XanoBurn Reviews – Should You Buy Simple Promise Xano Burn Drops?

XanoBurn is a weight loss supplement that targets “Hormone X” to accelerate weight loss results.

By taking drops of XanoBurn daily, you can purportedly lose 60 lbs in 6 months, according to testimonials featured on XanoBurn’s official website.

Is XanoBurn legit? Can you lose weight rapidly with XanoBurn without dieting or exercising? Please keep reading to learn everything you need about XanoBurn today in our review.

What is XanoBurn?

XanoBurn is a liquid supplement featuring a blend of natural ingredients to help you lose weight.

According to XanoBurn’s website, you can lose up to 61lbs in 8 months “without extreme dieting” and “without exercising daily.” Take “20 ‘candy drops’ a day” of XanoBurn’s tasty formula to lose weight rapidly.

The official XanoBurn website is filled with testimonials from women who have quickly lost weight by taking XanoBurn. Many claims to have lost 0.5 to 1lb of fat per day by adding XanoBurn to their daily routine.

XanoBurn is made by a US-based nutritional supplement company Simple Promise. That company offers a range of supplements online – from weight loss aids to joint pain relief formulas. Simple Promise partnered with a woman named Casey William to develop the XanoBurn weight loss formula.

XanoBurn Benefits

XanoBurn is designed to help you rapidly lose weight without strict dieting or daily exercise. The official website lists the advantages of consuming XanoBurn daily:

  • Lose 0.5 to 1lb of fat per day
  • Reduce appetite
  • Avoid extreme dieting and daily exercise
  • Boost metabolism for long-term weight loss results
  • A blend of 22 natural ingredients
  • No side effects

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How Does XanoBurn Work?

XanoBurn contains a blend of 22 natural ingredients. Each ingredient was chosen for its ability to target “Hormone X” – a specific hormone linked to fat burning.

Each drop of XanoBurn contains ingredients like African mango and GABA, for example, linked to Hormone X.

As you get older, levels of Hormone X increase throughout your body. As Hormone X levels rise, your ability to burn fat decreases.

According to the makers of XanoBurn, this is how XanoBurn affects Hormone X:

“According to extensive research conducted on weight-loss, Japan and Kenya are home to the slimmest and healthiest individuals in the world. These people have low levels of Hormone X in their blood. There is a direct correlation between how much Hormone X there is in your blood and how much weight you lose.”

Each ingredient in XanoBurn was chosen for its ability to impact Hormone X. Some elements claim to lower Hormone X, boosting weight loss results, while others support related biochemical processes. Some have nothing to do with It – they accelerate weight loss results in other ways.

Who Created XanoBurn? About Casey William

XanoBurn was created by Casey William. Casey describes herself as “a semi-successful real estate agent” from New Castle, Delaware. She also claims to be a “regular middle-aged woman,” a wife, and a mother.

As Casey got older, she steadily gained weight. Despite eating right and exercising regularly, Casey watched the scale numbers increase.

Eventually, Casey woke up one day at 35 years old, weighing 225 pounds. She knew she needed to make a change.

Casey was discouraged by her diet and exercise results, so she started looking for other ways to lose weight. She spent hours researching weight loss shortcuts online.

Casey’s research led her to secret military medical trials involving the Hormone X. She based XanoBurn on the results of those trials.

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XanoBurn Was Developed Based on Secret Military Research

Casey William isn’t a doctor, scientist, or medical professional. She’s an ordinary retailer from Delaware. However, Casey claims to have developed XanoBurn based on the results of secret trials by the US military.

Here’s how Casey stumbled upon the secret US military research – and its connection to Hormone X and weight loss:

Casey’s nephew, David, served in the United States military and was stationed in Afghanistan until March 2020.

David told his family he had been involved in “military medical experiments” that had involved something called “Hormone X.”

According to David, “Hormone X” was the reason so many Americans were gaining weight uncontrollably. The studies showed levels of Hormone X grew more prominent with age, inhibiting your natural weight loss.

