Best Online Psychics: Top 5 Most Accurate Psychics for Truthful Readings

There exists an ability of humans that extends beyond our ordinary senses of sight, sound, touch, taste, and instinct that deals with the mystic curiosities of life and uses information that is second through the use of heightened perspective abilities.

People’s interest in psychics studies and readings has increased tremendously over the last few years. This increase in interest is primarily because of people’s curiosity about the normal functioning of day-to-day life and what the future holds for them. Dealing with everyday life is not an easy task, and sometimes the weight on people overburdened leads them to take spiritual assistance to get a clear view of what their life holds for them. The challenges that every day brings with them can be a little overwhelming sometimes, and people might need assistance in some form.

Seeking spiritual assistance through psychic reading is what comes to your aid in situations like these. That is a list of online websites you can visit for psychic reading and talk about your problems and concerns in life and get easy solutions or suggestions for what and why to do. So if you are searching for a good online psychic reading site, you have nothing to worry about because this article is just for you.

We have brought a list of five top psychic readings online sites that guarantee positive and helpful results and could come in handy for people searching for spiritual assistance through a psychic reading.

  • Kasamba
  • Keen
  • Ask now
  • Oranum
  • MysticSense:


1. Kasamba – One-Stop for all Your Psychic Needs

Kasamba is known as the most trustworthy psychic reading site in business. The services offered by Kasamba have been standing strong for over 20 years. Whether you want answers to questions related to your personal life, financial life, professional life, or any other aspect, Kasamba can help users with reliable spiritual assistance. The services offered by Kasamba range from psychic reading can involve Tarot card readers, astrologers, and fortune tellers taking a deep dig into your life to analyze the problems and work out the solutions that can be practiced.

Problems and issues in your personal life about people around you can be very troubling at any point in life, and you might need suggestions and advice on handling situations. Kasamba specializes in readings about an individual’s love life, the compatibility that two people share, and the future of your relationship.

Kasamba Features

The list of services offered by Kasamba is considerably extensive. They do tarot reading, daily horoscopes, numerology, and others. Several psychic readers are available on the platform, and complete details about those readers, along with their reviews, areas of expertise, and experience, are also given on the site. Kasamba aims to ensure maximum customer satisfaction by providing the best customer service. One advantage of using Kasamba is browsing multiple psychics and reading past reviews from other users to understand their experience better before you start a pay consultation.

The features available on the app include emails, live chat, and phone calls. They have recently launched the mobile version of the application as well.


  • This app is easily accessible on a mobile phone
  • There is an option of refunding the money if you are unsatisfied with the app’s services.
  • The range of services provided by this app is extensive.
  • The first three minutes are free for all the clients.


  • The prices can go very high after a certain period. You are usually warned, and a tab is kept so users don’t use the service more than they want to.
  • The option of video call is not available for the customers. Kasamba uses chats, emails, or calls for your service needs.

Why is Kasamba Recommended?

Kasamba is known to have good promotional offers. Even if the services are pretty high range, they provide 70% off on the first reading. The first 3 minutes are also trial and free. If face-to-face interaction with your reader is uncomfortable for you, then Kasamba is your best stop because you can contact them through emails, phone calls, or texts.

The website offers different kinds of readings, so you can go through the website and select your preference for a psychic reading.

Click here to learn more about Kasamba.


2. Keen – Get The Answers You Are Looking For

With over 30 million users worldwide, Keen has been in business for 20 years. When life gets hard and you need some assistance, you can turn to Keen and consult specialists of various kinds available to discuss your problems with them.

With Keen, you can get advice about your career path, financial situation, love life, and insight into your past and future life. The specialists on this site help you analyze your life decisions and make informed future ones.

Keen Features

The Psychic readers on this platform are experts in their reading area and have immense knowledge and experience. You can also provide ratings and reviews after you receive services from this platform. This feature can be helpful for people new to the website; they can look at the ratings and reviews from other users and then decide which psychic can help them.

  • Psychic readings can be made available via text, phone calls, or even video calls with the readers personally.
  • The services provided by Keen vary from astrology advice, spiritual readings, and mediums to many more.


  • A large number of specialists and readers are available on this platform.
  • The readers are experienced people with expertise in the area of psychic reading.
  • Regular discounts and offers for customers.
  • 24/7 availability

Why is Keen Recommended?

  • Keen has 30 million global users that speak of the popularity and authenticity of the website.
  • On your first reading, Keen offers ten minutes for a discounted price of $1.99.
  • The first 3 minutes of your interaction with the reader is also free.
  • This app also offers the facility of video calling with your reader.
  • The readers on this application are available 24/7 for their customers, making access to people worldwide easier.

Click here to learn more about Keen.

Ask Now

3. Ask Now – Get The Love Insight You are Seeking

Ask Now has been one of the best psychic reading apps since its launch in 2014. According to users, their readings are the most accurate phone readings. This is one of the most trusted apps for answering questions about your love life or career. Customers can contact their readers either through a phone call or in a live chat.

