions. Some of the negative points we have collected are:

  • There is no way to rectify incorrectly put information.
  • It does not feature a free trial or monthly subscription plan.
  • Detailed information on how you gain H Scores is not provided.
  • Do not collect the nutrition portion.
  • The cancellation process for yearly subscriptions is not provided.
  • It shows some glitches while calculating the biological age.
  • It seems expensive in comparison to the limited features it offers.

Humanity FAQs

Q: Does Humanity Health Track Your Digital Markers?

A: Digital markers are data points collected through various devices and technologies, such as wearables, smartphones, and social media. These markers include heart rate, blood pressure, sleep patterns, and diet.

Collecting and analyzing these markers allows healthcare providers to gain valuable insights into a patient’s health and well-being. This information can then be used to develop personalized treatment plans and interventions tailored to the individual’s needs.

At Humanity Health, the focus is on using digital markers to predict and prevent age-related diseases and conditions. Through their platform, users can track their biomarkers over time and receive personalized recommendations for lifestyle changes and interventions to help them stay healthy and active as they age.

Q: Does Humanity Health Monitor Your Blood Markers?

A: The short answer is yes. Humanity Health is a digital healthcare platform that provides personalized health recommendations based on various factors, including blood markers. The platform uses advanced technology to analyze a person’s health data and provide customized guidance to improve their health.

One of the primary features of Humanity Health is its ability to monitor blood markers such as fasting glucose, cholesterol, and complete blood count. These markers indicate a person’s overall health and can help identify potential health problems before they become serious.

By monitoring these markers, Humanity Health can provide personalized recommendations to improve a person’s health. For example, if a person’s fasting glucose levels are high, the platform may recommend dietary changes or exercise routines to help lower their levels.

Conclusion on Humanity Health

In conclusion, Humanity Health is a great way to monitor your aging rate and a lot more. Customer reviews of this app have been overwhelmingly positive, with many users praising the quality of care and attention they received.

Its user-friendly platform makes it no wonder why so many people have trusted their health with Humanity Health. So, if you’re looking for positive health and wellness experience, look no further than Humanity Health.

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