The US military launched trials to increase the fitness of soldiers. They wanted to make soldiers who could hold their breaths longer, endure more, and get more done on less sleep. They suggested lowering Hormone X could be one way of “turning regular soldiers into super soldiers,” according to David’s report on the secret trials.

During the secret military trials, David claims the military lined up soldiers in his battalion, giving each soldier “some liquid from a small bottle.” Military personnel placed the liquid onto the soldiers’ tongues.

After just a few days of taking the liquid formula, soldiers experienced a dramatic transformation in their health and fitness, including:

  • Their number of push-ups increased by 28%
  • Their number of pull-ups increased by 32%
  • Their hunger levels dropped, causing them to consume 200 fewer calories per day
  • They lost fat and replaced that fat with muscle, gaining 10lbs of muscle over the next few months, on average

The secret liquid made the soldiers stronger, happier, slimmer, and more robust. Motivated by the results of that trial, David wanted to share it with his family. However, the military blocked him from sharing the specific formula – So David and his family created a similar formula instead.

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How Hormone X Affects Weight Loss

XanoBurn is based on a mysterious hormone called Hormone X circulating your body and impeding weight loss results.

Losing weight can become more challenging as the level of Hormone X in your body increases. As Hormone X levels rise, you become hungrier, making it more difficult to burn fat, stick to a diet routine, and lose weight.

According to the makers of XanoBurn, high levels of Hormone X affect weight loss in three ways:

High Hormone X Levels Slow Metabolism

The higher your Hormone X levels are, the slower your metabolism will be. High Hormone X levels make it harder for your body to burn fat cells and turn them into energy. The slower your metabolism, the fewer calories your body burns daily, making losing weight increasingly difficult. Your metabolism naturally slows down with age, and rising Hormone X levels are part of the problem.

Hormone X Makes You Hungry When Circulating Through Your Bloodstream

The more Hormone X inside your body, the hungrier you will be. The hungrier you are, the more you’ll eat. High Hormone X levels make it harder for your brain to “switch off” the hunger signals between your stomach and brain. That means you continue to eat extra calories even when you don’t need to. You think you’re eating because you’re hungry when your body miscommunicates your caloric needs.

Hormone X Decreases Your Body’s Ability to Burn Fat

The more Hormone X you have in your body, the more likely your body will store fat from the food you eat. Typically, your body burns energy from your food, helping you stay at a stable weight. However, Hormone X can tell your body to store more fat and refuse to burn it, leading to low energy and poor weight loss results.

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XanoBurn Ingredients

XanoBurn doesn’t claim to contain the same ingredients used in David’s secret US military formula; instead, it includes a blend of ingredients designed to target Hormone X and achieve similar results.

The formula’s core consists of three ingredients described as the “Holy Trinity of Weight Loss.” These three ingredients are specifically designed to lower Hormone X. David handpicked these three ingredients based on the original, secretive US military formula.

The three core ingredients in XanoBurn include:

Capsicum Annuum

XanoBurn contains capsicum annuum, an herb closely related to the chili pepper. According to XanoBurn’s official website, this herb “supresses Hormone X,” helping to accelerate weight loss results. It’s been used in traditional medicine worldwide for weight management, vitality, and overall energy. Some cultures – including Amazonian tribes – have also used capsicum annuum for joint pain.


XanoBurn contains an amino acid called L-tyrosine. Frequently found in bodybuilding supplements, L-tyrosine is best known for its effects on metabolism and muscle formation. According to XanoBurn’s official website, the L-tyrosine in the formula “works miracles” when boosting metabolism by converting fat into energy throughout the day. It also synthesizes crucial thyroid hormones – like thyroxine or T4. Plus, it works with Capsicum annuum to suppress Hormone X.

Coleus Root

Coleus root contains an extract called forskolin, found in many weight loss supplements sold online today. Part of the mint family, the coleus plant grows naturally in the Himalayan Mountains and parts of Southeast Asia, where it’s been used in traditional medicine for centuries. According to XanoBurn’s official website, coleus root can “help you lose 9.9 pounds of belly fat without the need for any exercise or dieting.” It works by releasing trapped fat. It can remove trapped fat on “your belly and your hips,” according to XanoBurn’s official website.

