Blood Sugar Support+ Review: Should You Buy Blood Sugar Support Plus Gummies?

Blood Sugar Support+ is a nutritional supplement designed to support normal blood sugar levels.

Marketed primarily to diabetics and pre-diabetics, Blood Sugar Support+ can purportedly “lower blood sugar below 100 all day,” according to the official website.

Can Blood Sugar Support+ really lower blood sugar? How does Blood Sugar Support+ work? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Blood Sugar Support+ and how it works today in our review.

What is Blood Sugar Support+?

Blood Sugar Support+ is a blood sugar supplement available exclusively online.

Featuring a blend of beef pancreas, berberine, and nine other ingredients, Blood Sugar Support+ is designed to support normal blood sugar levels.

If you’re diabetic or pre-diabetic, then you have elevated blood sugar levels. Some diabetics take insulin or metformin to lower blood sugar levels. Others follow healthy diet and exercise programs, and some take supplements.

By taking two capsules of Blood Sugar Support+ daily, you can purportedly support normal blood sugar levels. In fact, according to the official website, Blood Sugar Support+ was developed by an ex-pharma employee who discovered a breakthrough way to “lower blood sugar below 100 all day.” He condensed that research into the Blood Sugar Support+ formula.

Blood Sugar Support+ is priced at $59 per bottle and backed by a 60 day moneyback guarantee. The supplement was created by a supplement company named Healthy Living, found online at

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Blood Sugar Support+ Benefits

According to the manufacturer of Blood Sugar Support+, five of the ingredients in Blood Sugar Support+ “have been proven to lower blood glucose levels without harmful side effects.”

The supplement is primarily marketed to people who want to lower their blood sugar levels. If your blood sugar levels are elevated, then there are several strategies to support healthy blood sugar levels.

Here are some of the benefits of taking Blood Sugar Support+, according to the official website:

  • Lower blood sugar below 100 all day
  • Take natural ingredients proven to lower blood glucose
  • No harmful side effects
  • Nourish and repair your pancreas to target the root cause of blood sugar imbalance
  • Supercharge the pancreas’s ability to balance blood sugar levels
  • Restore healthy blood sugar levels in days

The makers of Blood Sugar Support+ primarily market the supplement to diabetics – including those who have already talked to a doctor about their condition.

The company claims the unique combination of ingredients “can restore healthy blood sugar levels in days,” for example, and they sympathize with diabetics who are “terrified of the prospects of dealing with this terrible disease, or dealing with it now.” Diabetics who take Blood Sugar Support+ daily can purportedly support healthy blood sugar and possibly even keep blood sugar below 100, among other benefits.

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Who Created Blood Sugar Support+?

Blood Sugar Support+ was created by a medical doctor named Dr. Patrick Conrad, MD and the team at Healthy Living. It’s a doctor-formulated supplement endorsed by a genuine medical doctor, according to the official website.

Dr. Conrad developed the formula to help save the life of Vincent Carter’s mother. Vincent Carter is a medical researcher who also contributed to the development of Blood Sugar Support+.

Dr. Conrad was motivated to create a blood sugar supplement after he saw the negative side effects of blood sugar medications like insulin and metformin. He claims many patients are worse off with these medications, which is why he recommends taking his supplement.

What to Expect After Taking Blood Sugar Support+

Blood Sugar Support+ was formulated by a doctor to lower blood sugar. The goal of Blood Sugar Support+ is to keep blood sugar below 100 all day long.

According to Healthy Living, Blood Sugar Support+ is proven to “lower blood sugar and many other symptoms.”

In fact, Healthy Living claims Blood Sugar Support+ “works for about 88% of our clients.” In other words, nearly 9 in 10 people – including diabetics, pre-diabetics, and others struggling with blood sugar – have lowered blood sugar with Blood Sugar Support+.

Healthy Living has received no reports of negative side effects. Instead, they’ve only heard about side effects like increased energy, better digestion, and lower blood sugar.

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Blood Sugar Support+ Ingredients

Blood Sugar Support+ contains a blend of natural ingredients to restore healthy blood sugar levels. Many of the ingredients work by targeting and supporting your pancreas. Your pancreas produces insulin to balance blood sugar. By targeting the pancreas, Blood Sugar Support+ claims to target the root cause of diabetes.