This app offers astrology, tarot card readings, and dream analysis services.

Features of AskNow

  • Customers can choose their readers based on their reviews, expertise, and experience.
  • The app also has readers who speak Spanish.
  • Customers can choose their questions and ask them to their preferred readers.


  • Has psychics that are experienced and have expertise
  • The app offers discounts on the first reading
  • The first 5 minutes of the reading experience on this app are free
  • The app has psychics that speak different languages.
  • The app also facilitates refunds if the customer is unsatisfied with the services.


  • The prices on this app are likely to increase after the first reading
  • The app has no facility for video calling

Why is AskNow recommended?

  • This app is recommended because the first five minutes are free of charge for customers to take a trial.
  • New customers are also offered their first 15 minutes of reading for a discounted price of $10.
  • This app’s reading accuracy is highly trustworthy, and the reviews are also great.
  • The app has several Spanish readers, making it easy for Spanish-speaking people.
  • Customers can also search for psychics if they need to ask questions in specific areas.

Click here to learn more about AskNow.


4. Oranum – The Best One-on-One Conversation About Your Destiny

Oranum has been in business for over ten years and is one of the most trusted online psychic reading applications. The application has the reputation of being the best face-to-face reader. However, it also can chat over text.

Oranum specializes in dealing with problems of grief. If you are in a situation where you are overwhelmed with the conditions around you, this medium can guide you on how to get your situation analyzed to make better decisions in your future; Oranum may be the one-stop for you.


  • Oranum has a facility where it allows other users to read reading reviews.
  • This feature lets you glimpse the psychic before heading to them for assistance.
  • Oranum can help people answer questions about all parts of life, love, family, grief, finance, etc.
  • Oranum’s services are only available to people above 18 years.


  • The app offers free ten minutes on first reading for new customers
  • The app provides specialized reading
  • You can sit and watch the readings of other people.
  • Video calls are also available


  • The prices on this app are likely to increase after the first reading

Why is Oranum recommended?

  • The app offers free first 10 minutes of reading to its customers.
  • Psychics from all around the world are available on this platform.
  • You have access to the reviews of the psychics, their experience, the languages they speak, and their area of expertise, based on which you can make an informed decision.
  • Oranum has 13 main divination methods, which include clairvoyance, palm reading, spiritual guides, numerology, tarot card reading, and dream interpretation.
  • Each category has subcategories choosing the best option becomes easier.

Click here to learn more about Oranum.


5. MysticSense: One-stop for all your future predictions

Confusion or indecisiveness about life is not an alien feeling to many people. From time to time, We might need somebody to guide us through these parts of our life. You can take the assistance of MysticSense in case you are looking for an analysis of your life decisions up to this point or suggestions for your future. Mysticsense allows you to connect with psychics from all around the world. You can contact your psychics through calls, video calls, or even text.


  • The types of psychic readings offered by my Mysticsense include mediums, career, pet, and love physics, energy healers, intuitive, clairvoyants, clairsentients, and clairaudients.
  • The psychics are from all over the world and have expertise in one or a few of these areas of reading.
  • The psychics offer guidance in subjects about love, relationships, and family in a more spiritual approach using chakras, auras, and dreams interpretations.


  • The confidentiality is perfect.
  • The first 5 minutes of reading are free
  • Services of the app are available 24/7
  • A wide range of cycles is available on this platform.


  • The app does not offer free horoscopes.
  • The mobile application is not available.

Why is Mysticsense recommended?

  • The readers are available 24/7 for the customers.
  • The first 5 minutes are free for the customers to get their reading during the trial.
  • A wide range of readings, including angel cards, cartomancy, crystals, reiki healing, tarot cards, dowsing, numerology, oracle cards, crystal ball, runes, tea leaves, and palmistry, is available on this site.

Click here to learn more about Mysticsense.

How is this Psychic list made?

After reading multiple reviews, searching, and trying out the best psychics online, we can tell you with certainty that the options on this list rank among the most visited and solicited psychic votes for reading and divination.

Online psychics are not a new alternative. Multiple companies have established themselves, attracting psychic talent worldwide and hand-picking the best psychic services forward.

There were a lot of factors that were considered while deciding on this list. Some of those factors were:

Research: The competition for psychic readers on online platforms is exceptionally high. Therefore, before deciding on a list, we made a list of requirements for the things and features we were looking for in an online psychic reading website. This was followed by extensive research. And we then followed the elimination method and discarded all those websites that were not up to the mark and did not meet our expectations.

Reviews: Customer reviews were also another major factor that influenced our decision. We reviewed and considered all the sites with the total customer reviews and feedback. We then shortlisted places that had the maximum positive reviews. Customer feedback is one of the best ways to make this decision because it comes from experienced people who will probably not lie.