XanoBurn also contains a total of 22 ingredients. In addition to the three ingredients above, XanoBurn includes 19 other plants, vitamins, minerals, herbs, and botanicals to reduce Hormone X and accelerate weight loss.

Other active ingredients in XanoBurn include:

African Mango

XanoBurn contains African mango, one of today’s trendiest ingredients in the weight loss community. Many people take African mango daily to suppress their appetite, reduce hunger cravings, and lose weight. According to a study cited on XanoBurn’s official website, a group of adults have lost “28 pounds in 10 weeks” while taking African mango extract, reducing their waist circumference by 6.4″ and decreasing body fat by 6.3%.


The makers of XanoBurn describe GABA as “a natural amino acid that fights obesity.” GABA is commonly found in weight loss aids and relaxation supplements because it sends signals to your brain for calmness and relaxation. For example, GABA may indicate you’re full and that it’s time to stop eating.


Maca is the most significant ingredient in XanoBurn. The XanoBurn proprietary formula lists it as the primary ingredient. Primarily found in sexual health supplements and hormone balance formulas, maca has a long history of use as a natural aphrodisiac in South America. Although it’s less common in weight loss supplements, maca could boost metabolism and keep energy high, helping you lose weight.

Grape Seed Extract

The grape seed extract is a popular weight loss supplement, anti-aging, and wellness ingredient. It’s rich with natural antioxidants like resveratrol linked to healthy inflammation throughout the body. By supporting healthy inflammation, grape seed extract could make it easier for your body to lose weight.

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Best known for its effects on energy, guarana could boost your metabolism, helping your body burn more fat – and more calories – every day. A 2019 study found guarana supplementation helped with obesity, insulin resistance, and overall health by activating brown adipose tissue, making it easier for healthy adults to lose weight over 18 weeks.


Eleuthero is one of two adaptogens (along with astragalus) in the XanoBurn formula. Eleuthero has been used for centuries for stress relief. It could lower cortisol levels, a stress hormone linked to weight gain. “Hormone X” on the XanoBurn website seems to be cortisol. Like other adaptogens, eleuthero is known for its ability to help your body respond to physical and cognitive stressors.


Astragalus is the second adaptogen in the XanoBurn formula. Known for its effects on physical and cognitive stress, astragalus has a long history of use in traditional medicine. Like eleuthero, it could help manage cortisol, supporting normal cortisol levels to make weight loss easier.

Green Tea

Green tea may be the planet’s most popular weight loss formula. Rich with natural antioxidants like catechins (including EGCG), green tea has been linked to significant weight loss in multiple studies.

Gymnema Sylvestre

Gymnema sylvestre is a plant linked to blood sugar management and appetite control. Some people with diabetes take the plant daily to support healthy blood sugar levels. Whether you have diabetes or not, fluctuating blood sugar levels make it difficult to control your appetite. Gymnema sylvestre could keep blood sugar within a normal range, helping you stick to your weight loss goals.


Grapefruit has a long history of use as a weight loss aid. A 2006 study found eating half a fresh grapefruit before meals led to significant weight loss, and many people with diabetes make grapefruit a substantial part of their ordinary diet.


Ginseng is considered both an adaptogen and an antioxidant. The root is popular in traditional Korean and Chinese medicines, where it’s used for general wellness, vitality, and overall health. A 2014 study found ginseng could help with obesity and gut microbiota in a group of obese, middle-aged Korean women, leading to significant weight loss and improved gut health over an 8-week trial period.

Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones have recently become popular in the weight loss community. Some studies show raspberry ketones could inhibit appetite, helping you naturally eat less. One of the most promising raspberry ketone studies was published in Plants in 2021, when researchers found raspberry ketones exhibited anti-obesity, anti-hyperlipidemic, and cardioprotective effects, among other benefits, when taken in high doses.

