Instant Knockout Reviews: Should You Buy Instant Knockout Cut & Instant Knockout Complete?

Instant Knockout is a weight management supplement lineup consisting of two flagship formulas: Cut and Complete.

Made in the UK, Instant Knockout uses a blend of natural ingredients for 24 hour fat burning. According to the official website, it’s popular among professional MMA fighters and boxers who need to cut weight.

Does Instant Knockout live up to the hype? How does the supplement work? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Instant Knockout today in our review.

What is Instant Knockout?

Instant Knockout is a supplement brand designed to make cutting weight easier.

There are two supplements in the Instant Knockout lineup, including:

Cut: A traditional fat burning formula to boost metabolism, enhance weight loss, and keep you full.

Complete: A meal replacement formula to keep you full while delivering the nutrition you need.

You can buy both supplements online as part of the Instant Knockout system. Or, you can buy the supplements individually.

By taking the two Instant Knockout supplements, Cut and Complete, every day, you can use a safe and effective formula to lose fat while keeping muscle. Cut boosts metabolism using caffeine, green tea, and other ingredients, while Complete is a nutritionally complete meal replacement shake designed to keep you satisfied between meals. Some take both supplements, while others take one at a time.

Instant Knockout is made in the United Kingdom and has all-natural, vegan ingredients. You can exclusively buy Instant Knockout online through

Instant Knockout Benefits

Instant Knockout Benefits

Instant Knockout is marketed to men or women who want to cut weight without losing muscle mass. Whether training for a competition or revealing your shredded physique, you can achieve targeted weight loss goals with Instant Knockout Complete and Instant Knockout Cut.

Some of the advertised benefits of Instant Knockout include:

  • Get rid of excess, stubborn weight
  • Supercharge weight loss results to complement your healthy diet and exercise routine
  • Used by professional boxers and MMA fighters
  • Shred fat, keep muscle, and reach your weight loss targets
  • Backed by science and years of research and development

How Does Instant Knockout Cut Work?

Instant Knockout Cut is a traditional fat burner supplement featuring a blend of green tea extract, cayenne pepper seeds, and glucomannan.

Some of the ingredients boost your metabolism, increasing daily calorie burning to help you lose weight. Other ingredients keep you full for longer, helping you naturally eat less and avoid cravings. By increasing calorie burning and reducing calorie intake, Instant Knockout Cut could help you lose meaningful weight.

The goal of Instant Knockout Cut is to help you achieve the following benefits:

  • Cut and shred
  • Speed up metabolism
  • Reveal sculpted muscle

Each serving of Instant Knockout contains a blend of science-backed ingredients for weight loss, including green tea extract, cayenne pepper seeds, caffeine, glucomannan, and a blend of vitamins and minerals.

Instant Knockout Cut Ingredients

Instant Knockout Cut contains a blend of thermogenic fat burners, including green tea extract, caffeine, and L-theanine, among others. By taking four capsules of Instant Knockout Cut daily, you can supercharge fat burning and activate weight loss results.

Here are all of the active ingredients in Instant Knockout Cut and how they work:

Caffeine: Instant Knockout Cut contains caffeine, one of the world’s most proven fat burners. It’s ideal for boosting energy. Caffeine has also been shown to help with aerobic exercise, power output, running capacity, and more. Each serving of Instant Knockout Cut contains 300mg of caffeine, or about the equivalent of three cups of coffee. This caffeine gives you a significant energy boost while also helping with fat burning, appetite control, metabolism, and more. In a 2019 review, researchers found higher doses of caffeine were linked to higher weight loss results, but that all caffeine could promote reductions in weight, BMI, and body fat by 17% to 28% compared to placebo treatments.