Here are all of the ingredients in Blood Sugar Support+ and how they work, according to the manufacturer:

Beef Pancreas: One of the most unique ingredients in Blood Sugar Support+ is beef pancreas. Your pancreas controls insulin production and blood sugar. By taking beef pancreas, you can restore and repair your own pancreas. Dr. Conrad added beef pancreas to Blood Sugar Support+ “to nourish and repair” the pancreas. Beef pancreas can support enzymes, hormones, and minerals in your pancreas. Taking beef pancreas may sound unusual. However, most insulin comes from animals, so it’s more normal than many diabetics realize.

Banaba Leaf Extract: Banaba leaf extract is similar to cinnamon for blood sugar, and studies show it can lower blood sugar 20% to 30% when taken consistently.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon “copies some of the effects of insulin and lowers blood sugar levels,” according to Healthy Living, making it valuable for those who are diabetic or pre-diabetic.

Gymnema Sylvestre: Gymnema sylvestre blocks sugar receptors in your stomach, making it harder for blood sugar to spike after a meal. According to Healthy Living, you can enjoy a sweet treat with less guilt because of this herb.

Magnesium: Studies show diabetics tend to have low levels of magnesium in their blood, making it harder to balance blood sugar. Some doctors recommend a magnesium supplement to counteract this effect.

Vitamin D3: Vitamin D3 is linked to heart health, hormones, immunity, weight loss, and more. According to Healthy Living, it was also recently shown to “lower fasting blood sugar by 12 points.”

Vitamin K2: Vitamin K2 can “reduce the risk of blood sugar problems by 7%,” according to Healthy Living.

Berberine: Many diabetes supplements contain berberine, an herb with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and blood sugar supporting benefits.

Lipase: Lipase is the first of four digestive enzymes within Blood Sugar Support+. Lipase helps your body break down fat. If you eat a fatty meal, then lipase helps to break down the fat, digest it, and pass the remaining ingredients out of your body. According to Healthy Living, lipase also makes sure “you don’t get fat” after eating a sugary meal.

Protease: Blood Sugar Support+ contains protease, another digestive enzyme. Protease helps your body break down protein. If you feel bloated after taking a protein shake, then you might not have enough protease.

Trypsin: Trypsin, like protease, helps to break down protein. It helps to ensure you’re absorbing the maximum possible amount of protein from each meal you eat.

Amylase: Blood Sugar Support+ contains amylase as its fourth and final digestive enzyme. Amylase “actively lowers blood sugar levels,” according to Healthy Living. In fact, studies show diabetes tend to have lower amylase levels in their saliva.

Blood Sugar Support+ contains no sugar, chemicals, artificial ingredients, caffeine, gluten, dairy, shellfish, GMOs, nuts, or preservatives.

Healthy Living also sources 100% of all ingredients from the United States. The beef pancreas, for example, comes from pasture-raised cows on ranches in Utah.

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How Beef Pancreas Helps with Blood Sugar

One of the most unique ingredients in Blood Sugar Support+ is beef pancreas. Each serving of Blood Sugar Support+ contains a significant dose (300mg) of beef pancreas.

Many other blood sugar support supplements contain the other ingredients in Blood Sugar Support+, including berberine and gymnema sylvestre. However, Blood Sugar Support+ is one of the first with beef pancreas.

Why beef pancreas? Does beef pancreas really work? Here are some of the ways beef pancreas helps with blood sugar, according to Dr. Conrad and the Healthy Living team:

Studies show people with traditional, ancient eating habits – like eating every part of the cow – have lower rates of diabetes. Researchers began to explore the idea organ meat, including beef pancreas, could help with blood sugar.

Indigenous people around the world, including Native Americans and early ancestral healings, believed strongly in the power of eating organ meats. People who had a weak heart would eat the heart of a healthy animal, for example.

Dr. Conrad developed Blood Sugar Support+ based on the idea that “like heals like” and that “organs are the ultimate superfood.”

When you eat beef pancreas, you’re giving your body “all the stuff you need to repair your broken blood sugar regulator,” according to Healthy Living, or your pancreas.

Beef pancreas contains four digestive enzymes your body needs to control blood sugar response, including lipase, protease, amylase, and trypsin.

Humans share 80% of their DNA with cows, and beef enzymes “are identical to human enzymes,” according to Healthy Living. Enzymes travel through your bloodstream, to your pancreas, and nourish your body.

By taking one or two capsules of Blood Sugar Support+ daily, you can flood your body with enzymes to help balance blood sugar and restore your pancreas.