Amino Acids

XanoBurn contains a blend of seven amino acids. Many people take amino acid supplements daily for weight loss energy, blood flow, and overall energy. The seven amino acids in XanoBurn include L-tyrosine, part of the “Holy Trinity” mentioned above. You also get L-glutamine, L-arginine, beta-alanine, L-ornithine, L-tryptophan, and L-carnitine. All of these amino acids could boost metabolism and energy.

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What to Expect with XanoBurn: Casey William’s Weight Loss Journey

Casey William helped to develop XanoBurn in partnership with her nephew David, who created the formula based on a secret US weight-loss trial.

Casey decided to be the first to try XanoBurn. She wanted to lose weight quickly and easily without dieting or exercising. Here’s what happened when Casey started to take XanoBurn for the first time:

Casey began her weight loss journey at 225 lbs.

Casey took ten drops of XanoBurn the first night. The supplement immediately went to work, as Casey claims she “got the best sleep of [her] life” the first night she took XanoBurn.

Despite eating a bowl of pasta the night before, Casey woke up weighing less than when she fell asleep. She weighed 225 lbs the night before, then woke up at 224.2 lbs.

Casey continued to take the drops throughout the next day. She weighed herself again the next morning and found she was 223.3 lbs.

By day 3, Casey had dropped to 222.8 lbs. She dropped to 221.2, 220.4, and 219.3 lbs over the coming days, losing 4 lbs in 6 days.

After taking XanoBurn for six months, Casey lost 60 lbs or around 10 lbs per month. She had transformed her appearance.

Casey does not claim to diet or exercise during her weight loss journey. According to XanoBurn’s official website, Casey started to take XanoBurn without making any other changes to her diet.

Motivated by her rapid weight loss with XanoBurn, Casey, and David decided to share it with the world.

XanoBurn Ingredients Label

XanoBurn Ingredients Label

Simple Promise discloses all ingredients in XanoBurn upfront. All ingredients but one are found within a proprietary formula, so we don’t know individual dosages. However, we know the relative dosage of each element in the formula, as proprietary formulas list ingredients from most to least common.

Here are all of the active and inactive ingredients in each serving of XanoBurn, according to Simple Promise:

200mg of the XanoBurn Proprietary Herbal Blend with maca root extract, grape seed extract, guarana seed extract, African mango fruit extract, eleuthero, astragalus, green tea leaf extract, gymnema sylvestre leaf extract, forskolin, capsicum annuum fruit extract, grapefruit seed extract, panax ginseng root extract, raspberry ketones, L-glutamine, L-tyrosine, L-arginine, beta-alanine, monoammonium glycyrrhizinate, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), L-ornithine, L-tryptophan, and L-carnitine 0.7mcg of chromium (2% DV)

Other (inactive) ingredients, including deionized water, organic citrus extract, natural flavors, stevia, and xylitol

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How to Take XanoBurn

Simple Promise recommends taking ten drops of XanoBurn twice daily. You can mix the drops with water or the beverage of your choice:

  • Mix ten drops of XanoBurn in water or the beverage of your choice
  • Drink twice daily
  • Each bottle of XanoBurn comes with a convenient dropper cap to help you measure the drops.

XanoBurn Reviews: How Much Weight Can You Lose?

Casey isn’t the only person who quickly lost significant weight with XanoBurn. Others claim to have lost similarly impressive amounts of weight, with some losing as much as 0.5 to 1lb daily with XanoBurn.

Here are some of the reviews, weight loss testimonials, and stories featured on XanoBurn’s official website:

Many customers like the taste of XanoBurn, describing them as “candy drops” and claiming they had a “pleasant taste.”

Many customers also experience a noticeable reduction in appetite after taking the drops. Some claim they’re not as hungry as they used to be, while others find they naturally consume fewer calories daily.

A 55-year-old man claims he dropped from 233lbs to 22lbs “with no exercise” after taking XanoBurn.

One woman “lost 65 pounds – in 6 months” while taking XanoBurn. She claims XanoBurn “works like a miracle” and transforms her body.

According to Simple Promise, “anyone who takes XanoBurn for 6 months will be slimmer and healthier.” The company also claims the supplement is “for anyone who wants to lose any amount of weight,” regardless of whether you’re trying to lose 5 pounds, 50 pounds, or even 150 pounds.