Glucomannan: Glucomannan is one of the most popular sources of fiber in the supplement industry. Glucomannan comes from the konjac plant – specifically, the root of the plant. It’s a natural source of fiber and a complex carb. When you eat glucomannan, it soaks up water in your stomach, making you feel fuller. Glucomannan keeps you full all day long, helping you avoid snacking and making it easier to consume fewer calories. When combined with the other appetite suppression ingredients in the formula, glucomannan can ensure you stay in a caloric deficit. In one study, researchers told a group of 20 obese patients to take 1,000mg of glucomannan daily over 8 weeks. Participants lost a total of 5.5lbs while also significantly improving cholesterol readings with no adverse side effects.

Cayenne Pepper: Many weight loss supplements contain cayenne pepper extract. Cayenne contains a natural ingredient called capsaicin. This ingredient gives chili peppers their spice. It also boosts metabolism. By taking capsaicin and cayenne pepper daily, you could enjoy powerful thermogenic effects, and cayenne pepper has been shown to increase fat burning. If you want to release stubborn fat your body is clinging to, then the cayenne pepper in Instant Knockout Cut could help. In one study on the anti-obesity potential of cayenne, researchers found capsaicin could be critical for early prevention and treatment of obesity.

Green Tea Extract: Instant Knockout Cut contains green tea extract, which has been shown to help oxidize fat and increase energy expenditure. Featuring a blend of bioactive polyphenols called catechins, green tea has been linked to weight loss and metabolism in multiple studies. A specific catechin in Instant Knockout Cut, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) has been connected to fat burning and metabolism across multiple studies.

L-Theanine: A natural amino acid found in green tea, L-theanine has been shown to negate some of the negative, unwanted side effects of caffeine. Many people take L-theanine and caffeine daily as part of a stack. L-theanine can also encourage brain wave activity linked to a state of calm focus. Some studies have connected it to sleep, which could make it easier to fall asleep after you take the large dose of caffeine in Instant Knockout Cut. Overall, if you’re taking a large dose of caffeine, then L-theanine could help.

Vitamins & Minerals: Instant Knockout Cut contains vitamins and minerals, including vitamins B6 and B12 – two of the most important vitamins for energy. Vitamin B6 can also increase dopamine levels to enhance focus and keep you working out harder for longer. Vitamin B12, meanwhile, can help regulate metabolism by producing energy from food intake. There’s also vitamin D3, which can help with cardiovascular health, hormone balance, immunity, and weight management, among other benefits.

Black Pepper Extract: A growing number of supplements use black pepper extract for absorption. Black pepper extract is rich with piperine, a natural molecule that appears to help your body absorb active ingredients. The black pepper extract in Instant Knockout Cut can also switch on two receptors in your body, including TRPA1 and TRPV1. When activated, these receptors increase metabolism and suppress fat cell formation, giving black pepper extract multiple benefits in Instant Knockout Cut.

Each serving of Instant Knockout Cut contains 1,800mg of glucomannan, 500mg of green tea extract, 300mg of caffeine anhydrous, 100mg of L-theanine, 100mg of cayenne powder, and 10mg of black pepper extract.

How Does Instant Knockout Complete Work?

Instant Knockout Complete is a meal replacement shake also designed for weight loss. Each calorie-controlled, nutritionally-complete serving contains 400 calories, making it easy to replace meals without losing muscle mass or cutting corners on nutrition.

To make Instant Knockout Complete, just mix one serving of the powder and shake it for 30 seconds. You can take it on the go, helping you cover your nutritional goals no matter what you’re doing.

Some of the goals of Instant Knockout Complete include:

  • Support immunity to keep you in fighting shape
  • Give you protein to maximize punching power
  • Provide you with macronutrients to lose weight without losing muscle
  • Avoid appetite swings and hunger cravings that inhibit your weight loss goals

According to Instant Knockout, people who replace just one of their daily meals with complete reduced their calorie intake by 550 calories, on average. If you replace two meals, you could achieve your weight loss results even faster.

Overall, Instant Knockout Complete is designed to give your body everything it needs to perform at its best. You can power through your day, give your best at the gym, and maintain a calorie deficit without cravings.