In fact, Healthy Living claims big pharmaceutical companies deliberately suppressed early cures for diabetes. In the early 1900s, researchers around the world “cured their patients entirely” using organs. Big pharma, unfortunately, suppressed this solution.

The Dangers of Diabetes Medication

At the official Blood Sugar Support+ website, Healthy Living warns of the dangers of diabetes medication – including the medication prescribed by your doctor to treat the condition.

Here are some of the downsides of diabetes medication like insulin, metformin, alogliptin, and others:

Lactic Acidosis: Metformin can cause lactic acidosis, a dangerous side effect that leads to exhaustion, severe digestive issues, heart attacks, and even hospitalization.

Severe Joint Pain: Drugs like alogliptin, sitagliptin, saxagliptin, and linagliptin work as DPP-4 inhibitors. According to Healthy Living, these drugs have caused some patients to become wheelchair-bound.

Weight Gain: The same four DPP-4 inhibitors listed above, including alogliptin, sitagliptin, saxagliptin, and linagliptin, can also lead to “extreme weight gain.” That’s dangerous for anyone, but it’s particularly dangerous for diabetics.

The Number One Side Effect of Insulin is Weight Gain: Insulin is the primary medication people use to control their blood sugar. Shockingly, the number one side effect of insulin is weight gain.

Medication Drops Blood Sugar Too Low, Making You Feel Worse: Many diabetes medications drop blood sugar so low that patients feel worse in the long run. Some patients feel dizzy, grumpy, or hungry, for example.

Healthy Living knew there was a way to restore healthy blood sugar levels in diabetics “without the extreme dangers of prescription medications,” so they developed a solution with beef pancreas extract.

Scientific Evidence for Blood Sugar Support+

The connection between blood sugar, diabetes, and cow pancreas dates back to 1922, when two scientists treated a diabetic bow with cow pancreas. Those two scientists, Frederick Banting and Charles Best, found beef pancreas lowered the boy’s blood sugar back to normal levels. Researchers traced the effect to a specific chemical substance in the cow pancreas. Banting and Best called this substance insulin.

Before Banting and Best developed insulin from beef pancreas, many patients died of diabetes. The ancient Egyptians wrote about diabetes. The ancient Greeks were the first to use the term diabetes. They named the condition after the Greek words to “siphon” or “pass through” because people with diabetes needed to urinate frequently.

You can view Banting and Best’s original study, published in The Canadian Medical Association Journal here. It was titled, “Pancreatic Extracts in the Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus.”

Today, some people continue to take beef pancreas on its own to lower blood sugar. Many doctors also prescribe insulin, a chemical derived from cow or pig pancreas. However, there’s little published research showing beef pancreas on its own can lower blood sugar as significantly as mentioned on the official Blood Sugar Support+ website.

Other ingredients could support healthy blood sugar. One study found berberine reduced A1C by 9.5% in a group of patients with type 2 diabetes over a three month period, for example. Another study found taking 500mg of gymnema sylvestre per day lowered blood glucose levels.

Overall, Blood Sugar Support+ contains active ingredients designed to lower blood sugar, and the formula was developed by a genuine medical doctor named Dr. Patrick Conrad.

How Blood Sugar Support+ Helps with Diabetes

Healthy Living specifically markets Blood Sugar Support to diabetics. Many reviewers with diabetes claim to have significantly lowered blood sugar and improved A1C with the supplement, and Healthy Living claims the formula has an 88% success rate.

To help with diabetes, Blood Sugar Support+ claims to “repair your broken blood sugar regulator,” or your pancreas.

Many reviewers even claim to have reduced their insulin usage after taking Blood Sugar Support+. One customer claims his blood sugar became “too low” after taking Blood Sugar Support+, for example.

Here are some of the ways in which Blood Sugar Support+ claims to help with diabetes, pre-diabetes, insulin resistance, and similar conditions, according to Healthy Living and the official website:

One of the digestive enzymes in Blood Sugar Support+, amylase, “actively lowers blood sugar levels,” according to Healthy Living.

Taking beef pancreas, the active ingredient in Blood Sugar Support+, is one of “the simplest ways to avoid going blind, having to deal with an amputation, or become a slave to your diet,” according to the manufacturer.

Eating beef pancreas once a day can “lower blood sugar below 100 all day,” and many reviewers agree they’ve seen this effect in action.

Vincent Carter, the man who helped create Blood Sugar Support+, claims his mother was on hospice care before she started taking an early version of Blood Sugar Support+ because of her type 2 diabetes. After taking the supplement, she was able to leave hospice care and get home care instead.