Reputation: The website’s reputation was also an essential factor, i.e., whether the site is authentic and trustworthy or just trying to scam people.

Articles: There were many articles available online about each Psychic Reading website. We read all those articles to understand the website more deeply and determine its usability and trustworthiness. If the website has no or very minimum articles, it is discarded from a list of top websites.

Usability of the website: After having taken out the top websites and post research on the points mentioned above, the team enrolled themselves on the website to experience it in person and to get a clear idea about its usability and if they are worth the money or not. The website was removed from the list if the readings were found to be fake or of not much use.

Things You Should Know About Psychic Reading

If you are a first-timer with psychic reading, you must know enough about it to try it. There are a few things that you must know before going for psychic reading:

Do enough research: If you are going for a psychic reading for the first time, then it is essential to do thorough research about not just psychic reading but also the platform you are using and the reader you will visit. You can look at the reviews and feedback on the website to analyze the trustworthiness and authenticity. This is the best way not to get scammed and use your money as best as possible.

Services offered: Research enough about the services provided by the website of your choice and the psychic reader you are going for. Choosing a website that caters to your requirements and demands is advisable.

Experience of the psychic: Before finalizing your psychic reader, it is essential to do enough research about their experience, their area of expertise, and the feedback that they have been getting from previous customers. Learn if they know things that are troubling you or not, and only then visit them.

Honesty and Transparency: Being completely honest and transparent with your psychic ensures guaranteed results from this exercise. If you refrain from speaking out the complete truth, the reading might not be accurate, and your purpose will not be solved.

Keeping an open mind: As skeptical as a psychic reading can be, knowing what you will do if you decide to go for it is essential. It would be best if you were fully committed and did not look for faults or problems in reading your psychic because that takes away from the complete essence of the experience. Therefore, if you have decided to get into it, open it with an open mind.

Ask the right and enough questions: Ask as many questions to your reader as you want. If you are paying your psychic, make the most of it. Use the first few free minutes of the consultation productively and ask the right questions.

Be confident: It is essential to be satisfied with your question and discuss problems with your reader. Shying away from discussing your issues can take away the essence of the exercise.

  • The best part about online psychic reading is that they are available from all parts of the world, so access is effortless.
  • Online psychic readers receive a lot of reviews and feedback from people who have already taken that service, so it is easy to identify the authenticity of the readers.
  • Online platforms offer customers many discounts and promotional offers to get the best services at the lowest possible cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Psychic Reading?

There exists an ability of humans that extends beyond our ordinary senses of sight, sound, touch, taste, and instinct that deals with the mystic curiosities of life and uses information that is second through the use of heightened perspective abilities. The use of spiritual assistance to know about these things is known as Psychic Reading. There is no proof of the authenticity of psychic reading; however, it is still very much believed in by people through results-driven examples.

Are psychics authentic?

This is a very debatable subject. The existence of psychics is a matter of belief. Before heading to a psychic for assistance, it is advisable to do thorough research and consult people with experience in the field.

Should I visit a psychic reader often?

This is a question that is very subjective and depends on individuals. Many people who find comfort and believe in psychic readers like to visit them, while some people like to see them on regular breaks. Other people might want to call them only when dealing with things in their life and like to have some form of assistance or analysis of their situation. Whether to stay or not visit the psychic reader depends on each person individually.

Should I get a reading online or in person?

This is a very subjective decision, and it depends on the comfort level the person feels with the whole concept of reading. If you think you are confident and comfortable talking to a reader in person, that is the better option because the transparency of thoughts and ideas is better. However, if you are uncomfortable talking to them in person, you can always meet the reader online and speak to them via video, phone, or text. Ultimately, the entries have always to be yours.

What is fortune telling?

In simple words, fortune telling is the ability to foresee future happenings and predict things that could happen in your future. Fortune telling includes many other things like astrology, tarot cards, tea leaves, etc. It is simply an ability that few people have that can give you a glimpse of what could happen in the future.

How long does a typical reading session last?

The session duration usually depends on the topic you are dealing with, the psychic you are visiting, and your needs and demands from the psychic. The session can last from 20 minutes to 1 hour. The card reading part is pretty fast, but the discussion you will have with your psychic takes longer, as they will need to ask you questions to get a better analysis.

Are there any free online psychic reading platforms?

There might be a few online sites that offer free readings; however, the authenticity and trustworthiness of those sites are highly doubtful. Since these sites are free, nobody can be accountable for false readings or misinterpretations. Therefore, paid sites have the upper hand here.

How do you make the most out of your psychic reading?

The one way to make the most out of your reading session is to be completely transparent and honest with your psychic about things happening in your life and how you feel about them. Dishonesty or staying away from revealing the complete truth will lead to incorrect results, wasting your time and money. Therefore, it is only advisable to be completely honest with your reader.


Although Psychic Readings can be slightly skeptical about believing in them, they can help you deal with your problems and channel your worries and anxieties about your future.

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