Instant Knockout Reviews

Instant Knockout Complete Ingredients

Complete is designed to be food. It’s a nutritionally complete meal replacement shake designed to keep you satisfied between meals. With 400 calories and a blend of fatty acids and micronutrients per serving, it’s easy to replace a meal with Instant Knockout Complete.

Each serving of Instant Knockout Complete contains 35g of protein, 35g of carbs, 13g of fiber, and significant sources of omega 3, omega 6, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, and chromium. Instant Knockout chose these ingredients based on what your body needs. Instead of filling you with hollow calories and sugar like other protein shakes, Instant Knockout Complete is built to give you everything you need.

Key ingredients in Instant Knockout Complete include:

Plant-Based Protein: Instant Knockout Cut and Instant Knockout Complete are both vegan formulas, and Complete exclusively contains plant-based protein. The formula contains pea and soy protein, which are all-natural protein sources suitable for everyone. With 35g of plant-based protein per serving, Instant Knockout Complete aims to give you the fuel you need to continue performing at a high level without losing muscle mass.

MCT: Instant Knockout Complete contains medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), which are useful dietary fats with a range of effects. Primarily derived from coconuts, the MCTs in Instant Knockout Complete can help with fat oxidation, fatty acid breakdown, and removing fat from your system, among other benefits. Some people take MCT supplements daily for energy, while others take MCT for weight loss. Multiple studies have connected MCT to significant weight loss results. In a recent study, researchers found MCT oil led to greater weight loss and fat mass loss than olive oil. In that study, 49 overweight men and women took 18 to 24g of MCT oil or olive oil daily over 16 weeks. The MCT oil group lost 4lbs more weight, on average, than the olive oil group.

Chia Seed: Instant Knockout Complete contains chia seed, a plant-based nutrient full of nutritional value but with few calories. The chia seeds in Instant Knockout Complete are filled with protein, calcium, fiber, and healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids. They also have just 101 calories per 28g serving.

Golden Flaxseed: Flaxseed, like chia seed, is packed with benefits. It’s rich with omega-3 fatty acids and fiber. Some take golden flaxseed daily for dietary fiber. Others take it to lower cholesterol, lose weight, and stay full all day long. And, because Instant Knockout Complete is rich with nutrients, the formula can help you stay nutritionally complete while losing weight.

Oat Flour: Oat flour is packed with carbs – including fibers, starches, and sugars – to keep you energized. Although it contains carbs, those carbs have a low glycemic index. Oats have a glycemic index of 37, while white bread has a glycemic index of 75. It’s also rich with fiber, which can help with controlled energy release. If you want a meal replacement shake to make you feel full and energized between meals, then it needs to contain carbs – and Instant Knockout Complete can help.

Organic Brown Rice: Instant Knockout Complete contains organic brown rice, which is rich with amino acids like valine, leucine, and isoleucine. These ingredients help supply your muscle tissue with energy, making it easier to perform at your best. It rounds out the all-vegan Instant Knockout Complete formula.

Instant Knockout Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Instant Knockout has strong reviews online from customers who have achieved powerful weight loss results with Cut and Complete (or both). Some have transformed their bodies completely with Instant Knockout, while others have trimmed away the last few pounds of weight.

Here are some of the reviews shared by verified purchasers on the official Instant Knockout website:

One customer used Instant Knockout for 8 weeks to try and shred the last bits of fat before the summer holidays. Within a week, he was hitting PBs at the gym and had greater energy levels. He also liked the appetite suppression effects, which stopped him from snacking between meals.

Many people use Instant Knockout after struggling with other weight loss supplements and meal replacement shakes. There are plenty of low-quality supplements with junk ingredients in the industry, but Instant Knockout is designed to be nutritionally complete for better results.

One customer started to take Instant Knockout when she was 135 pounds. After two months, she has dropped 15lbs. She’s happy with the results.