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Blood Sugar Support+ Reviews

Blood Sugar Support+ is backed by many reviews from customers who have lowered blood sugar significantly after taking Blood Sugar Support+. Many users claim to have been dealing with severe diabetes symptoms before they started to take Blood Sugar Support+.

Here are some of the reviews shared on the official website:

Vincent Carter, the medical researcher who helped develop Blood Sugar Support+, was motivated to create the formula to help his mom, a 74-year old with a severe case of diabetes. His mom’s medical condition was so severe she was on hospice care. After taking an early version of Blood Sugar Support+, however, “they released her from hospice” after noticing increased energy and vitality.

One customer bought Blood Sugar Support+ for her diabetic husband, Pat. Blood Sugar Support+ has lowered Pat’s blood sugar levels so much it was getting “a little too low.” Pat’s A1C dropped to 5.0 after taking Blood Sugar Support+ and his blood sugar dropped to the 60s before rebalancing to the 80s. Pat found Blood Sugar Support+ made “a definite, verifiable improvement” in his diabetes.

A 42-year old customer was struggling with her insulin resistance. Her blood glucose ranged from 95 when fasting to 110 after a carb-heavy meal. After taking Blood Sugar Support+, her blood sugar is in the 80s after eating a meal with carbs, and she has more energy than before.

One customer claims he can “control it with a capsule capsules,” getting better control of his condition after taking Blood Sugar Support+.

Another customer claims she can “literally watch my numbers drop” after taking Blood Sugar Support+. Her blood sugar was at 110 after a carb-heavy meal, and she took two capsules of Blood Sugar Support+ immediately. Her blood sugar dropped “to 96 in about 20 minutes.” Now, she takes Blood Sugar Support+ daily and feels she can live free again.

One customer claims Blood Sugar Support+ lowered his blood sugar after eating to a point where he did not need to take his regular medication.

Blood Sugar Support+ Pricing

Blood Sugar Support+ is priced at $59 per bottle, although pricing drops under $30 per bottle when ordering multiple bottles thanks to a “Buy 3, Get 3 Free” promotion.

Here’s how pricing works when ordering Blood Sugar Support+ online today:

  • 1 Bottle: $59 + Free Shipping
  • 3 Bottles (Buy 2, Get 1 Free): $117.99 ($39.33 Per Bottle)
  • 6 Bottles (Buy 3, Get 3 Free): $177 ($29.50 Per Bottle)

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Each bottle contains a 30 day supply of Blood Sugar Support+, or 60 capsules. You take two capsules daily to support healthy blood sugar.

Blood Sugar Support+ Pricing

Blood Sugar Support+ Refund Policy

Blood Sugar Support+ is backed by a lifetime moneyback guarantee. You can request a complete refund on your purchase at any time if you’re unsatisfied for any reason.

According to Healthy Living, the company can afford to offer a lifetime guarantee because Blood Sugar Support+ “almost never generates refunds.” As mentioned above, the company claims the supplement has an 88% success rate with customers.

Contact Barbara of Healthy Living at [email protected] to request a complete refund on your purchase at any point after you buy.

About Healthy Living Association

Healthy Living Association is a health and wellness brand and supplement company dedicated to helping customers thrive at any age.

The company was co-founded by a certified nutritionist named Kriss Berg and a researcher named Chaz Shively. The duo founded the company on the belief people can thrive at any age using natural remedies, and that there are certain health issues modern medicine cannot solve.

Healthy Living Association has three medical doctors on its advisory board, including Dr. Patrick Conrad (a medical doctor with 20 years of experience in Florida), Dr. Ralph LaGuardia (a specialist with 25+ years of experience in Connecticut), and Dr. Michele Burklund (who attended medical school at Bastyr University before studying nutritional biochemistry, medical herbalism, the mind-body connection, and more).

You can contact Healthy Living Association via the following:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 1-800-599-3104
  • Mailing Address: 1990 Depew Street #140690 Edgewater, CO 80214, USA

Final Word

Blood Sugar Support+ is a diabetes supplement featuring beef pancreas extract and other herbs, plants, and nutrients to lower blood sugar.

According to the official website, many Blood Sugar Support+ users have reduced their medication dosage, lowered blood sugar, and enjoyed powerful benefits after taking just two capsules of Blood Sugar Support+ daily.

To learn more about Blood Sugar Support+ and how it could work, or to buy the supplement online today, visit the official website.

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