Another customer “lost 15 pounds – in 15 days” with XanoBurn, dropping 1lb daily and keeping it off. She claims XanoBurn made her less hungry while boosting energy, describing the supplement as “an unbelievable ‘hack’” for weight loss.

According to Simple Promise, “none of our customers” have failed to lose weight with XanoBurn. The supplement has a 100% success rate. The company insists you request a refund if you don’t lose significant weight after taking XanoBurn for a few months.

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XanoBurn Pricing

XanoBurn is priced at $49 per bottle. You can save money and secure your supply by ordering multiple bottles. According to Simple Promise, the company frequently sells out of the weight loss formula.

XanoBurn Pricing

Here’s how pricing works when ordering XanoBurn online today:

  • 1 Bottle: $49 + Fast & Free Shipping
  • 3 Bottles: $117 ($39 Per Bottle) + Fast & Free Shipping + 3 Free Bonuses
  • 6 Bottles: $198 ($33 Per Bottle) + Fast & Free Shipping + 3 Free Bonuses

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Each bottle contains a 30-day supply. Simple Promise recommends taking ten drops twice daily; each bottle contains 600 drops of liquid formula.

Bonuses Included with XanoBurn

As part of a 2023 promotion, all three and six-bottle packages of XanoBurn come with three free bonuses. You receive immediate access to these bonuses after your purchase is confirmed.

Bonuses Included with XanoBurn

The three free bonuses include the following:

Free Bonus eBook #1: Bedtime Rituals That Help You Lose Weight While You Sleep

Making simple changes to your bedtime routine could help you lose weight. In this guide, you can discover some of the best, most science-backed strategies you can add to your sleep routine to lose weight even faster. Usually priced at $19, the book aims to help jumpstart your weight loss goals with actionable strategies to implement today.

Free Bonus eBook #2: Top Desserts & Sweet Treat Recipes for Maximum Weight Loss

You don’t need to give up desserts or sweet treats to lose weight. Instead, you can eat pies, cakes, cookies, shakes, and other sweet treats while keeping your metabolism high and losing weight. This book normally retails for $39 and is available for free with three and six-bottle purchases of XanoBurn.

Free Bonus eBook #3: How to Eat Whatever You Want & Lose More Weight

Simple Promise specifically markets XanoBurn to people who want to lose weight without dieting or exercising. This eBook explains further hints, tips, tricks, and strategies for losing weight while eating whatever you want. You can eat delicious food and still lose weight–follow this eBook’s lessons to get started.

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XanoBurn Refund Policy

You can receive a full refund if you don’t lose 50 lbs or more within six months of using XanoBurn. Simple Promise provides a 365-day money-back guarantee on all purchases. If you’re unsatisfied with XanoBurn for any reason within one full year of your original purchase date, contact the manufacturer to receive a full refund with no questions asked.

About Simple Promise

XanoBurn is made in the United States by a company named Simple Promise. That company manufactures XanoBurn in a cGMP-certified facility that complies with FDA regulations.

To develop the XanoBurn formula, Simple Promise partnered with a member of the United States military, who claims the US military conducted experiments on him using a similar formula. That man later tested the formula on his aunt, Casey William. Casey lost 60 lbs in 6 months with XanoBurn, which motivated the pair to team up with a supplement company and share XanoBurn with the world.

You can contact Simple Promise and the XanoBurn customer service team via the following:

  • Mailing Address: 3242 NE 3rd Avenue #1051 Camas, WA 98607
  • Phone: 1-800-259-9522
  • Online Form: help.simplepromise.com/support/tickets/new

Final Word on Our XanoBurn Review

XanoBurn is a new weight loss supplement from Simple Promise based on a secret formula developed by the US military.

Featuring a blend of amino acids, plant extracts, and botanicals, XanoBurn can help you lose up to 60 lbs in 6 months – or around 10 lbs per month or more – without strict dieting or exercising. The high-powered liquid formula works by targeting Hormone X.

To learn more about XanoBurn and how the supplement works or to buy the formula online today, visit the official website.


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