Most customers use Instant Knockout without experiencing any side effects – even when taking formulas on an empty stomach.

MMA coach Greg Jackson recommends Instant Knockout as a weight loss aid. Greg has 20+ years of experience training MMA fighters, and he likes Instant Knockout for facilitating weight loss without side effects. Greg is the 3x MMA coach of the year and 2x MMA gym of the year award winner. His students have included Georges St. Pierre, Holly Holm, and Diego Sanchez, among other notable names.

Many customers are impressed by the amount of energy they feel while taking Instant Knockout. Other weight loss routines can leave you feeling fatigued. With Instant Knockout, you can continue to have effective workouts while maintaining a caloric deficit.

You can view an extensive list of Instant Knockout customer testimonials here at the official website! >>>

Overall, customers agree Instant Knockout works as advertised to complement diet and exercise programs. It won’t help you lose 20lbs in a week while sitting on your couch; however, it can deliver meaningful weight loss using proven ingredients.

How to Take Instant Knockout

Roar Ambition recommends taking Instant Knockout Cut and Instant Knockout Complete in the following ways:

Instant Knockout Cut: Take 1 capsule with a glass of water, 4 times per day. Take 1 capsule when you wake up, take the 2nd between breakfast and lunch, take the 3rd 1 hour after lunch, and take the 4th 1 hour before your evening meal. Be sure to take your last dose of Cut no later than 5 hours before going to bed.

Instant Knockout Complete: Add 2 scoops of Complete (100g) to 500mL of water in a shaker. Shake vigorously for 10 to 15 seconds. Experiment with different amounts of water to adjust thickness based on preference.

Instant Knockout Pricing

Instant Knockout is available in three different packages ranging from $59 to $118.

Instant Knockout Pricing

Here’s how pricing works when ordering through the Instant Knockout online store today:

  • Complete Cutting Meals (2 Week Supply): $59 (1 x Bag of Instant Knockout Complete)
  • Complete Cutting Meals (1 Month Supply): $118 (2 x Bags of Instant Knockout Complete)
  • Pro Fighter System (1 Month Supply): $183 (2 x Bags of Instant Knockout Complete, 1 x Bottle of Instant Knockout Cut)

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You can also buy Instant Knockout Cut and Instant Knockout Complete through the Roar Ambition online store, where they’re priced at around $65 per box.

Instant Knockout Refund Policy

Instant Knockout is backed by a 30 day refund policy in the United States and a 14 day refund policy in the United Kingdom and elsewhere.

However, this refund policy only applies to unopened items. And, Instant Knockout deducts all shipping and handling fees from your refund.

  • Customers in the US: Request a refund within 30 days of arrival.
  • Customers in the UK & Worldwide: Request a refund within 14 days of arrival.

To initiate the refund process, contact [email protected]

About Roar Ambition

Instant Knockout is part of the Roar Ambition family. Roar Ambition offers a range of supplement brands targeting different health and wellness goals, ranging from weight loss to testosterone boosting. Other popular Roar Ambition formulas include Testo Fuel, Hourglass Fit, Hunter Burn, and Prime Male, among others.

Roar Ambition makes all supplements in facilities in the United States or United Kingdom in FDA-registered or BRC-registered, GMP-compliant facilities. You can contact Roar Ambition and the Instant Knockout customer service team via the following:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Online Form:
  • Mailing Address: Roar Ambition, Whitehall Waterfront, Unit G4, 2 Riverside Way, Leeds, LS1 4EH
  • Company Registration Number: 08953534

Final Word

Instant Knockout Cut and Instant Knockout Complete are two weight loss formulas to help you burn fat without losing muscle.

Popular among boxers, MMA fighters, weekend warriors, and anyone who wants to cut away excess fat, Instant Knockout can help you achieve targeted results.

To learn more about Instant Knockout’s weight loss formulas and how they work or to buy the supplements today, visit the official website.

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